4/04/2004 40m OCWN CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in KS6CW, IMW/6, HQK, KA6G, IB/6, RND, OIO, HKT, VDP, and NT.  UEB made an AZ contact wid the Rock Mite, but was unable to make a short range contact wid IB.  CW’s mom enjoyed her surprise 80th BD party wid family & friends, even though it was a week early.  IMW/6 has the ‘sip & puff’ keyer valves described in QST (BSV also has ‘em)…Ian will build a keyer fer a ham wid coordination problems…Need parts?…Contact IMW.  HQK would soon be off to the local live steam club in Torrance to run miniature locomotives, and KA6G QNX’d to go with a friend to see the Padres play in their new stadium in San Diego.  IB/6 has been working in the garden ‘taking the dirt bk frm the weeds’…HI!  And RND, fooling arnd wid a new computer, marvelled at UEB’s QRP full-length 40m dipole up only 6 ft.!  OIO’s 32-yr-old frig. Exhausted its freon, wo Ann has all her goodies on ice!…Will the ice last until Monday when the new frig. arrives?…More later.  HKT didn’t worry abt daylight savings time…He has 5 radio controlled clocks that do their own thing!…And Homer still plans to install a folding 2m ant. on the new truck.  VDP is still cleaning up branches frm the tree trim.  NT got his SSB Sweepstakes Pin, and Ray asked RND if he got one this year…RND’s response was negative.


4/07/2004 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in VKZ, CCD, IXN, HHC, and TWA.  AF6C spent part of the day getting the QTH ready fer the painters, who will also patch interior earthquake cracks, and Bob finished reburbishing the old spark-gap Bonnell telegraph key.  And Bob sent tnx along to WWK & KTS fer helping wid ‘RF’.  VKZ ‘flew in’, then ‘flew out’ fer 15 min. or so, then ‘flew bk in’ to hve AF6C update him on Broadband PowerLine xmissions.  IXN read a couple of blurps on Mars water, dark energy, and H2SO4 on Jupiter’s moon, Europa.  CCD spent sum time weeding and planting veges, and Tom also commented on power line interference.  HHC, home late frm work, got the state taxes done, attended a meeting of COAR planning fer Baker-to-Vegas Run, telling OPs COAR needs additional volunteers fer the Event!  All OPs got in on the BPL discussion that followed, and HHC told IXN that BPL will use freqs. between 2-80 MHZ!  And Ken will soon go bk East fer his mom’s 90th BD!  TWA got new digital hearing aids, and his faint sigs on Net nites has completely disappeared! HHC will soon pick up his new CW key at HRO and prepare to join the OCWN crew on Sun. mornings.


4/07/2004 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in TWA, BSV, HHC, VJG, AF6C, MIH, & MIG.  TWA pulled an AF6C-HHC-IXN…He grabbed the wrong mike…charles heard all OPs FB, and TWA said he might try checking into the OCWN CW Net.  BSV plans a weekend of relaxation and visiting wid his sister & family in Mission Viejo.  AF6C will landline BSV fer details on assuming the raffle duties at next Club meeting, and HHC, AF6C, and IXN discussed future BPL problems, especially RFI!  VJG moved a speaker off the rig and his hum interference cleared up immediately!…And Vince said that he also has a faulty coax switch.  AF6C said that VJG was in the pix of last Meeting, and this pix is nw up on the website in Mar. ‘RF’.  HHC said that COAR needs volunteers to help wid the Baker-to-Vegas 120 mile run.  Wid 250 to 270 teams competing in the 20-leg run, the Event will occur on Apr. 24 – 25.  MIH & MIG ‘flew in and flew out’.   AF6C said that he gave VJG his new badge.


4/11/2004 40m OCWN CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in NU6T, IB/6, KS6CW, HQK, OIO, GVG, RND, KFW, VDP, KA6G, NT, IMW/6, IOA/6, and HKT…Wow!…15 check-ins wid NCS Rick!…(And someone said CW was dead!??)  UEB, by way of RND, checked in IMW/6 and IOA/6 frm the Anza Borrego Desert, although IOA’s sigs were not heard, or were uncopyable.  NU6T, in Fair Oaks, cpying only part of what he heard, kicked bk to listen fer awhile, and IB listened to the ‘pile-up’ on QNI…HI!…And Casey is looking forward to nice warm WX all week!  CW told Net that the W6MTC Net meets on 7084 KHz every Sat. morning at 0830 hours…And Kathy got hit wid a worm which prevents her frm logging on to her system.  HQK said local sigs were dwn, but DX was OK…Anyone interested in a local CW QSO on 2, 6, or 10m please e-mail  OIO got an OK frm the Ranger, needs a County permit, to dig a hole fer a perc test at her 730 sq.ft. cabin.  GVG is glad to be bk fer a week or so, and Roy gave IMW/6 a 57 frm the desert.  RND & OPs all wished each other Happy Easters, wid John vy happy wid the sunny Easter morning.  KFW reminded all abt the OCARC meeting to be held next Friday, and VDP is still cutting up tree branches…HI!  KA6G, near the end of the list, wishes all a happy Easter, and NT, wid things ‘hopping’ at the QTH, 73s to join the festivities.  IOA/6 cud not be heard frm the Anza Borrego Desert.  Last week, HKT had 10 clocks to set (other 5 were radio controlled) at the QTH!


