8/03/2003 OCWN 40m CW Net – NC/UEB checked in OIO, NT, RND, VDP, and IMW/6.  IMW assumed NC duties after UEB experienced high QRN during last week’s Net.  UEB shifted the Net to 7132 KHz fer today’s Net…It may be necessary fer Net members to scan between 7100-7150 KHz to find us if band condx on 7114 KHz continue!  UEB received a gift frm IMW & JIL on his 49th BD, a book titled, “Hello World”, the story of a ham’s life.  OIO did sum cutting & raking at the mountain QTH, and has a picnic sched. fer today.  And NT copied UEB 559 on a vy warm AM on Goat Hill.  Doing sum band comparison, RND said that 40m was best, and John has been busy watching all stages of the Tour de France, hoping that Lance will win 6 in a row!  VDP gave NC a 529, and Larry was glad to see an end to the rain.  IMW/6 had gud cpy on all OPs, as Ian continues to work on his station.  And JIL suggested that the group get together fer a picnic some weekend.


8/06/2003 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in JD, HHC, CCD, KB1GZ, LNX, IXN, and TWA.   LNX had QRN on 28.375, so Net moved up five KHz to 28.380.  JD and PFA , wid the Orange PD group, have been experimenting wid ATV in the Field…Another useful tool as the Orange PD trains OPs for use in Homeland Security.  JD reminded OPs of the cancellation of the Sept. Club Bfast meeting…IT’S CONVENTION TIME! (BE SURE TO WEAR YOUR BADGES TO THE CONVENTION!)  Find your pix up on the Club website if you were at FD!…HHC has a pix of almost all who attended FD, so check out how photogenic you are!  GZ got reports on the vertical vs the folded dipole ant…Most OPs noted vy ’lil difference between the two…one S unit on HHC’s rig!  And Steve is also attending the Orange PD meetings.  HHC will miss the Convention…He & the XYL are off to Laughlin while Diane competes in a poker tournament…(Hm-m-m-m!!…What will HHC be doing all this time!!?)…This will be followed by a 2-week vacation trip to New Mexico & Arizona for sum ‘spelunking’ adventures in the caverns.  LNX doesn’t have 15m capabilities as yet, so the Net will await Matt’s new ant. before switching frm 10m to 15m.  At 8:00pm, the Net switched to 21.375 MHz…IXN heard a disturbance at the front of the QTH and ran to investigate the commotion…Several kids riding bicycles over the lawn, pulling on the bushes and a family holding a ‘Sunday School Convention’ on the corner of Bishop & S. Kilson…When IXN got bk to the Net, only 5 min. were left!  But IXN was able to thank TWA for the tomatoes that Charles left at the QTH!


8/06/2003 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, HHC, TWA, VDP, UEB/m, QVY, AF6C, BSV, KB1GZ, and AJE/m.  El Presidente, JD, repeated Orange PD and Convention info., plus Sept. Bfast cancellation to OPs.   AF6C told OPs that HHC’s pix was on Channel 3, Time Warner Cable, for City of Orange!  AF6C reminded IXN and TWA abt the old ‘Farmer’s Net’ bk a few years!…TWA, NGO, IXN, and Wyatt, all discussed their tomatoes, corn, etc., garden adventures!…IXN remembered that it was the ‘Ken & Bob’ Show, (HHC & AF6C), which named us the ‘Farmer’s Net’!  IXN will look up more info. abt Mars locations during August fer next Net session.  IXN thanked TWA fer the delicious tomatoes he left at IXN’s QTH, and AF6C told VDP that he does have a manual for the AR-22 antenna rotator, which probably gives the value of the capacitor that VDP needs to repair the AR-22.  Stephen-QVY was using a Comet ant. attached to his HT fer check-in.   BSV discovered his rig problem…He was transmitting AM instead of FM!  GZ ‘flew in & flew out’, and AJE was at work during last week’s Net, and John has a CD wid FD pix fer AF6C.  UEB checked in mobile telling OPs abt bad band condx on the 40m OCWN CW Net last Sun.


8/10/2003 OCWN 40m CW Net – Wid QRN on 7114 KHz, UEB QSY’d to 7054 KHz.  NCS/UEB checked in OIO, IB, KFW, RND, GVG, VDP, NT, VQH, KS6CW, and IMW/6.  NC was unable to hear CW’s sigs, which were successfully relayed by IB.  And EUB did sum sailing off Newport Beach wid sum clients yesterday.  Wid incredibly hot WX, and a fan not working, OIO is off to Home Depot to buy a new fan! IB went sailing to Catalina last week wid a ham friend, but left his rig at the QTH!  KFW, just bk frm vacation, tried to check into the Net frm Denver wid no luck.  RND said sigs were up & down, wid a lot of OPs doubling…And John will be vacationing in Yellowstone widout any ham gear!  GVG “flew in and flew out”, and VDP is bk fixing radio gear, reminding OPs of Club meeting next Fri. eve.  NT reported another vy hot Sunday AM on Goat Hill, and VQH is still working weekends, appreciating the OCWN Net reports via E-mail. IMW will be travelling to the Isle of Man, operating GD/K3IMW/P.


