5/04/2003 OCWN 40M CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW/6, KS6CW, IOA, IB, OIO, VDP, KFW, NT, and RND…Nice check-in, OPs!  UEB, feeding a loop ant. 40W wid no coax or baluns, asked OPs fer sig rpts.  Next Sun. will find Rick hiking in the San Bernardino Mts., wid IMW or JIL assuming NC duties.  IOA is still puzzled abt the balloon ant. performance…Maybe Ian will write up something fer the ‘RF’ Newsletter!  KS6CW said UEB’s dipole & loop ants. are vy gud, and Kathy placed a low bid on a sounder and won…her vy 1st bid!…It’ll arrive in the mail shortly.  IOA gave all OPs 599 sig rpts, wid Ron not getting lost on a FB ride last weekend…(Gud fist, Ron!)  IB, in Loomis, gave UEB a 549 w/QSB; solid cpy.  Casey copied all OPs, RND taking the prize wid 589 sigs.  OIO went to Descanso Gardens wid SAC yesterday, and Norton Simon…Walked abt 5 miles!  VDP copied UEB 589, no QSB…Larry helped take dwn an A4 beam, at SK Jim Talcott’s shack, wid IXN and KFW.  KFW gave UEB a 579, all others 59, RND the strongest.  (Hey Chris, tnx fer getting up early fer us; HI!)  NT gave UEB a 599; guess the new ant. is working OK…Nothing new on Goat Hill.  RND had gud cpy on all OPs…His ground rods were watered yesterday!


5/07/2003 10M Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, HHC, CCD, and TWA.  AF6C & HHC were a ’lil leary abt a promo.dll file they received, via E-mail, frm LDC.  IXN said he got a virus frm a .dll file.  CCD said that he & the XYL will be off to Montreal soon, then Tom flew off to din-din.  HHC & AF6C discussed upright/upside-down Anderson connectors, and IXN and OPs discussed past FD sites.  AF6C met a new ham while out walking…He’ll hve BWH send NWL an ‘RF’.  TWA, hving a bout wid allergies, says he has tomato plants coming up all over the place!


5/07/2003 2M Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, KTS, AF6C, VDP, MIH, HHC, TWA, RMR, BWH, and KYJ…Nice check-in, OPs!  JD said that we hve no speaker yet fer Meeting, and El Presidente is hearing all OPs loud & clear tonite.   MIH, using a 707 rig at 50W, talks wid NOA every Mon. eve.  IXN & brother, Lee, saw VKZ, PA & XYL, up at St. Joes Hosp. Tonite just before Net…Seems that VKZ has infection in his back muscles.  KTS, BWH, and 12+ other hams, provided communications for the MS Bikeathon last weekend…David said Sat. was a pretty hectic day, but Sunday went smoothly.  AF6C got excused frm jury duty, seems that the defense attorney was more interested in a female, than a male, jury!  VDP got a 386 computer frm LDC…Anybody got a 5.25” disc drive arnd that they aren’t using?  HHC got the Baker-to-Vegas pixs up on the website, and Ken is getting ready to put ‘RF’ to bed.  TWA alerted IXN to changeovers being made in Tessman Planetarium at SAC.  KYJ has had enuf mud to last him quite awhile after attending the Car Rally in the Angeles Nat. Forest last weekend!  BWH aired Newsline file #1342…We nw hve a 2-man all-ham crew aboard the ISS…Any OPs wid Mizuho radio gear can obtain parts thru the website…Tnx, Bob!  Stan, K6RMR, checked in near Net’s end…Stan has been a ham fer many, many years…Welcome aboard, Stan!


5/11 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW/6, VDP, OIO, RND, and NT.  IMW greets OPs wid a gud morning, sorry fer late start…TX on split by mistake…Happy MD to all moms!  VDP worked 3 stations fer Armed Forces Day.  Larry gave IMW a RST 589, wid QRN on OPs today, unable to copy OIO or UEB today!  RND reported gud sigs on all, got his ‘kid’s mom’ out fer an early Bfast.  NT’s big disappointment fer the year was the QSL Bureau telling him it had 2 envelopes in his file, and now, after a year of no cards, they told him they’ve never heard of W6NT! Bummer!   UEB, up in the mountains, QNI’d wid 569 sigs, then he got weaker & weaker.  During Rick’s ‘last words’, RND thought Rick said something abt his battery, before IMW doubled on him.


