5/08/2002 10m Phone Net W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, HHC, IXN, and VKZ.  LDC announced a VE test session this Sat.    And Larry said that the gardeners will be working in the backyard during the FD period, and that the back gate will not be locked.   HHC said that KFW will pick up the generator before FD.   Ken said that VDP took Board Minutes at last meeting.   HHC also just got back frm a Internet Convention in Las Vegas, coming bk to us wid a slightly lighter purse!…And Ken even missed the Beer Bash in LV!!    HHC also announced that the CW Wireless Net will be meeting at 9:00 am on Sun. mornings.   IXN asked AF6C how he cut his finger.   AF6C replied, "opening a 30 amp glass barrel fuse can!"…He cut it on the sharp metal rim of the can.   And Bob is still one belt short for the complete repair of the reel-to-reel tape recorder.   IXN aired a short item on the close-approach asteroids.  VKZ remembered Wed nite Net wid, "Here I am!"   Then Frank proceeded to round up volunteers to help him move the remainder of his household items, etc., frm the old Anza QTH.


5/08/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in WOX, JD, AF6C, TEZ, VDP, KFW, HHC, OPS, and KMW.   WOX now has double-paned UV windows in the QTH, now the XYL wants new furniture and curtains!   Art worked a ’lil of the Ten-Ten Contest.   KFW will pick up the generator for FD.    After June Club Bfast, at LDC’s QTH, and Chris will store it in a backyard shed until needed. JD, just home frm his trip, had taken dwn the HF ant.    For lightning protection, so Lowell cudn’t check into 10m Net tonite.    Lowell and XYL enjoyed their visit wid relatives bk East, and, they enjoyed a visit to Branson, MO., too.   AF6C & Ops welcomed OPI bk frm her recent tour of duty wid the Red Cross in New York.   And AF6C wished that he was just getting bk frm a trip bk East, and Bob enjoyed a long QSO wid John Spencer, K7KF, airborne, frm St. Louis, on 20m.   TEZ, checkin in wid a HT, using a 5/8 wave ant., was heard FB by all Ops tonite.   Al informed Ops that the Club checking acct. has been moved to a new bank.   VDP asked OPI to hve a Red Cross official stop by the FD site to sign the Register, so that the Club can get 100 pts.!    Larry said he can help get the generator to the FD site if needed.     KFW & Ops held a vy interesting discussion concerning the Onboard Diagnostic System which monitors almost all parameters of auto engine operation, wid malfunction codes.   HHC told Ops abt his latest trip to Las Vegas, and Af6C quipped, "The odds aginst winning the Lottery were greater than the odds of an asteroid hitting Earth!"   Ken asked VDP to forward Board Minutes frm last meeting.   Larry said he wud type them out and E-mail them tonite.    HHC told Ops abt a NOVA program that outlined causes fer the collapse of the Twin Towers on Sept. 11.


5/15/2002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in HHC, VKZ, LDC, GZ, and IXN. AF6C had the rare pleasure of ‘hamming’ at work today, using a 40K dollar rig!…And Bob garnered 5 Continents!   And AF6C commented that we might like to hold an early audit of Club Funds after the recent bank change.   HHC, at ZE’s shack tonite, asked ‘the troops’ if they had received their Snailmail copies of ‘RF’.   "Yes", IXN replied, and then Bob read a short blurp frm Sirius Astronomer on new evidence fer heavier-than-neutron stars, using Quantum Theory ideas.   VKZ checked in wid audio distortion, however, when Frank backed away frm the Mike, his sigs were clear and 5/9!   Now VKZ needs someone to come over to the QTH wid a ‘nine-pound hammer’ to drive an 8 ft. ground rod!   Frank will see us all at Meeting Fri. eve.   LDC checked in off freq. Abt 7 Kc, and Larry said that all Ops who were tested at last Sat.’s VE session, passed at least some section of the test. Ops praised HHC on another FB issue of ‘RF’!    LDC is modifying the boat in preparation fer a trip up North.  KB1GZ wanted to know how AF6C managed to do sum hamming during the work day…And AF6C gave a vy logical explanation…It’s all part of the company communications game!   AF6C then told Ops to bring copies of their licenses to Meeting Fri. eve., and he will laminate ’em!


