12/5/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in JD, IXN, CCD, BWH, and AA6QV(Stan), at Net’s end.   "West by Northwest" might take on a new meaning as AF6C contemplates his true beam headings frm errant readings in the shack!   And Bob gave JD three possible contacts fer speakers at future Club meetings.   JD told AF6C that his ‘tea & crumpets’ retirement get-together will be held in Bldg. 41A at 13:30 hrs on Dec. 13…AF6C will be there.   Lowell & OPs congrat’d AF6C on a gud Dec. ‘RF’.   And IXN asked Bob abt tire explosions on MD90 aircraft landing at John Wayne Airport. AF6C had heard abt it, but was not acquainted wid the problem.   Tom-CCD got a Disneyland deal…2 fer the price of 1!…Tom enjoyed the Electrical Parade.    And AF6C & IXN briefly discussed high prices at the Magic Kingdom.   CCD then questioned OPs abt PL tones frm his rig going thru the repeater.   BWH gave an LA Times reporter material fer an article on amateur radio, which shud appear in the Dec. 7 issue of the LA Times.     Bob is off to Indianapolis at 1:00 am tomorrow morning to help his sister move in wid his mother, and then Bob will drive his dad’s truck bk to CA.    IXN cud not copy Stan-QV, frm Long Beach.   AF6C & BWH relayed info. to the Net fer Stan.


12/5/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in WOX, LEX, KFW, VDP, AF6C, HHC, BWH, TWA, UCH, and YZW.   WOX will miss the Club Christmas Dinner this year, and LEX’ sched won’t allow Chris to attend either.   LEX has now added ‘riding his product’ wid potential clients to his busy schedule!   KFW, planning to replace a defective water heater at the QTH, told OPs that he intends to attend the Christmas Dinner, along wid other check-ins: IXN & bro. Lee, UCH, BWH, VDP, and maybe AF6C.   VDP worked the Walt Disney 100th Birthday station today.   Larry also said he worked Belgium & the Netherlands on 10m!   VDP also told OPs interested in amateur radio trivia to try: and go to the trivia site.   HHC checked in at UNIX class break, and AF6C told Ken that he had sent him requested info.    AF6C got Dec. ‘RF’ out, and OPs passed along cudos to Bob on another FB issue!   Then AF6C told OPs to be sure and read abt the Marconi Event coming up on the 100th anniversary of the 1st Trans-Atlantic communication, to be held between Dec. 9-16.   BWH told OPs abt his upcoming Indianapolis trip and the LA Times ham radio article (above), and Bob aired Newslin #1268, in which we learned abt a book, "Tune in the Universe", a compiliation of SETI information.  TWA told OPs abt a vy pretty contrail in the starlit sky after sunset.    IXN told Charles that the contrail had not yet entered the Earth’s shadow.   UCH said business was vy slow at the store, but that music instrument repair is a continuing business.   Dave, YZW, checked in at Net’s end.


12/12/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, IMI, and JD.   AF6C is still sleuthing arnd the furnace looking fer the source of the rattle that ‘wud wake the dead’!    And Bob finished the Christmas decorations before wrapping and shipping Christmas gifts bk East.   IXN & AF6C discussed possible sources of furnace rattle, and JD & IXN told Bob to try two air filters in the large filter slot.    AF6C will contact BWH abt a nominee fer the ‘Gud of the Club’ Award, and AF6C also has more Club badges ready.  IMI visited the Queen Mary Radio Room, and Frank told OPs he’s using a 10m Iso-loop that he got frm Gordy, NOA.    IMI suspects the switching power supply is causing his audio clipping.    Frank backed off the mike & appeared to solve the audio problem. JD’s ‘tea & crumpets’ retirement gathering will meet tomorrow afternoon, and AF6C will bring a possible future Club speaker to meet our new VP.


