6/01/2003 OCWN 40M CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW/6, VDP, KFW, NT, RND, and GVG.  UEB had a great time last Sun. operating portable wid Ian & Ron in the Angelus National Forest…The new dipole & 12V battery worked well…The only casualty, the SWR meter light on the ant. tuner gave up the ghost!  IMW/6 will assume NC duties nxt Sun., and Ian had a FB time up 7000 ft. on Pacifico Mt., the high point was seeing Ron’s 31 ft. Cushcraft vertical go up!  VDP said that 6m has been open fer days nw.  UEB told Larry that NT can be reached by E-mail thru his daughter.  VDP put out the call to OPs fer help on FD.  KFW, checking in amidst the cool & overcast June gloom, is still treading lightly since the hernia surgery.  NT said all sigs are weaker on the hill today, and RND said the band is crazy this morning…sum sigs pounding thru while others are changing…but all gud copy!  John enjoyed the trip bk to CT, brother in frm VA, sister in frm ME, met old WWII buddies, in a parade, it rained fer 4 days, And made sum QSOs using his 1st call, W1RKR …(Was that call ever re-issued, John?)  GVG confirms crazy band wid sigs jumping frm s1 – s9, and Roy will miss nxt Sun., he’ll be travelling.


6/04/2003 10M Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in KB1GZ, JD, and IXN.  GZ had sum hum on his sigs on his first transmissions, which disappeared as the Net progressed.  And Steve requested help raising a new all-wave dipole this Fri. afternoon…AF6C volunteered to help.  IXN zerobeat GZ’s hum at 28.375.6 MHz, and Bob warned OPs of the arrival of West Nile Virus in the Southland! JD reported that VKZ is in gud spirits, he’s healing, and was up walking around a bit!  And OPs set up a 2m rig wid magmount fer Frank…We hope to hear him on 2m tonite!  AF6C said that NOT is bk in the Southland after his tour in Iraq, and Bob has the Anderson Power Poles already fer delivery at Sat. Bfast and next Club meeting!


6/04/2003 2M Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, KTS, JD, CCD, KFW, HHC, AF6C, WA6BSV(Carl), and VKZ.  JD & HHC set up a 2m station fer VKZ, and JD said that VKZ shud check into Net tonite!  AF6C alerted the Net to prepare fer sum changes in the By-laws soon.   Bob is prepared to distribute Anderson Power Pole connectors to OPs that ordered them.  KTS agreed to help HHC wid FD letters to residents close by the FD site, and David will be off fer a ’lil R&R.  MPW, on call tonite, just got paged…73s all!  CCD spent 2 hours cleaning the garage, then Tom spilled the ‘liquid wrench’, much to the horror of the XYL!  That reminded IXN of his days working at the Quaker State Refinery in Oil City, PA.!  KFW will be off on vacation June 22…The Club generator must be picked up at the QTH before FD!…HHC will organize a generator crew to pick up the generator.  AF6C put out a call fer OPs to help GZ put up a all wave dipole come Fri. afternoon at 1:00pm.  And Bob reminded OPs not to forget the Club Bfast and Board Meeting. WA6BSV, just bk frm his harmonic’s music concert, now Carl has his daddy’s old call!…Carl was formerly KG6KYJ.


6/08/2003 OCWN 40M CW Net – NCS/IMW checked in IMW/6, OIO, VDP, KFW, IB, NT, and RND.  IMW assume NC duties (as UEB avoids a family gathering!)…and all OPs send  congrats KFW on his 50th.  OIO said GM frm drizzly GG while thinking abt sunny & warm WX up in the Mts.  VDP busied himself checking QSL cards for a HAM who was on 160m, and KFW celebrated his 50th year of hamming today!…First licensed on 6/8/53, he’s had his W6 call since 1960. Wid WX sunny & warm (gloat) in Loomis, IB gave OPs sig rpts wid QSB today.  Wid growth vs removal, NT is attacking the weeds on a gloomy Goat Hill. Who will win the battle?…Ray, or the weeds!  RND checked in amidst the June gloom, telling OPs that he hadn’t been on the air since last Net, thus, no comment on the bands this past week!


6/11/2003 10M Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, KB1GZ, LDC, CCD, and HHC.  IXN said that Calif has been seismically quiet this week.  GZ told AF6C that he’ll wait until week after next to raise the new dipole ant. LDC, not retired yet, busied himself having boxes of old business files shredded, and Larry tried to load up on 10m while the amplifier was tuned to 15m! (Sound familiar, OPs?!)  LDC also attended a grandharmonic’s HS graduation in Las Vegas, leaving a donation, of course, to a casino…or two! HHC gave comforting words to LDC on the mis-tuned amplifier, and Ken said that we need a 20m band captain fer FD!  CCD missed us on the first go-around, but caught us during the second.  IXN asked AF6C fer a ‘sneak preview’ of proposed changes to the By-laws.


