8/01/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in VDP, IXN, NOT, and KA6RCI-Lu.   VDP mentioned the interesting Peterson Auto Museum in LA, as a possible Club venture.   And Larry mentioned his 10-10 number of 19690, saying that it might be a gud idea to mention the Club 10-10 number on the Nets.    W6ZE complied by announcing the Club 10-10 number: 18000.  IXN alerted OPs to the continuing swarm of 3+ mag. earthquakes centered around Coso Junction on the Sierra Nevada Fault complex.  NOT made contact wid us aeronautical mobile on a flight south of the border.   And RCI-Lu, located in Costa Mesa told ZE that he knows WA6X, located near Chapman & Yorba. RCI’s 10-10 number is 71825.

8/01/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, LEX, VDP, WOX, BWH, AF6C, and UCH.   ZE noticed after Net that he didn’t acknowledge WOX in the go-around…Please accept ZE’s apology, Art!  JD, out shopping, didn’t return in time fer the 10m Net. ZE passed along HHC and AF6C’s request for Field Day pictures from OPs to be placed on the Website.   VDP & IXN discuss K7VB, a former NARSman CW operator.   And BWH and ZE discussed public interest in FD operations in Portola Park.   Then BWH aired Newsline # 1250… Bob said W6RE, Alex, first started broadcasting Newsline, then BWH took over, first broadcasting tape #860!   IXN & LEX also discussed public interest in amateur operations in Portola Park on FD, and UCH asked IXN to give him ant. plans for a beam to monitor Crystal Seismometer.   AF6C checked in near Net’s end, and IXN told Bob that a request fer FD pix was made.


8/08/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, IXN, CCD, JD, HHC, NOT, and CFE, Al.   LDC had a slight audio problem that he cleared up by backing off the audio gain. And Larry, wid leaking boat, caught sum great fish in Lake Hebgen, OR!   AF6C & HHC listened fer LDC on designated freqs., but were unable to make contact wid LDC. Larry also got a new puppy (which just bit his toe!) CCD broke his toe last weekend, giving Tom time to get on CONDOR, and, do sum 2m & 6m work.   IXN still copies left-handed, and Bob gave news of a lander/orbiter mission to Comet Wirtanin to study the interior of the comet.    IXN was unable to hear Mark, NOT, who was working on a paper for work. JD, wid gud sigs on all OPs tonite, told ZE that he gets a blank page when he tries to read ‘RF’ on the Website! AF6C & HHC told JD to download ‘RF’ to disc, and open it wid a reader program.   HHC & Diane celebrate Diane’s foot surgery recovery wid a trip to Laughlin, NV., where they ‘enjoyed’ a 118 deg. temp. one day!   And Ken is taking an Cell Phone CDMA class at UCI, utilizing material frm AF6C’s ‘RF’ articles on decibels, etc.   LDC did sum salmon fishing on his trip up North…How many did you catch, Larry?   Al, CFE, checked in at Net’s end, telling OPs that he monitored most of the Net.

8/08/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in WOX, LDC, VDP, HHC, BWH, AB8AA, K8JAA, KFW, and K6WHB.   Bill, K6WHP, checked in to inform OPs abt scheduled events at the upcoming ARRL SW Division Convention in Riverside.    And neither WOX nor IXN pour gallons of water on their lawns to keep them green in desert WX!   WOX had just returned frm the harmonic’s guitar lesson.   LDC, a former HS Teacher 25 yrs ago, goes bk to work on Friday.    And Larry said they repaired his leaking boat in Morgan Hill, CA. VDP spent last week chasing Special Event Stations, and BWH cudn’t hear WHB, Bill’s ARRL Convention announcement.   Bob then aired Newsline, and we learned abt a new carbon converter fer emissions frm auto exhausts.   Andy Jurima, N6TCQ, announced that Newsline was once agn in financial difficulties.   Contributions will be greatfully received at: Newsline, PO Box 660937, Arcadia, CA 91066.   We enjoyed two-time Club speaker, Al, AB8AA, and Jane, K8JAA check-ins frm Fountain Valley.    And HHC told OPs abt a Slow Scan TV freeware program (from JE3HHT) downloaded by Tom, PFA.  Ken is now trying to run the program in his shack. KFW & XYL, gone since June 13, visited Laughlin, Branson, MO, FD’d wid the North Hills ARC in Pgh, PA, visited the harmonic in Utah, went to Vegas, and returned home!


