11/02/2003 40m OCWN CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW/6, KS6CW, KA6G, W7IB, VDP, NT, IOA/MM, and RND.  UEB spent sum time listening to CW SS, but no contacts, and Rick told IB that he’ll be working in Rancho Cordova fer a few weeks, hw far frm Loomis?  IMW had vy ‘lil QRN…maybe the sunspot closed dwn the DX QRN!  UEB was unable to copy CW at QNI, and Rick was unable to copy Kathy’s weak sigs above the noise level.  KA6G has been operating CW SS, wid 45 contacts in 2.5 hrs. so far!  UEB suspected band changes when he was unable to contact IB at his point in rotation.   VDP, watching the fires on TV, hoped that Ann was safe & well, and Larry relayed to UEB that CW was QNX.  NT reported daughter’s hair-raising escape (near Temecula) while taking horses to safety in a trailer.  The trailer caught fire but was extinguished by nearby firemen wid all OK!  TV don’t give the sense of real terror in the fire areas!   UEB heard IOA/MM at check-in, but was unable to contact him in the band change.  Wid 49 deg. WX at RND’s QTH, John said it was gud to have clean air agn, and RND hoped that Ray’s horses didn’t end up with hot hoofs!…HI!


11/05/2003 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN and HHC.  AF6C attacked the bougenvilla, and it counterattacked wid allergy (maybe a cold!)  Wid impaired breathing thru his nose, AF6C told IXN that he had lots of trick & treaters Halloween nite…IXN & Lee, too.  HHC & AF6C discussed digital camera methods classes, and IXN told OPs that EQ activity seemed to be normal at this time.  HHC, munching on Diane’s popcorn, said that GZ was in England once more on business, but that Steve wud be visiting the English ham club which he recently joined.  And HHC said his company got two contracts which will help to keep the company in operation.  IXN & Lee got their flu shots three wks ago, and HHC, AF6C, and IXN all discussed the latest massive solar storms wid their associated proton events, sunspots, and magnetic fields. 


11/05/2003 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in VDP, AF6C, JD, HHC, KFW, BSV, BWH, K1PC, and MIG.  IXN received a morse sig wid last three call letters ‘ADI’, but got no response on request to identify wid name & location!  VDP is working on house chores plus preparing ham gear fer the next swapmeet.  IXN relayed Jeannie Talcott’s telephone number to VDP after Net.  KFW discovered a burned out meter movement in the Bird Wattmeter he picked up at auction.  AF6C & KFW will meet to get Chris’ wattmeter working.  And AF6C has written a couple of articles fer future ‘RFs’!  JD, enjoying the Club Bfast & rain over the weekend, has VPP scouting the membership fer new Club officers!  HHC will relinquish editing duties fer ‘RF’ to spend more time on Company business, and Ken said that we may see more Northern Lights with the increased solar storms.   And KFW missed last Net…His youngest harmonic was busy presenting him wid his 7th grandharmonic!  BSV & VDP will both visit the CalPoly Swapmeet to sell more ham related items, and KFW gave the Bird we address for OPs wanting to download the Bird Wattmeter 43 manule.  BWH wud like a copy of the manule, and Bob has been vy busy wid a programmer frm Seattle getting his prior boss’s computer on line!


11/09/2003 40m OCWN CW Net – NCS/RND checked in OIO, VDP, NT, IMW/6, and KFW.  RND heard a weak sig in there, but he didn’t come bk!  IMW reported ‘on and off’ rain in Irvine…RND will hve to water the lawn.  KA6G worked his usual 100 contacts, and RND suggested that Jim get his pin frm ARRL. CW is looking forward to the rain, and Kathy    QNXed at 9:30 AM to go to church.  Will OIO’s water pipe hold?…Maybe Ann will tell us nxt Sunday when she checks in frm the mountains.  KFW’s harmonic gave him a 7th harmonic, a beautiful 7 lb. 6 oz. girl!…Nw Chris has two more grandkids than RND!  And RND wants to know if OIO’s mountain cabin made it thru the fires!  VDP checked QSL cards fer a ham who Worked All States on PSK31!  Frm gloomy Goat Hill, NT reported that all horses were moved wid ease and things are bk to normal.


