5/02/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in JD, CCD, IXN, HHC, NK, UCH, and WIU.   AF6C enjoyed the pix that JD sent to him, and Bob tells OPs that he’ll be on Catalina Is. next Wed.   HHC volunteers to handle NC duties fer AF6C next week.   JD and AF6C mention the Club Bfast scheduled fer Sat. morning at IHOPs in Santa Ana, and both OPs reminisce abt old factory bldgs. that are being abandoned at work.   CCD talked to Georgia on 10m today, and AF6C and Tom talk abt industrial elevators wid doors that close frm the bottom and top.   CCD joined the ARRL, and Ixn removes the big green grasshopper, frm the garden, that’s been dining on his dahlias!   Then Bob, IXN, asked AF6C if any further action has been taken to move the 10m Net to 15m.    Bob will bring it up at a Board meeting.  IXN gave HHC the ARRL Club E-mail adr, and almost all OPs heard the Shuttle sonic booms early this morning.    NK, going to Alaska on vacation in Aug., goes thru mail in the shack, wid both ears on the Net.   UCH arrived in the shack a few moments ago, wid Jim continuing a block wall project, and, getting sum bills paid.   WIU worked in the garden planting veggies and flowers, as Cory still tries to get sum R&R frm the New Orleans trip between jobs!


5/02/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/Ixn checked in TRA, WIU, UCH, LEX, VDP, HHC, and BWH. In a year frm Oct., TRA plans to take a trip to the Northeast to see polar bears.  Gene didn’t hear the returning Space Shuttle sonic boom this morning!   WIU asked OPs to confirm the JPL listeneing freq. of 448.500 MHz fer Space Shuttle communications listening, and Cory finished up planting chili peppers, tomatoes, flowers, etc., and elimination of weeds in the garden.    UCH attacked the yard work too, planting bulbs, ground cover, attending a tangerine tree, and continuing the block wall. Ixn wonders if the new flagpole Jim plans to install, will also be a new antenna!…Jim answers wid a resounding ‘NO’…UCH plans to put up a Hy-gain vert.   HHC said that a move frm 10 to 15m fer the 7:30 pm Net is a possibility…It will be discussed further at the next Board meeting, and Ken also confirmed 448.500 MHz as the listening freq. fer Space Shuttles. BWH said the downlink freq. fer the International Space Station is 145.800 MHz, and Bob said that he will not attend the Club Bfast Sat…BWH must help provide communications fer an MS fundraiser.   Bob then aired Newsline tape #1237…Two missionaries, KD4CRN & KD4CRM, were shot dwn by the Peruvian Airforce, mistaken fer drug smugglers, and Mr. Tito, civilian tourist aboard the ISS, holds the call KG6MZX!  LEX is abt to embark on another session of business travel, and Chris told OPs that on May 5 & 6, at least four states are holding QSO parties.  VDP gets the harmonic’s car put bk together after repairing a blown engine, caused by a stuck temp. sensor, followed by a water leak.   And Larry asked BWH if he got any Baker-to-Vegas T-shirts.


5/09/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/HHC checked in LDC, VDP, IXN, JD, CCD, UCH, and WIU.   LDC said HHC was slightly off freq, which Ken quickly corrected.   HHC and OPs welcomed Larry bk frm the ‘land down under’.   LDC was amazed to find so few ham antennas in Australia,Larry, keeping his eyes on rooftops while the XYL searched for animals!  And LDC said many ants. were mounted on the front bumpers of autos in VK land. LDC and XYL, now ‘spoiled’ by all this travelling, will soon be off fer British Columbia!   HHC says that NT renewed his membership, and Ken also signed up a new Club member, Aaron, KE6EJP.  Welcome aboard, Aaron!  IXN & HHC briefly discuss fuel cells, and Ken said the Club will hve a talk on fuel cells in July.   VDP hopes that a new ham that lives near him will soon join the Club, and JD, taking a couple days off work, is looking forward to a 4-day weekend! CCD, listening to the ‘mail’, enjoyed last weekend at Morro Bay, wid beautiful WX.  Uch continues to learn all the ‘bells & Whistles’ on the HF rig, and Jim had gud sigs & audio.   WIU tried out a new headset, and Cory also had strong sigs tonite.


