6/05/2002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, LDC, and VKZ.  Most of the OPs were glued to their TVs watching one of the Laker championship games wid NJ.   LDC checked in to tell us that he’ll miss July Club meeting, and then Larry was bk to the Lakers game.   IXN told OPs abt loading the Backup file frm WIN98 directory bk intothe C:WINDOWS directory.    And VKZ is trying to get the white trailer ready fer FD…Seems the generator won’t start, and Frank may need help wid it. AF6C said HHC was out camping this week, and Bob & IXN discussed health plans, HMOs, etc., before and after retirement.


6/05/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in WOX, JD, AF6C, VDP, KFW, KMW, BWH, ZGR, and LEX, not a bad check-in wid the Lakers game in the last few minutes of play!   WOX and XYL like their new double-paned, tinted windows, and Art said that cleaning them will be the XYL’s job!   AF6C, VDP, and WOX briefly discussed the upcoming ARRL Convention near San Diego. JD, out fer a walk, then a short nap this morning, is waiting fer the painters to finish painting the QTH.   Then Lowell will re-erect the HF ant. and join us on 10m!    AF6C is looking fer a special knob for the Heathkit stereo tape recorder, and Bob finally located sum 2N2712 transistors that he needed.   The SB-303 needs a ’lil cabinet work yet.   VDP received a note frm the City telling him that he must paint the eves on the QTH, and Larry is recovering frm the flu which he garnered frm the harmonic.   And PA will replace WIU as team captain fer the 20m band on FD. KMW has a cold, too.   And Virg told us that his new 2m/440 rig, mounted in the truck, that he acquired frm BWH, is being used tonite on 2m.   All OPs gave Virg gud sig rpts!   KFW asked OPs if they knew who had the gas cans fer the Club generator. AF6C thought that HHC might hve them.   ZGR said it was mighty hot in Silverado Canyon today, and Dale told IXN that they hve been lucky over the past few years wid no brush fires!   BWH used the 741 to broadcast Newsline #1294…We learned that an Aussie air pilot, operating a pirate radio station while in flight, has been caught wid the help of Aussie hams!   The 741 did a FB job, wid 5/9 sigs through the entire Newsline!…Tnx, Bob!


6/12/2002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in JD, IXN, and VKZ.  AF6C took note of the Lakers/NJ Championship Game as the probable cause of the sparse check-in.   JD, IXN, and VKZ all told AF6C abt the advantages of retirement, which ended wid IXN asking what day of the week it was?!!    IXN updated OPs on late research on the age of the Universe.   JD told VKZ that he had called VKZ’s friend, John Devore, abt Club meeting. And VKZ is still doctoring his leg, but Frank expects to be hobbling arnd the stations on FD!   AF6C, when quizzed abt his retirement date, plans to set the date when Boeing moves flight testing to Seattle.


6/12/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, ZGR, LEX, AF6C, VDP, W6YR, Joe, and BWH.   JD heard all OPs FB tonite, and ZGR asked OPs abt the 6m net that he heard on Sunday morning.   LEX told us abt the 6m AM Net, run by AA6DD in Riverside at 10:00 AM, and the 9:00-9:30 AM SB 6m Net in San Diego.   VDP mentioned the Award Winners’ Net, on 50.175 MHz, in Long Beach, which is the net that Dale thought he had checked into and heard.   VDP also participated in the VHF Contest, garnering another grid square, CO90, wid the old 6m rig acting up!   LEX then 73d, telling VDP that he wud call him after Net.    AF6C inquired abt N7AZ, Bob Chase, an OCARC member in the early 90s. The family has moved…Seems that a German ham friend, name Reinhardt, is interested in making contact wid the family.   AF6C also said that Martin Raymond, W6PEX, former OCARC President in 1976, has relinquished his call to the XYL!    Question: Did Martin get a new call, or, is he nw a Silent Key?!!    YR told VDP that he has downloaded a FD logging program.   BWH checked in wid strong RF sigs, but weak audio…Turns out that Bob didn’t ruin the rig in the MS 285 Mojave Death Race…He only had to replace the preamp batteries in the mike!   Then BWH aired Newsline file #1295. The Lakers "three-peated"!


6/19/2002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in KB1GZ, HHC, CCD, IXN, VKZ, and JD.  AF6C and HHC will be handling 15m operations at FD this Sat.   HHC offered to walk GZ thru a ‘quick’ session of QUICKEN.   GZ has a foldup cot, 5 gals. of gasoline, and sum empty gas cans if needed fer FD.   HHC picked up his mom at John Wayne Airport after her arrival frm PGH., PA.    HHC told OPs to get ready fer sum `bratwurst’ on FD.    CCD will help another group on Sat. morning get set up fer FD, and he will visit the Club site on Sat. afternoon.   HHC told IXN that all seems to be well wid Netzero presently.   His E-mail is being received by IXN.   IXN told OPs abt the new shareware planetarium program, Stella 2000, that he just downloaded frm the Internet. I  XN had previously downloaded WinStar, but could not make it run on his computer.   JD told VKZ that John Devore will speak at July Club meeting.    And VKZ came on the air wid short machine gun bursts of motorboating sigs! And Frank has yet to pick up the local phone numbers for his Internet Server. VKZ left the air abruptly…His home nurse came fer a visit!   JD has been doing sum genealogy research on his computer, and Lowell plans to arrive at the FD site abt 6:30 am.