11/12/2003 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, IXN, HHC, and LNX.  AF6C joined the crowd…He misplaced a curtain rod and cudn’t find it!  LDC is off wid the Elks fer a dirt bike weekend in the Ft. Irwin area near Barstow.  And Larry thinks he found his intermittent…a malfunctioning antenna switch!  LDC also has memories of past ham days restored as he cleans old ham gear and parts out of the shack.  HHC is putting the finishing touches to Nov. ‘RF’, and AF6C will send another article to Ken fer the Newsletter.  AF6C & HHC are also fixing broken links on the website.  IXN had to shut down temporarily during the lightning storm, but returned to the Net later…Bob was busy fixing a 4-position fan switch.  LNX got a versatuner on line and Matt’s sigs were greatly improved!


11/12/2003 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, LDC, MIG, AF6C, BSV, VDP, KFW, HHC, and KG6RER, Paul.  JD reported flooding in Compton & Lynwood frm the storms, and Lowell said OPD will hve open house frm 10 AM to 2 PM come Saturday.  LDC has had vy ’lil rain at the QTH, and Larry is looking forward to a ‘dirt bike’ weekend!  MIG, MIF, and MIH all launched rockets, and watched others launch J, K, L, and M rockets at a rocket organization site.  And Kevin, MIH, is NC fer the Boy Scout Net on CLARA repeater at 7 PM on Sat. eves.  HHC and AF6C, watching a football game, missed the lunar eclipse, but it was clouded in anyway!  BSV got thru the harmonic’s 6th grade math in time fer a check-in, and VDP told BSV that an OP in the microwave organization might be interested in his transverters.   KFW had abt 5 min. of thunder, lightning, and rain at the QTH, and AF6C will bring the BIRD meter movement to Club meeting fer KFW.   HHC enjoyed meeting MIG at the auction, and Ken sent congrats to MIH fer NC duties wid the Boy Scout Net.  Paul, in South Pasadena, broke into Net to make a contact, and, they QSYd to another freq.


11/16/2003 40m OCWN CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IB, GVG, KS6CW, KA6G, KFW, VDP, NT, RND, IMW, and IOA. UEB tnxed RND fer handling NCS last week, and Jill fer compiling Net sessions notes.  And Rick will be handling secretarial duties until further notice.  IB, in Loomis, gave NCS a 529 wid QSB, welcomed UEB bk frm business travels.  GVG is glad to be back frm not-to-exotic Seattle as Roy reported FB sigs frm all!  CW has now attacked the piano wid great vigor, doing well wid her lessons, and KA6G, in the Sweepstakes, battles Tennessee Valley Indians on the telephone!  KFW will soon be climbing to fix a troublesome HF antenna, and VDP had a slow day at the Cal Poly Swapmeet yesterday.  The recent rain has germinated a new weed crop on the ‘Hill’, and NT reported gud sigs frm Net stations.  RND enjoyed the bright morning sun as he reported a FB QSO wid OIO and KFW yesterday!  IMW checked in late…He was helping Jill retrieve her car keys locked in the car, and K3IMW, Ian, needs PLL info for an IC-745!  IOA checked in frm Ventura Harbor as he prepared to go sailing, giving NCS a 599 and reporting gud sigs on all OPs! 



11/19/2003 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in OGO, LDC, KB1GZ, and HHC.  OGO got a new Heil mike fer his YAESU rig…At his present settings, Doc’s audio emphasized treble freqs. and suppressed base response.  LDC had a great time in the desert over last weekend, and Larry is nw preparing fer the yearly potluck, dirt biking, outing on Thanksgiving wid the family in the desert…Nw, bk to the plumbing nightmare under the sink!  AF6C replaced sum .1 mfd 1200V caps in the SB620 analyzer he bought at the Auction.  And Bob got an audio oscillator working agn.  GZ is looking forward to sum rest over TG weekend and the upcoming Christmas holidays.  IXN is treating scaly skin wid effudex to prevent skin cancers frm developing, and Bob read a couple of space science items frm the Sirius Astronomer.  IXN told HHC that he hadn’t received his snailmail copy of ‘RF’ as yet, and Ken was busy fixing a ‘Bill Gates’ problem wid Tech Support…a pointer to a Digital Certificate got corrupted!


