3/07/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in JD, IXN, WIU, NK, NOT, and CCD. HHC is out of town reports AF6C, and Bob needs only the Prez Sez article frm El Presidente BWH to complete the March ‘RF’.    JD, bk frm the bank, says the temps will be in the 70s tomorrow!  And IXN says ‘yes’ to ZE’s inquiry abt transferring 10m Net bk to 15m.    And IXN E-mails Apr/May ISS passes to AF6C.   WIU has the R-5 ant up and puts out nice sigs to OPs tonite! And Cory is working on sum project she failed to mention!…Hmmmm!   NOT ‘flies in and flies out’, and NK, wid the ant JD recommended up in the attic, worked St. Petersburg, Russia!…JD congrats Ed on the DX success. CCD, who worked maritime mobile a few years bk, tells OPs abt past radio adventures.

3/07/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in TWA, AF6C, and VDP.  TWA reported 9 in. of rain frm past storms so far.  TWA & IXN comment on all the Spring flowers in bloom, and Charles and the XYL plan a ’lil R&R at Laughlin soon.  VDP remains neutral on moving the 10m Net to 15m.    Larry tells AF6C that he can operate any band.  IXN and VDP like AF6C’s idea for the Club to sponsor a straight key nite.  IXN says if we don’t use the CW portions of the band, we’ll lose them!   And VDP gets ‘odds & ends’ ready fer the Baker-to-Vegas run.   ZE closes the Net early due to lack of check-ins, and falls to sleep wid the rig on waiting to see if BWH checks in wid Newsline!


3/14/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in HHC, IXN, JD, CCD, and NOT. HHC found a 1969 copy of ‘RF’ and shared past highlights wid OPs.   AF6C has OPs listen to a low freq. rapid put-put noise…IXN forgets to tell AF6C to turn off the lawnmower! AF6C and NOT will sojourn to Santiago Peak tomorrow to repair an ailing microwave xmitter.  And JD will bring sample coffee mugs to Meeting Fri. eve. and take orders frm OPs.   CCD talked to Taiwan this week, and Tom enjoys March ‘RF’ on the Website.   NOT, ready fer Santiago trip tomorrow, tells OPs abt the digital camera pix in ‘RF’ taken frm Santiago Peak.   HHC, AF6C, and NOT briefly discuss Olympic digital cameras.   IXN tells OPs abt the NEAR space probe landing on the asteroid Eros, and abt the new discovery of massive black holes in distant galaxies.

3/14/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in WOX, JD, HHC, BWH, and AF6C. WOX had the front door replaced at the QTH, and Art was glad that he wasn’t doing the work!   And Art, playing radio, has answered 50 QSL cards, busying himself confirming the QSOs, some thru the QSL Bureau.   And WOX buys the XYL a new Toyota Camry! JD & IXN briefly discuss the Condor system of repeaters along the CA. west coast and inland, as JD said our Club speaker’s topic is the Condor System.   HHC, LDC, and IXN often grab the wrong mike when on the nets. And HHC confirms that PFA has a Gen. Class license. HHC asks IXN to prepare a short story abt the Club’s 1st copy of ‘RF’.   Then OPs give cudos to AF6C on the web version of ‘RF’…one of the finest on the Web.    BWH, busy at work consolidating records of two companies, airs Newsline #1230 frm the parking lot.   We hear that the next amateur radio satellite will be spin stabilized, and we shud be able to work it wid ‘garden variety’ antennas!    VDP & IXN briefly discussed the Edison System of repeaters on 220 MHz.   And Larry did some repairs on his mother’s QTH.   AF6C & IXN discuss Tesla & Ouiden high voltage, high frequency coils.


3/21/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in OGO, IXN, HHC, WIU, and JD. OGO joins us after waiting fer a sched contact in the Ascension Islands, and Doc’s 921 sigs sound great!   IXN tells OPs that he will give a presentation on the OCARC and ham radio to the Santa Ana EOC on Good Friday morning.   HHC and AF6C experience sum noise on their sigs tonite, and HHC comments on his vy favorable meeting wid the City of Santa Ana on the acquisition of Portola Park fer FD.   Ken said one city official was a Ham, KE6EP, Corwin, who reinforced HHC’s presentation. WIU says that everytime UCH fires up the mobile 2m/440 rig, the auto engine dies!   AF6C says RF is probably getting into the ignition computer.     HHC suggests checking fer high SWR.    And WIU says she was heard in Alabama when using only 5W xmitter power, probably Cory’s 1st QRP xmission! OGO suggests that WIU try a dummy load on the rig as a test to see if it stops errant RF frm reaching the ignition computer.    JD hears all well but Cory, and IXN tells OPs his blood sugar is up, and JD says his Doc warned him previously abt being type II borderline diabetic.

