10/3/2001 10m Phone Net – IXN arrived home just before Net to find a landline QSO frm AF6C.   Bob had to pick up company at the airport!   IXN asked fer check-ins, and we held an informal Net.    The roundtable consisted of Ian, K3IMW, IXN, and Rick, UEB.


10/3/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in VDP, KFW, TWA, IMW, BWH, and UCH.   VDP sold some of a Silent Key’s gear at TRW last week, wid Larry bringing vy little of it to the Auction.  And Larry has a Special Events Album wid two Wouffhong Certificates, one signed by Ray, W6NT.  KFW entertained one of his ‘teenage days’ buddies frm Pgh, PA, recently, and Chris said that QST announced a Special Event of the Steel City ARC to be held on Oct. 6 & 7 on 14.260 MHz SSB.   TWA joined AF6C & IXN, adding a new atomic clock to the shack, and Charles enjoyed the warm WX, while being cooled evenings by ocean breezes coming up the SA riverbed during the evenings.   IMW checked in on a HT.    He found a hotspot fer NC, but other OPs cud not hear Ian.   IMW will use his base station rig next 2m Net.   Both BWH & IXN’s dads passed away wid heart attacks while they were resting.   And BWH said his dad had attended one of the Club FDs at the Tustin Marine Airstation.  BWH taped and aired Newsline #1259…The UK has lowered required CW speed to 5 wpm.   And Hams are being asked to report any suspicious communications on the bands that might be linked to terrorism.   Call the FBI at 866-483-5137, or on the Web, use the adr:,    If you are interested in ARDF (T-Hunting), try this site:    UCH checked in at Net’s end to tell us that he and WIU are still vy busy repairing musical instruments fer schools, and, Orange Coast College.


10/10/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in JD, IMW, IXN, CCD, EUB, NOT, RWY, LDC, and NOL.   AF6C left the Net momentarily to check out the sound of running water, and Bob will hve company at the QTH till late Mon. eve.  JD announced an upcoming E.Q. simulation drill fer area EOCs.    IXN looked into the nature of Bose-Einstein Condensates, and IMW plans working CW DX in the near future…Ian said that 10m has been open into Australia and S. Korea.   UEB, using an IC-746 rig at 20W, asked abt the Club Auction, time and place.   IXN cudn’t hear Rick’s sigs too well tonite.    NOT remained in the listening mode after check-in, and RWY’s sigs faded in and out. Also, Dick had difficulty hearing other OPs as well.   And RWY will be participating in the E.Q. simulation EOC drill.   CCD, bk frm a vacation at Crater Lake and Oregon, 73’d fer din-din.   LDC checked in wid weak audio sigs.   AF6C said Larry’s mike shud be between 600 and 700 ohms impedance.    LDC will check the antenna and feedline fer a lurking problem.    Joe Brown has appointed Richard, WA6NOL, Asst. Section Mgr. fer Orange County…Congrats, Richard!


10/10/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, VDP, NOL, KFW, TWA, AF6C, and BWH. JD told OPs abt the upcoming simulated E.Q. Drill wid all RACES groups participating.   JD, RWY, HHC, PFA, and AF6C plan to participate.   VDP has been selling ham radio gear fer Silent Keys, etc., at swapmeets fer the past 25 to 30 yrs.!   And Larry has filled out his Awards Application Card fer the Rt 66 Special Events stations that he worked.   NOL said that JAY was investigating becoming a member of the disaster hospital communications group.   JAY, NOL, and IXN hve all sent in their ballots fer election of the new ARRL SW Div. Vice Director.   KFW joins IXN in doing house chores, plus a ’lil operating during the week.   And TWA found copy on the 10m Net extremely bad.   Charles will try checking into next Net to see how we read his sigs on 10m.   AF6C checked in using a HT feeding a 5/8 wave ant. on the roof.    Bob told BWH that the ‘Prez Sez’ article was done and entered in ‘RF’.   BWH said his ballot fer SW Div. Vice Dir. had not yeat arrived in the mail.   And Bob is recuperating nicely frm a dose of Poison Sumac!    Bob aired Newslin #1260…We heard that 76% of the Nation surveyed, want to restrict cellular phone use in autos…Will such a ruling affect the use of HTs in autos by Hams?


10/17/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in JD, UEB, and IXN.   JD asked fer an audio check.   AF6C and IXN told JD that his audio was not garbled.   UEB also had gud sigs with a ’lil white noise in the background.   And Rick described his ‘horizontal V’ antenna before asking directions to the Club Auction at the Red Cross in SA. IXN read a short article on discoveries of the Chandra X-ray project, and Bob told OPs that they cud get updates on 10, 15, and 20m DX on 224.760 MHz.   AF6C said events of Sept. 11 may soon force him to look fer new employment!


