3/06/2002 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in LEX, IXN, CFE, & HHC. Wid low sales, LEX gets lots of travel, soon another trip to the East, and, Chris is working on a vy expensive bicycle in the garage tonite.  LEX had gud sig rpts fer all OPs tonite.  AF6C & HHC got Bob’s ant. rotator bk up, and the beam is once more in business!  IXN is still attempting to discover the cause of Netzero’s rejection of HHC’s E-mail.   And AF6C has another noisy Na-vapor light in the neighborhood.  CFE checked in 5/7 at ZE’s QTH, and Al was using an HT wid a magmount vertical fer check-in tonite.  HHC got an E-mail frm Chris, ZH, and Ken said Chris still misses So-CA.  HHC and XYL will soon be off to Brazil, and Ken was busy chasing arnd inserts, for ‘RF’, as they wandered arnd the computer in his Microsoft Word program!  IXN doesn’t trust identity info on the web…too many hackers, terrorists, etc.!


3/06/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in LEX, TRA, VDP, AF6C, KFW, and HHC.  LEX was the 1st check-in on both Nets tonite…a first fer Chris!  And Chris will be working a marathon on Catalina Is. in two weeks.  TRA watched the plumber change a fixture in and under the kitchen sink today.  Wid 93 years almost behind her, VDP’s Mom suffered a minor stroke.   And Larry gave us two websites fer radio gear:, and    AF6C said that the ‘block & tackle’ worked FB fer lifting parts up the tower.   KFW talked wid his Internet friend in Pittsburgh, PA., where they are hving vy cold, low digits WX!   And Chris is glad that the long day at the Precinct is over!   HHC said that BWH, JD, and PFA were probably all attending the CORE meeting fer the upcoming Baker-to-Vegas event.


3/13/2002 10m Phone NetW6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, IXN, HHC, OGO, and TWA. High SA winds was responsible fer high QRN at most OP stations!   LDC reported on the Anza ‘Not-So-DXpedition’, and Larry asked HHC if he got the DXpedition pix fer the Website OK.   HHC confirmed reception of the pix, and AF6C will put them up on the Website.  IXN, working on a Living Trust, heard all OPs wid QRN tonite, and Bob will list CW check-ins on the new CW Net, if NC forwards them to IXN’s QTH.   HHC, at AF6C’s QTH tonite, and XYL Diane will leave fer Rio Friday fer sum R&R in So. America, and Ken said that the mud drops on the garbage can came frm a swallow nested in the eaves directly above the now decorated garbage can!   OGO, using a 920 on a vertical, enjoys working CW contacts, and Doc said that he will be away on FD.   TWA faded in and out of the QRN tonite, but Charles said he was hearing NC well above the QRN.


3/13/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in KG6KGG(Dave), TWA, AF6C, JD, LEX, VDP, LDC, HHC, KFW, CCD, and BWH.   KGG, Dave, just got his ticket, and OPs offered congrats to Dave & welcomed him to the Net.    Dave bought a transceiver frm VDP, and KGG is suing a homebrew vert. ant. wid a groundplane.   TWA got ‘RF’ yesterday, and Charles is receiving QSL cards frm Finland, Canada, and Poland.   AF6C said that Dave’s call letters shud win the ‘tongue twister award’, but shud be easy to send on CW.    AF6C said the Club has a mess of QSL cards, not claimed, starting wid the ’80s forward, and Bob talked abt a mystery OP who may be bootlegging the Club call!    JD and XYL, bk frm a visit wid relatives in Manhattan Beach, welcomed KGG to the Net.   JD was glad to hear TWA bk in here tonite.   LEX, wid the rig now on the table in the family room, ant. in the attic, can spend sum quality time wid the family while on the air!   VDP was glad to hear that KGG had the rig on the air, and Larry said that OPs need to be planning fer FD now, wid all the new rules and changes.   LDC was disappointed wid the Anza DXpedition turnout…wid only Larry & WOX in attendance!   But LDC was rewarded wid a Sakhalein Is. contact! Now Larry is looking forward to a St. Patrick’s party this weekend.    HHC said that all is proceeding smoothly fer the FD site at Portola Park in Santa Ana, and Ken said that he sent KGG a copy of ‘RF’.   KFW had high QRN tonite, worked a ’lil on the auto, got ‘RF’ in the mail, and plans to be at FD this year.   CCD will do a ’lil skiing, and then it’s off to England fer sum R&R. BWH, at the QTH, aired Newsline #1282, and OPs heard that the FCC will resume issueing Vanity Callsigns!