3/21/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in LEX, TWA, HHC, AF6C, BWH, and CCD. AF6C gets a new YAESU FT 8100R at HRO last weekend. But Bob is unhappy wid the selectivity of the receiver in the aircraft bands.   LEX gets bk Monday frm a business trip to New Jersey & New York.   Chris took in sum tourist sites while in New York…Now, no more travel for a couple of weeks.    TWA loses his audio and joins us at Net’s end after finding loose connections on the back of the rig.   HHC reminds all OPs that `dues are due’! And Ken goes over the conditions, set by the City of Santa Ana, for use of Portola Park fer FD.   BWH, just out of a Baker-to-Vegas meeting, airs Newsline #1231 frm the parking lot…We all wonder where the errant pulsed sigs on 1136-1140 KHz are being generated here in the Southwest!


3/28/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in OGO, IXN, JD, HHC, UCH, WIU, CCD, LEX, and BWH.   BWH checked into Net after IXN went QRT to begin the 2m Net. OGO heard all OPs well tonite, and Doc & IXN both have MFJ solar atomic clocks.   Doc asked AF6C abt his neighbor wid the antenna farm, and AF6C tells OGO that the owner is N6UC, Jack Hollander.   IXN awaits the results of his hemoglobin A test, and Uch tnx IXN fer testing the 6146s and the 12BY7 tubes in his rig.   OPs welcomed UCH to the 10m Net on his 1st checkin.   JD, hearing all OPs well, gets ready fer the Baker-to-Vegas Run.    And Lowell said the Long Beach Club & OCARC will soon decide on a time & location fer their combined Pizza Bust.   AF6C heard by E-mail frm LDC in Florida. Bob will publish the E-mail in ‘RF’.   And AF6C asked WIU fer a small blurp fer ‘RF’ abt this month’s speaker at Club meeting.    HHC congrats UCH on his 1st checkin to the 10m Net, and Ken says he will be in San Francisco on a business trip during the Baker-to-Vegas Run.    BWH has the Baker-to-Vegas program ready to go, and HHC gets the Club Roster updated wid recent license changes.  Uch tops 6 S-units at IXN’s QTH, and all OPs hear Jim FB tonite.  WIU, at UCH’s QTH, helps Jim tune the rig wid all its numerous knobs.  Cory also said they solved UCH’s engine-killing RF problem by replacing a damaged lead-in cable and a questionable feed-thru connector.   CCD worked DX on the west coast of South America, and also in Argentina.   LEX and HHC briefly discuss the proposed FD site at Portola Park in Santa Ana.

3/28/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in UCH, WIU, WOX, VDP, KFW, TRA, HHC, CCD, BWH, and AF6C.  UCH finds tuning the HF rig difficult wid all the knobs, but Jim is glad to be on the low bands…Now fer sum DX!    WIU, at UCH’s QTH, says that she and Jim are off to a national musical instrument repair conference in New Orleans, wid UCH in charge of the Conference! BWH, wid Baker-to-Vegas business wrapped up, air Newsline #1232.   We learned that FBI spy, Mr. Hanssen, K9QBL, did not use amateur radio to pass top secret materials to the Russians.   Also, Newsline told us that we can earn 100 bonus points on FD if a government official visits our FD site!   WOX, enjoying the sunny WX, will venture off to Palm Springs fer a few days of R&R wid the XYL.   VDP downloaded an E-mail file frm BWH on the Baker-to-Vegas Run, but he cudn’t open it! VDP & BWH discussed the problem after Net.   KFW kicked back and watched his new computer transfer files from the old computer.   And CCD worked his 3rd Argentina OP, and a couple of Chile OPs DX.  Tom said 10m was HOT Monday!    TRA, away fer the past 4 months, found the garden full of weeds.    At the end of May, Gene & XYL will join another motorhome group on their way to Sioux Falls and Chruchill, Canada, to watch polar bears!   HHC and AF6C ‘fly in and fly out’.

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