8/15/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in JD, LDC, IXN, CCD, REU, HHC, and ZH. AF6C & ZH reported on the death, frm heart failure, of Dotty Watts, IBP, the XYL of IBR, Al, and mother of Jane Watts, TAM.   IBP was also ZH’s former Mother-in-law. IBP had been a Club member since the early 70s.    Funeral arrangements were announced, and the Club will send flowers.    JD got home frm work late, and had just finished din-din before Net checkin. LDC, eating din-din as he talked, also got home frm work late. Larry gave REU a Q5 sig report,and then LDC told OPs what he was learning at ‘puppy class’! IXN has various and sundry spiders that have moved into & around the QTH.   ZH will be moving to Antioch, CA, taking a new position wid Locktite Corp. as a quality engineer. Chris has ham gear odds and ends to give away before he moves.   CCD’s toe is mending nicely, and IXN goes for more X-rays on Friday.   REU had his house tented fer termites, and Dennis had to re-install his antennas…Now they tune differently! HHC had armchair copy on REU’s sigs, and Ken has put DLA’s O C Fair pixs on the Club website.   HHC said Art Goddard, W6XD, wud be speaking at Fri. Club meeting.

8/15/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in ZH, BWH, AF6C, HHC, LEX, VDP, KFW, UCH, KE6ZGR, and KE6YZW.   ZH & AF6C inform OPs abt IBP’s death and funeral arrangments.   ZH said Dotty was like a 2nd mother to him!   And ZH will be off to his new job up in East Bay (Antioch) within the week.   And BWH is nw once agn gainfully employed wid Airelink, where he will put together price quotes for customer projects & installations. BWH aired Newsline where we learned abt a new type of ‘spray on’ antennas!   HHC commented on the long history and service of the Watts family wid OCARC, and Ken told OPs that he successfully installed, and is nw enjoying, JE3HHT’s software program fer Slow Scan TV, recommended to HHC by PFA.   LEX, bk frm an emergency call to a GM factory, said that Chris might work us frm the Concord repeater on the CONDOR system!   VDP said that OPs can get the zero wid the slash frm another character set in their computers. Dale, in Silverado Canyon, checked in wid gud sigs…KE6ZGR’s station is completely powered wid solar cells and rechargeable batteries!   VDP also worked V7BU, a Columbia Light Ship and a Special Event station.   KFW has an RF grounding problem when he uses the new FT-100 mobile, and KFW worked Special Event station W2DDM in Bedford, VA.   UCH also had his house tented fer termites, and Dave, KE6YZW, said he is a former Club member.   Dave plans to come to Club meeting this Fri. fer an eyeball wid OPs!


8/22/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, JD, CCD, IXN, HHC, CFE, UCH, and BWH.  LDC says the DXpedition will be transferred to the 1st weekend in Nov.   A knock on the door delays Larry temporarily, but LDC bounces right bk to tell OPs that he is working on a boat project involving the cutting & welding of rectangular tubing.   JD heard all OPs well, and did we hear Lowell say that Art Goddard is nw retired!?   AF6C wined & dined his girlfriend here in the Southland over the weekend.   And CCD put on a shoe over the broken fer the 1st time yeaterday, and Tom experiences QRN frm the powerlines tonite! IXN & AF6C tell OPs that Crystal seismometer is horizontally polarized. And OPs discuss various virus programs fer computers.   HHC has put the ARRL Membership Form up on the Club website.    HHC & OPs discuss a virus attached to a ‘Motorola HT’ E-mail, and WIU called AF6C abt the Club program.   CFE told OPs that 40m was open tonite, and AF6C asked OPs if anyone attended Dotty, IBP’s, funeral.