5/15/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in TWA, JD, GZ, LDC, HHC, AF6C, VDP, KFW, TWS, BWH, and NOL.   TWA was in the woodwork fer the last part of the 10m Net. Charles said the contractors are a bit slow at finishing up the remodeling of the kitchen!   IXN responded, "I know how that goes too, Charles!"   Then TWA told IXN that he has the best garden plants ever this year! J  D’s VHF ant. is still down, so JD didn’t join us on 10m tonite.   And JD passed news abt two Boeing employees, along to AF6C.    JD will see us at Meeting Fri. eve. KB1GZ commented on the high death rate frm lung cancer.   LDC liked the ‘Ken & Bob’ proposal to help him check term exams over a couple of cases of beer! (Question: Would all grades be higher or lower?!)   HHC received kudos frm Ops on the May issue of ‘RF’, now up on the website.   AF6C repeated his offer to Ops to bring copies of their licenses to Meeting Fri. eve to be laminated.   IXN told all Ops to be sure and read the FB article in ‘RF’, written by VDP, on the upcoming FD in June.    VDP said that ZH might join us fer FD wid a satellite station!    And Larry also told us that W6YR might be wid us on FD to operate CW!    KFW got news that his brother-in-law has an inoperable lung tumor, and Chris said that he used the new automotive analyzer program to detect a blown headgasket on a 1995 Ford.   NOL gave a quick rundown on his and JAY’s operations during the recent Metrolink/BNSF train wreck in Placentia. Both Richard and Jay will participate in FD at Huntington Beach Hosp.   BWH/m checked in after Net, after a long day at work, and Bob aired Newsline #1291, wid Newsline once agn requesting funds frm Ops to continue operations!…Tnx, Bob…Great stuff!


5/22/2002 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, VDP, HHC, OGO, NOT, and LDC.   IXN gave Ops the parameters for the May 26 penumberal eclipse of the moon. AF6C garnered himself an old SB-303 receiver which he will nw put bk in working order!…A filter capacitor ‘swelled & vomited sum goo!’   AF6C & VDP wondered where everybody is tonite!   LDC, finished fer the semester, will be leaving OC fer Idaho on June 10. AF6C asked Ops if we have a current 10-10 number…Seems that monetary renewal was not done last year!    NOT confirmed a meeting wid AF6C, and then Mark ‘flew away’ to minister unto his child!   LDC lamented over the number of students he had to fail…Many students don’t want to complete the work anymore!   OGO just completed erecting a new 40m dipole to work the CW contest this weekend, and Doc said he will be away on an Alaskan cruise, wid the XYL, fer FD.


5/22/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in LEX/m, JD, VDP, KMW, HHC, AF6C, BWH, KFW, and ZGR.  LEX had the 10m ‘hamstick’ ant. available, but forgot abt it and missed 10m check-in tonite.   Chris, bk in town fer awhile, and coming home frm a mountain bike ride above O’Neill Park, anticipated drinking a warm Guiness beer awaiting his arrival! VDP, updating his 6m totals, informed Ops that PEQ has a 5W beacon up on 28.262 MHz SSB.    KMW has been vy, vy busy filling in fer 2 resigned employees, and Virg has a friend who may join the Club at the next Bfast.   HHC told IXN four ways to download an Internet file, and HHC, AF6C, and IXN discussed SPAM E-mail.   AF6C said that companies should be made to contact you first before sending SPAM. I  XN told Ops abt the cold WX in Pgh, PA., and KFW remarked that a CW contact in Calgary, Canada, said that it was snowing there!   AF6C confirmed receipt of KMW’s E-mail. AF6C described his old/new toy to Ops: a Heathkit SB-303 Receiver, wid a repair sticker dtd 5/22/82!   BWH, wid the computer bk on line, aired Newsline tape #1292 frm the Internet…The FCC proposes sum new freqs. Fer Ops on a secondary basis…Meet the Newsline crew at booth 473 at the 2002 Dayton Hamvention…and, there is no website security in Cyberspace…Think twice abt sending sensitve info. On the Internet!…Tnx, Bob, we appreciate the Newsline airings!   ZGR, Dale, checked in at Net’s end.   AF6C invited Dale to a Club meeting, and also to FD.   ZGR, a marine water-tight enclosures specialist and manufacturer, intends to honor AF6C’s invitation.


