1/04/2004 40m OCWN CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW, KA6G, IB, GVG, RND, OIO, VDP, NT, and HKT.   QRN on 7114 KHz forced the Net to move to 7060 KHz.(temp).  UEB & family spent New Year’s Day at Bear Mt…Rick enjoyed SKN wid 1 new contact & 2 repeats…He also heard Ann’s SKN QSO wid NN7B!  IMW wished all a HNY, and Ian was wid Santa’s present, ‘Experimental Methods in RF Design’.  IMW did a ’lil SKN too.  KA6G attended a family affair, so no SKN…maybe next year…HNY to all!  NCS got a 559 frm IB in Loomis, wid a 28 deg. HNY to all!…And Casey’s furnace went out…YIKES!…On SKN, IB gave a local ham his 1st CW QSO, worked Ann & 10 others!  GVG, using a mobile whip on his condo balcony, worked RND and others on SKN…Roy had FB copy on all OPs.  RND passed along CW’s HNYs to all…Kathy had to leave at 9AM.  RND’s family Christmas trip to Utah included 2 ft. of snow and a temp. of 21 deg. F…John, glad to be bk home, made 12 SKN QSOs before his wrist fell off!  Between patching leaks in the roof, OIO worked 9 QSOs on SKN…Ann wished all OPs a HNY.  VDP, wishing all a HNY, missed SKN…Computer problems kept Larry away frm the key!   NT, spending more time fixing old gear than operating, forgot to say hny FRM THE ‘Hill’!   HKT, in Torrance, didn’t work SKN…Homer’s in Laughlin every New Years!

01/07/2004 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in KB1GZ, CCD, IXN, and HHC.  El Presidente, Steve, GZ, will provide a Club Christmas dinner article fer ‘RF’, and GZ also told OPs abt a gud BD dinner he and the family had at the Orange county Mining Co.  CCD & family Christmased in San Diego, and then Tom hosted other family members frm Arizona later.  Now CCD will be replacing bathroom utilities at the QTH…Tom also worked a ’lil 10m over the holidays.  HHC announced a future Club program, to be given by CW, on American Morse Code…IXN is looking forward to this one!  J-pole antennas were briefly discussed, and IXN is still using a 220 MHz VDP constructed J-pole, abt 6 years old, that still looks as new as the day he put it up!!…(Ask VDP abt excellent ant. coatings!!)  AF6C & IXN don’t envy CCD his bathroom plumbing work…AF6C generally takes three trips to the hardware store for each plumbing project completed!  HHC will provide GZ a couple of Club Christmas Dinner photos if GZ supplies the write-up, and Ken had a bad weekend wid ‘golden years’ esophagus & stomach spasms…But all will be forgotten when HHC hits the ski slopes in the near future!   HHC will return a Club document to IXN fer the Club archives, and Ken announced sum future programs fer Club meetings.


1/7/04 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, KTS, KB6UJW(Wayne), AF6C, and BSV.  JD & IXN are both slightly asthmatic, and IXN suggested that JD try a ‘Fishermans Friend’ cough disc to stop an asthmatic cough.  KTS, over the flu, is working at trying to remain well…IXN & AF6C told David that he has a slight 60 cycle hum on his sigs, probably due to an errant mike cord or connection.   AF6C has a yearly physical coming up, and Bob told BSV that the SB620 he picked up at the auction, is well built, wid only a couple of filter capacitors that needed to be replaced.  IXN suggested that AF6C do an article fer ‘RF’ on ESR/high power factor for capacitors…AF6C will look into it!  UJW, Wayne, checked in wid FB sigs, using a Comet ant.,  frm Anaheim…We hope to see Wayne at a Club meeting fer an eyeball!  BSV recently had both harmonics dwn wid the flu, and Carl said he will be rounding up manules for equipment sold at the Club auction.


