7/04/2001 10M Phone Net - Bob W6ZE/AF6C checked in only Lowell-KQ6JD and Ken- W6HHC. Light turnout because of the holiday!!  All talkin gabout was the fireworks display being held on Tuesday night, instead of the 4th.  Fireworks were discussed in general and that it was AF6C's birthday.  Also we talked a bit about HHC and AF6C taking a dip in HHC's pool earlier in the day.


7/11/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, CFE, CCD, HHC, and KF6REU.  IXN, with broken right forearm, told OPs abt his auto accident yesterday. And AF6C said that JD, HHC, BWH, and himself met fer the Net on the 4TH.   CFE, having just finished brushing his teeth,said that he went on his own FD, operating Tech+ on 10m only. Al asked abt upcoming VE scheds fer exams.   HHC tells Al to check out the Club website, and Ken tells all OPs to peruse the FD pix just recently added to the Website. HHC also reported that we received another $400 check frm the ARRL Long Beach Convention! …Gud news, Ken.    CCD entertained company frm England, showing them the sights.


7/11/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in VDP, LEX, REU, and BWH/m. VDP tells Dennis, REU, that a VE exam wid Harrison Spain’s VE team is scheduled fer Sat.   VDP thought LEX’s 75m ant. might not hve radiated too well at the FD site.   However, Chris has mounted it on his rooftop ant. farm and he tells OPs that it’s doing FB!   Now, LEX is off on several short business trips, and Chris will check into Nets when he can. REU, in FV, has FB sigs on both 10 & 2m tonite!   VDP & REU dicuss upcoming VE exam schedules.   BWH, now bk at the QTH frm helping OPs set up the Amateur Radio Booth at the Orange County Fair, airs Newsline #1247.


7/18/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, BWH, JD, REU, XO, CFE, and LEX.   AF6C will miss Meeting Fr. eve…Bob will be courting up in San Jose!   And Bob felt lousy tonite…Seems a noisy neighbor kept him awake most of last nite!   BWH, working the Hamradio Booth at the Orange County Fair, is with the Net sporadically.    BWH tells OPs abt the wedding he attended in Tennessee, and AF6C told Bob that he and HHC were both unable to help him at the Fair this evening.    Feedback on the Cochina rig forced BWH to switch to another rig.    And Bob said Corky Corcoran and other OPs were in the Booth to fill in fer AF6C & HHC.   IXN stopped by the Sycamore Fire Station and had the ladies identify Chief Dalton, Batallion Commander, between XO & ZH.   The other fireman is Battalion Commander Aide, Jeff Morgan.   REU didn’t stay with us long…Dennis went to the dentist and came home wid a numb mouth!   However, REU will visit the OC Fair Booth soon. Jd, vy tired, 73s and kicks bk to listen to the rest of the Net. CFE and LEX checked in at the end of Net.   CFE said he would listen to the 2m Net tonite.


7/18/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in AF6C, VDP, WIU, LEX, BWH, Matt - K6LNX, and CCD.   Matt said he was a member of OCARC…However, a recent check of Club rosters did not turn up Matt’s name or call....but HHC confirmed that LNX is full member of ORARC...just his call changed.  BWH checked in frm the Orange County Fair an old IC2AT HT.   VDP worked the OC Fair on Monday wid PFA & DLA…The OPs operated a slow scan TV station much to the delight of Fair patrons!   And VDP issued certificates to young people who could send their names in CW!   LEX did not enjoy the medical ragchew…Chris says it makes him queezy!   WIU checked in mobile wid wavy sigs, and CCD checked in to say hello wid FB sigs.


7/25/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in XO, HHC, CCD, JD, IXN, WIU, UCH, WA9YCJ/6, W1VDE/0, CFE, KG6GTI, and WD5ACG/0.   AF6C tnx XO fer taking notes at last Club meeting.   And XO will forward the notes to AF6C. HHC sent an E-mail to OPs wid a request frm a YL looking for a class to help her upgrade to General.   And Ken said that VKZ will be living in Anza…IXN quipped, "So Frank will become an Anzoid!" CCD got his ticket at age 20…And Tom is now a member of OCARC…Congrats, Tom!    WIU & UCH work us on a vertical ant. frm behind the Music Store, and Jim & Cory are busy repairing school instruments. JD, Mr. RF at last meeting, pronounced ONZ the winner of the raffle tickets.   YCJ, worked us on a FT-570, and Ken said that he has cleaned up the rigs he bought from NGO’s estate.   ZE worked Roger, W1VDE, frm Crater Lake in Oregon. Most Net OPs heard Roger’s sigs well.    And ZE talked wid Larry, KG6GTI, a Tech, located in Newport Coast on Pelican Hill using a vertical abt 14 ft high.   CFE heard all OPs well, and Al said he worked sum 10m DX using his magmount ant. on the balcony.  WD5ACG/m, Denny, checked into Net after IXN QSY’d to the 2m Net. OPs enjoyed HHC’s talk on Hydrogen Fuel Cells at last Meeting!


7/25/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in AF6C, HHC, VDP, BWH, and UCH. HHC told OPs that, depending upon the electrolyte used, a fuel cell could produce anywhere frm 0.5  to 1 volt of potential.   And Ken gives VDP the procedure to see file extensions on E-mail.   VDP worked several Special Events Stations on 20m over the weekend, and Larry’s harmonic ran over a metal sign damaging the auto oil filter!   BWH said the OC Fair Booth garnered three ribbons: Best of Show, Staffing, and, Public Interaction…WE THANK ALL OPs WHO PARTICIPATED IN STAFFING THE BOOTH!! And frm Newsline, aired by BWH, we hope that the clandestine ‘Kentucky Militia Radio’ has a vy short air time!!   UCH gets his HF ant. ready, so we’ll be hearing Jim on 10m wid gud sigs! AF6C checked in to give IXN a YZW check-in after IXN switched over to 2m.

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