11/7/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LEX, IXN, CCD, NOT, JD, and BWH.  LEX joined a bicycle club and now he is patching up a bicycle.   Chris worked Norway on 10m, and, he will once agn be ‘on the road’ next week.   HHC, PFA, JD, and AF6C attended a de-briefing session of the recent SET emergency drill at the Orange PD. AF6C sent ‘RF’ off today, and Bob said it contains a small blurp on the Christmas Party. IXN can’t find frequencies used by Crystal Seismometer, and Bob and AF6C discussed the 5.1 Anza event.    CCD said 10m was wide open a week ago.   AF6C told NOT that the antenna came in, and, IXN cudn’t hear NOT tonite. CCD is enjoying the ‘quiet season’ on Eqs in Orange County, and JD & XYL enjoyed din-din out tonite, which JD topped off wid a ’lil nap before Net!   AF6C included BWH’s Prez Says, and HHC’s blurp on the ‘Not-so-DXpedition’ in Nov. ‘RF’.    BWH said a slate of officers is ready fer next year.


11/7/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in AF6C, TEZ, JD, LEX, KFW, VDP, HHC, and BWH.   AF6C, IXN and other OPS did not feel the 5.1 EQ Anza event in Orange County, but TEZ, at the QTH, was vy near the epicenter, and Al described the slight damage to the walls.   VKZ, also at Anza, slept thru the Event!   JD said RWY showed up at the Club Bfast site last Sat. morning, only to discover that the Bfast was postponed until Sat. next, due to the ‘Not-so-DXpedition’.   HHC, at class break, and on the HT, said that he, LDC, WOX, Charmaine(YOL), and PFA all attended the Not-so-DXpedition to the desert last weekend.   LEX, wid strong sigs tonite, was using 40W to a 5/8 wave ant.    KFW was ‘puppy sitting’ the harmonic’s dog, while his daughter gets a new fence installed at her home in Placentia…Now Chris is sharing LDC’s ‘puppy problems’!   VDP said the recent aurora acted more like a sponge than a reflector for propogation, and Larry said said he wud like to see a new location fer the Club Bfast.   BWH, wid a La Palma Band Review appt., cannot be present at the Club Bfast this Sat.   Bob aired Newsline #1264.  If you are interested in hamming on the Internet, learn more at:!


11/14/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, TWA, CCD, JD, and N6AFG/AG(Charlie).   IXN & AF6C discussed the EQ swarm taking place in Bombay Beach (Brawley Seismic Zone).   And AF6C is off to Blue Ridge tomorrow to install a power supply and make an equipment check.   PFA & AF6C worked a UA4 on 10m, while also working many more 10m stations!   TWA got the time change straightened out and joined us, telling us that the XYL picked the last large tomato today!   She will pickle the leftover small tomatoes.    CCD busied himself installing a ceiling fan, and everything works! Then CCD got a call fer din-din.   JD and OPs welcomed APG to the Net…And we all gave congrats to Charlie on his upgrade to General!   JD joined us after partaking of the World News.   APG worked us on the vert. ant., not having an ant. switch to connect the rig to his homebrew quad.   AF6C, APG, and OPs discussed last week’s air accident in New York, and Charlie said that he flew an A-300 frm Denver to LA bk in the 80s.


11/14/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in WOX, JD, NG7D, BWH, AF6C, APG/AG, VDP, HHC, KFW, TWA, and TEZ.   IXN got his copy of ‘RF’ by ‘snail mail’ today. WOX said the recent rain made the grass greener at the QTH, and Art said they will buy TG din-din this year.   JD is pretty sure that retirement will be imminent by early Jan. NG7D kicked bk, is taking it easy, looking at ham sites on the Internet, and trying to stay warm in the apartment.    BWH & XYL noticed a ‘strange odor’ in the QTH.    Close inspection turned up a dead possum…Just so it didn’t get across the finals in the rig!   IXN & neighbor had a possum family that took refuge in the bouganvilla bush on the fence.   Removal of the bush removed the possums!   Detective AF6C will soon investigate strange rattles coming frm the furnace, and Bob says ‘RF’ is up on the Webpage.   IXN commented on AF6C’s excellent tech articles in ‘RF’.   APG wud like to see the Leonid Meteor Shower this weekend frm the OCA Anza site.   BWH aired Newsline #1265…There are 600 to 610 satellites in Earth orbit active yet today! VDP, working on an ant. project, had a crown prep at the dentist office.   Larry and HHC reminded all OPs abt the election of Club Officers at Friday meeting.   HHC checked into Net, during class break, on the HT.   VDP & IXN are vy pleased wid the FCC crackdown on errant repeaters!   KFW is replacing a rotting gate at the QTH, and IXN & TWA discussed the preparation of chaotes.   TEZ checked in on the HT, and IXN and Al talked briefly abt the swarm of Eqs at Bombay Beach.