1/11/04 40m OCWN CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in CW, KA6G, IMW, KFW, VDP, RND, HKT, NT, and OIO.   NCS QSY’d to 7098 KHz due to SWB QRM on 7114 KHz.  UEB worked the CW QSO Party yesterday, hearing KC6VQH on the air.  And Rick also saw OIO mentioned in the 2/04 issue of World Radio!  CW worked 7 stations on SKN…Kathy enjoyed getting the Morse Telegraph Club call on the air.  Next SKN, CW will get more volunteers to man the MTC call!  KA6G is still learning tuning procedures on the rig, using 50Hz bandwidth today.   And IMW received a strong sig on 7099KHz…(That’ll help Ian copy 559 sigs thru the QRM!…HI HI)  KFW tuned in late last Sun., missing the QSY freq., and VDP’s   XYL and harmonic were off to Laughlin to celebrate the harmonic’s 21st BD…That left Larry home to feed the cat and work on sum projects.  RND, enjoying the FB WX, had gud copy on all except OIO up in Barton Flats.  HKT, after copying all the previous stations, suffered hand fatigue, finding it hard to send well!  NT’s G5RV fell apart on the Hill!…Poor mechanical design said Ray!…NT was using a temp. ant. 6 ft. off the ground!  OIO, in Barton Flats, was not gud copy fer all OPs…HKT was hearing Ann well, and Rick copied ‘frozen ground’, so it was a bit cold at Ann’s QTH!


1/14/04 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, HHC, IXN, and GZ.  LDC enjoyed the Christmas holidays best he could wid the strain ‘A’ flu, hving family in fer Christmas, and going to the desert fer New Years wid family.   AF6C & LDC buy plastic badge pockets at the same place in Orange, and Larry & OPs discussed the pros & cons of a manned moon, and Mars, missions in the distant future!  HHC announced his powerpoint program on J-pole antennas for Club meeting Fri. eve., and AF6C and IXN briefly discussed High Power Factor/ESR in capacitors, wid LDC jogging memories abt the old green eye tubes.  AF6C and Doc discussed Bob’s recent physical exam results, and El Presidente, GZ, doesn’t expect any manned missions to Mars or the moon in the foreseeable future…No funding and lack of needed research!


1/14/04 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, AF6C, MIG, HHC, BSV, KFW, and CCD.  JD is abt over the flu, going out of the house today.  And Lowell plans to see us fer an eyeball at Meeting Fri. eve.  AF6C announced that the Club Audit wid himself, QVY, PFA, and BWH, has been completed.  AF6C has downloaded sum software on PK-31 and SSTV fer use in future projects.  MIG & MIH ‘batched it’ while MIF & daughters were in Disneyworld in Fla. …(Kevin wanted green beans & whipped cream fer dinner!)  HHC says he’s learning new info. as he prepares his presentation on J-pole ants. fer Fri. Club meeting.  And KFW told IXN that there was a 19 deg. high and a 4 deg. low in Pittsburgh, PA, today!…Now we know why we all live in So. CA.!  CCD missed 10m Net wid a ECHO-LINK QSO & a German OP popping in.  Tom & XYL just got bk frm Visalia, now it’s off to San Diego, and then to the Doc on Monday!  BSV checked into Net, got a landline, and came back to us later near Net’s end.


01/18/2004 40m OCWN CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW, KS6CW, KA6G, IB, W6SJ, OIO, KFW, RND, VDP, HKT, and NT…Gud check-in, OPs!  UEB substituted a ~4ft. piece of coax for ladder line that connected my tuner to the ladder line feedline to my ant.  This was done to eliminate possible RF exposure!…Rick wud like to borrow field strength measuring equipment to test fer RF exposure in the shack!  The Net QSY’d frm 7114 KHz to 7090 KHz after experiencing SWB QRM.  UEB had a FB QSO wid HKT yesterday, and Rick helped a Wisconsin FISTS OP wid a needed contact for his NANFA award.  IMW picked up a homebrew tube transmitter…Now Ian has to learn abt dipping plate current, etc.!  CW is off to church, and tomorrow, it’s a trip to an Indian casino!  KA6G is in the process of overhauling a power saw and has grease on his hands & under his fingernails.   IB had sum QSB on Net sigs…WX was 45 deg., and Casey will be putting up a G5RV later wid help frm NU6T…IB will probably take a trip to Oregon nxt week.  NCS tnx Randy, W6SJ, on his 1st check-in & QSO wid the Net…SJ will check in nxt week.   If it rains later today, OIO will test her ‘labors aloft’ to see if she fixed the leaking skylight!  KFW enjoyed a FB presentation on J-pole ants. given by HHC at the OCARC Club meeting last Fri. eve., and RND exercised his ‘green thumb’ transferring a tree frm a smaller to a larger bucket…And John is following the Mars Rover adventures wid interest!  VDP’s S-meter showed zero on NCS sigs!…But Larry said he nw RSTs by the traditional method…EARS ONLY!…giving NCS a gud sig rpt!  HKT tnx UEB fer calling him when Rick heard Homer on the CLARA 2m repeater.  NT finally got the ant. together…It’s half up, but seems to work!  RND asked IMW, “What make & model is your tube transmitter”?…IMW replied that it was homebrew, wid 1625 finals.


