12/01/2002 40m OCWN CW Net – W6ZE/UEB checked in KS6CW, VDP, NT, all wid 599 sigs. OIO checked in wid 559 sigs, and JIL/6 followed wid 519 QSB sigs frm the Anza Borrego Desert! CW reported FB WX at her QTH, and Kathy said that she wud be taking a trip wid mom to Laughlin. VDP, handling another estate sale, checked in wid an experimental hamstick ant. in the backyard. NC reported equal sig strengths fer both hamstick & regular ants. OIO gave OPs sig reports frm stations she cud copy. NT’s ants. Withstood the recent SA Winds, but now Ray is cleaning up the mess in the ‘back 40’! JIL/6 reported 70 deg. WX at her site in the AB Desert, wid a bit of rain. Jill was operating mobile wid a hamstick ant.


12/04/2002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in KB1GZ, CCD, IXN, WB1CDD(Doris), and HHC.  Doris got GZ’s old call on her new ticket, and GZ won’t attend the Sat. Club Bfast, but he’ll make an appearance at the Christmas dinner Sun. And CCD picked up a matching speaker fer the TS-440 frm the Catalina Swap Net. IXN told OPs abt his trip home frm the Santa Ana Mts accompanied by lightning, thunder, and pouring rain on the freeways!  HHC discussed gel cell charging wid AF6C, and Ken asked IXN to prepare a list of past ‘RF’ editors.  AF6C and HHC said that PFA is home and feeling much stronger after his recent surgery…Gud to hve Tom ambulatory once agn!


12/04/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in TRA, HHC, VDP, AF6C, and KFW. TRA has become our new ‘bionic man’ wid his new pacemaker!  And Gene says he feels pretty gud now. Gene was in Churchill, Manitoba, when he had a fainting spell, and subsequent testing discovered the heart irregularity.  HHC checked in wid a slight distortion problem which Ken quickly corrected. Ken reminded all not to forget the Club Christmas dinner this Sun. eve. And El Presidente notified VDP abt another Silent Key estate that needs to be sold. Larry also said that the Sunday Wireless CW Net had a gud check-in, wid Ian & XYL out in the desert, and a slight amt of QSB on the sigs.!   AF6C, sister & mom all enjoyed a traditional TG dinner of turkey, cranberry sauce, turnips, etc…(Bob’s mouth is still watering!) Then on Fri., Ken & Bob took their families to see the movie "Harry Potter II". KFW & XYL were treated to double TG dinners!…one at the youngest daughter’s QTH on Thurs., and one on Fri. at the elder daughter’s home!  Nw it’s off on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera for KFW & XYL come Sun…(Don’t get the ‘cruise virus’ guys!)


12/08/2002 40m OCWN CW Net – W6ZE/UEB checked in JIL/6, VDP, OIO, NT, and RND. JIL, wid sum tone distortion, said that IMW/6 used his woodworking skills to build sum speaker enclosures. NC gave all OPs gud sig rpts, especially VDP, NT, and RND. VDP enjoyed the nice weekend WX, and OIO provided sig rpts for stations she was able to copy…Ann was experiencing high QRN…But that didn’t prevent her frm treating herself to a holiday special at the Mission Inn!  Over the past 4 wks, UEB and JIL/6 have been reporting distortion on each other’s received CW tones!  IMW brought his oscilloscope to EUB’s QTH but was unable to find hash on the DC output frm the rig power supply!…Anyone wid an explanation or solution to this problem, please contact UEB at: NT reported interference frm a strong carrier a few KHz away, and Goat Hill experienced sum excitement when racoons decided they wanted Ray’s chicken fer din-din! The racoons were defeated, the chicken treated by a vet, and serenity returned once more to Goat Hill! RND reported a gud trip to Virginia & Florida, after hop, skipping, and jumping frm plane to plane.  John still likes CA WX best, after experiencing temps. in the 30s and 40s bk East!


12/11/2002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in VKZ, HHC, LDC, IXN, and GW. VKZ, LDC, HHC, and IXN all enjoyed the food and camaraderie at the Club Christmas Dinner. And VKZ said that anything in his mobile shack will be available fer use at the next Dxpedition. HHC said the cause for erroneous voltage readings when charging the battery, was a weak drycell in the voltmeter! IXN & HHC reported weak sigs frm AF6C’s shack…Bob did a ’lil touch tuning and the problem was eliminated.   LDC will soon close out the semester when he gives his final exams, and Larry will be off to Pechanga Resort wid the Elks fer sum R&R…And, LDC will soon purchase the XYL new wheels!   AF6C suspects a faulty rig connector as part of the ‘weak sigs’ problem, and Bob asked VKZ for the source of his flashlights. VKZ said try Action Electronics on Edinger St.   IXN told OPs that he actually made sum capital gains on one of his mutual funds!   Cory said that an ‘AE’ prefix is proper for her call, not ‘KE’!