11/21/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LEX, IXN, and TWA. AF6C’s sister is helping his mom prepare ‘TG fixins’ fer tomorrow, and Bob’s sister tells us it’s the ‘middle man’ driving up the cost of cranberries, not the farmer.   LEX tells OPs that we just witnessed the best 6m condx in a long time…wid OPs making contacts all over the US, Japan, and arnd the World.   IXN tnx AF6C for his well explained articles on electronic basics in amateur radio.   AF6C said NOT, as a Reservist, was called up for duty in the war on terrorism.   And TWA says no TG trip to Carlsbad this year…The family will TG at home wid company in frm Oregon.   TWA then prepared to help the XYL wid TG prep, and IXN asked Charles to describe his ‘apron’…Charles replied written on the apron the words, "KISS THE COOK"!


11/21/2001 2m Phone Net – NG7D experienced QRN tonite, and John will spend a quiet TG in the apartment.   LEX was off to the bicycle store to pick up accessories for the bikes, and Chris and family will be off to Seaworld.   Chris says they will celebrate TG turkey come Sat. VDP has a bicycle repair stand for sale.   And Larry read in the ‘6m Reflector’ that openings on 6m has occurred all over the World. AF6C answered the cranberry question on high prices that IXN asked on the 10m Net, telling Bob that overproduction has caused a ‘cranberry glut’! JD wishes all Ops a happy TG. And JD says the family will TG out tomorrow.   And BWH, wid the family pretty well spread out over the country, will have a traditional TG at home. BWH aired Newsline #1268…Russia says NO to no-code fer Russian hams.   KFW & XYL will TG wid the daughter in Yorba Linda, and Chris enjoyed April Moell’s talk on the North Pole at last Club meeting.


11/28/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in IMW, KB1GZ (Steve), JD, IXN, and AA.   IMW got his rig bk frm the ‘radio doctor’ in Cerritos…Ian was experiencing a shielding problem.   GZ, Steve, checked into Net, fer the first time, frm his QTH in Orange near Taft & Cambridge streets.   GZ got a new vertical up, but he hasn’t installed the ground radials yet.   JD announced his retirement ‘tea and crumpets’ get-together at work, and AF6C expects to attend.   And JD got his rig bk frm the ‘radio doctor’ in Cerritos also, wid gud sigs tonite on the Net!    AF6C has a rotator job facing him over the holidays…His indicator has ‘gone crazy’!   And Bob had a call frm Jane, TAM, to ask abt the date and location of the Club Christmas Dinner.   IXN informed the City of Santa Ana abt his Dad’s death 5 yrs ago, had his name replaced wid IXN & Lee’s name, and received a notice frm the City that they wud shut off our water in two days!…Seems that a dead man can’t pay bills!…The matter was cleared up quickly!   AA kicked bk after busying himself wid house chores arnd the QTH.


11/28/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in LEX, KFW, HHC, VDP, NG7D, AF6C, TWA, and BWH.  HHC, on class break, reminded OPs that the date for the Club Christmas Dinner is Dec. 16.  Lex visited VDP’s shack to pick up a bicycle stand, etc., to help him wid his bicycle projects.  And Chris said he’ll continue business travels this weekend, wid and East Coast trip in Jan. KFW was contacted by a former friend that Chris knew arnd 60 yrs ago, when he was 12 yrs old!    The friend found Chris’ location on   VDP, working on a patio, hopes the rain will hold off for awhile.   And Larry told OPs abt a YL bk East that collects MIZUHO QRP gear.   NG7D, after replacing a depleted battery pack in the HT, told OPs that MIZUHO gear performed well.   AF6C asked OPs to submit articles fer ‘RF’.   BWH told IXN that he had read HHC’s E-mails. TWA raked up leaves blown frm the trees by the SA winds, saw a beautiful sunset this evening, and told OPs that the temp. had dropped this morning to 44 deg.!   AF6C asked BWH to submit a ‘Prez Sez’ blurp fer ‘RF’.   Then BWH aired Newsline tape #1267.   Bob told OPs that he will not check into Net next week…He will be attending a convention.

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