5/14/2003 10M Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, HHC, CCD, and IXN.  LDC, checking in on the beam was a ’lil weak at IXN’s QTH.  And Larry camped on the beach near the LA Airport wid the Burbank Elks group, and tomorrow, LDC & XYL are off to Palm Desert for the weekend.  IXN announces a 3.7 event near Mecca at 3:52 pm PDT…Says HHC & AF6C, “Where’s Mecca?…(Naughty, naughty!…No belly dancers there!)  AF6C’s June retirement date looms closer, and Bob has no sigs cutout on his repaired mike.  HHC tells OPs that Mosquito Lakes 1, 2, & 3, in the High Sierras, live up to their names!…And Ken visited Frank, VKZ, at the convalescent home this afternoon.  AF6C said that we can call Frank at: (714) 633-1749, and suggested that we do so!  Ken said that snail-mail OPs shud soon be getting their ‘RFs’.  CCD & XYL had a nice weekend campout at Carlsbad State Beach, then it was up to Visalia yesterday, wid the rain following them back home today!


5/14/2003 2M Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in AF6C, KTS, JD, MPW, VDP, HHC, MIH, MIG, MIF, and KYJ.   AF6c asked OPs to bring their Anderson Power Pole orders to Club meeting Fri. eve.  And KTS, using Anderson Power Pole connectors fer sum time, said he’ll be at Meeting Fri. eve.  JD has been training wid CORE, and Lowell is looking forward to April Moell’s hospital communications talk at Meeting.  MPW, recovering frm surgery to replace a burned up pacemaker, has doctors convinced that it may be those RF fields at AT&T that are causing the problem!  IXN then discussed RF fields arnd the Sprint installation in the steeple of St. Anne Church in Santa Ana.  VDP made Armed Forces Day contacts on 15, 20, & 40m, and Larry is in need of a 5 ” disk drive for his 386 computer.  HHC said that ‘RF’ went out a day late, and Ken asked OPs if they got their E-mail copy OK.  PA is attempting to get VKZ to FD if at all possible.  Ken and OPs invited MIF, MIG, and MIH to FD…And IXN cud hear MIF giving bits of info to MIG in the background!  KYJ had a quiet week, but Carl clearly enjoyed a foxhunt wid Joe Moell abt a year ago.   Then KYJ told OPs not to forget the lunar eclipse tomorrow eve. at sunset.


5/18/2003 OCWN 40M CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in KFW, VDP, IB, OIO, NT, JIL/6, and RND.  UEB got locked out of Club meeting last Fri. eve.!…No one was monitoring 146.55!  And Rick did sum hiking in the Santa Ana Mts. yesterday, climbing Silverado Motorway to Bedford Peak.  KFW had surgery last Wed. to repair a hernia, and Larry gave NC a 559 wid QSB…VDP said the Red Cross now locks the doors at 7:15 pm by computer.  The Club will nw start meetings at 7:00 pm, and will hve someone on the doors!  IB gave NC a 559 wid QSB & QRN, wid the WX near Sacramento clear & windy, & yesterday, Casey helped rescue sum starving horses!  OIO gave NC a 339, plans on doing yard work this week, and 73s to go to Long Beach.  NT reported all critters doing FB on Goat Hill in the gloomy WX this morning.  JIL/6 reported chaos during painting of the QTH over the past week, and RND has gud cpy on all!…And John & XYL are off to CT next week fer a FB family reunion wid a brother frm VA and a sister frm Maine!


5/21/2003 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, HHC, PFA, IXN, and CCD.  AF6C finished orders for the Anderson Power Pole Connectors, and Bob announced Club meeting time change to 7:00pm local time.  AF6C and LDC have both submitted their retirement requirements, and LDC will know if he is retiring by Fri. morning!  LDC inquired abt programming a new Palm Pilot…HHC recommended that Larry go on their website to the frequently asked questions.  HHC welcomes PFA bk to the low-band Net, and Ken tells OPs abt Baker-to-Vegas pix now up on the website…And Ken, after a visit wid VKZ on Sun., says that Frank’s back pain is decreasing!   PFA dried off the wet golden retriever just before Net, thus guaranteeing a dry shack during Net…And Tom said that Windows XP has been loaded into the computer wid most problems nw solved!  IXN reminded OPs not to forget pix on the website when considering material for Huell Howser, and Bob also read a short item on Pulsars.  CCD was a late check-in, but AF6C logged him just before the 2m Net.