8/13/2003 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, KB1GZ, XO, IXN, and HHC.  LDC, bk frm Lake Hebgen, told OPs that Montana was experiencing a drought wid high heat, and Larry and the XYL returned home by way of Las Vegas!  And GZ has to clear away brush frm arnd his tower before the new owner can pick it up…And OPs suggested different approaches fer Steve to solve his noise problem.  XO said that the worst clock to reset is your body clock, after years of getting up vy early in the morning!…Bob will soon join us retired hams in the Club!  And XO will enjoy the additional time to take care of his ailing father.   AF6C answered LDC’s CW sigs just before Net, and LDC said AF6C’s sigs were FB!…And Bob has been working sum CW on 20 & 15m.  HHC said the 10 & & 15m bands were dead over last weekend.  And HHC said that the OCWN was not on freq. last Sun. at 9:20 am.


8/13/2003 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in KTS, LDC, AF6C, VDP, W7XQ(Luke), HHC, JD, MIV, MIH, MIG, BSV, QVY, UEB, KFW and AE…Great check-in, OPs!  KTS had a busy wk, and David heard XQ FB.  AF6C hear XQ’s sigs FB, and AF6C suggested that we might hve a star get-to-gether to see Mars and other celestial objects some nite in the near future.  LDC reported on wildlife (elk, deer, bison) seen in Montana, and also on the theatre, wid he & the XYL seeing ‘Oklahoma’ and ‘Deadwood Dick’ on stage.  And VDP, surviving the heat, racked up grid squares DN28 & DN38 on 6m.  HHC is looking forward to Friday Club meeting’s presentation on ‘Field Day frm Cuba’, and Ken is busy replacing the computer printer.  XQ just moved to CA frm Scranton, PA., visited the ‘Candy Store’ recently…And Luke found OCARC on the website, hving sent in his ham info. and joining the Club!…We’re looking forward to an eyeball soon, Luke!  XQ’s QTH is near Collins & Mallard in Orange.  MIV got his snail mail copy of ‘RF’, and MIH & MIG ‘flew in and flew out’.  JD also visited the ‘Candy Store’ last Sat., took the XYL to a dental Appt., and had a training session wid COAR.  BSV found Mars in the southeastern sky, and Carl also saw some Perseid meteors.  ZE cudn’t hear QVY at check-in.  AF6C relayed fer Steve until IXN finally heard QVY’s sigs…Steve was using a Radio Shack 2m,6m,7cm magmount ant. on top the auto.  KFW got bk frm the harmonic’s home in Denver, and also Lincoln, NB, where the four grand harmonics competed in national championship roller skating, wid one harmonic advancing to the world class men’s singles on Nov. 7, in Argentina!  AE just finished work at the music store, and Jim said that he & Cori hve been busy wid school instrument repairs.  And AE expressed interest in attending a Club star party.


8/17/2003 OCWN 40m CW Net – NC/UEB checked in KFW, CW,IB, GVG, NT, and IOA.  UEB was barely able to hear IOA, and Rick, wid S9 QRN, then trimmed sum vines growing on the twin lead, and moving the ladder line away frm the side of the QTH…QRN gone!  KFW enjoyed the ‘FD in Cuba 2003’ program at Club meeting, and CW is looking forward to the upcoming KFI tour/BBQ lunch on Aug. 30, and, taking a few classes at Golden West College this Fall.   IB said that weeds wrap arnd his radials during the rainy season, causing SWR havoc! (vy interesting!)  GVG has returned frm Colombia, soon to be off to Lithuania followed by a nite train trip to Moscow!  One of NT’s boarded horses will be leaving fer college wid his owner, and Ray will miss ‘Mr. Personality’.  Weak sigs between IOA & UEB forced Casey to relay his report frm Point Mugu.  Casey was able to hear most of the OP’s sigs.


8/20/2003 10m Phone Net – Wid AF6C absent, LDC assumed NC duties.  W6ZE/LDC checked in KB1GZ, IXN, and JD.  OPs talked abt the flooding in the local mountains and inland valleys, and IXN mentioned a possible ‘Mars Party’, providing there is enuf interest and WX conditions are favorable!  GZ has been busy tracking dwn devices in the QTH that are causing QRN, and Steve is all ready fer the upcoming Convention.  LDC was not impressed wid the Queen Mary as a convention site, giving it only a C+ or a D- evaluation!   LDC reminded OPs to get ham gear ready fer the Club Auction in Oct.!…Seems that a number of OPs have already given HHC a list of their items to be placed on the website fer the upcoming auction!  JD will speak to OPI abt making sure that we hve a big enuf room at Red Cross fer the Auction.