8/22/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in VDP, WOX, LEX, LDC, AXJ, HHC, KFW, BWH, and AF6C. VDP, LDC, and CCD check out gear of a silent key.   VDP inventoried it, and Larry will take it to the TRW Swapmeet come Sat.    Art Sheldon, W7ZE, is bk selling ham gear in Las Vegas, NV., and VDP worked three lighthouse Special Events Stations last week.   HHC sent out an E-mail to OPs abt a free tower & antenna…And Ken wondered if all Ops received the E-mail OK.   Ken also announced that the ARRL Membership Form is nw up on the website.    And HHC alerted OPs to watch fer a new E-mail virus attached to a fake ‘Motorola HT’ commercial.   WOX said the wife & harmonic are out tonite, so Art has kicked bk to enjoy the Net.   LEX worked us wid 40W, and Chris reported gud sigs on all OPs.   KFW will hve a basal cell carcinoma removed frm his face within a couple of days, and Chris told OPs that he doean’t open any E-mails frm strangers. BWH believes the new virus to be the ‘sir cam’ virus.    AF6C asked abt OP attendance and Club flowers at IBP’s funeral.   BWH aired Newsline # 1253…We heard that a Weingard Amplified TV Ant found in a Ford RV model, can cause spurious emissions.   John, KF6AXJ, ‘flew in and flew out’.


8/29/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, CCD, JD, IXN, and WA6NOL (Richard). LDC, wid a mike problem, checked in wid weak sigs.   IXN and OPs were experiencing QRN at their shacks…The band was vy noisy!   IXN cudn’t copy LDC, but Larry reminded OPs to reserve Nov. 2, 3, nd 4 fer the next not-so-Dxpecition to Lake Mirage lakebed. CCD had audio distortion which Tom cleared up during Net. JD will missthe Club Bfast come Sat., and Lowell talked abt the upcoming ARRL SW Division Convention at Riverside.   IXN announced a resumption of seismic activity in the area, and Bob said we ought to enter NOL’s son, W6JAY, fer ARRL scholarship consideration year after next. JAY’s accomplishments in the DF area of amateur radio are phenomenal for a young lad only a Junior in highschool! NOL, JAY’s dad, was a member of the Club in the ’70s when the Club met in Lincoln Savings & Loan. AF6C invited Richard to the Club Bfast on Sat. NOL has a TS-790 in the shack, a Cushcraft A-43 ant., and also a dipole fed wid 450 ohm line.  HHC has UNIX class on Wednesdays this semester.

8/29/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, AF6C, VDP, KFW, NOL, TWA, WA5IMI(Frank), YZW, AC6VW(Kevin), and BWH.   JD told NOL that he had gud sigs on 10m tonite.   AF6C and IXN discussed AF6C’s foot feelings when the cast was removed many years ago.   VDP and YZW both picked up EICOM IC-R2 scanning receivers at the TRW Swapmeet last weekend.   The radio is no bigger than a pack of cigarettes, wid over 400 memories!   KFW told OPs that the removal of a basal cell carcinoma frm the left side of his face was vy successful!   NOL told OPs that both he and his son, JAY, are both members of the Supersystem.   TWA cudn’t hear the 10m Net tonite, and AF6C asked Charles if his ant. was OK.   TWA will check the ant. out and let us know if there are any problems.   And Charles said his Tasmanian tomatoes did quite well this year.   AC6VW, Kevin, up near Arcadia, ‘flew in and flew out’.    BWH aired Newsline #1254, in which we learned that CW morse code practice is legal to transmit.   BWH gets home frm work early now…They haven’t given Bob the office key yet!

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