01/21/2004 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/HHC checked in CCD, LDC, IXN, and LNX.  LDC remained on the vertical ant. tonite since AF6C didn’t check in wid the beam ant.  HHC has the ski trip planned, and Ken is now interested in obtaining NEC type software for modeling antennas.  LDC was off freq. at Net’s beginning, but soon came bk on freq.  And Larry, no din-din as yet, told OPs that the contractor finally found time to finish refurbishing the 3rd bathroom!  IXN read several astronomy research updates, including new material on the 11 year solar reversal of the sun’s magnetic field.  CCD enjoyed HHC’s presentation on J-pole ants. at the OCARC meeting last Fri. eve., and Tom says his bathroom refurbishing is just abt finished.  LNX had a lot of QRN at the QTH, but Mat was able to copy all OPs.


01/21/2004 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in KTS and IMW.  Ian, a regular check-in on the Sunday OCWN 40 m CW Net, checked in using and EICOM rig, (and IC-245, I believe).  David and Ian both had 5/9 sigs at ZE’s QTH.  IXN & KTS both heard SA winds rattling their ants., and IMW said wind speeds were arnd 20mi/hr in the Irvine area.  AF6C may have had company this evening as Bob did not check in on either net.


01/25/2004 40m OCWN CW Net – QST!…QST!…If you don’t find us at 7114 KHz at check-in, please scan up, or down, 3 KHz to find the Net! NCS/UEB checked in IMW/6, KFW, CW, IB/6, VDP, RND, NT, IOA/MM, OIO, and KA6G…gud check-in, OPs!  We thank RND fer acting NCS to confirm IOA/MM’s check-in.  While walking last nite, UEB listened to the Descent of Opportunity on the JPL repeater (147.15 MHz), and IMW has decided to call his vintage transmitter ‘Henry’…Ian made his 1st QSO on 40m last week.  KFW, wid nothing new, reported gud NCS sigs., and CW congrats JPL on Opportunity’s successful landing, before Kathy runs away!  NCS gives IB/6, in Loomis, a 569c sig rpt…Casey was using a SG-2020 running abt 15W…NCS noted a slight chirp on IB’s sigs.  VDP, heard by NCS multiple path at check-in only, told OPs told OPs that the wind tweaked the 6m beam…The director is tilted!  RND sent congrats to IMW on getting the tube rig on the air, and John will ‘cross the line’ next Tues…He’ll be a year older!  And RND zero-beat NCS’ Net freq. of 7080 KHz exactly!  NT checked in wid his ‘half & half’ ant, half up/half on the roof, garnering a 579 sig rpt frm NCS.  IOA/MM was out sailing on a FB morning, and OIO hopes to be at the mountain cabin next week making lots of QSOs if she doesn’t get lured away by computer games!  AT Net’s beginning, KA6G got lost in the QSY, but finally Jim rejoined OPs on 7080 KHz.  IMW’s crystal freq. fer the vintage xmitter is 7042 KHz.


01/28/2004 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, KB1GZ, HHC, and IXN.  AF6C spent the morning on an X-ray table as the Doc decided it was time for Bob’s annual physical, and GZ wondered it E-mails vs telephones might be a better means of communications in a major earthquake.  LDC still resists full retirement, having accepted a consulting job with students on a part time basis.  HHC, messing around wid a dead car battery in the Cammaro, managed to blow up the battery while attempting to move the auto!  And IXN, during his last colonoscopy, expelled the longest stream of gas & air in his lifetime, much to the delight of the doctor & nurses!  In reference to GZ’s inquiry abt hematite, IXN has not yet found why water is necessary for the formation of hematite, Fe2O3.

01/28/2004 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in MIG, MIH, AF6C, N6CCE/m(Ken), and JD.  Ken, CCE, enjoyed the Club auction, and we hope that Ken will soon come to a Club meeting fer an eyeball.   AF6C gave Ken Webpage info., and IXN told Ken abt the OCWN on Sunday…He’ll join them after he gets his keyer built!  JD joined the Net after being delayed by the ‘one-eyed monster’!  OPs briefly discussed uncomfortable colonoscopies, and AF6C said that he is busy formulating next ‘RF’.  IXN will try to submit a blurp on using observatory telescopes through your home computer.  CCE is off to the slopes at Big Bear come Sun., and AF6C told Ken to check out the Air Show Co. as a possible source of kfuture employment.  MIG & MIH were ‘kicked bk’ on the couch watching pix coming in frm the second Mars lander!

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