3/02/2003 40m OCWN CW NET – NCS/UEB checked in KS6CW, IMW, OIO, VDP, NT, VQH(Al, Mission Viejo), and RND.  UEB thanked NT & CW fer sending their QSL cards, and Rick listened in on the ARRL SW Div.’s Section Managers Net on 7274 KHz at 0800 this am.  And CW visited HRO on Fri. to purchase a PG4P programming interface fer her TH-G71A HT in order to up & download freqs. between the computer & radio.  IMW worked sum DX in the ARRL International DX Contest yesterday, but he wasn't getting any replies on 20m!  OIO reported that a vandal(s) tore her windshield wipers off…Driving widout them was no picnic, and, Ann paid big bucks to have them repaired!  VDP planned to spend part of the day on finding a water leak in the truck, hoping fer no rain before he finds it!  NT sent tnx to UEB fer the QSL card, and Ray reported that his racoon-attacked chicken laid her first egg…recovery must be nearly complete. VQH has been vy busy fer 2 wks working the contest & chasing DX, logging several new countries on 20m.  RND has been busy preparing fer eye surgery come Tuesday, and all OPs wish John a successful operation and recovery!


3/05/3002 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in JD, CCD, IXN, HHC, and TWA.   JD said that BWH wud not be at the shack tonite fer the 2m Net…No Newsline file tonite!  Most OPs looked forward to the Iraq war wid sum reservations, and CCD tnx HHC fer pix sent to him on the Internet…Tom also purchased a Pentax Digital Camera.  AF6C told CCD that he will bring his badge to next Club meeting.   IXN put LDC’s press release abt the upcoming FD in the Club records, and Bob tnx AF6C & HHC fer forwarding the USS Abner Reed E-mail to him.  IXN told OPs that he has a Trojan virus on the computer, and HHC got the 757 bk frm Yaesu in perfect operating condx!…Nice sigs, Ken!  Then Ken discovered that when the MOX button is depressed, the 757 won’t power up!…IXN tnx Ken fer reminding him abt that!  And HHC struggles wid getting sum errant programs to run in Windows XT on the new computer.


3/05/2003 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, VDP, KFW, HHC, AF6C, TWA, CCD, and UC.  JD commented on HHC’s gud sigs and stable osc. In the 757, and VDP has finished checking out JSV’s gear.  Nw Larry will take it to the swapmeet.  And VDPd reported a gud turnout fer the OCWN last Sun.  KFW pulled a muscle while running last Fri.(OUCH!)  And Chris worked several stations using PSK-31.  HHC picked up the 757, and Ken didn’t hve to pay ‘an arm & a leg’ after all fer the servicing…The tuning dial (optical encoder) was frozen.  Then Ken told OPs abt his family’s enjoyable ski trip up at Mammoth.  AF6C tweaked IXN’s interest when he described a new toy, an allegro chip that measures magnetic fields (2.2mv/gauss, and 60 Hz fields, too)…Then Bob said that he converted to digital cable today.  TWA had Champion tomatoes up till Feb.!…and Charles told OPs abt his days in the CCC building the campsites at Mammoth.  And Charles thinks that he might hve a virus on his computer, too.  UC says that the Tustin elementary schools may terminate their music programs!…What a tragedy!!  We must remember that when we indiscriminately cut taxes, our children pay the price!!


3/09/2003 40m OCWN CW Net – NC/UEB checked in KS6CW, GVG, VDP, OIO, NT, JIL, & RND.  UEB, working this weekend, saw pixs of RND & OIO in the latest issue of FISTS, and Rick received his first e-QSLs!  And CW ordered ham license plates thru AAA last Wed.  And GVG, Roy, gave all OPs 589-599s frm his QTH in Bonsall, N. San Diego Cnty.  VDP is preparing fer the swap meet at Cal Poly nxt weekend, and Larry is beautifying the outside of the QTH.  OIO donated the old QRP rig to the Boyscouts, which Ann hopes they can use.  NT is enjoying the vy summer-lile WX on Goathill, and Ray queried RND abt his recent eye surgery.  And Jil had the flu last weekend, but Jill is feeling FB nw!  And RND is seeing much better since the eye surgery…The operation went well, wid the re-aligned lens working FB…No gigs, do driving, no exercise, no lifting…Couch potato…OK!!!  And RND requests a QSO after Net wid Roy, GVG, to QSL Roy’s FISTS number.  And Al, in Mission Viejo, was glad to hear that all was well wid RND.


3/12/2003 10m Phone NetW6ZE/AF6C checked in VKZ, IXN, CCD, and HHC.  AF6C had a slight intermittent at Net’s beginning, but only on VKZ’s check-in.  And VKZ said the Constitution/Bylaws committee had a gud meeting last nite…Frank said that he was glad to be out of the hospital and recuperating at home.  IXN told AF6C that he is now receiving all of Bob’s E-mails, and IXN gave a rundown on the viruses that hve infected his computer.  And IXN hasn’t heard anything further abt repairs on the Crystal seismometer.   CCD said that 10m was wide open between 9-10am today, and Tom told AF6C that he had found his Club badge.  HHC congratulated VKZ on losing the leg cast, and Ken told IXN that there was room fer optimism using Symantec programs to remove the computer viruses!