6/11/2003 2M Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, KB1GZ, VDP, MPW, HHC, AF6C, LDC, LEX, BWH, KFW, VKZ, MIH, and MIG…Great check-in OPs!  JD attended the cop’s expo at the Orange Mall and got sum inquiries abt amateur radio!  GZ said that there were only abt half the exhibitors at the expo as last year.  VDP said that sigs fade in & out on the OCWN 40m CW Net on Sundays, but that sigs are always copyable. Larry also sold JSV’s beam ant. to N6HC. MPW got 34 hrs overtime last week, nw Frank is enjoying a ’lil R&R!  On June 21, MPW & XYL will be off to a small town, Rurapan, near Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico, fer sum more R&R…vy near the cinder cone volcano, Paracutin!   VKZ checked in frm the resthome wid 5/9 sigs, saying that he still has sum pain. LDC will soon be off to Montana fer 5 weeks of fishing at Lake Hedgen, and Larry was glad to see VKZ at the Club Bfast last Sat. morn.  AF6C will E-mail IXN info. on Bylaw proposals.  HHC will hve ‘RF’ Newsletter done by the weekend.  LEX finishes up his first teaching year tomorrow, and is already looking forward to next Fall…but not before he finishes a summer school session!  AF6C reminded all OPs abt the computer lock-down at the Red Cross at 7:00pm., and 7:00 pm. is the new meeting start time!  BWH said that OCARO wud like OCARC to once agn do the Wouff-Hong presentation at the next SW Div. Convention…(more at nxt Club meeting!)  KFW is recuperating & resting fer his upcoming trip bk East, and MIH & MIG ‘flew in and flew out’…MIF was away frm home & the shack tonite.


6/15/2003 OCWN 40M CW Net – NCS/UEB is glad to be back wid tnx to NCS/Ian last Sun.  Rick had a FB weekend at Dry Lake, es he is currently working on getting the logbook into EXCEL to quickly find call signs.  All OPs pass around Happy Father’s Day, and VDP worked the VHF Contest yesterday, garnering 5 new grids on 6m!  KFW, still recuperating frm hernia surgery, has postponed his bk East trip until after FD, and IB gave NCS a 429 in Loomis, wid sig rpts improving to 549…Casey is running abt 60W to a ground-mounted vertical.  OIO overworked her computer and had to pay big bucks to get it fixed es reload Norton. (UEB: Stop playing so many games, Ann…HI HI!)  Wid breakfast on the horizon, NT checked in amidst the ‘June gloom’ on the Hill, giving IB in Loomis a 599 sig rpt!  Hm!…What’s this?!…Our JIL/6 the ‘Gem of Irvine’ and OIO the ‘Jewel of Garden Grove’!…Tell us more, OPs!  RND ‘flew in es flew out’ wid a phone call forcing his 73s!


6/18/2003 10M Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in JD, LDC, GZ, IXN, CCD, and HHC.  AF6C sent sum BDay presents bk to his sister near Boston, and Bob mentioned that OCARC has been offered the Wouffhong ceremony for the upcoming SW Div. Convention, if we want it.  JD said that VKZ was to be fit for a backbrace this afternoon, and Lowell also said that Frank was looking for a 2m/440 J-pole antenna for use on the Net.   JD reminded all Ops abt the 7:00pm starting time for Club meetings.  LDC will leave fer Montana right after FD.  CCD flew off to din-din right after check-in.  HHC checked in a ’lil late, Ken was interviewing a potential new employee.  HHC asked IXN to loan him the 1983 copy of ‘RF’ that contained the Club Financial Report.   GZ once agn asked Club members to help him raise his new dipole ant.  AF6C volunteered to help.  BWH has the club generator, frm KFW’s QTH, in the bk of the truck.


6/18/2003 2M Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, MPW, HHC, VDP, AF6C, GZ, BSV, KFW, BWH, and BGR(Joe).  JD mentioned the Wouffhong Ceremony, and, Club participation in the Orange County Fair…IXN asked for OP volunteers and got volunteers: JD, AF6C, VDP, and MPW…Tnx, guys! MPW will be off fer Mexico soon to see the grandparents and let the kids enjoy sum farm life.  Frank gave HHC his E-mail adr as:  .  VDP will set up something fer 80m during the night on FD, so that we can make contacts during dead periods on other bands.  AF6C has the Anderson power pole connectors bagged and ready fer distribution at Fri. Club meeting.  KFW has delayed his trip bk East to recup. frm recent hernia surgery, so Chris will be attending FD.   BGR tried checking into Net wid his ant. setting vy close to the rig…RF entered the pwr supply and all we heard was motorboating.   Moving the ant. out in the yard solved the problem, and OPs mentioned several ways for Joe to disguise his ant.  BWH aired Newsline file #1348…We heard that ARRL & the Dept. of Homeland Security will work together for better national security wid training & accreditation for Emergency Communications.