12/11/2002 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, TRA, VDP, GW, HHC, and AF6C. JD & XYL were glad to get bk home after a snowy, icy, cold trip bk East! TRA has gotten pretty used to his new pacemaker, and Gene is preparing fer the Christmas Holidays. VDP enjoyed the Club Christmas Dinner, but thought that the turnout cud hve been better. IXN told Larry that EUB has been sending E-mail reports on OCWN proceedings…IXN will summarize Rick’s net notes and put them wid the Netnews on the Club webpage. GW and IXN briefly discussed LGB trains vendors.   HHC is working on the next issue of ‘RF’, and has been summarizing FD Scores frm local radio clubs.   AF6C was slightly ‘under the WX’ fer the Club Christmas Dinner…(There’s always next year, Bob!)


12/15/2002 40m OCW CW Net – W6ZE/UEB checked in IMW, VDP, OIO, NT, and RND. Band condx were FB wid low noise and gud propogation. However, a persistent carrier on 7115 KHz+ caused NCS to change freq. to 7114 KHz.  Remember, tune slightly above or below 7115 KHz to see if NC has avoided QRM!   UEB has begun construction of a ‘Rock Mite’ 40m QRP transceiver, and IMW eagerly awaits Rick’s Watt QRP sigs on the air! And VDP was busy sorting thru parts & papers trying to get the hamshack in order. OIO rejected the notion that she might be building a ‘Rock Mite’ anytime in the near future, but Ann did give all OPs 589+ sig rpts. NT, wid the chicken still recovering, reported no more confrontations wid the wildlife on Goat Hill at present! RND, wid Christmas gigs scheduled, will be playing Christmas carols and songs for guests this coming week.


12/18 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/HHC checked in CCD, VKZ, and IXN.   HHC told OPs that NC AF6C was bk in the Boston area wid relatives fer the Holidays.   Ken also said that he worked on the Club audit wid GZ, took his final exam in his computer class, and has Club Christmas Dinner pix ready to put up on the website.   IXN was nursing a sore eye, and CCD checked in while awaitng a call frm the XYL fer din-din. And Tom said that he found 10m open into Oregon last Fri. eve.   VKZ enjoyed the Club Christmas Dinner, but said that the table arrangement didn’t leave enuf room fer people to move around and socialize!


12/18 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, HHC, KD7KUN(Mark), VDP, TWA, KFW, and KYJ. JD & XYL got bk frm S. Carolina just before the Club Christmas Dinner, so they were too tired for any futher excursions! Now they are busy Christmas shopping, and Lowell will see OPs at the Club Bfast come Jan. IXN told HHC that his copy of ‘snail mail’ RF had arrived, so KFW must hve completed mailing the paper right after his cruise! And Chris said that the XYL fell and cracked her pelvis while they were on a tour in Mazatlan. IXN told VDP to inform NC on the OCWN that his Net Notes will be summarized in Netnews wid the other Club nets. And Larry made a contact wid a retired airforce OP in Oregon…Then VDP noted that the SWR was rising slowly…The ant. was being affected by the rain! KD7KUN, a CPA frm Seattle, checked into Net frm a hotel near John Wayne Airport. Mark told us abt the ‘Mike & Key’ Club, and another smaller club to which he belongs. His HT did a FB job…He was heard well by all OPs. KUN is active in local RACES groups, AREC, and Red Cross…He enjoys working emergency service. Mark has been a Tech fer 2 years…Nw fer that General ticket! TWA measured 1.25" of rain frm the last storm, and Charles said that his Champion tomatoes are nw in the lb class! KYJ got bk frm a trip to the Grand Canyon last weekend, where he was eaten up by gnats down by the Colorado River!


12/22 OCWN Net – W6ZE/UEB checked in JIL, OIO, NT, VDP, and RND. All OPs had gud sig rpts. And UEB sent all OPs NY greetings. UEB completed construction of the Rock-Mite 40m kit and had begun testing it (sigs were heard but no responses to his CQs!). JIL will be off to Carmel wid the family fer sum R&R fer a few days after Christmas, and OIO worked an Alaska station in an Eskimo village near the Arctic Circle…It was –56 deg., and there were only 4 hrs of daylight!…The OP drove to work by dog sled! NT reported a wet Goat Hill this AM, wid weeds growing faster than he can cut them, and Ray found new homes fer his two bunnies. VDP discarded sum high quality food scraps, much to the delight of the local wildlife! And Larry reported a gud fast QSO on 17m…(UEB thinks VDP is trying to speed up the CW a bit). RND will miss next Net…He’s off on a Boise, ID-Salt Lake City trip fer a couple of Christmases. Now John hopes to work all OPs on the Net on SKN (Straight Key Night)! Wid Christmas greetings to all, UEB closed the Net and was off to breakfast.


12/29 OCWN Net – W6ZE/UEB checked in OIO, NT, IMW, and VDP. UEB sent New Year greetings to all OPs, and Rick gave a quick rpt on his trip to the Big Bear area: Rt 330 up…traffic bad, Rt 38 down…traffic gud. And Rick was surprised there wasn’t more snow, given the recent rains! And UEB passed right by OIO’s cabin at Barton Flats. And OIO said she had a gud time at a pre-parade trip to Pasadena. IMW said that the trip to Carmel was stormy wid sum power outages, and wid little snow in the Grapvine area on the return trip. NT gave all OPs sig rpts of 5NN or better!…And Ray survived Christmas, wid his grandson ‘making out like a bandit’! VDP took a Christmas trip to Corona thru vy bad traffic. Larry welcomes the return of the sun in Costa Mesa.


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