5/09/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in UCH, JD, WIU, LDC, VDP, HHC, BWH/m, WOX, KF6RGW (Pete), TRA, and W6ZXI (Reg).  UCH’s new wall at the QTH is abt finished, and IXN & Lee must soon remodel a bathroom.   BWH/m, on the 55 Fwy on his way home, flutters in wid reasonable sigs.  JD called his son between nets, and Lowell says his son needs communications backup fer an upcoming event in June. JD will keep us informed.  WIU ‘pony paks’ the garden wid tomatoes, 9 different peppers, and planted bulbs all around the QTH, and Cory then installed a drip system for watering…Looks like Cory has joined ‘the farmers on the net’ wid IXN and TWA!   LDC, still suffering frm jet-lag, told OPs that birds drop tomato seeds at the QTH, so tomato plants ‘spring eternal’! Pete, RGW, frm Alhambra, reported into Net using 50W fed to a skeleton slot J-beam 2-stack ant. wid 18 elements.   Reg, ZXI, reported into Net frm Newport Beach. VDP copied in Alhambra well, and IXN will go thru Club rosters to verify ZXI’s previous Club membership.   HHC also picked up a ‘fluttering BWH’ on the 55 Fwy, and Ken said that XYL, Diane, has the QTH surrounded wid honeysuckles, roses, iris, periwinkles, etc., just in time to welcome Ken’s mother in frm Pgh, PA.!    TRA verified a listening freq. fer the International Space Station. WOX heard all OPs well, including Pete in Alhambra.   And Art had a bathroom revamped and took his son fer a guitar lesson. BWH worked the MS-150 Bicycle Marathon frm Ontario Mills Mall to Cathedral City last weekend.   And Bob aired Newsline #1238 in which Dennis Tito, KG6MZX, ISS’s 1st space tourist, said that the trip was worth every penny spent!…Also, AMSAT Oscar 40 may be coming bk to life!


5/16/200` 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, IXN, JD, CCD, HHC, WIU, NK, and UCH.   AF6C had a gud time investigating Catalina Is. last week, and LDC, wid a ’lil flutter on his sigs, prepares fer a trip to British Columbia by way of Yellowstone, after FD.   And Larry continues to complete his book, having finished Chapt. 8.   Also, LDC said CQ Magazine is now $5/copy!   IXN congrats AF6C and HHC on a vy well done ‘RF’!    IXN then reported on a new concept: Negative Gravity, to be followed by an article on ‘Zero Point Energy’, a facet of Quantum Mechanics which may solve our energy woes in the future.   JD heard all OPs well, congrats AF6C on a gud ‘RF’, and visited Fire Station #1 in Orange over last weekend to watch life saving demos by the FD.   And Lowell will `fill in’ OPs on communications needed fer the harmonic’s bike riding event at Fri. Club Meeting.   Last week, one would have found CCD up in the attic installing a support fer a ceiling fan…It also gave Tom time to make plans fer a 10m dipole in the attic.    HHC gave prospective bands & band captains fer FD: PFA- 10m; AF6C- 15m, wid HHC & XO on the team; VDP- 20m, wid LDC & ZH on the team; BWH- 40m; LEX- 6m, 75m, 160m(?); and Don Hughes, ONZ, will be Chief Chef. WIU, at UCH’s QTH, studied Extra Class questions wid Jim, as they listened to DX frm the Carribean! And Cory will join the 20m team fer FD. NK asked fer directions to the Anaheim Room at Red Cross.    IXN reported on a vy successful presentation and reception at the Santa Ana EOC.   UCH ‘flew in’ near Net’s end to say hello to all OPs.


5/16/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in VDP, WB6EGR(Kirk), WIU, UCH, LEX, KFW, and BWH.  VDP is working on antennas and hardware fer FD.  And Larry signed up fer ‘The Six Meter Reflector’, and he now spends time answering questions abt ants., propogation, etc., mostly by E-mail.  WIU has been attacked by ‘the Orange Rust’ on her roses.  IXN told Cory to try a few drops of detergent in her fungus spray to make the liquid stick to the leaves.   UCH heard an OP CQing ‘Pacific J-20’.  OPs were unable to positively identify this location! WB6EGR, Kirk, frm Burbank, ‘flew in’ to say hello, and then ‘flew out’.  LEX expects to be in Japan the 1st two weeks in June, and Chris said 160m might be a possibility fer FD if he can put together an antenna.  KFW got bk frm 2 weeks in Colorado, where he experienced WX ranging frm beautiful to 4 in. of snow!   And Chris will be in PA fer FD.   He bought a new rig (an FT-100 D), hving stopped at AES in Las Vegas, and talking wid Art, K7ZE, on his way home.  BWH checked in mobile by HT on his way home frm work.   At home, BWH asked VDP abt 40m propogation at night.   Then BWH aired Newsline #1239, and we heard that Dennis Tito operated frm the ISS under the call NA1SS.


5/23/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, HHC, WIU, NOT, IXN, CCD, and JD.  LDC experienced troubles wid his I-Omega CD burner. AF6C and Larry discussed the problems, since LDC needs the Burner fer business applications.  And LDC will pick up and transport the Club generator to Portola Park fer FD.  HHC listened to the 15m band just before Net, and Ken heard KL7 Land, and a KC4 in Puerto Rico.   Also, Ken got a bottle of Saki fer FD from his son frm up in the wine country.  And HHC said FD info. and pix frm Baker-to-Vegas are up on the Website.  Then HHC put out a call fer gasoline cans fer FD use. WIU checked in frm LDC’s shack…Cory and LDC finalized plans fer FD. UCH & WIU went to the swapmeet over the weekend, and Cory picked up a ChrisCraft 6m Ringo Ranger ant., which she took over to VDP’s shack to touch up the tuning. WIU will put up the new 6m ant. over next weekend. IXN told OPs abt new diesel powered AC generators at Harbor Freight Tools, and LDC said he got a bill frm Netzero…They charge $9.00 after one uses up the 40 free hrs/month…Use of the Internet is then unlimited fer the remainder of that month.   JD said that PFA and VPP both hve pick-up trucks, and AF6C said gasoline fer the Club generator is budgeted.  NOT and CCD ‘flew in and flew out’.