11/19/2003 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, AF6C, KFW, HHC, HQP, and BSV.  JD & IXN are both having doctor’s exams, and Lowell reminded OPs about Friday’s Club meeting.  After replacing a 6136 tube, AF6C got his audio oscillator working once agn, and Bob also completed servicing the spectrum analyzer.  KFW told IXN that no notes frm Sunday’s OCWN Net were forthcoming as yet, and Chris finished replacing a shorted balun in the yagi ant.  HHC said BWH had prepared a roster fer ‘RF’, and Ken said that Windows Tech Support costs arnd $35/problem.  BSV just got finished helping the harmonic wid homework as Carl kicked bk to listen to the rest of the Net.   It was gud to hear Linda, HQP, BWH’s XYL, on the Net tonite…HQP updated us on the mailing of ‘RF’.


11/23/2003 40m OCWN CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in KS6CW, KA6G, IB, NT, VDP, OIO, KFW, RND, JIL, IOA/MM.   UEB finished building the multi-part mast fer the Anza-Borrego expedition, then he returned to Sacramento later in the day.  CW sent Happy TGs to all and QRT’d to go to Church.   KA6G reported bad QRN, intermittent, that he hears sum mornings!  IB experienced QSB & QRN, wid possible band change, and Casey has lots of leaves to rake up in Loomis.   NT's zoo on the ‘Hill’ is in gud shape, and VDP experienced rough copy on OPs wid a QRN of S9!  OIO ventured up to the Barton Flats Cabin last weekend…Wid no lights, no heat, and no radio, breakfast was eaten by candle light!  KFW replaced a balun on his HF triband Yagi, and Chris reported QRN at S8 today!  RND copied all OPs OK, and John played wid QRP this week, making a few QSOs.  And RND welcomed ‘the gem of Irvine’, Jill, bk to the Net!   JIL was busy shopping fer T-Day food and a weekend in the desert, and Jill reported IMW dwn fer the count…His back went out!   IOA/MM, operating frm his boat in Ventura Harbor, wants sigs like RND and NT.   And Ron wished Happy TG all around.


11/26/2003 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in FMX, HHC, IXN, and N6VL, steve, in Buena Park.  FMX is reburbishing a 40 ft tower he got fer a gud price, and Paul 73d when the XYL was attacked by Tennessee Valley Indians!  AF6C, FMX, and HHC discussed video cameras, transferring video tapes to CDs, etc., and FMX and HHC will be host to family fer TG festivities tomorrow. IXN & Lee are off to the San Jacinto Mts. and Indio fer the TG weekend, and Bob reported gud sigs on all OPs tonite.  VDP gave HHC a list of items frm the NY6U estate which HHC transferred to the website.  AF6C introduced OPs to ‘turducken’…a TG dish?  N6VL visited our site on FD, has an EICOM 746, and 73d to watch Star Trek. FMX said that IXN cud stand in front of the frig and get just as cold as he’ll be tomorrow without going to the mountains!


11/26/2003 2m Phone Net – No check-ins!  All OPs were busy preparing fer TG tomorrow!   


11/30/2003 40m OCWN CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in KS6CW, KA6G, IB, OIO, KFW, NT, RND, and VDP.  UEB experiments wid a non-resonant 40m vert. Ant. on a 6 ft. cinder block wall.  Most OPs gave Rick FB sig rpts!  IMW, JIL, and UEB & family just returned frm a camping trip to Anza Borrego State Park where UEB garnered a new state: Idaho.  CW gives NCS a 599, and Kathy is looking forward to finals next week?!!  KA6G heard lots of DX on 20m yesterday, and Jim and IB are still experiencing sum fading on NCS’ sigs.  And Casey TG’d wid family at his brother’s place in Placerville.  OIO will miss nxt Sun. Net…Ann will be on a Christmas home tour wid Santa Ana College.  KFW enjoyed the TRW Swapmeet wid VDP on Sat.  NT, wid another gloomy day on the ‘Hill’, expounded John’s contesting advice: If everyone’s check number is larger than yours, then it must be time to change hobbies.  RND’s XYL treated him to breakfast and he ate too much!…John asked: Temp in the desert, Rick?…Rick: I wore 5 layers at nite while working 40m!!   VDP, at the Swapmeet wid KFW, had fun looking arnd but didn’t buy much.

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