10/02/2002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in KB1GZ, HHC, CCD, WB6WUW (Bart), IXN, and KG6NJZ (Doris).  GZ and WUW have known each other fer sum time, and all OPs gave congrats to Steve’s XYL, Doris, on getting her ticket on the 1st try!…Then NJZ got a landline and ‘flew away’.   HHC asked OPs if they were hving any problems accessing the new Website location, etc…AF6C had previously noted slight problems accessing sum Jpeg files.   AF6C must be feeling a ’lil lonely wid only 2 or 3 employees left in that big Boeing building!…And Bob must get sum back QSL cards on their way.    WUW gives NC an S5 sig rpt, and Bart asks GZ fer his QTH location.    CCD has QRN at the QTH, and Tom tells HHC that he is Pres. of the Orange Radio Club.  Then Tom gets the call to din-din. HHC reminds all Ops abt the Club Bfast this Sat., and Ken said that DLA, HHC, AF6C, PFA, GZ, and JD won’t be there…They’ll be taking part in an Orange County RACES drill! IXN told Ops that he has sent inquiries to SCSN and USGS to see if they will put Crystal Seismometer bk on the air. IXN copied WUW, GZ & NJZ wid FB sigs.


10/02/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, KYJ, VDP, AF6C, and HHC. The Angels playoff game had many Ops glued to the ‘boob tube’, wid the games ending even at 1-1 tonite. JD’s XYL is ready fer oral surgery tomorrow, so they went out fer ‘the last meal’ earlier.  KYJ works wid the titanium posts that will be installed in the XYL’s jawbone…Carl told us that titanium is stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum! VDP sent the XYL off to work, and VDP told us abt a antique museum in Sylmar near the junction of the 5 & 405 Frwys, that has an old pipe organ with over 5,000 pipes!…And Larry said that he won’t be at the Club Bfast come Sat…He’ll be working the CA. QSO Party! AF6C asked for the freq. of the Orange Repeater that will be used in the RACES event this weekend, and HHC said, "Go Angel Go", when IXN asked Ken fer the present score.   HHC then asked Ops to check into the new Website location to determine if they experience any problems.


10/09/2002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in HHC, IXN, CCD, and JD.  AF6C will hve a badge ready fer Doris, and HHC thought he heard clipping on AF6C’s first words…Other Ops cud not confirm it. All Ops had one ear on the Net and the other on the Angel/Minnesota game…The Angels won!    HHC got VKZ’s new rig all hooked up, but VKZ did not join us tonite.    Ken also said there is an updated roster in Oct. ‘RF’, and HHC gave a freq. of 448.500 MHz fer those who wish to tune in on the latest Shuttle/ISS mission.    IXN sent HHC info. fer a Goldstone trip contact, and Bob also got an E-mail off to Lucy Jones abt the defunct Crystal Lake Seismometer.   JD got the new connectors installed fer the mobile antenna, and Lowell reminded all Orange RACES Ops abt the upcoming debriefing on the Orange County RACES exercise last weekend.   CCD asked AF6C abt Crystal Lake Seismometer frequency and antenna polarization…Bob gave a freq. of 162.810 MHz, wid horizontal ant. polarization.


10/09/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in HHC, KGG, JD, AF6C, KFW, VDP, and KB1GZ.  Wid the Angel game completed, check-in on the 2m Net improved!   While PFA and GZ manned ATV at the RACES exercise, HHC and AF6C handled SSTV.   KGG passed by the crowd at Edison Field, and Steve was glad that he wasn’t is that noisy crowd!  IXN said that they had pix of the impatient crowd trying to buy World Series tickets, on the News tonite.   JD inquired about a possible Goldstone trip fer Club OPs…HHC will check wid Goldstone to see if we can arrange a tour.   AF6C gave OPs more info. abt Crystal Seismometer, and VDP worked the CA QSO Party last weekend…Larry said all 58 Counties were on the air, and Larry worked 40, 20, 15, and 10m, even working a former FV ham who nw lives in North Carolina!  GZ just got bk home, and Steve was interested in OCA meetings, and a possible Club tour of Goldstone DSN Tracking Station. Wid the Angel game over, KFW kicked bk to listen to the Net.


10/16/2002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/LDC checked in KB1GZ, CCD, RUI, NJZ, IXN, VKZ, HHC, and AF6C. AF6C, entertaining company, assumed NC duties later in the Net. LDC will take the motor home in fer an oil change tomorrow, and Larry said that the ‘tooth fairy’ yesterday only to discover that he has sum peridontal surgery on his back teeth scheduled in his future!   CCD’s new vert. Ant. is doing a FB job…It is a Butternut wave.   Tom also got new brake pads put on the auto. GZ will experience his first Club Auction come Fri. eve., and Doris, NJZ, ran between the mike and her chores during the Net…Doris had been busy in the Internet, and she told Ops that she worked England, mobile, frm the auto.    RUI worked us frm the HT, at the Elks Lodge…John evidently changed position now & then, as his sigs faded in & out frm hot spot to hot spot! IXN, AF6C, and HHC were glad to get the update frm Lucy Jones, USGS, on the demise and future restoration of Crystal Lake Seismometer…Thanks, Lucy!   VKZ, wid the new FT100D rig, heard LDC well, but cudn’t hear RUI on the HT.   Frank said that he only has 4 coax connectors to solder together, and the shack set up will be abt done!   AF6C only faded in & out once during his transmissions tonite, and Bob told Doris that he will hve her badge ready by Club meeting.   HHC gave VKZ a gud sig rpt, and Ken reminded all Ops abt the upcoming Club Auction Fri. eve.


