4/02/2003 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, JD, CCD, HHC, and KYJ.   HHC & Diane just got bk frm Laughlin, where Diane was the cover-winner this time!  AF6C took a trip to the dentist to get antibiotics fer an infected tooth…There will be a root canal in Bob’s future!  And AF6C said that KD6NOT was now in Iraq!  IXN and JD noted breakup on AF6C’s audio at the Net’s start, and OPs discussed the thermal dropout problem wid CCD’s Astron pwr supply.  JD said that IXN’s sigs were dwn a bit tonite, and IXN told CCD that he had had a similar problem wid his Astron pwr supply in the past…Next on Tom’s list is yard, garden, and fertilizing chores.  JD has a short video promoting ham radio frm the ARRL.  HHC solved his old scanner vs Windows XP incompatibility problem wid a new scanner, which has a great number of improvements over the old scanner.  And Ken told us that KB1GZ has Art Goddard to present his slides in their DXpediton to Corsica!…(This will be a goody!!)

4/02/2003 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, KTS, KGG, VDP, HHC, AF6C, MIG, MIH, BWH, and KYJ.  IXN announced AF6C’s proposal that the Club might standardize power connectors, namely Anderson power pole connectors, on gear they use for Field Day.   And then Bob told OPs not to forget the Club Bfast come Sat.  KTS, busy wid work & school, is preparing fer the MS Bike-athon,. David said he enjoyed the Red Cross EOC tour, and the Talk on oil tanker adventures & communications, at last Club meeting.  KGG, operating remote, was watching the Chapman University anti-war demonstration at the Orange Traffic Circle, using his YAESU FT-290 Mark II wid an external battery pack.  MIG, and ham family, are still busy wid Red Cross activities, and MIH got all of his homework done before check-in tonite.  And HHC is starting another new company!…Ken is not ready to join us retired OPs just yet!…(Hm-m-m-m!  Cud it be that HHC is making up fer recent losses in Laughlin!…HI!)  HHC also needs a new longer computer cable to stretch between the computer & the new scanner.  AF6C said that he sees no problem wid cascading cables between peripherals and computers.  BWH lost a chunk out of his tooth and nw has a temporary crown, and Bob has Cindy & April lined up for duty between Shoshone & Pahrump on the Baker-to-Vegas Run.  BWH then aired Newsline File #1337.  We heard that there is a beacon on 144.288 MHz, which if heard, tells you that 2m is open into Colorado!  And New Zealand govt. communications is trying to slap an unacceptable charge of $200/yr on ham radio repeaters!…Tnx, Bob!   KYJ checked in near Net’s end…Carl attended the Seed Nine Rally Sprint near Stateline fer autos.  Any auto club members interested in the Rim of the World Rally 1st week in May should go to website fer particulars.

4/06/2003 OCWN 40M CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in K3IMW, KS6CW, GVG, KIOA (Ron, Port Hueneme), OIO, VDP, NT, and RND…Nice check-in, OPs!  UEB got gud sig rpts on his antenna change, and IMW has been working on a tiny xmitter fer a desert fox-hunt, and Ian had a WX balloon hoist his ant to  150 ft. last Sunday!  CW gave 599s to all OPs, and when choir practice is over, Kathy will be around fer the whole Net!   GVG got his sloper ant. bk up, hearing all OPs 599.   Roy tried to check in mobile near Sacramento last weekend, where GVG heard VDP’s sigs 599!   “Tnx fer welcome”, said IOA, Ron, a new check-in to the Net…IOA was using a dipole ant. up 30 ft.  He’s working on a new vert. Ant.  OIO just got a CD burner wid no instruction book, except fer Adobe reader (wid 100s of pages)…bummer!!    VDP gave UEB a 589 wid QSB, and Larry said that GVG’s FISTS number is 3628.   NT, avoiding the Goat Hill Story, tantalized the Net wid the Goat Hill location …between Newport Back Bay & John Wayne Airport just across from Newport Beach in Santa Ana Heights…(Patience, Net…All gud things take time!)  And RND, testing out the reclaimed eyes, climbed the maple tree in the front yard to replace an antenna pole…(We know why there are no goats up on Goat Hill…They are afraid of airplanes!!)