3/12/2003 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, AF6C, VDP, KFW, HHC, CCD, MIG, and KYJ.  JD got the window dwn in the auto, but cudn’t put it bk up!…A stuck relay caused the problem!  And AF6C has a meeting at ‘the factory’ to determine his official retirement date.  And JD & AF6C will check out Club interest in buying Anderson Power Connectors.  VDP, wid the ant. 3 ft. lower, is repairing termite damage, patching & filling holes, in preparation for painting at the QTH.  And Larry says he has bk copied of ‘Nuts & Bolts’ which contain amateur radio projects.  And VDP says that he has pwr xformers, tubes, etc., if you need ’em!  KFW said they’re hving a ‘heat wave’ bk East…temps all the way up to 40 deg.!  And Chris & the XYL are off to Denver week after next to watch the grandharmonics while mom & dad get a ’lil R&R.  And HHC said that AC3C is not the ‘Corky’ that he knows.  And Ken is now preparing the March ‘RF’.  IXN read a short blurp frm the Orange Senior Center’s ‘Orange Peal’ news letter abt their ham radio group.  Tom, CCD, a member of the group, gave a talk on ham internet communications there recently.  Cliff, KG6MIG, and XYL, Bobbie, KG6MIF, checked into Net fer the 1st time.  They plan to come to next Club meeting, bringing wid them KG6MIH, their harmonic!…a whole family of Hams…WOW!…WELCOME OPS!!  KYJ just got home frm the Orange County Airport, and he asked interested Club members to help wid communications at a car/off-road rally, May 2-3, in the Palmdale area.  Interested OPs log onto fer further info.


3/16 40m OCWN CW NET – NCS/UEB checked in IMW, KS6CW, VDP, OIO, NT, and RND.   UEB had sum serious flooding on his street during the last rain…A clogged storm drain will do it everytime!!…Then came a call frm the Irvine PD announcing a crime wave in Rick’s area!  And IMW, washed out at last Sat.’s swapmeet, will be moving next weekend…No Club meeting…No Net!  KS6CW found her pix in FISTS’ Keynote, p. 47…Look fer CW on her hat!   And EUB also saw OIO and RND in Keynote, too!   Last Sat. of March will find VDP at the TRW Swapmeet, and Larry said the last rain storm was the worst that he cud remember!  All OPs were glad to hear that RND’s eye surgery was successful, and OIO said it was 30 deg. & snowing in the mts.  Wid the temp. in the QTH at 55 deg., And was waiting fer the firewood, stacked arnd the stove, to dry out!  Ann’s snow made NT shiver, as Ray awaits Goat Hill to slowly rise out of the mud!  And RND, wid ‘seeing eyes’, proceeded to wipe away 113 e-mails, half of which were porno!  (Too bad we can’t pass a law that only allows porno to be sent in CW, to discourage a few of these idiots!) That’s what’s good abt CW…No Porno!!  By the way, NT, are there any goats up on Goat Hill?!


3/19 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, IXN, HHC, and CCD.  AF6C checked in wid intermittent audio, and Bob said that he is off fer an interview wid the retirement gal as soon as his retirement package arrives.   And LDC ‘soared up the band’ as he accidentally hit the up button on the rig!  Larry missed part of AF6C’s xmission, and LDC said that he got his new QST, discussing wid OPs the ‘Rock Mite’ rig article.  AF6C wud like to put a Rock Mite on 10mHZ.  HHC told OPs that the Iraq war had begun on TV.  And all OPs congrats. Ken on his driftless rig!  IXN told HHC that he got his ‘snailmail’ RF, then Bob congratulated AF6C on another FB Tech article on resistance, inductance, and capacitance!…If you haven’t read it yet, OPs, you’re missing a goody!  CCD ‘flew in’, got a landline, and ‘flew out’!


3/19 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, VDP, AF6C, TWA, HHC, MIH, MIG, MIF, KFW, and KG6PAU, Kevin, at the military base in Los Alamitos.  Kevin-PAU is frm Fresno, down here working on helicopter repairs for the military.   VDP and PAU exchanged helicopter info.  JD updated OPs wid latest info. on the Iraq situation, and VDP said that UEB & IMW probably hve working Rock Mite rigs!  VDP then put out a call fer OPs to be thinking abt FD operations.  AF6C says his retirement deadline is June 1st, and Bob, HHC, and VDP talked abt the Rock Mite as a possible Club project.  TWA was kicked bk watching the beautiful, silvery moonrise through a East window.  HHC said, “The price is right”, on the Rock Mite rig described in QST.  And Ken also told OPs that NASA had recovered the tape recorder frm the doomed Space Shuttle craft.  MIF, MIG, and MIH, are all an Orange ham family!  We hope to see them soon at a Club meeting.  They are all grads Of Gordy, NOA’s, ham radio class.  MIH, Kevin, is an EC fer the Red Cross.  KFW & XYL are off to the daughter’s QTH in Denver nxt wk to watchthe harmonics while the parents are off to the Carribean fer sum R&R.  Chris hopes that the deep snow will be gone by that time!


