7/03/2002 10m Phone Net – IXN was up in the San Jacinto Mts. for the week, but W6ZE/AF6C checked in JD, HHC, KB1GZ, and VKZ.    AF6C told Ops that GZ is the new Club Treasurer. Topics of discussion were Quicken, 4th of July, and IXN in the mountains.

7/03/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/VDP checked in JD, VDP, HHC, KGG, AF6C, and BWH. Items of discussion were not unusual, and BWH aired Newsline at the Net’s end.

7/10/2002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in VKZ, IXN, KB1GZ, HHC, and CCD.  VKZ gets bored waiting fer his leg to heal, and AF6C asked Frank abt his friend, Rick, a former CBer, who attended FD wid Frank.    AF6C asked VKZ to see if Rick might like to become a Ham.  IXN asked AF6C abt new Club member, John, N6RUI.  GZ picked up the Club bank statement today, and Steve confirmed AF6C’s inquiry, stating that we owe KGG a badge. And Bob is also making Cori, el Presidente, a new badge. I XN talked abt the ‘tinderbox’ in the San Jacinto Mts., and AF6C and CCD also talked abt the fire danger here in the Southland.    IXN thought that CCD had his speech processor on, but Tom merely backed away frm the mike to improve his audio!   HHC discovered that there was no cable to the pwr meter at the rig…Ken was relieved that no repair job was in the offing!   HHC has 2 nite classes/week…(We swear that HHC will become a computer guru yet!)  And Ken said that the next issue of ‘RF’ will be ready by Fri. eve.   HHC thanked all of the Ops who forwarded over 200 FD pix fer the WEBpage!


7/10/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in WOX, JD, VDP, KYJ, KGG, HHC, RWY, LEX, AF6C, TWA, NOA, BWH/m, and KMW…GREAT CHECK-IN, ops!!  WOX, cooling off, wid the fan on, out in the garage, awaits the return of the harmonics frm Knott’s Berry Farm, and fer the bands to open, of course!  JD skipped his ‘constitutional’ today…Lowell was off to a luncheon wid Boeing retirees and buddies at noon, then it was out grocery shopping wid the XYL.    VDP gave IXN check-ins fer the 7/3 2m Net, and Larry picked up some ham items fer disposal frm the estate of the late KE6ZW…And VDP said that BWH aired Newsline #1298.   KYJ was unable to check into Net last week…Carl literally had ‘harmonic inferference’! (Kids’ll do that, Carl!…HI) AND AF6C IS LOOKING FER A QUALIFIED HAM THAT MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN MAINTAINING AIRCRAFT COMMUNICATIONS EQUIPMENT ON BLUERIDGE!   If interested, contact AF6C!    KGG confirmed his payment fer a Club badge, and congrats, Dave, on joining the Club!   HHC had his 1st grandaughter born at the end of June, and IXN confirmed HHC’s E-mail abt Netzero.   RWY didn’t hear KGG or NOA tonite, and LEX said recent X-rays show that his shoulder and arm are on the mend!    Chris also said that he has seen the FD pix on the WEBpage.   NOA checked into Net to test the Orange County Fair gear at the Fair Booth. IXN thanked TWA for the delicious tomatoes that Charles left at the QTH, and TWA & IXN briefly discussed aneurisms.   BWH cud still use sum volunteers fer the OC Fair Booth next Wed. eve…Bob has 2 people per shift so far! KMW is pretty busy mastering the operation of his nes Kenwood Tribander.   Virg will be at the OC Fair Booth next Wed.  Virg also has two prospective hams who need to be scheduled fer testing.    VDP provided a number of sources fer KMW to check fer test schedules.    BWH checked in mobile, and Bob aired Newsline #1299 upon his return to the QTH…We heard that Canadian hams are trying to save the lower portion of the 220MHz. Band…Sound familiar, oldtimers?!!


