8/07/2002 10m Phone Net – Net Control, AF6C, was away tonite, and no OPs were heard on frequency.

8/07/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in ZGR, WOX, JD, VDP, CCD, HHC, KYJ, and BWH/m.  HHC has been busy getting the ‘RF’ newsletter ready to go.   ZGR, bills paid and keeping cool, saw a fox cross his path 2 nites ago while he was out walking.  WOX and IXN commented on the refurbishing of Bristol St. in Santa Ana, and Art saw a racoon near the QTH.   JD said there was a gud turnout fer the Club Bfast (15, quipped HHC), and Lowell said that Dick Young will agn be doing ‘RF’ mailing next month.   VDP, bringing home junk box parts frm the K6BIX estate, plans to assess activity at the Fontana Swapmeet come Sat…Then Larry will be off to pick up more parts frm the BIX QTH.   CCD replaced a bad tube in the Collins 75S-1, and Tom will soon be off to Europe fer another England wedding.   HHC just finished an interview wid the Club ‘Officer of the Month’, and Ken wants to put the paper to bed before his job takes him travelling next week.   KYJ missed the Club Bfast last Sat., but Carl got his Club badge in the mail.   BWH checked in mobile, and after reaching the QTH, Bob aired Newsline File # 1303…We heard that German hams wid AMSAT DL, plan to orbit a 5A satellite arnd Mars!!…Now there’s sum real DX, Ops!!


8/14/2002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, HHC, IXN, and KB1GZ. AF6C was talking wid a past Club Pres., Robin, HNY, who may show up at a future Club meeting!   HHC and AF6C discussed the high prices of parts & labor at local auto dealers. LDC, HHC, and AF6C all plan to go to the ARRL Convention this weekend.   OPs then discussed the mysterious explosion that leveled a southland house.  We all agreed…THEY GOT THE TERMITES!!   HHC’s business trip was cancelled, so Ken checked into Net tonite, but he will miss meeting Fri. eve. due to a previously arranged commitment wid the XYL.  HHC got an E-mail frm Chris, ZH, saying that previously announced funeral plans fer IBR had been changed.   HHC announced a scheduled ‘Ham Radio Human Race’, in which two amateurs cross the globe, one towards the East, and one towards the Wes, getting help only frm amateurs…They wud like input frm hams concerning this venture…Contact HHC.  IXN told AF6C that no 10m Net was held last week. Net Control, AF6C, had   attended a financial meeting last Wed. eve…That accounted fer Bob’s absence during 10m Net. GZ will also be attending the ARRL Convention this weekend, and Steve got gud sig rpts frm Ops tonite. Then Steve ‘flew away’!


8/14/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in VDP, EUB, HHC, JD, AF6C, BWH/m, BGR, TWA, and TRA.   VDP and Reg checked out the Fontana Swapmeet last Sat. And VDP said his backyard is loaded wid radio parts, and, he’ll even hve more after a return trip to Balboa! Larry also said that it was hard to copy NC for OCWN , in Irvine, on the Sunday CW Net. EUB checked in, pedestrian mobile, while out exercising…And Rick sent tnx to VDP fer checking into the CW Net on Sunday.    HHC put ‘RF’ up on the web and also said  ‘snail mail’ copies had been sent. (Tnx, Ken!)  HHC said that past OCARC president, W6IBR, will probably be buried early next week.  JD’s youngest sister passes away, and Lowell was on the telephone during 10m Net.   AF6C plans to attend Club meeting Fri. eve., and then Bob is off to the ARRL Convention on Sat. IXN confirmed road noise in the background on BWH’s sigs while he was mobile.   W6BGR, Joe, checked in frm Tustin wid nice sigs.  We invited Joe to Club meeting, and HHC told Joe to check out the Club Webpage…Joe said, "Right away, tonite!"    TWA welcomed BGR to the Net, and Charles didn’t copy EUB’s HT sigs too well tonite.   IXN thanked TWA for the delicious tomatoes, and TRA & XYL just got bk frm an extended trip to Rapid City, the Black Hills, and a fruitful fishing trip in Canada. Come Labor Day, they will be off to Canada once more to visit the polar bears…TRA will return in October.   HHC welcomed Gene bk to the Net. BWH aired Newsline # 1304. UK hams will experiment wid propogation on the 5 MHz band fer abt 4 years…And Newsline is once agn asking fer funds.   Send donations to: Amateur Radio Newsline, P.O. Box 660937, Arcadia, CA. 91066…(Tnx, Bob!)