3/23/2003   40m OCWN CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in KS6CW, GVG, VDP, OIO, NT, and RND.  UEB is still investigating HF antennas, and we must give a few grunts fer Rick…He’s still trying to pound a ground rod into the backyard!  CW formatted her hard drive on Fri. to get rid of viruses, including KLEZ, and Kathy gave all OPs 599s…Then CW QNXed fer choir practice.  (Kathy…See IXN at Club meeting for an alternative method of ridding you computer of viruses).  GVG, bowing out of Net next week, noted that CW’s freq. was a mite low, and VDP enjoyed PZO’s adventures on Arco Oil Tankers at last Club meeting.  VDP hopes to attend the TRW Swapmeet come Sat.  OIO reported all sigs FB excpet fer GVG wid 339/QSB sigs.  And Ann has the tomatoes & beans planted, the strawberries are ripe, nw to enjoy the produce before the bugs get it!  Chapt. 1 of ‘The Tale of Goat Hill’ was delayed due to an urgent plumbing problem!…In Chapt. 2, NT will detail the plumbing problem!  Wid the new ‘eagle vision’, RND was able to drive to 3 gigs this week, John’s 1st driving since Dec.!  And RND is spending too much time watching the war on the ‘boob tube’!…He hopes the war will be over soon!!


3/26/2003 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, HHC, VKZ, JD, IXN, and CCD.   LDC had the day off, but spent the time grading papers and fuming over the poor writing habits of his students!  And AF6C and LDC traded comments on Larry’s military radio exploits during the Korean Conflict.  HHC, plunging forward in his efforts to get the new computer in working order, goes round & round wid skuzzy cards & scanners!  IXN tells AF6C that he can still buy just a plain telephone answer service, widout all of the trimmings, at Radio Shack…And AF6C is enjoying the technical programs on digital TV.  VKZ and PA both picked up stomach bugs at the Crab Cooker restaurant, and they are a bit ‘under the WX’.  Wid news of the war disconcerting, a heavy dog asleep on his lap, and the phone ringing, Frank 73s!  JD, IXN, and HHC all noted AF6C’s on and off agn audio…Bob suspects the ant. tuner.  JD spent today loafing arnd the QTH…(suffer!…you working OPs!)  And ‘El Presidente’, AF6C, HHC, CCD, and IXN all enjoyed John Ramsey’s discussion & tour of the Red Cross EOC at last Club meeting!  IXN said that HHC’s 757 is as ‘steady as a rock’ on freq., and IXN read a short blurp on a new forming galaxy, POX 186. Bob has also installed Norton Antivirus 2003 on the computer.  CCD experienced sum computer troubles, but Tom merely turned the computer off & on agn, and all was fine!…Then Tom was off to din-din.


3/26/2003 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, AF6C, LDC, BWH, VDP, and HHC.   Lowell, El Presidente, reminded all OPs to be thinking abt signing up fer staffing the Ham Booth at the O.C. Fair…Lowell has already signed up fer the 1st shift.  AF6C was hoping that TWA wud check in so that Bob cud ask him abt his new digital camera.  And LDC ‘flew in and flew out’…Larry had company at the QTH.  BWH, his vacation blown on family sickness and a funeral, said that the  ‘Baker-to-Vegas’ race communications-event is just around the corner, and although more volunteers can always be used, things are progressing nicely!  VDP is looking forward to nice WX at the TRW Swapmeet this weekend, as Larry tries to dispose of more Silent Keys’ gear.  And VDP is still working on repairing termite damage & painting at the QTH.  HHC has spent sum time resolving Windows vs UNIX on the new computer.  And BWH aired Newsline file #1336…Anyone wanting to know abt emergency communications & homeland security, check in at the ARRL website…Newsline also talked abt the ‘seti-at-home’ website where OPs can use computer off-time to help SETI reduce data.


3/30/2003 40m OCWN CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in JIL/6, KS6CW, VDP, OIO, NT, and RND.  UEB worked stations in CO and UT last nite, and Rick had a SWR problem near Net’s end…( a loose connection, maybe, says RND).  JIL sold the Condo, has moved stuff to Irvine, had a grat hike up Holy Jim cnyn yesterday, and mentioned that CW is a wee bit off freq.!  CW gave all OPs 599s, worked the CQ Worldwide WPX (Ian & Jill both copied WP) contest yesterday…Then CW 73d fer Church & choir practice.  VDP confirmed that CW was a bit off freq., and Larry & LDC went to the TRW Swapmeet, where VDP was surprised to find no wind!  OIO checked in frm windy Garden Grove, and Ann said the 1010 Net may meet on 20m just to keep in touch during the summer.  And NT looked out the shack window to watch ‘Lake Davis’ growing in the backyard…A 50 yr old pipe finally rusted through! (If RND can remain healthy, he may survive long enuf to hear the end of the Shaggy Goat Story…HI!)  And RND, expecting to be an old man by the time NT concludes the Shaggy Goat Story, enjoys playing guitar for dances at the senior centers.  All have a gud week!  


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