6/19/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in KFW, JD, LEX, KMW, VDP, KG6KYJ(Carl), ZGR, and AF6C.  IXN asked AF6C if there was a map showing the location of the FD site on the Webpage.   Bob said that HHC probably hadn’t removed it frm last year, since we were going to be at the same location.    KFW told OPs that he needs to test the Club generator, and that he will bring it to the FD site.   Then the Tues. after FD, Chris is off to the East Coast to vacation fer a few weeks.   JD, looking forward to FD, says we won’t miss him in his bright orange shirt! Carl, KYJ, checked into Net tonite, and LEX discovered that he and Carl are practically neighbors in Irvine! KYJ said that he might visit us for awhile on FD.   LEX said that he had contacted VDP abt FD needs and that they are all ‘squared away’ on HF gear and power supplys, etc.   KMW enjoyed Club meeting last Fri., and Virg said that he will be bringing a canopy shelter to FD.   VDP primed the eves of the QTH, and Larry hopes that will satisfy the city ’til after FD!   LEX will agn have his station displayed to teach and entertain the public abt ham radio.   And I think VDP said that Cory, WIU, will be bringing a screen tent for shelter to the FD site.   IXN quizzed ZGR abt his solar panels and the gel cells that Dale uses fer power storage.   AF6C wud like to see Dale’s installation.   ZGR wud like to go up to Santiago Peak when AF6C is there, to see Bob’s gear that he repairs.   And AF6C’s employer doesn’t want Bob to retire before he trains his replacement!…Seems like that might be a gud idea!   BWH, working late, checked in mobile at Net’s End.   As soon as Bob arrived at the QTH, he aired Newsline file #1296…We are deeply appreciative of FCC’s Riely Hollingsworth’s efforts to rid the airwaves of rules violators and their malicious interference!!


6/26/2002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in KB1GZ, IXN, IMW, and HHC.  GZ really enjoyed FD, and Steve said that the power was off at the QTH fer abt 15 min.   And GZ wondered abt band condx.  Fer the rest of the Country on FD. IXN said that there was no power outage at his QTH in southeast Santa Ana.   Nor was there a break in power at IMW’s QTH. And Ian has a new vertical up in the backyard, which he tested on FD. Wid kitchen duty on his roster fer tonite, IMW 73’d fer din-din.   HHC had a blast at FD, and Ken read vy rough FD scores fer FD, telling Ops he wud hve a refined version fer the 2m Net. HHC thanked GZ fer all his help on FD.   And AF6C said that K7KF, John, enjoyed coming in and operating fer abt 45 min. on FD.


6/26/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in LEX, AF6C, HHC, ZGR, VDP, KMW, KYJ, TWA, GW, and BWH.   LEX had a bit of bad luck…Chris fell on his shoulder from his bike when he collided with another bike rider who stopped suddenly in his path!   Chris broke the humerus bone just below the shoulder joint!   And LEX is hving a bit of pain after his 4 to 5 hour stay in the Irvine Hosp! I  XN took particular note of LEX’s neat ant. arrangement at the FD site.   And Bob also enjoyed ZH’s satellite station, watching Chris as he locked onto various satellites.   AF6C & HHC wished LEX a quick recovery, and Bob said that it was ZH’s satellite station that was interfering wid 15m, not LEX’s station. HHC was please wid the turnout at FD, and IXN thought we advertised amateur radio well at the Portola Park site.   HHC then read a refined version of the FD scores, comparing them wid last year’s results. Ken will place the FD scores up on the webpage.   LEX tnxed HHC fer the FD scores, saying that it took his mind off the pain fer a bit!   ZGR ‘flew in and flew out’…Dale may hve gotten a landline. VDP, too busy to unpack fully frm FD, still has gear not yet in the shack.   Larry said the inverted V ant. worked better than the vertical on FD, that 10m was a dead band, and that there was no light in the restroom at Portola Park!   KYJ enjoyed sum time at the FD site, then Carl was off to take care of his harmonic.   It was KMW’s 1st FD, and Virg had a blast!   KMW returned at 10 pm to help Matt operate thru the night.    KMW also checked BWH into the Net tonite…Bob was busy at the office!…(We’ll hve to take Bob’s key) TWA’s best intentions went ‘dwn the drain’ fer FD…Other more pressing issues kept Charles away frm FD wid his camera!   Congrats are in order fer UCH and El Presidente!…Both upgraded to Extra Class! Cori’s new call is AE6GW!   GW reported three contacts on the GOTA station at FD.

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