9/03/2003 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in XO, HHC, IXN, and CCD.  XO has officially completed his first day of retirement!…Taking care of his dad, his ailing back, etc., will keep him busy fer awhile, and Bob said he already enjoys not getting up early fer work, and, staying up late at night!   OPs had fun at the Mars Party at St. Annes Church in Santa Ana, and HHC sent OPs pix of the event by E-mail.  Then HHC told OPs that pix of the Orange County Fair Booth are now up on the website!  And HHC awaits news of two pending contracts, wid one already in the company coffers…Ken will be engaged elsewhere at Convention time!  IXN already checked out the E-mail pix of the Mars Party, and Bob has already forwarded them to relatives & friends.  AF6C asked CCD if he had received the info that Bob sent him on the TS440.   Tom told OPs abt the gud time he had wid a ham friend on a private lake near Barstow, water skiing, etc.  CCD said 10m was open to the East Coast last Sun.


9/03/2003 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, W7KTS, AF6C, VDP, TWA, W7XQ, HHC, AJE, QVY, and UEB.  JD, hearing all OPs FB, had adventures wid a new water heater, new screen door, a new washing machine, and a garbage disposal!…(Lowell, did your mom ever tell you that surprises come in packages?!)  KTS, finishing work to be free fer Hamcon this weekend, has been doing a ’lil backyard astronomy wid the 8 inch telescope, and VDP will register for Hamcon Fri. afternoon, check programs & exhibits, and lunch wid the OCWN group on Sat. at noon.  TWA go in on the end of the 10m Net, but too late fer check-in!…Charles has been busy pulling tomato vines.  XQ, wid a quiet week, has been enjoying the sunny CA. WX, and Luke will see OPs at Hamcon over the weekend.  HHC & OPs talked abt the thunderheads the past two days over the San Gabriels, and Ken told OPs that OC Ham Booth pix are up on the website.  UEB, just arrived at the QTH, reminded and invited all OCARC OPs to join the OCWN group for lunch at 11:45am on Sat. in the lobby of the Hilton.  IXN & AJE discussed the Orange County Astronomer Club meetings in Irvine Hall, Chapman Univ., every 2nd Fri. of the month at 7:30 PM local time…And John is building a remote base fer the 440 band on the UHF rig.  QVY ‘flew in and flew out’.


9/07/2003 OCWN 40m CW Net – NC/UEB checked in IMW/6, KS6CW, RND, OIO, KA6G(Jim), VDP, KFW, and NT.  UEB had a FB time at the Convention, got a QSO frm W1AW/6, kept his wallet in his pocket, and lost his HT ant.!   IMW/6 had a great time on the Isle of Man, no operating though.  Ian also enjoyed the OCWN lunch on Sat., and sickness prevented Jill frm attending.  CW enjoyed meeting Net OPs at lunch on Sat., and Kathy QNXed to attend a special mass.  RND said it was vy nice meeting all you guys, wondering who the guy at the end of the table was, and this morning he’s QNI!  Jim(KA6G), nice to hear you.  OIO enjoyed meeting OPs at lunch yesterday, and Ann gave NC a 579 sig rpt.  Jim, KA6G, checked in frm the QTH near Knotts Berry Farm, sent TNX to RND fer the welcome, and enjoyed meeting Net OPs at lunch on Sat.  VDP also had a gud time at the Convention and lunch on Sat.  Then Larry QNXed to look fer W1AW.  KFW, at lunch wid the OPs on Sat., had the best Reuben he’s had fer awhile.  NT said that they are going to turn his QTH on Goat Hill into a fire station…Seems that Goat Hill became a part of the City of Newport Beach on July 1st…Will Goat Hill move to a new location?…Stay tuned fer further developments!


9/10/2003 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, IXN, and HHC.  AF6C and LDC both praised HAMCON, and AF6C said that a radio club booth, or table, at the ARRL Convention is a gud idea.  AF6C also said that Steven, QVY ,Club Treasurer, is a new dad!  LDC experienced a pwr problem wid the amplifier…Switching to the proper ant. solved the problem.  LDC dry-walled the garage, and now , for the new shelving!  IXN undercoated the brick wall at the QTH wid three different colors, much to the chagrin of his neighbors!  And AF6C reported on HAMCON attendees:  UEB, RND, AF6C, VDP, KTX, GW, UC, KFW, LDC, WOX, QVY, JD, GZ & CDD, WZN & WZO, XQ, BWH, RUI, AJE, and IMW…gud turnout, OPs!  HHC then 73d to work on the Club paper.


