9/05/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in JD, IXN, NOL, NOT, TWA, and LDC.  JD had high QRN at the QTH, an Lowell and the XYL recently celebrated a harmonic BD in Costa Mesa.   JD said he wud skip 2m Net tonite to get sum ‘beauty sleep’ before rising in the early A.M.    IXN told OPs that Norton quarantined the virus attached to LDC’s E-mail, and, that he had already received another virus-free E-mail frm LDC.  NOL, in the Info. Tech. Dept. at SAUSD said he deals wid viruses in the school computers routinely. And Richard said that harmonic, Jay, soon to take the Extra exam, will join us on 2m Net tonite.   AF6C put in a new sprinkler system, and NOT ‘flew in and flew out’.   TWA, having repaired his ant., had FB sigs tonite.   And Charles was hearing all OPs armchair cpy.   IXN & TWA discussed their sparse tomatoe crops this year, and LDC just got home frm work and puppy training.    Larry said he will pick up TWA and bring him to next Club meeting.


9/05/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in TRA, VDP, LDC, WA5IMI(Mike), NOL, W6JAY(Jay), KFW, TWA, AF6C, BWH, and YZW.   TRA and XYL just got bk frm a jaunt thru South Dakota, Yellowstone, and Canada, coming home thru the ‘forest fire’ country! VDP just finished watching the Sampras-Agassi U S Open Semi-final Tennis Match.   And NOL called his harmonic, W6JAY, Jay, (vanity call, ofcourse) to the mike.   Jay introduced himself to OPs who welcomed Jay to the Net.   Jay is an internationally known T-Hunter, having been recognized fer his abilities in the May issue of QST Magazine!   LDC explained the temporary break on 10m as a dog problem…Seems that dog training has not yet advanced to the point where puppy doesn’t mess up the wires under the rig!   IMI, Frank, ‘flew in and flew out’, and KFW had the stitches removed frm his face.    TWA will take sum tomatoes to IXN’s QTH tomorrow.   And BWH, still keyless to the office, continues to arrive home early frm work! Bob aired Newsline, and we learned that no MFJ code translators will be allowed at VE sessions!…Also, we heard that JAY won another DF contest.   Congrats, Jay!   AF6C wanted to know if any OPs remembered Jane Watts brother’s name.   YZW checked in wid gud sigs tonite.


9/12/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in VDP, JD, IXN, NOL, TWA, and CCD.   VDP garnered 3 or 4 more Rt. 66 Special Events Stations this week, and Larry & OPs enjoyed the ARRL SW Div. Convention at Riverside last weekend.   VDP, JD, and CCD all agreed that more vendors wud hve been a nice addition to the Convention.   And VDP said the harmonic’s car had ‘blown up’ once agn!   AF6C told OPs that Sept. ‘RF’ is up on the Club website, and IXN might have his cast removed permanently tomorrow!    IXN thanked TWA fer the great tasting tomatoes he left at the QTH.    NOL turned off his audio equalizer which removed his audio distortion, and Richard said that he & JAY attended an ADRS presentation at the Convention.    Now both will be off to a T-Hunt in which a Russian T-Hunter will be present.    TWA, and most OPs, heard the NORAD jets pass over the area rnd 2:45 am., on a routine practice patrol.   CCD, hving worked around F-14s, knew immediately the NORAD planes were military jets!   TWA said he had slight QRN at the QTH.


9/12/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in LDC, AB8AA(Al), VDP, KB8JAA (Jane), WA5IMI, TWA, BWH, KG6HPZ(Kyle), KFW, AXJ(John), and AF6C.    Al and Jane hve checked into the Net before, and most OPs heard Al’s sigs.   We welcomed Kyle, HPZ, to the Net. Kyle used an HT, sending 5W sigs to his HT ant. VDP worked W6E in New mexico, a Rt. 66 Special Events Station.    Larry wasn’t able to download a cpy of Sept. ‘RF’ frm the Club website!   IMI checked in mobile, but joined us frm the QTH later.    LDC arrived home frm puppy training, saying that puppy may fail school…He’s too playful! OPs listened while BWH described, wid equal praise, the two candidates fer the ARRL SW Div. Vice Director position.   TNX, Bob!    BWH then aired Newsline #1256…Bam-Bam,and Okee Cber, operating illegal pwr amplfiers on Channel 19, was slapped wid a $9,500 fine!   TWA compared the recent terrorist attacks wid the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, after which Charles joined the Army Airforce in 1941.   KFW enjoyed the Convention, and VDP mentioned as a site to locate ham items, usual or otherwise.   BWH said that outgoing ARRL SW Div. Director, Fried Heyn, was presented wid an 18 yr Service Plaque at the Convention.  AXJ & AF6C ‘flew in and flew out’.