6/22/2003 OCWN 40M CW Net -  NCS/UEB checked in IMW/6, KS6CW, IOA, IB, OIO, KFW, NT, VDP, and RND…Nice check-in, OPs!  UEB finished his electronic log file and discovered a QSL response rate of only 63%!  Rick will conduct the 7/13 Net, portable, frm Ventura Co., grid square DM04IO…UEB will attempt to hear check-ins…If he can’t, then the 7/13 Net will be cancelled!  IMW built a new keyer, a Norcal kit fer $15!…Works FB!…(And tell Ann to stay away frm hamburgers in the UK…HI HI!)  CW,RST 599s all arnd, enjoyed her two trips.  Wid no choir practice fer the season, Kathy will be wid us full time.   Roy gave all OPs 599s, and   just got bk frm Wyoming where it was snowing in Laramie!  IOA, frm Port Hueneme, has a FB morning at the shipwreck (of the La Janell?)…All stations +20…Must be the antenna in the water. HI HI!  IB is getting ready fer FD, so won’t be on the Net nxt week.  OIO said she’ll be eating fish & chips in newspaper (instead of hamburgers) in the UK, and KFW goes QNX to do sum grandparent duties.  UEB, waiting fer a NT checkin, hears RND quip, “he’s out looking fer goats!”   VDP alerts all OPs to look fer W6ZE on FD, es check in on both SSB & CW to give the Club sum points!  RND is tired of the June Gloom…He’ ready fer the sun anytime!…And NT tells RND there are not lost goats now!


6/25/2003 10M Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, KB1GZ, CCD, IXN, HHC, and LNX. All OPs welcomed LNX to the low bands, congratulating Matt on his recent upgrade.  LDC had a garage sale last Sun., donating anything he did not sell, and Larry spent today cleaning up the ham shack.  Right after FD, LDC is off to Montana!  GZ, wid hum frm an errant mike line, will be a bachelor over FD weekend wid the XYL going bk East fer a relative BDay.  CCD checked in then ‘flew off’ to din-din.  IXN worked on a leaking water faucet at the Convent, and typed a song sheet the rest of the afternoon.  HHC is making up his FD list, and checking it twice, as he thinks abt positions fer ground rods at the FD site.  LNX checked into Net on his new dipole ant…OPs in Orange had difficulty hearing Matt, probably due to his ant. orientation.  IXN relayed between NC and Matt.  And LNX will bring the SWR bridge for use at FD.


6/25/2003 2M Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in LNX, GZ, LDC, KG6FZY(Craig), KFW, HHC, LEX, BSV, VDP, and BWH…Gud check-in, OPs!  LNX checked in wid a 5/8 wave 2m magmount, trying two different locations fer best sig rpts…best location…hood on dad’s old auto!  GZ found an unsoldered shield on the mike cable…Steve will call the company to determine the proper pin connection.  LDC repaired an open in a TV set while working the Net.  Then Larry repaired a 100ft. extension cord…(cut it in ½ and use the good 50 ft. section!)  LDC said that he will bring KQ6LV, Dae Park, frm Korea, to the FD site Fri. eve.  LV wants to join a radio club!  KFW took the grandharmonic fer swimming lessons today, and Chris said he’ll arrive at FD arnd 7:30-8:00am.  HHC has been doing work expense reports while working the Nets, and Ken requested a laptop computer fer logging duties at the 20m FD site.  LNX will ask his boss fer the loan of a laptop for this purpose.  LEX said everything comes at once!…FD, summer school teaching, and night school credentials exams!…Chris will bring his solar panel to FD, and gear fer 6m, 2m, and 70cm, horizontal & vertical polarization…Then Chris requested to pay his Club dues on FD!  VDP expressed interest in using LV fer CW operations on FD, telling us that he will have 6m & 80m capabilities.  BSV enjoyed the eyeball conversations at Club meeting…Carl will be working a Race in Lucerne Valley early part of FD, and will arrive at the FD site late Sat. night.  BWH aired Newsline File #1349…(Tnx, Bob!)


6/29/2003 OCWN 40M CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in JIL/6, W6ZE/KFW, NT, and RND.  The list was shorter this week due to FD operations!  W6ZE got sum points frm Rick and me and Ray and John!…Time to run off fer a Crispy Crème treat…Never got the treat…Sum guy went nuts in the local Albertsons and started cutting people up wid a machete…At least one person died!  UEB installed a ground rod for the station, but RND didn’t notice an improvement in sigs!…But Rick did give 4 FB contacts FD points, as a 1D station, last nite!  JIL/6, wondering why UEB didn’t operate battery power as a “B” station, got 21 contacts last nite on the way to & from Getty Museum + one other “C” station as we drove along.  RND said that NT was dwn at the W6ZE FD site, too.  RND had a gud week wid 4 gigs behind him!

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