9/10/2003 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, TWA, HHC, LDC, XQ, VDP, KFW, AF6C, and AJE.  El Presidente, Lowell, won a ’lil desk clock wid calendar at HAMCON, and all OPs were well pleased with HAMCON and the presentations.  Lowell then reminded OPs that the Sept. Club meeting will be at the Orange PD.   TWA picked up the wrong mike, joining IXN, AF6C, JD, LDC, and HHC’s ‘wrong mikers’ group!…But Charles didn’t mind, wid the nice, cool breeze blowing up the Santa Ana River, and, his avocado tree doing well.  HHC missed HAMCON, hving a previous commitment wid Diane at the River.  LDC reminded OPs of the importance of reporting auction items to HHC!…Items to be auctioned will be listed on the website widout names of contributors…This will prevent pre-auction buying!  OPs are worked on XQ’s son, at HAMCON, to bring him into the ham ranks, and VDP, KFW, & several OPs enjoyed Wayne Overbeck’s talk on antennas, and Larry also attended a QRP session on building your own radio, and, building neat keyer paddles.  And some OPs said that there was some lack of ham gear reps. At HAMCON, although KFW said that Kenwood, ICOM, and Yaesu were there.  And KFW said that UEB’s O. C. Wireless Net group enjoyed a vy nice lunch at The Rock Bottoms on Ocean Drive.  AF6C commented on the Orange County RACES table, and the South Orange County Club’s table at HAMCON…The South O.C. Club had the Woufhong Ceremony, too.  AJE visited the W1AW Booth on Sat., and John didn’t win anything at HAMCON.   AJE, AF6C, and IXN will all attend the OCA meeting at Chapman Univ. come Friday.


9/14/2003 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IB/6, VDP, KS6CW, IMW/6, RND, OIO, KA6G, and NT.  UEB replaced the ant. & battery on the HT, and Rick had a FB time at XYL’s company picnic on Sat. at Sea World San Diego…IMW will be NCS nxt Sun. during UEB’s absence.  IB, QNXing to go to work, enjoyed OCWN lunch pix…Great looking crew!  VDP is starting another estate sale…lots of test equipment and parts…Larry will be at Cal Poly nxt Sat.  CW, bk in choir agn, is taking sum music classes & a computer science class…Kathy enjoyed lunch pix, too.  IMW/6 is interested in VDP’s test equipment.  Ian asked VDP to landline him wid a list.  RND QNOs to work the FISTS Coast-to-Coast Contest…If you work five Club stations, you can get a certificate!   OIO, catching up on yard work, had to reinstall Norton Antivirus (vy interesting).  UEB raised power to improve sigs at KA6G’s QTH.  Goat Hill is on shakey ground, so NT is out house hunting, trying to find a match fer the QTH on Goat Hill!


9/17/2003 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, CCD, IXN, KB1GZ, and HHC.  LDC is still working on shelving in the garage, and Larry now hopes to get everything moved off the floor.  LDC lost two hammers (join the crowd!), and Larry bought a table fer his new drill press.  CCD enjoyed LHM’s RFI program at ARRL HAMCON, and Tom has nw removed most of the RF interference frm the QTH.  IXN & Lee just finished working on Jeannie Talcott’s errant fence gate.  GZ joined the LUOTDL group, ie: Load Up On The Dummy Load, and Steve said his computer ‘crapped out’ just before Net!  AF6C & HHC discussed and ISP problem wid SBC accepting AT & T e-mail from Ken’s computer.  HHC asked CCD abt location of Slaughter Cave entrance frm the parking lot…Seems that HHC & Diane are off to Carlsbad Caverns in NM fer a mini-vacation. 