8/20/2003 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, KTS, VDP, XQ, KFW, BSV, MIH, MIG, NOL, MIV, LDC, and QVY.  JD, hearing all sigs well, reminded OPs abt the upcoming Convention in Sept., the Club Auction in Oct., and election of officers in Nov.  KTS wud be interested in a ‘Mars Party’, and VDP missed the Sun. OCWN, being busy wid house chores.   Larry & QVY attended the swapmeet last Sat.    VDP 73’d to download a big file.  XQ, adjusting to CA heat & humidity, has found Mars in the SE sky, and Luke is relieved that he will not be facing another cold, PA winter!  KFW, and OPs, enjoyed the talk on ‘Cuban FD 2003’ at Meeting last week, and BSV attended a car rally near Gorman last weekend.  NOL got bk frm the Huntsville Hamfest, but JAY won’t be home until Fri. eve…He is still at Space Camp, and, JAY also won a gold, 2 silvers, and a bronze medal at the IARU competition…Congrats, Jay!  MIV, over at MIG & MIH’s QTH, hope they can get to the River soon after the bad storms in the inland valleys!  UC was glad to see a number of younger members at last meeting to hear the ‘Cuban FD 2003’ presentation.  QVY checked into Net frm Signal Hill in the Long Beach area.  NC cud hear Stephen 5/7, wid sum white noise on his sigs.


8/24/2003 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IB, CW, IOA, KFW, VDP, OIO, and NT.   UEB continues plodding toward his WAS, and Rick suggested OPs meet fer lunch at the Convention on Sept. 6, wid confirmations frm VDP, IOA, FKW, and CW, and a maybe frm OIO…Anyone else?…Drop UEB an E-mail.  IB wished he cud jog dwn frm Loomis fer lunch!  CW gave NCS a gud sig rpt, and Kathy will be going on the KFI tour nxt Sat.  IOA was hearing OPs well in Port Hueneme, and KFW is looking forward to the upcoming ARRL SW Div. Convention.   Yard work continues at the VDP QTH, and OIO is torn between two goodies…The ARRL Conv., and, the Dana Point Tall ships Festival the same weekend!   Hm-m-m-m!…Goat Hill may disappear in the future?!…Tell us more, NT!!


8/27/2003 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in GZ, IXN, HHC, and TWA.  OPs enjoyed viewing Mars and learning about telescopes, from the St. Anne Church parking lot in Santa Ana on the evening of 8/26.  There were too many people, including OPs, their guests, and parishoners to mention everyone here, but from our memories, GZ and CDD, HHC and Diane, KTS, IXN & Lee, UC, CW, AF6C, HHC’s harmonic, David, David's wife Wendy, young Joshua, and Wendy’s mom, just to mention a few!  IXN asked AF6C abt the Golden Lab puppy presently boarding at his sister’s home bk East, and HHC took the grandharmonics to the beach this morning.  Then Ken told OPs to check out the 40 to 45 items, for the upcoming Club auction, already listed on the website.  HHC will miss Net next week…He’s chauffering Diane to a poker tournament in Laughlin!  TWA copied all OPs well until Charles lost us in the switchover to 21.375 MHz at 8:00pm!


8/27/2003 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in AF6C, W7XQ, JD, TWA, UEB, HHC, HU, UC, GW/m, and MIV.  AF6C & HHC sent along tnx to the pastor of St. Anne Church for use of the parking lot for the Mars Party, and AF6C asked XQ if he got his badge.  XQ confirmed receipt of his badge and he and AF6C and HHC discovered that they are all book readers…Harry Potter, Rick Boyer mysteries, etc.  Many OPs are off to the Convention this weekend, and JD reminded all Club members to wear their badges!  TWA had a landline during the 10m Net & was unable to follow OPs to 21.375 MHz!  UEB passed along info. abt the Sunday morning OCWN CW Net, and, Rick told OPs that the Net will be meeting fer lunch at the Convention on Sat.  And HHC joined us after sending off a proposal for a new contract wid a prospective client.  UC talked wid VKZ today, and Frank told Jim that N7PA, Phil, is in the Mission Hosp. Wid a stomach problem.   AE6HU, Bob, checked in frm Brea.  Bob attends most of the local swapmeets…Wonder if he knows VDP?!  GW/m checked in wid strong sigs on her way home frm work, and Cory & UC both enjoyed the Mars Party.  MIV got bk frm the River, where he, MIG, and MIH, enjoyed cooling off in the river frm their boat.  They also slept on the boat.


8/31/2003 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IOA, GVG, KS6CW, RND, NT, and IB. UEB took the family on a sightseeing trip to Beverly Hills & Santa Monica, and Rick reminded OPs abt the OCWN lunch at the ARRL Convention nxt Sat…Rick’ll be wearing a wide-brim white hat! And NCS reported gud band condx fer all OPs today! IOA, experiencing gud band condx, worked his first 10m QSO! GVG is preparing fer his upcoming trip to Lithuania & Moscow, after meeting OPs at the Convention. CW has a photo credit, p. 20, in the Sept. issue of QST!…Congrats, Kathy! And CW invites all OPs to visit the Morse Telegraph Club table at the Convention. RND had a great vacation visiting his son who is building a log cabin on Lake Henry, Idaho, then it was off to Boise to visit the grandharmonics! NT ‘struck the QSL jackpot’! He has received 260 cards over the past couple of weeks wid 140 more on the way!  IB had QRN frm early morning thunderstorms, and Casey will be taking the family to the daschund races at the State Fair in Sacramento.

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