12/12/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in IMI, NG7D, VDP, HHC/m, KFW, LEX, AF6C, and BWH.  IXN still suspects that a good number of Club OPs are NOT regularly bringing up ‘RF’ on the Website…Reason: There is vy little comment on AF6C’s excellent articles on voltage/current relationships in series/parallel circuits!  IMI will upgrade his power supply soon, and NG7D thinks they hve solved the heater problem in his apartment…an ailing thermostat!   NG7D & IXN watch the Holidays come and go…Many retired people say, "If I didn’t hve a calendar, I wudn’t even know what day it is"!   VDP continues to chase Special Events Stations, working the W1AA Marconi station on 10m SSB, and copying a few words frm K6KPH on 500 KHz, CW, this afternoon.   And Larry worked a Belgium station on 12m.    VDP told OPs he got HHC’s E-mail on the new location fer the monthly Club Bfast at the Cowgirl’s Café #2, between the 22 & 405 Frwys…Check the Website for location and a map. HHC, operating mobile at checkin, operating mobile at checkin, had just finished his UNIX final, and Ken joined us later frm the base station after his return home.  KFW replaced his water heater today, and KFW cleaned up debris frm the SA winds.   LEX dodged a trip bk East!…His customer frm New York came out here. And Chris didn’t work the Marconi Newfoundland Special Events station…He cudn’t get thru the pileup! AF6C will attend JD’s retirmenet get-together tomorrow, and BWH checked in wid a depleted battery in the desk mike, Bob’s audio sounding like a vy faint, rare, DX contact!   Switching desk mikes solved the problem, and Bob told us abt his trip to & frm Indianapolis, wid 56 hrs on the road!   Then BWH aired Newsline #1269…wid a new Extra Class Exam facing upgrading hams next summer!   And the FCC said that there won’t be any special events call sign fer the 2002 Winter Olympics!


12/19/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in HHC, IXN, CCD, JD, and KFW. HHC said that he had learned a lot about UNIX during class sessions, and Ken told OPs that David-W7KTX joined the Club at the Christmas dinner.   IXN read an article frm the Sirius Astronomer concerning near-earth asteroid collisions.   Then IXN told OPS he’ll be up north above San Francisco next week. CCD prepared to do sum last minute shopping, wished OPs a merry Christmas, and ran off to din-din. JD is counting off the hours to retirement, and AF6C told Lowell that he’ll introduce him to a prospective Club speaker at work.    ZE heard a vy slight hum on KFW’s sigs tonite.   However, IXN, HHC, and JD were unalbe to hear it.   KFW was using TEZ’s rig tonite.


12/19/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in WOX, KFW, VDP, HHC, AF6C, JD, and BWH.   WOX wil hve the traditional Christmas Eve get-together.   And since the family is all ham and turkey’d out, Art will barbecue steaks fer Christmas dinner.   KFW & OPs congrat.    JD on retirement, and KFW and XYL will meet wid the family at his daughter’s house on Christmas Eve.   Larry-VDP and family will hve a split Christmas…visiting both mother-in-laws!   And Larry has unfinished projects all over the QTH, but first, comes replacing bulbs wid LEDs in a 2m rig…VDP wishes Happy Holidays to all.   HHC was glad to be bk on the Club nets after completing the UNIX class, and Ken has a couple of computer projects to complete over the Holidays.    HHC enjoyed the Club Christmas dinner, and Ken & XYL will entertain the family at the QTH fer Christmas.   AF6C put off going bk East at present…His sister has to work over the Holidays.   And Bob said it was gud to hve HHC bk on the Nets after finishing his UNIX class. JD will hve family & grandkids at home fer Christmas.  BWH, checking in mobile, aired Newslint tape #1270 after arriving at the QTH…A South African, first name Mark, may be the next civilian ISS visitor according to Space Adventures in VA., the organization that arranges such visits.


12/26/2001 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in HHC, KFW, N5YRJ(Steve), CCD, and IMW. IXN was in Occidental, CA., on Christmas vacation, in the rain, rain, and more rain!!  Steve (N5YRJ) used to me a US Marine stationed at El Toro and is now living in Mission Viejo.  While in the Marine Corp, Steve even visited the OCARC Field Day operations at the Tustin Air Base, ~1997.


12/26/2001 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/VDP checked in HHC, AF6C, YRJ, LEX, BWH, and KFW. Larry-VDP was having difficulty copying weak signals of HHC and AF6C (and vise versa).  Nobody was sure why the weak signals.   BWH aired a partial Newsline tape when his TM-733 power transistor went out during the tape.

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