10/16/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, VDP, TWA, AF6C, CGR, HHC, and BWH.   JD reported FB sigs on all Ops tonite, and a resounding ANGELS DID IT!!   JD & XYL breakfasted near the Chino Airport this morning, then it was off to the RV Show in Pomona.   VDP reminded Ops abt the upcoming Not-so-Dxpedition, and Larry said that RND checked into the Sunday CW Net.    IXN told Larry to hve the CW NC send or phone CW Net checkins to him for inclusion in Netnews on the Club Webpage!   TWA got a gud rpt frm his Doc today, and Charles is watching the Champion tomatoes grow by leaps and bounds, while he keeps 2 bluejays busy feeding them peanuts!   AF6C was glad to hear TWA on the Net, and Bob was standing up while operating…too much ‘material’ in the shack!    CGR ‘flew in and flew out’, and HHC and IXN talked abt the FB article that Ken put in ‘RF’ concerning the 2m collinear vertical ant.    BWH, at the QTH, then aired Newsline #1313…Tnx, Bob!


10/23/2002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in VKZ, IXN, KB1GZ, HHC, and NJZ.   AF6C just got home a short time ago…He was having the power steering repaired in the auto.   VKZ is eagerly awaiting the Dxpedition this weekend, and Frank cudn’t raise LDC tonite…He wanted to offer him the use of a chainsaw.   Then Frank was off to din-din temporarily.    VKZ also asked AF6C to bring him a coffee cup if he has an extra.    Then AF6C heard a funny noise (the teakettle was whistling in the background)…No serious RF problem after all!   IXN prompted GZ to bring the XYL to the Mike, but NJZ was busy wid a relative on the landline…Doris came in fer a HI later.   GZ and AF6C briefly discussed gud car mechanics that they know.    IXN alerted Ops to new info on the Zero Point Field. And HHC just finished identifying a problem in CGI programming wid UNIX accepting Microsoft line endings.


10/23/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in KYJ, HHC, AF6C, VDP, and BWH/m. AF6C gave us the bad news…The Angels lost!  IXN asked KYJ what he paid fer parking at the airport…Carl said $33 bucks this time! IXN, HHC, and KYJ then discussed past and present security measures at foreign airports, especially England & Germany.  Then AF6C & HHC gave IXN a list of Ops attending the DXpedition in the Anza area this weekend…HHC, AF6C, LDC, PA, GW, UC, VKZ, WOX, (a neighbor of VKZ) Rick, and VDP.   HHC said there might be sum QRP operations, too. VDP plans to check into the Sunday CW Net frm the Dxpedition site, and Larry told Ops abt a clogged main sewer that he just had cleaned.   BWH checked in mobile, and after Bob arrived at the QTH, he aired Nesline file #1314…The 2300-2305 MHz band will be shared between commercial and amateurs, wid hams using weaker power and on a secondary basis.  The FCC will evaluate band use later…Tnx, Bob!


10/30/2002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in JD, HHC, ECI, IXN, and CCD.   JD said that the XYL’s oral surgery was vy successful! Now JD & the XYL will soon be off fer a visit to the Stepson in No. Carolina, to welcome into this life grandchild #7! And JD attended the Angel festivities at Angel Stadium after the Angel’s previous Division, League, and World Series Wins!    AF6C made minor repairs to the ailing rig, loaded it off to the Dxpedition last weekend, and all worked OK!   HHC enjoyed the Dxpedition, wid the added benefit of hving the Worlwide DX Contest the same weekend!…Ken said they worked all Continents! And HHC said that El Presidente, Cory, and Charmaine (YOL) were also attended the Dxpedition.   ECI told OPs about placing crystal set earphones in a washtub to amplify the sound! And IXN had to replace an ailing ‘modern tech’ telephone. Bob also warned Ops abt breathing dust while sweeping up mouse droppings…The Hunta virus is on the prowl! CCD got bk frm Vegas on Fri. in time fer the Angel game, and Tom marveled over the vy modern casinos.


10/30/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, VDP, HHC, AF6C, KFW, and BWH.   JD attended the once-in-a-lifetime Angel victory celebration in a ‘sea of red’, said Lowell.   Larry, VDP, picked up a 6m beacon frm Ecuador on the Dxpedition!   VDP operated battery, and Larry said that his battery didn’t need much charging after the Event. HHC said band condx were vy gud on 15m, and Ken introduced Net Ops to a new game: WASHERS!!!…Watch fer pix of the Dxpedition to appear on the Club webpage this weekend fer more abt this fascinating game!   AF6C received cudos on his ‘pilot’ jokes. KFW & XYL had their trip to the Mexican Riviera cancelled at the last minutes du to prop trouble on the ship…It has been resched.   Fer the 8th of Dec. BWH, ‘out of the auto and into the shack’, aired Newsline File #1315…No foreign non-HAM HTs frm Europe will be allowed to operate in the 146 MHz band…Tnx, Bob.


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