9/19/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in NOL, IXN, VDP, JD, AA, YZW, AD6NQ(Bob), and KE6ZGR(Dale).  AF6C said HHC was in UNIX class tonite, and Bob has a Dr. appt. just before Club meeting.  NOL’s 10-10 number is 28048, and Richard will attend Club meeting Fri. eve. to hear the APRS talk…JAY will be there, too.   NOL has added a common ground copper braid too all RF gear in the shack.   VDP said HRO was selling a YAESU 800 fer $400, and Larry worked 6 out of 10 Special Event (Rt 66) Stations heard last week. And VDP also said that Rolf Franzke, KK7LX, can be heard on the 20m County Hunters Net.   IXN got rid of the cast, and AF6C asked Bob fer the freq. of the Santiago Peak Seismometer.   Then IXN gave a short report on the possibility of trapped water under the Martian surface.  JD is keeping ‘cool and calm’ in the present turmoil, and must 73 now to make sum phone calls…And Lowell plans to retire soon, wid AF6C requesting an invite to JD’s retirement party.   AA is nursing two knees that just underwent orthoscopic surgery, so Al probably enjoyed being seated at the rig tonite!


9/19/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in WOX, AA, CCD, VDP, LDC, NOL, TEZ, KFW, LEX, AF6C, NZ6T(Tuck), BWH, YZW, AD6NQ(Bob), and KE6ZGR(Dale). WOX took the Volkswagon in fer repairs, and the XYL will be in San Francisco this weekend visiting a harmonic.  AA will offer a Tech license class on Oct. 3, 10, and 17, wid the test on Oct. 18, using the Gordon West Tech Book.  VDP will inspect K6BIX’ radio gear & parts tomorrow, which he’ll take to the TRW Swapmeet at month’s end.   CCD put new brakes in the car fer an upcoming trip, so Tom missed the 10m Net tonite.  LDC said the 10 puppies in the dog training class wud rather play than learn! Larry bought a YAESU dualbander at the ARRL Convention, and watched Jurassic Park III over the weekend. AF6C asked LDC to bring the laminator to Club meeting to prepare two more Club badges. And Bob recommended a new C. Cutler book, "Valhalla Rising", to Larry fer his reading pleasure.   Tuck, NZ6T, a candidate fer ARRL SW Div. Vice-Director, checked into Net frm the San Diego area.    And NOL & JAY will attend and ARDF meet near State College & the 57 Fwy this weekend.   TEZ picked up a mobile rig at the Convention, and Al will miss Club meeting…He’s off on a fishing trip!   And Al said VKZ is getting well settled in at the trailer court in Anza.   OPs offer congrats to AF6C on another FB issue of ‘RF’.   KFW just finished having a new furnace wid air condx installed at the QTH, wid the removal of asbestos insulation also completed.  Dave, YZW, checked in wid gud sigs frm Costa Mesa, and Bob, NQ, frm Moreno Valley, checked in armchair cpy!   We asked Bob to call IBR and TAM and say HI frm the Club.   Dale, ZGR, checked in frm Silverado Cnyn, and IXN asked Dale abt the humming bird population there.  BWH got a key to the office!…Will BWH be working late agn?!…Keep tuned fer further developments!!   BWH aired Newsline #1257…CQ Contest Magazine will cease publication in October! LEX detests drilling holes in the new car to mount antennas (Join the crowd, Chris).   And Chris experiments wid a 5/8 wave ant. in the attic.


9/26/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in VDP, LDC, KF6UEB(Rick), NOT, and IXN.   VDP checked into Net using a HR-2600 rig, and Larry had sharp, crisp armchair cpy audio sigs!   AF6C needs the following tubes: 954, 955, 6C5, and a 6F6…And Bob told OPs to check out the validity of E-mail rumors, etc., at    LDC, using a headset wid floor switch, checked in wid slight audio distortion.   And Larry wants to build a charge controller listed in the last issue of QST Magazine.   EUB, Rick, checked in Q5 at NC, his first time check-in on the HF bands.   EUB & IXN both enjoy working CW in the Novice portion of the 40m band.   NOT, baby sitting harmonics Matthew & Luke, stays in the listening mode.   And IXN finally got to meet NOT at last Club meeting.


9/26/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in LDC, VDP, YZW, UEB, ZGR, KFW, LEX, JD, and TWA.   LDC & IXN discussed the varying audio distortion on Larry’s sigs, and IXN forgot to ask LDC if the impedance of his headset mike was a match fer the rig.   LDC, ZGR, and VDP adll discussed the output current of Harbor Freight Solar Panels, varying between 125 ma to 365 ma.    VDP told OPs that Dennis, KM5UI, wud soon be relocated frm Arkansas to Flagstaff.   YZW stayed busy working, staying cool, and helping the harmonic last Saturday.   UEB lives in Irvine, and Rick asked OPs abt emergency power supplys.   ZGR uses only solar/battery power for his station, and Dale gave Rick the name of a solar panel supplier in Temecula, plus price ranges on solar panels.    IXN repeated AA’s schedule, fer an upcoming Tech class, to KFW.    LEX will soon be off on his travelling routine wid a quick trip to Vegas come Saturday.   JD told OPs that his retirement will occur either in Dec. or Mar…Lowell applies fer Social Security next Mon.!   JD also told us that BWH’s dad passed away, and that Bob was in N. Dakota.   Also, JD is ready to send his son to the ‘hitching post’ come Saturday!   And TWA got a scolding frm the bluejays!…He forgot to feed them their peanuts.

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