4/09/2003 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, HHC, IXN, KB1GZ, and CCD.   LDC, GZ, and OPs discussed hving Huell Howser, Walter Kronkite (a ham), or other TV personalities cover an OCARC Field Day.  AF6C still has the cutout problem on transmissions, but Bob is zeroing in on the bug!  HHC was over at IXN’s QTH taking pix and gathering info. fer an upcoming ‘RF’ article…Then ‘roving reporter’ HHC rushed bk home to work on the paper.  IXN found the old ‘Good of the Club’ Plaque back of the dresser in the shack, which HHC promptly photographed!  AF6C is busy playing wid the new MacIntosh computer.  GZ will compose an attractive letter to bring noted communications people to a Field Day.  And LDC wants OPs to check their City Administration Bldgs., public libraries, etc. to find copies of the Foothill Sentinel Press Release abt Field Day…The copies are FREE, and we need them!  CCD jumped in to say HI, and then kicked bk to listen to the Net.


4/09/2003 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, KTS, VDP, LEX, HHC, BWH, AF6C, KYJ, MIG, & MIH.  JD, HHC, and BWH are all preparing fer Baker-to-Vegas this weekend.  Since BWH’s rig is already installed in a chase vehicle, Newsline File was not aired tonite.  KTS put out a call fer volunteers to help wid communications during the MS 150 Palm Springs Challenge, frm the Calif. Speedway in Fontana, to Sunrise Park in down town Palm Springs.  There will be several hundred bike rides, and HELP is needed!…  Call David, W7KTS, at: (714) 285-0693!  All OPs hear LEX/m on his way home frm nite class…Chris has been doing well in bike races on the weekends, although he recently experience a slight mishap…a 130 lb/sq. in. back tire blowout!  LEX kept the bike under control and was not injured!  VDP heard LEX full crunch, and Larry plans a trip to the Fontana Swapmeet this weekend.  HHC, still working on the Club newsletter, told OPs that Art Goddard, ARRL SW Div. Director, sent him a letter alerting OPs to a new 2m Band Plan in the works by TASMA…Stay tuned fer further developments!  KYJ has a car rally the weekend of the MS Bikeathon, and AF6C tells OPs that he’s still learning the ‘ins & outs’ on the new MacIntosh computer.   And MIH has been appointed NC on the CLARA machine fer the Boy Scout Net which meets at 1900 hrs. on Sat.  MIF was out fixing an ice cream cone while MIH and MIG were reporting into Net.


4/13/2003 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in JIL/6, VDP, GVG, NT, RND, W7IB(Casey), and IOA.  UEB finished his taxes & he owes the IRS…so no vacation this year!  All OPs welcome Casey,W7IB, in Loomis, CA., wid rainy but clearing WX.   Casey will check in nxt wk!  VDP went to the Fontana Swapmeet yesterday, and he sold some items. Larry tnx GVG fer the QSL, and VDP had QRN on OP sigs.  GVG keyed sigs thru the gloom in Bonsall, and he reported OP sigs dwn, copying VDP, RND, and IOA/6.  IMW is constructing a Rockmite rig, and JIL & EUB eagerly await more info. on the continuing saga of Goat Hill…When NT first heard of Goat Hill, he didn’t know where it was, until an oldtimer told Ray that he was living on Goat Hill!…More next week.  RND wonders if they’ll make a movie abt Goat Hill, or maybe an appearance in the funny papers!  IOA & Net OPs cudn’t hear each other wid the exception of RND, who relayed Ron’s inability to cpy weak Net sigs in Port Hueneme.


