11/06/2002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in KB1GZ, HHC, JD, IXN, NJZ, and CCD.   HHC and GZ discussed RG-58 vs RG-8 coax and SWR.  CCD joined the discussion saying that he had a wve ant. mounted on the chimney.  AF6C told Ops that he once had a chimney mounted dipole trapped ant. that suddenly became a vertical when he turned on the fireplace…Seems the traps melted!   AF6C wondered if PFA had his surgery yet.   Ops didn’t know, so Bob will give the XYL a call later.   GZ got home early this afternnon and `played radio’ fer awhile.   JD helped wid the Elections in Orange, and Lowell gave CCD a FB sig rpt.   IXN said that there were quite a few voters at his precinct when he voted, and Bob said that he was getting over a case of sore eyes.   NJZ told Ops abt her experience wid ‘Instant Messaging’ on the Internet, and AF6C & HHC told of their vy early experimenting wid instant messaging.


11/06/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, HHC, VDP, AF6C, BWH, and CCD.   IXN verified KE6OIO’s handle, Ann, wid VDP…Ann checks in on the Sunday CW Net…(No Netnews submitted yet fer the Sunday Net!)  HHC had grandharmonics in fer Halloween, and handed out treats to over 100 goblins!  On Sunday afternoon, Ken elmered two HS students on the art of soldering as they constructed a science project to measure ant. radiation characteristics…(Right on, Ken)…We also heard that AF6C got involved, too!  VDP, preparing fer rain, said that they had abt 20 goblins at their QTH, and Larry said that CW sigs frm Sunday NC were gud at the Dxpedition site!   IXN said that he has a bare fence that is NOT going to be painted before it rains! AF6C passed out candy to goblins ranging in age frm vy young to whiskered ones!…And Bob lamented over his carved pumpkin which rotted and slumped the next day…(Gotta keep those pumpkins away frm the ant., Bob!)    AF6C thinks retirement day may be next Thursday.   IXN gave AF6C the telephone # of his niece who lives near his sister near Boston.   AF6C asked IXN to give the dates of upcoming meteor showers on the Nets next week.   CCD had the least number of goblins (abt 5) at his QTH…And Tom suggested setting your leftover candy in a bowl outside the door as a way of eliminating it before it becomes a temptation!   VDP checked in mobile on his way home frm the factory.    Bob-BWH then aired Newsline file #1316…Ham gear may not be modified to operate outside of the ham bands!…Tnx, BWH.


11/13/2002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, KB1GZ, HHC, IXN, and TWA.   LDC cudn’t get the rig to work agn after the Dxpedition…Too many buttons to play with!…Break-in button depressed…Keying on, etc.   Then LDC cleaned out the office to install new cabinets, and Larry is nw sore frm moving furniture…Now fer the new bookshelves and the erection of the 2m ant.   GZ is working on a new callsign change, and Steve said that a wrong power line location ruins his chances fer a tower!   AF6C cudn’t find a reference on the Club webpage that would allow him to renew the Club license, and HHC heard all Ops FB tonite, especially LDC.   IXN relayed Lee’s invitation to AF6C to come see the trains, and Bob counted 37 buttons & controls on his YAESU 757.   Then IXN gave the dates fer the upcoming Leonid and Geminid meteor showers.   HHC informed OPs abt a new ice passage close to the shoreline along Canada/Alaska. OPs & TWA discussed global warming possibilities. TWA appeared to hve weaker sigs than usual.


11/13/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in TWA, JD, VDP, KFW, HHC, and BWH.   IXN heard TWA FB on 10m until near the end, and Charles & IXN both got their copies of ‘snail mail’ RF…another FB edition!   AF6C & HHC got CORE pix, and the Dxpedition pix, up on the Website.   JD was busy getting ready fer the trip to N. Carolina, and Lowell heard all Ops FB tonite…He’ll see us at Meeting Fri. eve.   VDP said that Art Goddard will speak to us Fri. eve. on his Dxpedition to Palau…(Art lives on the same named street in CM).   And VDP had boxes of hamshack materials get wet out in the backyard during the last rain.   KFW said that 40m was dead tonite.    However, Chris heard all OPs well tonite on 2m.   HHC reminded all OPs abt the Club meeting Fri. eve., and, Ken told OPs to check out new pix of CORE exercise and the recent Dxpediton on the Website. BWH checked in frm Pasadena, where he was involved in a business meeting…No Newsline file tonite!


