4/03/2002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in KB1GZ, HHC, VDP, and IXN.  GZ asked for help this Saturday to install and tune his new antenna.  HHC said that he cud help Steve fer a couple of hours after the Club Bfast.   HHC & Diane got bk frm R&R in S. America on Monday. Ken didn’t enjoy the high humidity in Brazil!   IXN told HHC that Chile experiences high seismicity due to plate subduction off the west coast of S. America.   VDP had sum audio distortion, which was soon removed when Larry backed off the audio gain. OPs discussed an item on superheated water that IXN forwarded to them by E-mail, and IXN completed a virus update on his computer.   VDP discussed FD antennas, fer 80 and 10m, wud OPs, and Larry said PFA & VPP are possible candidates fer an ATV station at FD.   AF6C wundered if we hve any OPs who can work a satellite on FD!…We need ZH bk here fer FD!

4/03/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in UCH, JD, AF6C, VDP, HHC, and BWH.  UCH asked IXN fer the USGS website adr fer earthquake updates.  The adr is: .   And Jim said that El Presidente, WIU, has been vy, vy busy at work, after IXN wundered abt Cory’s absence frm the Net.   JD will attend the Club Bfast Sat. morning, and Lowell said that he is recovering frm a bout wid pneumonia!    AF6C may retire in late summer or early fall, and Bob wandered if Bruce Creager, DLA, had a station in his trailer at last FD.   HHC and JD said that DLA housed the 10m station.   VDP thinks another antenna on 20m might work better than the Club 20m beam, as the 20m beam might not be high enuf at the FD site.    And Larry said that we need laptop computers fer logging at FD. HHC will attend the Club Bfast on Sat., and Ken plans to help GZ wid his ant. installation afterwards.   BWH, when asked by IXN why he gets home earlier frm work, quipped, "We only work half days now, from 8 until 8!!"   Then Bob aired Newsline #1285…The Russians have orbited Radio Sport 21 ham satellite in a circular orbit abt 200 miles up (145.825 up and 435.335 down) wid CW and FSK transmissions.    Newsline commented that CB radio ‘went away’ because there is no political structure to defend it!


4/10/2002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in KB1GZ, LDC, HHC, NOT, IXN, VDP, and NK. GZ told OPs that 10m was open tonite, and Steve said his new ant. is more sensitive than the Butternut.   IXN cudn’t hear NOT tonite, but Mark is glad to be bk frm Afghanistan!   AF6C told GZ that he shud check the calibration of his antenna analyzer, since his readings did not match those of VDP’s ant. analyzer.   W6ZE/AF6C moved the Net up 1.5 KHz to eliminate the QRM on 28.375 tonite, and AF6C experienced a brief cut-in/cut-out problem, as did LDC tonite.  LDC must hve sent ‘the Gremlin’ to Bob!(HI!) LDC and XYL had a great time in China.   Larry didn’t see any ham antennas on rooftops, ro elsewhere, in Chinese cities! LDC said the people are happy and courteous. And Larry will stay away frm Chinese food fer awhile…He had a ’lil too much on this trip! Now LDC will sit bk and enjoy his income tax rebate!   IXN enjoyed the Discover Magazines that LDC gave him, and Bob gave them to the science teacher at St. Annes School in Santa Ana.   IXN said that older OPs, wid investments, wud pay less taxes because they received less capital gains in 2001.   HHC enjoyed IXN’s E-mail poem ‘Dr. Suess’!   And Ken noted GZ’s SWR of 1.2 to 1.3 tonite.   NK is bk frm his travels and joined us agn on the Nets, telling us that he must pay his Club dues.   LDC cud barely hear GZ tonite.  Wid the exception of NOT, IXN heard all OPs FB tonite in Santa Ana.