8/21/2002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in RUI, JD, LDC, HHC, and IXN.   LDC and IXN cudn’t hear RUI too well tonite.    JD and other Ops heard John FB.   JD thought the Convention was poorly organized, and LDC said classes began yesterday in answer to AF6C’s inquiry.    LDC bought a new power pack for the HT wid low voltage output, and, Larry is attempting to assemble a new 10m Ringo ant. widout any instructions! HHC said that RUI is located in the same Tustin trailer park as VKZ.   Ken said he saw Club speaker Bob Heil, at the Convention.   HHC asked LDC to borrow his computer projector fer the upcoming Sept. Club meeting, and Ken said that OCARC members RUI, PA, VKZ, LDC, VDP, WOX, Al, HHC, WZN, WZO, JD, and AF6C, all attended the ARRL Convention. Ops said that the location was not appropriate for a convention…meeting rooms were noisy…not enuf seats…no maps to meeting rooms.  IXN has been doing sum minor painting repairs at the QTH.


8/21/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, VDP, HHC, KYJ, KFW, AF6C, TWA, UC, and BWH.   VDP said that YAESU has moved to their new address not far frm their old address.   VDP, AF6C, and HHC all talked abt two portable ant. towers, fully automated, on trailers, on display at the Convention.    VDP enjoyed the Sunday CW Net, and LDC didn’t find the flea market at the Convention…One had to take a shuttle to get there.  KYJ wud hve liked to see that 100 Ft. portable ant. tower at the Convention.   AF6C wondered if BWH had bought a Heil mike yet.   KFW got bk home frm his tour bk East, meeting old friends that he hadn’t seen fer 60 years, and watching his grandsons compete in roller skating championships in Lincoln, NB.   Chris told AF6C that there wasn’t any gas left in the Club generator, and KFW said that he didn’t attempt to see W7ZE during his travels thru Vegas…too hot…110 deg. on Sun., and 105 deg. on Mon! TWA was busy cleaning out the garage, and Charles remembered the Net in time fer check-in. UC (former UCH) checked in after arriving home frm the Store, and Jim said that Cori is vy busy wid repairing instruments…She got two new contracts!   BWH checked in mobile, and Bob enjoyed the ARRL Convention, telling Ops that next year’s convention will be in Long Beach.   BWH then aired Newsline file # 1305…No powerline communications will be allowed in Japan…Australian ham receives Indiana/Oklahoma TV station sigs…Tnx, Bob.


8/28/2002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, KB1GZ, RUI, IXN, and KC7CDX/DU1, Lance, in the Philippines!  LDC & IXN cudn’t copy RUI who was dwn in the QRN. LDC confirmed the Aguanga site fer the upcoming Dxpedition, and Larry copied Lance FB.   Also, LDC will be teaching on Wed. eves, so we’ll miss Larry on the Nets.   GZ checked in using 5 watts, but Steve increased the power when Ops gave him a weak sig rpt.  Then Steve quizzed Ops abt different GPS units for use in mapping and APRS.   GZ gave Lance a 4/3 sig rpt.   IXN refreshed AF6C’s memory on DeLORME maps, and RUI was interested in GZ’s application of GPS sigs.   KC5CDX, Lance, was operating portable, and he told OPs that they only had power for part of the day, and that battery power was needed fer power-off times.


8/28/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, LDC, VDP, AF6C, KYJ, KFW, BWH, and CCD.  JD did a few chores arnd the QTH, and Lowell spent abt 2 hrs at the Orange PD preparing fer communications duties at the Orange International Street Fair, if needed, over Labor Day weekend. LDC said he intends to visit the Street Fair in Orange. He also enjoys the Strawberry Festival in Garden Grove.    LDC announced that the ‘Not-so-Dxpedition’ will be held the last week in Oct.   Fliers will be distributed at next Club meeting.  LDC said that the battery he bought at the Convention was no good!…It won’t take a charge!…Nw Larry is looking fer the name of the vendor frm whom he bought it!    In Oceanside last week, LDC became interested in a Smart Tuner/26 ft vertical marine ant. installation in a trailer that worked pretty nifty! VDP told Larry that the 1st battery vendor at the Convention was out of NY.  VDP went to Balboa and picked up more junk box items to take to the TRW Swapmeet come Sat. And VDP said the XYL is going bk to work part time.  AF6C plans to visit the Orange Int. Street Fair, and Bob quizzed VDP abt vending at the TRW Swapmeet…VDP said it’s $15/space, show driver’s license & ham ticket, and twice a year widout a re-sale license.   KYJ was busy cleaning the truck after a visit to Frazier Park, and KFW, resting up after the 2-month vacation, is looking forward to a cookout at the daughter’s QTH over Labor Day.   Chris is busy sorting out the over 200 digital pix taken on vacation!    CCD, already retired, and returned after a two week trip, missed the Convention and Club meeting, and Tom has been working sum DX in the afternoon.    BWH sent the XYL off to the airport…Another grandchild is on the way. So Bob plans to visit the Street Fair.   BWH then aired Newsline file #1306…A Belgian ham will soon be visiting the ISS, and hams are investigating ways to tie existing repeaters to the Amber Alert System…Tnx, Bob!

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