9/04/2002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in KB1GZ, HHC, JD, CCD, and IXN. HHC reminded all Ops abt the upcoming Sat. Club Bfast.   AF6C experienced an audio problem which he remedied by switching between his split freq. oscillators.  HHC had his mysterious tone bk agn, however, no Ops can hear any tone on the freq!  IXN arrived late on the Net…Bob was painting the electric box cover outside the QTH.  JD and AF6C confirmed HHC’s shift up 200 cycles on his last transmission, and most Ops felt the 4.8 mag. EQ 4 mi. NE of Yorba Linda last eve.   CCD id bk frm a wedding trip to England, and Tom said that he took our heat wid him!  IXN said that the epicenter of the EQ was probably in Telegraph Canyon a ’lil north of San Juan Hill.   HHC heard KC4AAC, in Antarctica, this eve. on 20m, and JD said that he didn’t hear the 20m Antarctica DX tonite.

9/04/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, ZGR, AE6UC, VDP, HHC, AF6C, KGG, BGR, KZW, MNP, LEX, RMR, and BWH/m.  Just at Net check-ins, KF6MNP, Bill, located at the FAA facility near Sierra Peak, broke in to tell Ops that young people were setting off fireworks in heavy brush.  IXN called the Santa Ana Police who relayed the info. to Riverside police, who in turn, copied Bill’s position and info. directly frm IXN’s QTH. MNP did not come bk during Net to tell us abt the outcome.  JD reminded all Ops abt the Club Bfast Sat. morning, and ZGR said that those fireworks people ought to be strung up by their ‘coaxial connectors’!  UC and IXN briefly discussed the 4.8 mag. EQ.   IXN and AF6C discussed the location of the fireworks incident near the FAA facility north of Corona near Bedford and Lincoln roads.  AF6C is nw thinking strongly abt retirement, wid plans fer a vacation bk East before deciding abt future employment. And LEX has joined the education ranks…Chris is teaching 5 sections of freshman algebra, using computers, and whipping those kids in line!!  (ED: you’ll like the classroom, Chris, the kids will make your day!)   HHC has placed selected photos frm GZ’s visit to ARRL Hdqtrs. up on the website.   KGG, interested in reburbishing old radio gear, just bought an old working oscilloscope fer $10 in Chino. VDP told KGG that he has all kinds of old tubes lying arnd the shack, and VDP said he saw BWH at the TRW Swapmeet. And VDP told HHC and OPs that W6ABU wud probably be better off wid a 2m HT, rather than an old radio to tear apart as ABU’s daughter suggested!  Then VDP told Ops he plans to work the upcoming CA QSO Party.   BGR, waiting fer a load of laundry to finish up, told Ops that he passed his code test at TRW, and is nw busy working JA, New Zealand, Australia, etc.!…Congrats, Joe!   Stan, K6RMR, in HB, ‘flew in and flew out’, as did Scott, KE6KZW.   BWH checked in mobile hving just left work. After Bob arrived at the QTH, he aired Newsline File…It was interesting to note at FCC is taking much more interest in repeater conflicts, including un-coordinated repeaters!!…Tnx, Bob


9/11/2002 10 Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, HHC, KB1GZ, NOT, IXN, RUI, and FMX. IXN lost his notes for both Nets!!

9/11/2002 2m Net – IXN lost his notes for both Nets!!


9/18/2002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in JD, HHC, KB1GZ, NOT, RUI, and IXN. IXN cudn’t hear NOT.  Mark was dwn in the QRN…NOT ‘flew in and flew out’. Chapter 2 of ‘The Golden Circle’…A retirement gathering fer AF6C…Stay tuned fer Chapt. 3…The date of the Event?!  AF6C and HHC told JD that the ‘Ken & Bob show’ will be present at the upcoming RACES meeting.  Lowell is deep in genealogical research which is leading him bk to Germany.  KB1GZ was transmitting wid FB sigs, but Steve cudn’t hear us too well. HHC was helping Steve to resolve the problem.   Also, HHC asked fer a volunteer to run off copies of his talk at Meeting this Fri. eve.  Ken also said that the Website has been up & running since Mon. morning.   IXN got his copy of `snail mail’ RF, and Bob read a short blurp on colliding galaxies.  RUI has a mysterious disorder that has not yet been diagnosed …John was dwn in the QRN at IXN’s QTH.