3/20/2002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, KB1GZ, JD, IXN, and TWA. HHC & Diane are away on a So. American cruise.    AF6C had expensive repairs made on the auto today, and LDC & XYL leave fer sum R&R in China tomorrow.   AF6C, LDC, and IXN all discussed the high prices charged fer auto repairs.  Steve/KB1GZ barely heard LDC tonite. IGZ, wid several projects lined up, worked on a meter in the shack.   JD, bk frm an exercise walk, heard all OPs well, and Lowell 73’d to complete sum business, expecting a client call frm the midwest, and, a UPS delivery tonite!   KB1GZ, wid visions of holes & concrete in the backyard, plans to erect sum new ants…And Steve also plans to work satellites.   IXN read a small article frm ‘Sirius Astronomer’ on dinosaur extinction, and Bob reported a small EQ, a 2.9, that took place during Net.   TWA copied all OPs OK, but ZE cud barely hear Charles.    IXN acted as a relay fer TWA.


3/20/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in VDP, BWH, KGG, and KFW.   VDP said that the Orange County Health Dept. was glad to hear that the Club didn’t sell food at FD, and Larry said that there was fading DX on 17m frm San Felix Is.   BWH, at the QTH tonite, aired Newsline #1283…Restructuring of the FCC shud have little effect on Amateur Radio! KGG, wid, wid booming sigs tonite, uses LMR low loss coax to the antenna, and Dave enjoyed meeting OPs at last Club meeting.   KFW completed a ’lil car work, and Chris said that we had 31 OPs in attendance at last Club meeting!


3/27/2002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, RWY, and CFE.   IXN is slowly getting used to progressive lens eyeglasses, and AF6C said that he has progressive lenses too.   AF6C got his 2m rig working agn, and Bob will put his 8100-R on 2m tonite fer a test run, and Bob said that he worked sum DX, an OP on San Felix Is, XR X.  RWY, thru a repeater link on 145.380 MHz., worked Fla., Las Vegas, and Anchorage, AL.   And Dick said he only owed state income tax this year!   CFE, a late Net check-in tonite, is still studying fer his General ticket, and Al told OPs that he hadn’t heard abt the new OCARC Wireless Net, featuring CW, that will meet on 28.110 MHz on Thurs. eves.   AF6C referred CFE to the Club website fer further info.


3/27/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in VDP, WOX, KFW, RWY, TRA, AF6C, FZE, LEX/m, and BWH/m.   VDP reminded OPs to be getting gear ready fer FD…And NCs shud ask check-ins if they will be participating in FD this year.   Larry also recommended as a gud site to check out descriptions and specs on ham gear. VDP also worked a ’lil DX wid Galapagos Is. & Tahiti on 6m.   WOX is finishing the oldest harmonic’s taxes, and Art & the XYL will soon get sum R&R in Palm Springs.   AF6C run the 8100-R, that he bought frm Mark, ‘thru its paces’ on 2m tonite.   Bob’s audio sigs were FB when he got bk a ’lil frm the mike.   KFW, lokking fer a new video digital camera, passed congrats along to VDP on his purchase of a new YAESU 840, and Chris also ordered a new rig frm K7ZE at AES in Las Vegas.   IXN, AF6C, KFW, and BWH all discussed the advantages of storing digital pix on discs compared to conventional film techniques.  TRA put the FT-100 in the suburban, using an active tuning system…But Gene is nw plagued wid a grounding problem that detunes the system, and OPs offered a couple of ‘fixes’ fer Gene’s problem.   BWH aired an interesting Newsline tape after he got bk to the shack…FCC continues to clean up the ham bands of malicious interference, and is taking a cooperative attitude in helping repeater OPs wid repeater co-interference problems.  IXN allowed OPs to hear Raleigh Waves frm Crystal Seismometer in the San Gabriels…These waves indicate that an EQ is probably a few hundred to a few thousand miles away.

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