6/06/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in CCD, IXN, HHC, KFW, and JD. The Lakers/Philadelphia finals BB game glued sum OPs to the ‘boob tube’, thus a smaller Net check-in!  CCD & XYL enjoyed sum R&R at Carlsbad State Beach over last weekend, and AF6C plans a trip to Half Moon Bay over next weekend.   And Bob asks if any OPs hve heard frm Lloyd, ULU, lately.    IXN and Lee are still hving small repairs made in the rejuvenated Bath at the QTH, and Bob tells AF6C that he can go wading on the San Gregorio-Palo Colorado Fault zone that follows the shoreline at Half Moon Bay!   HHC and AF6C wants to find the collaborators who layed out the power cords fer the Club generator at last FD.    KFW thought that only the 120V outlets of the Club generator were used last year.   And OPs give ‘thumbs up’ to Chris on excellent sigs frm the new FT-100.   JD says he might entice sum OPs to join OCARC as Lowell continues his work wid emergency groups in Orange.   AF6C tells CCD that FD is June 23-24, and also tells Tom that we hve Wed. reserved as our day to work at the Orange County Fair.


6/06/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in LEX, WOX, WIU/m,VDP, KFW, HHC, TEZ, and OPI.   LEX leaves Fri. fer a business trip to Japan, to arrive bk home on FD morning!   And Chris worked providing communications wid the Catalina Repeater Group fer an event, giving Chris a chance to try out the new 75m/6m FD ant., which worked beautifully!   WOX and HHC tell LEX that directions to the FD site are on the Club website. WOX says the harmonic got a part-time job wid the City of Orange, and Art said he worked a Canadian on 6m today!    WIU reported in mobile, after hving a `near miss’ wid an auto that did a 180 deg. turn right in front of her!  VDP and HHC are interested in building an adaptor fer the Club generator to tap into the 240V supply.   And VDP says VFC is moving frm Arkansas to Arizona!   HHC tells OPs that all is FB wid the City of Santa Ana concerning the FD site at Portola Park.   And KFW said he & the XYL are leaving fer PA next Wed. BWH and HHC discussed generator cables, and Bob aired Newsline #1242, in which we heard that repeater license holders can and must regulate their repeater users!  TEZ boomed into IXN’s QTH frm an HT in North Santa Ana, and OPI checked in wid a lingering cough that just won’t go away!   And Cindy said the Red Cross will be dismantling antennas at the RC facility for inspection and discard. Cindy asked fer any volunteers interested in helping.


6/13/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, IXN, JD, and CFE, Al, in Tustin.   HHC, AF6C, and LDC discussed the power cable connections to the Club generator last year at FD.   It was discovered that only one 120V leg was being used!   It is now advised that we make the necessary power cable connections across the 240V supply so that both legs of the 120V supply balance the power use.   LDC said that ZH will work wid the 20m crew on FD, and NLK will help LEX get set up fer FD after Chris’ late return frm Japan.    JD and OPs cudn’t understand the OP trying to check in wid chopped audio sigs!…After sum minor adjustments and talking bk frm the mike, we all heard Al, CFE, in there wid FB sigs!   IXN read a short excerpt on the Cosmological Constant vs. the Hubble Constant, frm the OCA Sirius Astronomer Newsletter.   AF6C delighted IXN wid news that Bob had observed ‘the Green Flash’ at sunset on a recent trip to Half Moon Bay.   And AF6C also commented on the seafood delicacies that he sampled in the area restaurants.   HHC said that Cory will transport the Club towers to the FD site, and Ken also said that his meeting wid the SA Parks Dept. on FD requirements went well!


6/13/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, VDP, UCH, and AF6C.   The Lakers games kept most OPs gued to their ‘boob tubes’, so we had a skeleton check-in tonite.   VDP said he will try to work CW thru the nite on FD…We need the points!   And Larry said we might have a visitor, KF6RES, who just got his QSL cards checked by VDP fer WAS, wid us on FD.    Then VDP told us that Dennis, VFC, is planning to move bk frm Arkansas to Arizona if he can find the right QTH!   JD heard CFE FB on 10m after Al made adjustments to the rig.   UCH joined us after rising frm a nap.   Jim and Cory had just finished erecting a new Cushcraft R6000 vert. ant. at UCH’s QTH…Now Jim is eager to try it out on 6 thru 20m!   AF6C checked in after he and CFE discussed a possible bad connection in the ant. lead or mike cable that wud hve allowed RF to enter the rig circuits causing the audio clipping problem.