9/18/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, HHC, VDP, KFW, AF6C, UC, GW, BWH/m, and GW/m.  JD acknowledged the ‘Ken & Bob Show’ presence at the upcoming RACES meeting in a substation on the East side of Orange, and HHC said that GZ wasn’t using the noise blanker to eliminate the QRN on 10m.  Ken then reminded all Ops abt Friday Club meeting.  VDP is still dealing wid Silent Keys’ estate gear…He’ll be at the Cal Poly Swapmeet this Sat.   And Larry gave out a few points at the VHF Contest last weekend, on 6m, 2m, and 220 MHz.  VDP said there are four regulars that check into the CW Net on Sunday…If NC wud give a list of check-ins to IXN each week, he wud include them in Netnews!!   KFW worked on an erring car radio that suffered frm an overheated circuit board, and AF6C got his Epson printer bk on line…Bob will nw catch up on new Club badges.    AF6C & IXN briefly discussed problems and repairs caused by overheated 5U4 rectifier tubes in old radios, organs, etc. UC beat GW to the QTH, and GW checked in mobile. AF6C told GW her new badges are being made, and UC & GW hve been vy busy repairing musical instruments, spending over 12 hrs./day! BWH checked in mobile, and Bob arrived home too late to air Newsline file…Those who need to monitor Newsline can do so at: ARNEWSLINE.COM.


9/25/2002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, JD, KB1GZ, and IXN.  LDC looks forward to the weekend…He and the XYL are off to Garvey Campgrounds at Chula Vista! AF6C, still hving a problem wid fading sigs, nursed the ailing rig along by changing freqs.  To bring the audio bk up! And Bob has been called frm retirement to train other employees to assume his duties…Retirement shud be final come Nov. GZ’s XYL, Doris, said HI to the gang…She is now a Tech Awaiting her ticket…Congrats, Doris!!  IXN will send an E-mail to USGS to see if they will bring the Crystal Seismometer bk on line…It was destroyed in the recent forest fire.  IXN, AF6C and other OPs hve been watching the Ken Burns Civil War tapes on TV, and Ops participated in a small Civil War roundtable.  JD is getting ready fer Winter, and Lowell, wid AF6C, gave LDC sig rpts on his beam vs the vertical ants.

9/25/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in WOX, JD, VDP, KFW, UC, KYJ, LEX/m, TWA, and BWH/m.   WOX is enjoying the slightly cooler WX, and Art said the 10m band is picking up a bit. And WOX & the XYL are off to Santa Barbara fer a day or two of R&R.   JD checked in wid FB sigs, and LDC said all Ops had gud sigs on 10m.  And VDP and Ops at Club meeting were pleased to hve OP KE6OIO, Ann, wid us!   Ann appeared on the OC CW Wireless Net.    VDP also is working fer his FISTS award…Larry has abt 30 contacts. KFW said that during his recent trip bk East, it appeared to be dry all over! And KFW was busy last week building a PSK-31 Interface fer a friend.   UC and IXN discussed music instruction in the elementary schools in Orange County.   Jim said that some instrumental music instruction begins at the 4th grade level, with students learning to read music through playing the instruments.   KYJ, just bk frm out of town, said his harmonic is switching instruments in the 5th grade, frm violin to clarinet.   TWA has planted sum Champion tomatoes fer the winter, and Charles said that he played clarinet fer a couple of years during his teens. LEX/m was returning home frm Open House nite at school…And IXN was surprised to hear that Chris had a vy gud turnout of parents! BWH/m, aired Newsline #1310 as soon as he arrived at the QTH…We heard that Ops are working on a new Internet Volunteer Amateur Radio Database that can be used to track volunteers…We also heard that Jupiter’s moon, IO, emits radio noise without a magnetic field!…How & why does this happen!…Learn more by checking website: Tnx, Bob!


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