5/23/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in HHC, VDP, CCD, KFW, UCH, BWH, LEX, and AF6C.  HHC told OPs abt a local inkjet cartridge supplier wid -price cartridges! IXN got -price cartridges frm another vendor but found that the colors in a printed pix appeared lighter.  And HHC said that insurance forms fer FD hve been submitted to the City of Santa Ana. KFW & XYL will be in Pgh, PA, fer FD.  They will be attending the XYL’s highschool class reunion.  And KFW will try to contact OCARC on FD, with his newly installed Yaesu FT-100-D rig, frm the auto.  VDP hopes WIU gets her new 6m Ringo ant. up fer the ARRL VHF Contest in June.    And Larry heard a 10m beacon in Oregon tonite. Then VDP reminded OPs that we need to find a way to get the Club towers to the FD site! And VDP suggested that OPs check out the website!  Other than that, VDP spent time unclogging drains and remedying auto problems.  CCD got the ceiling fan installed, and IXN outlined a procedure to smooth out vibrating and jiggling ceiling fan blades.  BWH said the installation of the TMS (Team Management Software) has been completed at work, and that he may go to Indianapolis for advanced training this summer.  UCH, wid his son at the QTH, went on E-Bay to list an old ‘Victrola Reproducer’, one of the 1st ‘His Master’s Voice’ cylinder disc players using the big bell horn for amplification.  BWH aired Newsline, and the FCC targeted errant So. CA. OPs fer illegal repeater operations. Newsline also covered the 2001 Dayton Hamvention events.   LEX checked in after just arriving home frm work, and Chris has already constructed a 75m vertical ant. fer FD which will also work on 6m too!  AF6C checked in after making corrections to his flight schedule for a trip to the Monterrey/Carmel region fer some R&R.


5/30/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in XO, LDC, CCD, JD, IXN, HHC, and LEX.  XO will pick up a FD antenna at HHC’s QTH, and Bob will also bring a table to the FD site.  LDC picked up a 10m ant. at the swapmeet, but he can’t load it!  Larry suspects a bad piece of coax might be the problem.  AF6C, HHC, and LDC akll said the food at Johnny Rebs rates a ‘par excellence’!  AF6C has included LDC’s Australia pix in ‘RF’, and CCD ‘flew in and flew out’ as Tom was called to din-din.  JD reported gud sigs on all OPs tonite, and Lowell will miss the Club Bfast come Sat.  He will be attending another event at the Orange Mall.  HHC read and enjoyed LDC’s article and pix frm his trip to Australia.  Ken asked Larry fer titles fer his pix.  And HHC and other interested OPs will help LDC change the oil and test the Club generator after the Club Bfast on Sat.  LEX will arrive in Orange County frm Japan abt 11:00 am on FD.  Chris hopes to be up and running at Portola Park FD site by 3:00 pm!    LDC, HHC, and AF6C talked abt four different OCARCs around the Country.   AF6C said that it wud be prudent to make a copy of the Club Generator Manual and keep it on file.  HHC will put a copy up on the Club website.  IXN had two cypress trees cut dwn, including one bent ant. during the ‘decapitation’!…Now to get Lee’s half-bath remodeled!


5/30/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in LDC, VDP, BWH/m, LEX, OPI, TWA, CCD, KFW, FZE, and HHC.  LDC’s ant., cut fer 28.5 MHz, wudn’t load…Now to find the problem!  BWH didn’t know the location of the 20m beam, but Bob has four tower sections and other FD electrical items at the QTH!  VDP joined IXN wid tree problems, especially clogged drains fer Larry.   VDP and LEX both said there was a gud 6m opening last weekend, wid LEX working clear to the East Coast, and VDP garnering a needed grid in Fla.  VDP bought a laptop computer today, fer use at FD. However, the modem didn’t work! LEX told OPs abt new equipment available at the Dayton Hamvention, and a couple of pieces of new gear rumored to be soon on the market (ie: the Yaesu 817, a backpack rig fer under $800, and a Kenwood 2m/220/70cm HT).  OPI gave OPs a report on the Red Cross Orange County Emergency Communications Preparedness Academy event that she attended recently.  And IXN passed along AF6C’s request fer a ‘Prez Sez’ article frm BWH for ‘RF’.   After BWH arrived at the QTH, Bob aired Newsline #1241, which covered the Dayton Hamvention, wid over 25,000 Hams in attendance!  HHC informed OPs of recent Webpage updates, and TWA was 81 years young yesterday, and Charles also passed his driving test! FZE ‘flew in and flew out’, and CCD said din-din called him away frm the 10m Net.  HHC will send a copy of a E-mail requesting communications frm former Club member, Billy Hall, CQR, to Cindy, OPI.   And KFW has his new mobile rig installed, after spending sum time figuring how to lead power wires past the firewall of the auto.   Come June 14, Chris will be on his way to Pgh, PA, to return via Colorado, around Aug. 1.

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