6/20/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in VDP, RWY, LDC, IXN, HHC, WIU, and JD.   VDP needed to talk wid BWH to see what Bob needed fer FD. And Larry cleaned up his QSL cards he received frm the Bureau.    RWY, looking forward to FD on Sat., will be at Portola Park fer setup.    AF6C told Dick to bring sum wrenches, and Bob asked RWY to help operate.    LDC put together a headset wid foot switch to give him a ‘third hand’ at FD. And AF6C, HHC, and LDC have the power cables ready, plus Larry picked up 10 gals of gas fer the generator.   AF6C said we still need sum missing outlets, and Bob cudn’t check into the 2m Net…He’s taking the rig to the ‘radio doctor’ to have the front end checked for no selectivity.   IXN notified sum members of the Santa Ana EOC to remind them to come witness our FD operations, and HHC wonders if BWH made it bk frm Indiana.   And Ken said he will bring duct tape to fasten dwn power cables.   WIU, IXN, and HHC were all watching the police pursuit on Ch. 9.   JD said he will make a pot of coffee fer the FD crew on Sat. morning.


6/20/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in LDC, VDP, HHC, BWH, and TWA.   LDC is ready fer FD, wid his new headset & footswitch.   HHC welcomed BWH bk frm Indiana, and Ken asked Bob to borrow the yellow trailer to be picked up Fri. eve.   BWH got off the plane abt an hour ago, and Bob enjoyed his schooling and a wee bit of vacation visiting his mom.    BWH will bring a Yaesu 840, 40m dipole, a table, etc., fro the 40m station. VDP also has a 40m ant. ready fer FD.   And Larry told IXN that he used the Alinco rig on 10m tonite.   HHC, copying all OPs well, said he has to check wid ONZ to see if Don has enuf money fer FD food.   OPs released BWH frm Newsline chores due to his late arrival frm Indiana, and TWA & IXN discussed computers, tomatoes, dahlias, and a new ARRL callbook on disc that Charles just procured.


6/27/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, LDC, HHC(at AF6C’s QTH), and VDP.   IXN enjoyed JOR/LAB’s breakfast pix of FD sent by E-mail. And Bob told OPs that Orange County wants to make a museum out of one of the hangers at the old Tustin Marine Helicopter Station.    Also, IXN told OPs where to find the Rolling Blackout Code on their electric bills. LDC will be leaving next Mon. fer part II of his summer vacation, and Larry said he enjoyed the antenna articles in the July issue of QST (IXN, too!).   HHC took note of the excellent bathroom facilities in DLA’s mobile home at FD, and Ken gave the preliminary report on FD results: 75m – 25 SSB contacts, 40m – 101 CW; 251 SSB contacts, 20m – 432 SSB contacts, 15m – 675 SSB contacts, 10m – 109 contacts, 6m – 48 contacts, 2m – 28 contacts, 220MHz – 1 contact, 3 satellite contacts, and 100 points fer City Official sign-in, for +or- 1875 contacts and +or- 3600 points…We thank HHC and AF6C for their diligence in compiling FD scores and reporting them to ARRL year after year!!   VDP suggested using a beam ant. on 2 and 6m fer next FD, in order to improve contacts on these bands.   And Larry suggested contacting the City of Santa Ana to reserve Portola Park fer next FD.    AF6C, LDC, and HHC extolled the advantages of credit cards, while IXN took an opposite view!


6/27/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in UCH, LEX, VDP, HHC, and BWH/m. UCH found that difficulty staying up all nite increases wid age!    Jim said FD was in a gud location, but he prefers a more remote site.    IXN said that he had never been at a FD where we had as much interaction with the public as we had at Portola Park…People frm children thru adult questioned many OPs abt FD operations and Ham Radio!!   LEX, wid 2 & 6m operations on a bench along a main sidewalk, wid solar panels & battery power, explained FD operations to more than 20 people!   Ixn said 2m FM was busy on 146.55 MHz on Sun. morning, and VDP said that working 80m CW Sun. morning wud probably improve our FD scores.    HHC gave OPs the preliminary FD contacts & points totals, and BWH told HHC that no packet contacts were made on FD.   LEX gave an interesting report on a conversation he had in Japan wid a JARL Official.   Seems that EICOM, wid amateur equipment and computers, is #1 in Japan, followed by Yaesu, then Kenwood.    The JA official said that the JARL wasn’t interested in pushing amateur radio wid young people…They’re too busy wid school work!  JARL concentrates on older, employed people, wid better financial status, for entrance into amateur radio! BWH, mobile in a parking lotaired Newsline #1245.   Newsline said that the Farnsworth method character speed of 13 wpm, and a character spacing at 5 wpm, will be used in new licensing tests fer amateur radio.

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