4/20/2003 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW/6, W7IB(Casey), VDP, OIO, IOA, RND, NT, and VQH.  UEB is sore today after running up and dwn the ladder Sat. putting up a loop ant…Nw to string the ladder line between the loop & the transmatch!  And IMW/6 was operating frm the new rig, a Kenwood TS430S, wid 57 or better sig rpts…(We went to San Diego Sat. & walked our legs off!)  IB plans to build a NVIS ant. fer 75m soon, for use wid skip zone ARES contacts…Larry gave UEB a 559 sig rpt, had fun spending time wid his horse, Leo, and wished OPs a Happy Easter!  OPs exchanged Easter greetings among themselves, and OIO spent last weekend in the mountains, working as far as MO, but unable to work the Net!…Ann got out of the mts. just ahead of the big storm.  IOA missed his sched wid IMW last Fri. due to a shop injury!  And Ron tnx RND fer the relay last week…IOA may miss nxt Net…Newport to Ensenada yacht race.  RND said all sigs vy gud, and John eagerly awaits the next Shaggy Goat Hill chapter!  NT obliged RND, stating that long ago, local residents wud bring their goats to the hill for the day; hence the name, Goat Hill…Nw all that remains is a golf course and NT’s QTH in grid DM13bp!…End of story…(RND suggests that NT cook up another tale fer us fer next week!)


4/23/2003 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, VKZ, JD, CCD, KB1GZ, IXN, OGO, and HHC.  AF6C sent his sister off to Boston today, and LDC discussed SARS and a skin disease wid OPs, repaired a 80m loop ., and Larry told IXN that he had vy strong sigs tonite.  VKZ is feeling better, introduced OPs to Gloria, his helper, who said that she works fer VKZ…Welcome, Gloria!  JD, fighting a cold, cudn’t hear VKZ too well.   CCD eliminated the ‘RF’ frm the power supply.  Tom told OPs he fed 100W to the ant. wid 25W reflected pwr…OPs told CCD that was abt a 3 to 1 SWR.   Most OPs sent comments to GZ on his sample copy of a letter to Huell Howser requesting that he film a Field Day operation for California Gold, and Steve asked El Presidente to meet him tomorrow at 1600 hrs.  GZ is also in the process of moving at work!…(Hve fun, Steve!)…6 boxes of materials turned into 22 boxes to be moved!  IXN asked AF6C & JD abt a Boeing worker they knew who passed away wid cancer, and OGO also figured CCD’s SWR independently, equations & all, then AF6C asked Doc if we might use his services operating CW at FD.  OGO might help if other FD plans fall thru, then Doc was off to a waiting cup of coffee.  HHC enjoyed Art Goddard’s DXpedition presentation to Corsica at last Meeting, and Ken has updated the webpage wid FD info. & assignments.  Then Ken told us a wee bit abt a company project on intrusion detection systems.


4/23/2003 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, LDC, KTS, AF6C, HHC, VDP, KFW, and BWH.  JD noted the gud turnout on the 10m Net tonite, and el Presidente gave kudos to LDC & GZ on their PR for the OCARC.  LDC found a lot of old income tax forms filed away, now he must shred them all!  And Larry put up a new Ringo Ranger ant., wid gud sig rpts frm all OPs tonite.   KTS, wid a bit of hum (120 cycles maybe) on his sigs, is busy preparing fer the Palm Springs Challenge multiple sclerosis event.  AF6C told KTS that a high power factor capacitor in the pwr supply might be the cause of the hum.  IXN, wid smells of baking bread filling the shack, told OPs that Cleveland, OH, had over 100 in. of snow this year!  AF6C mentioned that the Club will buy sum Anderson Power Pole Connectors for use on power supplys, etc…And KFW said the Club shud also buy the insert extractors fer the APP Connectors.  HHC got the Baker-to-Vegas pix up on the webpage, and Ken is finishing homework on ORACLE & preparing fer a test.  Ken mentioned that his mom arrived frm Pittsburgh, PA., just ahead of bad WX back there.  And KFW said there are quite a few PA hams in the Club.  Chris also mentioned that he worked a lighthouse OP, NW3N, using PSK-31, on the East Coast.  VDP will check wid Jeannie T. abt removal of JSV’s beam ant. frm the roof…IXN, brother Lee, and KFW hve volunteered to help Larry.  VDP also visited WA6AGL, getting sum Commodore stuff frm him.  And Larry said that he had worked up to 500 counties, getting his basic award.  BWH/m aired Newsline file #1340 as soon as he arrived at the QTH…We learned that amateur radio is returning to Iraq, and that Echolink, computer amateur radio, is nw vy popular…And Israel has now adopted its own version of PRB-1!…Tnx, Bob!