9/17/2003 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in AF6C, VDP, KFW, HHC, W7XQ, AJE, BSV, and QVY.  IXN asked HHC fer location of the Orange PD building so Bob & Lee can attend the Club meeting Fri. eve. and tour the EOC.  And AF6C proved his loyalty to the GWM Group…He Grabbed the Wrong Mike at check-in!  And AF6C & HHC discussed Norton vs McAffee firewalls.  VDP inherited another Silent Key’s ham gear estate fer disposal, so it’s off to Cal Poly come Sat.  And Larry is looking forward to the CA QSO Party the 1st week in Oct.  EUB gets tnx frm Club Historian fer the excellent pix of the OCWN group at HAMCON.  KFW & IXN identified sum members of the group, and Chris said that he & the XYL had a baby shower over last weekend fer his expecting daughter!  HHC heard XQ’s sigs loud and clear, reminded OPs abt the upcoming Orange PD Club meeting Fri. eve.,  and told OPs that he & Diane are soon off to Sedona, AZ, Taos, the Carlsbad Caverns, and other sites.  XQ told HHC that he received his ‘snail mail’ RF, and Luke enjoyed HAMCON.  IXN & XQ briefly discussed hamfests that were held in PA., ie: the MURGAS Hamfest at Scranton, and the Butler Hamfest near Pittsburgh.  AJE & IXN enjoyed the OCA meeting last Fri. eve., especially the telescopes in the parking lost fer Mars viewing!  And OPs sent Congrats. to QVY & the XYL on the birth of their new daughter!…Nw Steve has a better reason for staying up late at nite than ham radio!  GSV just got bk frm 100 deg. WX at the River, but enjoyed the River later in the summer.



9/21/2003 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/RND checked in IMW/6, KFW, KS6CW, KA6G, VDP, and NT.   RND reported gud sigs on all, and IMW found some gud books (and junk, HI) at the swap meet.  Ian was using an inverted V ant. in the backyard fer Net today.  KFW attended the meeting at the Orange PD EOC where he had a very interesting tour of the dispatch center, watch commander’s center, and the EOC vehicle.  CW was delighted to receive her FISTS T-shirt and sweatshirt last week!  Then Kathy flitted off to church to sing.  KA6G announced the 1st meeting of the Anaheim Elmer Workshop…Six people…We cover the basics…Need help?…Contact Jim, KA6G, for more info.  VDP, handling estate sales, has loads of ham gear, etc., to sell, so he’ll be off to the TRW Swap Meet come Sat.  JIL needs to find another volunteer to assume secretarial duties…Any takers?…Contact JIL, EUB, or IMW if interested. 




9/24/2003 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, BSV, KFW, and UC.  JD was out of town for the OPD tour of the Communications Center and the EOC Mobile Unit, but IXN, BSV, KFW, and UC all found the tour informative and enlightening!   BSV 73’d to help the harmonic wid homework, and KFW found adjustable elevation of tables in the OPD Communications Center interesting.  UC and GW are still busy wid instrument repairs for schools, and IXN & Lee are off to Jeanie Talcott’s new home to help her wid house chores.


9/28/03 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW/6, GVG, KFW, KS6CW, RND, KA6G, OIO, NT, and VDP.   UEB made a CW contact wid a new San Diego station…Rick enjoyed the ragchew!  IMW & XYL, married nine years ago at Dana Point, returned there this week to celebrate their wedding anniversary.  GVG, bk frm his overseas trip, had a gud time in Lithuania & Moscow.  Roy said there is much new construction and more traffic.  He took a night train from Vilnius through Balerus to Moscow…What a ride!  KFW told OPs that IXN has entered UEB’s pix of the group at the HAMCON luncheon in the OCARC Club History.  CW is busy preparing fer her first test in music theory, and Kathy is doing OK wid computer science, then it was QRT to prepare fer choir warm-up & mass.  RND had gud copy on all OPs, asking hw many years had passed since Ian & Jill were married.  KA6G is helping the harmonic rewire his house, which was built in 1912!  OIO gave OP RSTs frm 229 to 449 thru the QRN at her QTH!  Ann said that she got “radio active” this month and made more contacts than last month.  NAT said that it was gloomy on the Hill, but otherwise, things are normal.  VDP had fair results frm sales at the TRW Swapmeet, and Larry will be working the California QSO Party next week.

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