10/17/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in LEZ, WOX, RWY, AF6C, VDP, TEZ, HHC, KFW, and BWH.   LEX traded the Dodge fer a Ford Explorer, and Chris’ newly won 2m rig mounted nicely in the new truck…But alas, the low band gear installation will not be so easy!   WOX told OPs that Art Sheldon, K7ZE, former OCARC Club member and officer, was pictured on the back of the new AES Catalogue.   AF6C quickly found Art’s pix in the `Rogues Gallery’ on the back page!   Art said that 10m has been open during late afternoon fer the past three weeks, and Art also replaced the engine in the Volkswagon. RWY reported that he, JD, AF6C, HHC, and PFA all participated in the ARES nite drill simulated EQ.    BWH later reported that he was also involved in the drill wid the hospital group.  AF6C said that OCARC will be monitoring 146.550 simplex on Fri. eve. That way, late comers to the Club Auction, that find the doors locked fer security reasons, can call someone to open the doors.   Bob also reported that Oct. ‘RF’ is up on the Website. VDP will attend the auction Fri. eve. and then go to the Cal Poly Swapmeet come Sat.   IXN will give Larry a copy of the Club Roster at the Auction.   VDP was unable to download the Roster wid his version of WORD. IXN said that John, NG7D, would be attending the Auction.   And TEZ got a new wood stove fer the Anza QTH.   BWH attended the OCARO meeting last week, and Bob said that VPP was a member of the Anaheim EOC group during the RACES drill.   KFW will be in ‘buying status’ at the Club Auction, and Chris and the XYL visited Hearst Castle this week.   BWH aired Newsline #1261…We learned that the FCC is embracing SDR (Software Defined Radio). We’ll be hearing much more abt SDR later!


10/24/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in NOL, OGO, IMW, and IXN. AF6C missed the Club Auction last Friday…Bob was ill!   And ZE gave OGO a 20/9 sig rpt. Doc said he was reading his E-mail on the side as he listened to the Net.  IMW bid on two items at the Auction, and Ian said he was lokking at a Hustler ant. to work 10 thru 40m. Ixn read a short article frm Sirius Astronomer on Solar System Formatiom. NOL had AC hum on his sigs tonite, and Richard said that he traced the hum to the power supply.


10/24/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in NOL, VDP, NG7D, LEX, AF6C, IMW, HHC, BWH, and KFW.  NOL said that only nearby OPs wud be able to hear the hum on his low band sigs, and Richard is looking forward to hearing April Moell speak on ‘The North Pole Network’.  VDP did OK at the Swapmeet last Sat., and Larry said that WA3JPG, Clark, was down frm San Luis Obispo fer a visit. VDP is also building a tripod ant. stand to test his ants.  HHC, checking in frm UNIX class at Santa Ana College, said that the Club Auction netted $225, the Club clearing $10.00 after the bills were paid.  OPs welcomed NG7D, John Christopher, bk to the Net after a long absence.  John bought a nine-band shortwave radio at the Auction, and he said that it worked on all nine bands!  ZE asked John the issue of QST that he was featured wid his wheelchair mobile rig. John said it was the Dec. 1980 issue, pp. 62-63!   BWH cud not hear NG7D’s HT tonite.  LEX will be travelling stateside fer the time being, to the East Coast vy soon.  And Chris says he plans to install 10 thru 160m in the new truck in the near future.   AF6C heard HHC fairly well on the HT tonite, and IXN and Lee got their flu shots yesterday.   BWH is busily trying to renew his ham license via the FCC, and Bob aired Newsline #1262….It looks like the upcoming IARU meeting will adopt a no-code proposal fer an amateur license below 30 MHz!   KFW worked sum PSK 31, enjoyed the Club Auction, and gave the grass a ‘haircut’.   How did IXN miss notes on IMW!…Anyway, Ian had gud sigs at the QTH tonite!


10/31/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in JD, ZL2BLQ(Stan), IXN, and BWH, on ‘El Dia de Brujas’(The Day of the Witches).    JD had jus a few ‘trickers & treaters’, while IXN got rid of a couple of bags of candy.   And Lowell has set a retirement date of Dec. 31!     Near Net’s end, JD 73’d, got a cup of coffee, and sauntered off to talk to the XYL.   ZL2BLQ, Stan, checked in frm 50 NE of Wellington, NZ., where it was already Thursday.   We all heard Stan, who was using a 2 element triband beam.   Stan gave us his 10-10 number: 37883, and ZE gave Stan the Club 10-10 number in return.   BLQ had two groups of ‘ghosts & goblins’ at the QTH on Halloween.   AF6C, BLQ & IXN discussed earthquakes briefly, and BLQ told OPs abt the Great Rift on North Island, where two plates are colliding.   Ixn told BLQ that our contact wud appear in notes up on the Club website in Oct. Netnews.  Stan talks regularly wid WA6OJB in Pacific Palisades.   BWH & AF6C reminded OPs abt the ‘Not-so-DXpedition’ this weekend, and BWH said that the Sat. Club Bfast might hve ‘slim pickings’ in attendance!   And BWH said he attended a Hospital Disaster Group meeting last eve.


10/31/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in NG7D, LEX, HHC, BWH, JD, TEZ, and W1CY(Hassan).  NG7D told us abt his gud friend, ZL1BNK, Richard, who had become a Silent Key previously.  And John sent a Heathkit rig, wid blown finals, bk to an OP in Benton Harbor fer repairs.  HCC, on his break frm UNIX class, checked in and reminded OPs abt the ‘Not-so-DXpedition’ this weekend, before he had to go bk to class.  LEX finished the mobile setup in his 2001 Ford Explorer truck, telling OPs that he doesn’t hve one bit of RF interference!…And that’s wid no filtering, chokes, etc.!   BWH is still in communication wid the FCC, trying to get his ham license renewed fer another ten years. And Bob aired Newsline #1263…Due to security reasons, no OP shud send any paperwork to the FCC Washington Office!   JD, wid a bleak outlook fer continuing work, has set his retirement date, and OPs told Lowell that the XYL will then find him plenty of work around the QTH!   CY checked in wid FB sigs at the QTH tonite, and BWH TNXed Hassan fer opening the Remote Base, which aided BWH’s communications.    TEZ & IXN discussed the 5.1 mag. EQ near Anza, CA.   IXN told Al that it was 14 miles deep wid the epicenter probably on the Coyote Creek Fault, part of the San Jacinto Fault complex.

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