4/27/2003 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in KS6CW, VDP, OIO, W7IB(Casey), NT, KFW, JIL/6, and RND…Great checkin, OPs!  UEB was using the loop ant. today, and IMW & JIL operated portable in Irvine near Spectrum yesterday…JIL set up an inverted V ant., and running on battery power, she logged 6 contacts in 1 hr. CW QRP!  KS6CW copied all OPs 599, enjoyed the Morse day meeting, and was off to church/choir.  VDP gave UEB a 579 w/QSB sig rpt, and Larry enjoyed the TRW Swapmeet…The WX was great!  OIO gave UEB a 339 sig rpt, filled the trash barrel wid yard trimmings…And this is just the beginning! IB attended a Club Bfast in Loomis, helped put up two ants. fer N7TK, and gave NCS a 539 w/QSB.  NT checked in wid overcast skies on Goat Hill, wid an uneventful week, and KFW dragged himself out of bed to check into the Net…Chris was running a YAESU FT100D to a homebrew vert. at 50W.  Jill was busy recording Net notes…so 73 & QNX.  RND had gud copy on all OPs, noting the large group check-in to the Net…FB!


4/30/2003 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, KB1GZ, CCD, JD, IXN, and HHC.  LDC and OPs received gud news frm HHC, JD, and AF6C, abt City of Santa Ana approval of the Portola Park site fer FD.    OPs read & approved of GZ’s letter to Huell Howser regarding the invitation to Field Day.  LDC said we shud be thinking abt the Club Auction now, to involve more hams & equipment at our annual event…Larry gave IXN a strong sig rpt tonite.  AF6C & HHC queried OPs abt changing the Net frm 10 to 15m, and IXN said that we ought to consider offering communication services to the City of Santa Ana for the Baker-to-Vegas Run.  CCD found 10m just barely open to ZL and 4-land tonite, and Tom has the ant. tuned fer 40m, nw fer the 20m band!  JD announced the Club Bfast this Sat.    HHC asked IXN to check on Club Field Day sites frm 1963 on.


4/30/2003 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in VDP, AF6C, HHC, CCD, UC, KFW, KG6MPW(Frank), BWH, JD, and KYJ.  VDP picked up a scanner frm Jeannie Talcott, minus the pwr cord, and Larry said that JSV’s ant. rotor needed servicing, that Jim’s beam ant. is in fair condx.     Larry also mentioned that Minneys, in Costa Mesa, as a gud source of stainless steel hardware.  AF6C is enjoying his new computer.   HHC gave OPs the gud news abt Portola Park in Santa Ana as our FD site…free of charge!  CCD experienced both large earthquakes in the Valley, and KFW was pleased that all went so well when he, VDP, IXN and Lee took dwn JSV’s beam ant.!  JD announced the Club Bfast Sat. at Cow Girls II, 2610 S. Harbor Blvd., south of Warner.  MPW joined the Net frm Buena Park near Knott’s Berry Farm.  Frank is a new ham, and will be joining us at a future Club meeting fer an eyeball QSO!…Welcome to the Net, Frank!  BWH joined us mobile…After arriving at the QTH, Bob aired Newsline file #1341…N6TCQ is once agn pleading fer funds to keep Newsline on the air!…The Newsline treasury has been depleted!…Any funds can be sent to: Newsline, P.O. Box 660937, Arcadia, CA. 91066.   And KYJ is off to the car rally near Palmdale.


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