5/29/2002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in VKZ, KB1GZ, CCD, IXN, HHC, and LEX.   VKZ thanked HHC, N7PA, and AF6C fer helping him hook up his ground system in the shack, and Frank continued wid tnx to RUI, Bob Nelson, (cudn’t remember his call), LDC, WOX, and PA, fer helping move the remainder of his household possessions, etc., frm Anza to Tustin.   W6ZE heard all OPs well FB tonite, and Bob finally installed the motor capacitor in the tape deck. KB1GZ’s new ant.  Showed a slight increase in SWR tonite, after Steve shortened the feedline slightly.   GZ said he’ll be at the Club Bfast Sat., and then Steve 73’d to take the XYL shopping at Trader Joes. CCD had been out camping the past couple of weeks, and Tom said the WX was vy cold!   Now CCD is off to Phoenix tomorrow to visit the grandharmonics.   IXN told OPs abt the Memorial Day incident at his nephew’s house…An avocado tree in the backyard fell on his wife and her friend.  The friend was holding their new baby, whom she protected with her body when the tree fell. The baby was unscathed, but the wife and friend were pinned to the patio deck and both received concussions and abrasions!   HHC, wid a take-home exam to complete, asked AF6C if it took the usual `three trips to the hardware store’ for Bob to complete the SB-303 project…to which AF6C replied an emphatic, "NO"!   And HHC said that he had a relaxing Memorial Day after the big barbecue on Sunday.   LEX, hving exhausted his traveling account, is home for awhile, wid Chris tinkering in the garage (BK…BK…) LEX came bk to tell us that Tennessee Valley Indians had attacked his neighbor’s errant installation of audio-visual equipment!   And, LEX offered to provide communications where needed at FD.


5/29/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in VDP, LEX, HHC, BYG, AF6C, KFW, and BWH/m.   VDP told OPs that he has a full size 40m vert. Ant. Ready fer FD. And Larry told LEX that he cud bring his much needed solar panels.   Virg, KMW, will supply a canopy.   And VDP told OPs that VHF & UHF OPs are needed fer FD operations.   HHC got a brief description of LEX’s fishing adventures off Key West.   And VDP told HHC, in response to a night OP question, that he needs phone operators fer FD during the night. LEX told OPs that his neighbor was attacked by TVI once agn on 2m!…Looks like it cud be a cable problem! AF6C & HHC suggested that LEX call the cable company to check LEX’s neighbor’s QTH to see if there is an RF leak, etc., which might be responsible fer the TVI problem. W5BYG, Corky, asked fer Club info.   To be aired on the CLARA machine, and KFW is off on a cross-country trip on 6/25.   He’ll visit two friends that he hasn’t seen for 60 yrs., one of them now in Cleveland, OH…Then it’s off to Lincoln, NB, to watch the grand-harmonic compete in the U.S. Rollerskating Championships.   IXN announced the Club Bfast this Sat. morning/    HHC told OPs abt a take-home final exam in one communications course, and, an online exam this Sat. in a UNIX class.   BWH checked in mobile on an HT wid an inside-the-cab ant. Bob aired Newsline file #1293 upon his arrival at the QTH…Now hear this!…Newsline said that the three top rig prizes at the Hamvention were won by non-hams.  Seems that non-hams can now legally own ham gear!!…Tnx, Bob

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