7/17/2002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C, at the Orange County Fair Booth, checked in IXN, VKZ, LEX, HHC, and BWH.   AF6C reported that GW, LNX, and Coach had all been in the booth this evening.   VKZ had gud copy on all Ops, has been doing sum shack improvement, and Frank has been helping RUI arrange mobile ham gear.   LEX and IXN briefly discussed the Tour de France, and Chris said that his company was supplying parts for the bikes of abt 22 teams!   LEX had gud copy on all Ops tonite.   Chris also told AF6C that his shoulder and arm are improving by the day, and LEX also reported a double-hop on 6m to the East Coast!    IXN said HI to all the visitors at the Amateur Radio Booth, and Bob read a short blurp confirming the presence of water below the south pole of Mars.   HHC assumed temp. NC, while AF6C talked wid visitors, and VKZ asked HHC fer some technical help to get his synthesizer operating.   LEX told HHC that he was "a gud healer but a poor patient!"   HHC told all Ops to be sure and view the FD pix now up on the WEBsite! And HHC and IXN both reminded Ops not to forget Club Meeting this Fri. eve…VKZ said that he will be there.   BWH announced to all that the Amateur Radio Booth took the 1st place Community Service Organizations Ribbon!…Congrats to all Orange County Ops who participated at the Booth!


7/17/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN, at the QTH, checked in JD, VDP, HHC, CCD, LEX, GW, LNX, BWH, and AF6C.   JD, at the Fair Booth this afternoon with VDP and PFA, entertained visitors wid ‘hands on’ CW, which was a great hit especially wid the kids!  VDP is still doing sum prep work on the eaves of the QTH, and Larry said he checked into UEB’s CW Net on Sun., and, that sum of the check-ins are FISTS members! And Larry said that someone pilfered a CW key hooked up to one of the Fair rigs, thus preventing CW DX contacts frm the Fair! And Larry said that he talked wid Dennis in AZ, and their group did well, 2A, on FD.   VDP said that we ought to try a Zepp ant wid sum height at next FD on 40m.   HHC, GW, LNX, BWH, and AF6C were all in the Fair Booth during Net…The crew was taking care of a steady stream of visitors, and working sum DX…a CO8 satation in Cuba, on 20m, after completion of the 10m Net!   And GW said that the rig at the Fair Booth was an older CR-7625, doing a great job wid FB sigs! CCD enjoys keeping cool in this hot WX, and Tom said he is slated fer duty at Fair Booth next Mon. afternoon.   LEX is glad that he is not either of the company reps flying over to France tomorrow to witness the Tour de France…Chris is enjoying the family during his recuperation!    GW is helping UCH hook up the radio gear in his new truck, and Cori talked abt a ‘musical instrument fountain’ artwork at the Fair…We’ll hve to see a pix of that! LNX ‘flew in and flew out’, and BWH excluded Newsline tonite…too many visitors that needed attention at the Booth!   AF6C relieved HHC of NC duties near Net’s end, after completing a tour of duty wid the visitors.


7/24/2002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, IXN, and HHC.   LDC and the XYL had nearly 5 weeks of excellent trout fishing at Lake Hebgen near Yellowstone Park. Next year, Larry plans to leave in July so that he doesn’t miss FD!   Ops heartily condemned the unwanted porn sites that keep showing up in their E-mail!!   IXN found dry rot in a porch stoop roof at the QTH, and AF6C told LDC that the Ham Booth at the Orange County Fair took 1st place ribbon for Community Service Organizations.   AF6C also said that we had 45 Club members participate in FD!…Congrats, ops!!    Bob has elected to retire and seek new employment, rather than go off to Seattle with Boeing.    LDC and IXN recommended that AF6C consider a career change to teaching!    And HHC welcomed LDC bk to the Net after his long wilderness trip.    HHC told Ops that he has put VPP’s pix of ZH’s satellite, wid visitors, up on the website.   And IXN told HHC that Ken’s 757 is still drifting up frequency.