4/10/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in KE6WYM(David), KG6KMW(Virgil), HHC, JD, VDP, KFW, ZGR, NK, BWH/m, KGG, and AF6C…Great check-in, OPs!!   WYM, David, in Garden Grove, is a NC, nw and then, on the Edison System, a line of linked repeaters up Hwy 395, the Inland Route north & south. Ixn and David briefly discussed the Edison System on 220 MHZ, at 224.760.   IXN asked WYM if the Edison System had a speaker that might give the OCARC a ‘talk’ on the Edison System.   David suggested that we contact Jim Walls.    KMW, Virgil, is a new Club member…Congrats, Virgil!   KMW was using an HT wid a magmount ant., and BWH has already snagged Virgil, at the Club Bfast, to help wid the ‘Baker-to-Vegas’ run.   KFW gave both WYM & KMW gud sig rpts tonite, and Chris said that he talked wid Virgil at the Club Bfast.    IXN will attempt to check into the Edison System Net on 224.760 Thurs. eve. at 8:00pm.   JD was busy wid a telephone call during the 10m Net, and Lowell cudn’t hear WYM tonite.   WYM was using a 5W HT connected to a J-pole ant. at roof level. ZGR checked into Net wid QRN on his sigs. Turning off an errant flourescent lamp in the shack immediately removed the QRN! Dale operates frm solar energy stored in batteries. VDP only heard IXN and AF6C well tonite…But Larry worked a RN6 near the Black Sea, and, Pittsburgh, PA, on the low bands. NK enjoyed a seismic discussion on 10m wid IXN, AF6C, and LDC, and Ed is looking forward to upcoming Club programs (ie: PSK-31, etc).   Bob, AF6C, checked into Net after taking a shower, and BWH/m aired Newsline #1286 after returning to the QTH.   Newsline credited REACT as the only viable organization left, and active, on the 11m CB channel 9!


4/17/2002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, KB1GZ, CCD, JD, HHC, VKZ, and IXN.   LDC had a ’lil code practice wid his callsign just before Net, and Larry will not participate in Baker-to-Vegas this year.    LDC 73’d to watch the Tom Brokaw program on the USS Stennis Aircraft Carrier.   Larry will be in Montana fer FD.    AF6C finished KMW’s Club badge, and Bob said he has a key to the Club generator.   AF6C also announced the Club meeting this Fri. eve.   GZ’s new ant. is performing nicely, wid Steve already garnering 4 continents, then GZ 73’d to participate in a XYL activity. IXN enjoyed his check-in wid YWM and the OPs on the Edison System last Thurs., and Bob experienced sum signal fading on 220!   IXN will try another pwr supply at a future check-in.  Wid LDC, HHC, CCD, LEX, etc., doing extensive traveling, IXN said that the Club ought to offer a ‘Travelling All Continents’ award!  IXN also reported that the QRN on ZE’s and HHC’s sigs on 10m disappeared during Net.   CCD & XYL got bk frm ‘tiptoeing thru the tulips’ in Holland, and, visiting relatives in England, wid no rain!   Tom 73’d to watch the Stennis Special on TV. JD said Club speakers will need time to set up before Club meeting Friday. Then Lowell 73’d to watch the TV special.    HHC told JD to landline Don Hughes, ONZ, by lsnflinr, to get the Red Cross key fer Club meeting. HHC & PA helped VKZ get his 10m dipole ready fer Net, and LDC gave Frank a Q5 sig rpt tonite.   VKZ asked fer help frm OPs to get his ham gear, etc., moved frm Anza dwn to Tustin.