11/17/2002 O C Wireless CW Net – W6ZE/UEB checked in OIO/QRP-Ann, Barton Flats; CW-Kathy, Huntington Beach; IMW-Ian, Irvine; VDP, and RND…Gud check-in, OPs!  IMW’s new hamstick has elevated Ian to ‘Big Gun’ status!   VDP recommended a tripod mount wid radials to really get the signals out.   The Leonid meteor shower height will be early Tuesday morning…Ed. note: A full moon will dampen chances of seeing a really gud shower!) OIO mentioned below freezing overnight temps in the San Bernardino Mts!…Br-r-r! And CW’s photo album can be found at website:


11/20/2002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in VKZ, IXN, CCD, KB1GZ, ECI, and HHC.   VKZ will hve an outpatient bone scan come Friday to see if he has sum criminal bacteria running arnd in a leg bone.   AF6C picked up a wondering flu bug Mon. eve…but Bob is better now!   PFA will visit the hospital come Friday! And CCD went into Hoag Hosp. Wid a dislocated shoulder in the afternoon, and he wasn’t released ’til midnight.   GZ ‘flew in & flew out’.   ECI, occupied last Fri. eve., missed Club meeting, and E.H. is experiencing high QRN in the SA winds tonite.   HHC won a portable pwr supply at the Club raffle, but no instructions, etc., came wid it!…So Ken has been busy figuring out the various attributes of his new toy.   IXN told OPs that UEB sent O.C. Wireless CW Net news to be entered in Nov. Netnews. This has been done, and it will it will appear in Dec. ‘RF’.


11/20/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in VDP, KFW, KF6TTX (George), BWH/m, and HHC.   VDP has contacted Ray Davis, NT, concerning the O.C. Wireless CW Net in hopes that Ray will join the Sun. morning crew.    And Larry got a Special Event Cert. For working White Rock, SD., population…2!   KFW & IXN’s ants. All survived the howling SA Winds…Nw Chris must rake up all the neighbor’s leaves in his yard!    And KFW hopes to work the CW Sun. Net soon!   TTX, George in HB, is active in RACES, and TTX can be found on the Clairmont repeater…He has a 707 feeding a j-pole ant.   HHC copied TTX FB tonite, and Ken said that PFA will be operated-on this Friday.   BWH checked in mobile, and Bob aired Newsline file #1318 upon arrival at the QTH…Hams covered emergency communications during the recent explosion of tornadoes and widespread destruction frm Alabama through Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania…Also, spectrum use study is under way by the FCC, and in Australia, too!…Tnx, Bob.


11/24/2002 40m OCWN CW Net  – W6ZE/UEB checked in KS6CW, OIO, NT, VDP, JIL/6, and RND. CW reported that she has updated her on-line photo album at OIO completed a very tiring traffic school, and NT, Ray, joined us fer the first time – Welcome, Ray!   NT gave us a gud rpt on all the livestock.  VDP & OIO reported background QRM at the QTH, and JIL said that she’ll be in the Anza Borrego Desert next weekend!  RND & XYL are off to Virginia & Florida to visit his brother & sister over the Holiday.


11/27/2002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/HHC checked in LDC, CCD, IXN, and AF6C.   AF6C was busy wid his sister & mother who just arrived frm the East Coast, so Bob cudn’t find time to check in till near Net’s end.   HHC assumed NC duties in the interim.   LDC will take off in the motor home early tomorrow morning fer the traditional dirt biker’s TG roundevous in the desert, and, also the usual potluck TG dinner.   LDC had a calendar mixup and missed Art Goddard’s Palau talk at last Club meeting.   Ixn and Lee are off to the San Jacinto Mts. fer TG dinner wid relations later in the day in Indio.    CCD is in the house at last, wid the TS-440 sitting on a desk in front of him…Tom said his antenna withstood the SA winds well.   HHC said the plaque is ready fer presentation to El Presidente, and Ken gave LDC a brief synopsis of Art Goddard’s Palau trip.   AF6C said his flu is hanging on a ’lil, and Bob plans to Christmas in New England this year.   And Bob and HHC gave a short run-down on PFA’s recent colon surgery at Irvine Med. Center.   Both Ops said that Tom is recovering FB!


11/27/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in AF6C, VDP, HHC, KFW, BWH, CCD, and KYJ.   CCD and KYJ ‘flew in and flew out’.   AF6C had sum roof work done, and the SA winds blew off a shingle.   And AF6C & VDP briefly discussed locations to purchase nylon & dacron rope for ant. guys.   VDP and family will be off to mom’s house fer TG dinner, and Larry gave a short report on check-ins fer the Sunday CW Net. VDP told us abt his orthoscopic gall bladder surgery.   HHC & Diane are off for TG dinner at the youngest harmonic’s home…No turkey cooking fer Diane this year!   And HHC asked VDP about PRYME radios & equipment.   KFW’s 3 element beam needs some adjustment after the SA winds. VDP told IXN to check out the website , and BWH will TG wid family in the desert near Joshua Tree.   BWH aired Newsline tape #1,319…ZA1B, in Albania, will be on the air fer DX contacts. Tnx, Bob.


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