7/24/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in LEX, AF6C, JD, LDC, VDP, and HHC. LEX said that the bones ‘are all hooked up agn’, but his shoulder movement is limited in range frm lack of use.   And Chris said it’s almost a sure bet that Lance Armstrong will win the ‘Tour de France’!    AF6C felt the 3.6 Fontana EQ that occurred at 5:43 pm, and LDC quizzed HHC abt a tower & beam that might still be available just for picking them up!    JD was busy wid another bout at the OC Fair wid the CORE group, and Lowell spent sum time on his brother’s boat in San Pedro.   LDC told Ops that he thoroughly enjoyed the Montana trip, and VDP said checkins on the Sunday Club CW Net have been sparse.  Last Sun., wid Jill, W3JIL NC, Larry said her sigs were weak!    HHC is still in school enjoying his communications courses, and IXN had company in the shack…The Guzmans, Mary and Mark, and Mary’s mother all came in frm the Tustin Park Concert.  They had never been in a ham shack before.


7/31/2002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in VKZ, LDC, JD, KB1GZ, HHC, NOT, and IXN.   VKZ didn’t hear LDC at all tonite…Frank thought it might be the orientation of his dipole ant. LDC won’t be on Net next week…Larry will be in a conference at UCLA.   And LDC is planning another Club DXpedition fer the last weekend in Oct.   AF6C and LDC reminded OPs abt the Club Bfast this Sat. at the Cow Girls’ Café.   AF6C will also be absent fer next week’s Net, and Bob said that his retirement will be delayed fer awhile.   JD plans to be at the Club Bfast on Sat., and Lowell is looking forward to the upcoming ARRL Convention. GZ didn’t hear VKZ to clearly, and HHC and GZ were working on Club finances before Net. Steve says ‘RF’ is abt ready, and HHC & PA will help VKZ wid sum ham gear instructions.   HHC told OPs abt a visit to the ARRL Hdqtrs Building, wid over 100 employees, and, to date, ARRL has handled over 2,000,000 QSL cards!   IXN had just finished pounding nails into the roof of the back door stoop at the QTH, and Bob arrive a ’lil late fer Net.    NOT ‘flew in and flew out’…IXN didn’t hear Mark at the QTH.


7/31/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, VDP, KMW, HHC, AF6C, KYJ, LEX, ZGR, BWH, and KG6GJR, Mike, in Montclair.   JD told us that KMW’s QTH was robbed early today after Virg went to work!    KMW told OPs that 2 male Hispanics were seen at the QTH, and, that they got 3 weapons.   Virg then 73’d to continue inventory of QTH items. VDP ended up wid the flu last week, but still managed to install a customer’s sink!    VDP and AF6C visited Silent Key W6NEO’s QTH to help the XYL price ham gear an do an inventory…Items will soon appear on the Club webpage.   HHC finished his final UNIX exam yesterday (Ken hopes he got an A)!   And HHC told us his mom went bk to PGH, PA, after the birth of a great grand-daughter.   Then Ken told OPs abt a new meteor crater discovered under deep sediment in the North Sea.    AF6C says Boeing may be keeping him arnd fer awhile until they make arrangements fer backup ob Bob’s responsibilities wid the Onboard Data Acquisition System that handles real time data during flights.   AF6C asked LEX abt his broken arm and shoulder injuries.   Chris said that he is not pleased wid the healing process…He still has a lot of pain!   IXN invited GJR to a Club meeting, and gave Mike the Club website adr.   ZGR checked in using a FT-1500M and a J-pole ant.   KYJ got bk frm a business trip last week, and AF6C will give Carl his new badge at the Club Bfast this Sat.   IXN thanked BWH and all OPs in Orange County radio clubs who manned the Amateur Radio Booth at the Orange County Fair…The Booth took the 1st place ribbon in the communications category!…Congrats, OPs!   BWH then aired Newsline file…A huge solar storm is in progress. The world above 50 MHz shud hve great communications, but for 80 thru 10m…ZILCH!

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