4/17/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in WYM, KMW, AF6C, WOX, HHC, VDP, VKZ, KFW, LEX, TWA, and NOL…Nice checkin, OPs!  WYM told IXN that he has never heard Mammoth Forest Rangers on the 220 MHz Edison System, and David got info frm VDP on QSLing an OP in VE land. Then WYM was off to help the harmonic wid a current events report.  KMW will accompany BWH on the Baker-to-Vegas Run this weekend wid the GGPD, providing communications in a follow vehicle.  AF6C reported that Virg’s Club badge is completed.  IXN asked all OPs to report the calls of all OPs, who worked Baker-to-Vegas, on the Net.   AF6C and IXN briefly discussed the difficulty in finding replacement parts fer old reel-to-reel tape recorders.    WOX gave all OPs 5/9 sig rpts tonite, and Art is replacing sum windows at the QTH, doing sum yard work, and ‘hanging out’ on 15m. HHC has a class on Sat. afternoon, then Ken is off on the Baker-to-Vegas Run, in a follow vehicle, fer the Orange PD. To HHC’s inquiry abt receipt of ‘RF’, IXN reported receiving the Club history copy by snailmail.   VDP reported that FD rules are now listed in QST Magazine, and Larry is getting ready, preparing 40, 80, and 10m ants, fer FD. Larry also reported that Ted, KG6KIR, may attend Fri. Club meeting. VKZ, nw in Tustin, worked YU1AAO in Yugoslavia on Mon. eve.  LEX, mixing business wid pleasure, will soon be off on a fishing trip, wid customers, to the Florida Keys, then he’ll continue further north fer a bicycle ride thru PA.   LEX & IXN briefly discussed light weight composition bicycles and their high prices! And Chris plans to be at FD, work sched permitting.   KFW ‘flew in and flew out’.   TWA, wid 2 ft tomato plants loaded wid blossoms, briefly talked abt his CCC days in the Mammoth area. NOL got a landline and 73’d.


4/24/2002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, HHC, CCD, PFA, IXN, WB6AJE(John), and GZ…Nice check-in, OPs!   LDC and XYL are off to the High Sierras for the opening of trout season, or should we say, party season!   And the articles on a 6m loop ant., and, a 12V switching power supply in the May issue of QST, caught Larry’s eye. LDC & OPs offered kudos to HHC for another FB issue of ‘RF’.   HHC & AF6C are not impressed wid switching pwr supplies in ham gear…They briefly discussed a few side effects.    HHC then discussed ‘Baker-to-Vegas’ wid AF6C & PFA. The following Club OPs participated in the ‘Baker-to-Vegas Run’: KMW, PFA, HHC, VPP, DLA, and BWH, along wid CORE members OJZ, MRS, WRM, and WWK.   CCD acquired a TS440S frm a deceased OP’s XYL.   Tom fired it up wid great sigs on the air tonite!   AJE, also using a TS440S, received AF6C’s pix of the 6/3/99 Blueridge Ice Storm.   PFA enjoyed a ‘fun time’ at the ‘Baker-to-Vegas Run’ this year, and now Tom is preparing fer FD.   AJE ‘flew in and flew out’…John was off to din-din!   IXN read a blurp on cosmic & solar radiation on Mars, and told OPs that NistTime, in your Start-Up-Folder, will update the time on your computer everytime you turn it on!…See May QST, P. 63…Download at:

IXN told OPs to check p. 80 of May QST fer the new address of the FCC Amateur Radio Service Website:


 4/24/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in KMW, VDP, AF6C, HHC, KFW, KB1GZ, and LEX.  KMW worked wid BWH on the ‘Baker-to-Vegas Run’.   Virg is nw looking fer a dual-band 2m/440 rig.    VDP has put together a 6m ant, needs a 40m shelter fer FD, and will write an article, on FD preparation, for ‘RF’.   And Larry told IXN, HHC, and KFW, that he got a QSL card frm W3JGS in Pgh, PA.   HHC & OPs enjoyed last Club meeting program on QRP hamming and equipment. (Don’t forget that John Christopher, NG7D, has been a QRPer for years!)   HHC literally got ‘cold feet’ in the mountains above Vegas, on his 3:00 am tour of duty in the ‘Baker-to-Vegas Run’.   KFW interested HHC & AF6C, in a short discussion, on the new ‘Onboard Diagnostic 2 System’, installed in autos, that allows one to interface their computer wid the auto fer diagnostic purposes.    GZ may participate in ‘Baker-to-Vegas’ next year, XYL permitting…Steve may hve found the answer…Help the XYL get her ticket!    IXN, HHC, AF6C, and LEX all discussed vy expensive carbon composition, titanium, etc., light bicycles for racing, and, for business use in foreign countries.

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