5/21/2003 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in LDC, HHC, KFW, MPW, VDP, CCD, BWH, AF6C, and Kurt(WA6JQC).  LDC will send an E-mail to Palm Pilot Tech Support to help him re-program his Palm Pilot…And VDP found a 5 ” disc drive for LDC’s 386.  HHC welcomes MPW to the Net and the Club, and Ken agrees wid IXN…If we don’t get Huell Howser this FD, what abt next year?!  Hm…m…m!…Interesting discussion on VPP’s injured foot and baby foreskins!…We’ll have to ask Bud all abt this when we see him!  IXN announced that Jim Talcott, former N6JSV, was listed in the July issue of QST Silent Keys.  KFW is recovering frm a inguinal hernia repair (and we didn’t get a chance to torture Chris wid laughter right after the surgery!)  MPW tnx OPs fer his warm welcome to the Club, and IXN tnxed Frank fer the valuable microwave info. on the Sprint ant. installation in St. Ann Church Tower in Santa Ana.  BWH is concerned abt earlier Club meeting time…OPs told Bob that the Club WILL be listening on 146.55 for late comers, and IXN said that his brother, Lee, will be in the coffe & snack room, which has a window to the outside on the 2nd level balcony…Simply tap on the window to get Lee’s attention, and he will go let you in!…(Tnx, VDP, fer the idea!)  VDP will repair JSV’s old ant. rotator…The screws are all rusted and must be broken & cut off!   CCD found ZLs and the island of Guadalupe in the Carribean on 10m arnd 3:00pm.    Tom said that he & the XYL will be in Montreal by tomorrow eve. on business.  BWH aired Newsline file #1344, wid Andy Jurima, N6TCQ, once agn asking fer contributions to keep Newsline on the air!…And, interested T-Hunters, don’t forget to check out fer the latest on foxhunting!  AF6C said the Toms and Bobs tied on 10m tonite, but that the bobs won the name game on 2m!  WA6JQC(Kurt) is working on his teaching credential for Science.  He is a former Public Seismic Network member, and Kurt & IXN discussed memories, and the time that Dorothy & Jerry Darby gave an earthquake presentation to OCARC.  We hope to see Kurt at a Club meeting fer an eyeball in the near future!


5/25/2003 OCWN 40M CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in MW/6, VDP, KFW, OIO, IB, and NT.  UEB purchased a 12V battery for emergency/portable operation.  He, IMW, and IOA will try it out in the mountains later today!   And IMW/6 is off to the Pacifico Mts. shortly after Net.  VDP told UEB that Sears sells nice battery cases for marine batteries, and Larry said he worked TX on 6m after Net last Sun.  KFW gave all OPs 569s, and Chris is still a ’lil sore frm the hernia surgery.  OIO went to the Strawberry Festival, devouring a humungous piece of shortcake, but, she burned up all the calories walking both ways!  IB frm Loomis, 569-529 wid QSB, had gud cpy on all OPs, and Casey is preparing fer EMCOMM ’03 in Reno nxt weekend.  NT got EUB’s E-mails FB, and Ray spotted an errant racoon on Goat Hill…He’ll pen the chicken in at night!


5/28/2003 10M Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, GZ, CCD, IXN, HHC, and JD.  LDC said it was 101 deg. in Long Beach today!…And Larry can’t believe the paperwork attached to retirement!  LDC also has a 4-drawer file cabinet at the QTH, yours for the taking.  GZ passed tnx along to LDC, AF6C, and HHC fer their help wid the installation of his new ant. pole.  And CCD & XYL got bk frm Montreal on Mon.  IXN said that brother Lee will let late comers into Club meetings after the Red Cross computer locks the doors…Go upstairs to the balcony, walk arnd to the coffee room window, ant tap on it to get Lee’s attention!  HHC will be looking fer sum temporary help when his company tackles a new crytography contract, and AF6C & HHC, after visits wid VKZ, said that Frank’s leg is healing nicely!  JD said that VKZ is experiencing weak eyesight, and AF6C said that he has the Anderson power Pole orders in hand!…He’ll begin distribution at the Club Bfast!  And AF6C has a June 1st date confirmed for retirement!


5/28/2003 2M Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in VDP, JD, AF6C, HHC, KFW, KYJ, MIH, MIG, and MIF.  VDP, servicing JSV’s old ant. rotator, laments over the non-use of stainless steel parts in rotator construction…And Larry buys stainless steel hardware fer $7.00 a lb.!  All OPs received JD’s E-mail concerning VKZ update, and OPs visited Frank over the holiday weekend.   HHC sent out inquiries to 5 former Club members wid 3 positive responses, renewing their membership…Tnx, Ken!  And AF6C & IXN think building a high rise structure in the Banning area is a ‘shakey proposition’!  KFW is still healing frm hernia surgery, and, KYJ has an ‘easy-up’ shelter for use at FD!…And Carl plans to attend and help out at FD.  MIH and friend MIZ, plan to attend scout camp at Camp Witsett near Lake Elizabeth after school is out, and MIF, MIG, and MIH will be attending FD wid a repeater group.


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