4/14/2004 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in VKZ, LDC, KB1GZ, OGO, VK2VFV, IXN, and HHC.  All OPs copied Colin, VK2VFV, 10-10 # 39944, frm Sydney, Australia, and Colin & OPs exchanged 10-10 numbers!…Looks like 10m DX might be opening up a bit!  LDC developed a painful `crook’ in one finger, and OGO picked up an SB-221 amplifier…Now Doc is off to the DX Convention in Visalia next week.  AF6C, wid the outside of the QTH painted, will now have painters concentrate on two inside earthquake cracks as they paint the hallway & the living room.  HHC had ‘European Siren Interference’, double-toned, ofcourse!…And Ken is burning the fireplace tonite!…Seems that Ken & Diane got bees in the belfry…er…I mean, bees in the chimney!    Ken told OPs that ‘Baker-to-Vegas’ Run is still in need of volunteer monitors.  IXN told OPs that KFWB had Baker-to-Vegas in the news concerning LA Teams running fer charity purposes.   VKZ bought a 40m whip & mount, needs help installing it this weekend, and needs a ride to Club meeting this Fri. eve. 


4/14/2004 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in KTS, BSV, KFW, HHC, AF6C, and CCE.  KTS had a restful Easter cooking, baking, & feeding himself!…Nw David is ready fer  communications duties at the MS Walk this weekend, and getting ready to help wid a Tech licensing class come May 22.  BSV enjoyed Easter wid family in Mission Viejo, wid KFW hanging out wid family at the daughter’s home in Yorba Linda.  IXN & Lee spent the day wid nephew & family in Garden Grove, and HHC enjoyed the DX on 10m tonite wid Colin, VK2VFV.  HCC & family enjoyed the traditional Easter brunch & Champaigne at the OC Mining Co., and a backyard barbecue...And Ken told us that K6RIX helped replace guy wires on the KFI 750’ transmission tower…RIX will tell us abt it at Aug. Club meeting!  AF6C & BSV will confer abt the Club raffle Fri. eve. by E-mail.  And Bob has finished refurbishing the J.H. Bunnell Spark-gap telegraph key.


4/18/2004 40m OCWN CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW/6, KS6CW, KA6G, RND, IB/6, GVG, KFW, NT, and SJ.  UEB & XYL looked at Yukon, Explorer, and Grand Cherokee trucks in the rain yesterday, concluding wid a FB dinner at the cannery Restaurant in Newport Beach.  IMW’s desert trip was rewarded wid lots of wildflowers, but the FT-100 refused to work…Bummer!  A computer tech got CW’s ailing computer working much faster 4 hrs after his appearance…Now fer Morse Day next Sat.!  KA6G QNX’d after telling OPs that he was sitting in the sun, birds singing, and clouds drifting by!…HI!  RND had gud cpy on all…John enjoyed the rain, always doing a ’lil hamming when it rains.  Leslie & IB worked the MS Walk in Auburn yesterday, and this Net session marks IB’s 1st anniversary on the OCWN!  GVG worked RND mobile a few days ago…Roy told UEB that he lives directly across the street frm the Cannery Restaurant…HI!  Wid nothing new, KFW ‘flew in’, gave NCS a 599, and ‘flew out’.  NT, wid gloom on ‘the Hill’ today, told OPs that the QTH is in escrow, but still a ’lil time left before Ray vacates.  SJ, bk frm a train trip thru the South, was glad to be bk at the QTH in Corona del Mar.


4/21/2004 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in VKZ, LDC, CCD, KB1GZ, IXN, and HHC.  VKZ passed his stress test wid the cardiologist FB…And AF6C quipped, “Frank!  You will undergo another stress test when the cardiologist hands you the bill!…HI”!  AF6C will install new switches and matching switch plates when the painters finish the hall and living room at the QTH, and Bob asked IXN abt the Lyrid meteor shower that is in progress tonite.  LDC got the old motor home cleaned up ‘gud enuf to keep’…But the new motor home must replace it!  And Larry said he is spending much more time on the computer, using it fer practically everything!  And CCD put up 2 more antennas, one for 220 MHz and one fer 440 MHz.  GZ is trying to interest his daughter and her friend to get a Tech license…They’ll probably enroll in one of Gordy’s classes.  And Steve told HHC that his computer freezes up when he tries to download ‘RF’ frm the webpage.  IXN told GZ that VDP would be a gud contact fer used gear fer a new Tech.  IXN told OPs they cud monitor seismometers on 171.405 MHz and 163.795 MHz on their scanners.  HHC told GZ to show his ham station to young prospective hams as young people won’t think about price at their age…It is more important to feed their interest!


4/21/2004 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in KTS, HHC, KFW, and AF6C.  IXN did not think the arc formed, when switch contact bars opened in a switch yard, was real.  KTS said all went well at the three locations where MS Walks were held, and David announced a Tech licensing class to be held in the near future.  HHC said that the ‘RF’ Club newsletter was downloading OK…(problem must be on GZ’s end)…And HHC is busy loading Baker-to-Vegas freqs. into the rigs to provide communications fer the Cypress & Orange teams.  KFW said his 4-year old car passed the smog test wid flying colors, and Chris enjoyed the Club program on the Callbook of the World.  AF6C told KTS that he edited the Minutes to make them fit into the space provided in ‘RF’…And Bob asked David to provide him with a Blurp for the Newsletter concerning the upcoming Tech license class.


4/25/04 40m OCWN CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW/6, HQK, KS6CW, IB/6, GVG, KA6G, OIO, RND, KFW, IOA, NT, and VDP.  The Net was moved to 7086 KHz frm 7114 KHz due to SWB interference.  Rick enjoyed Sun. in So. CA…He’s off to Sacramento tomorrow.  IMW/6 said the new Net freq. is not in the novice band…Oh well!…Time to upgrade!  HQK will be attending the West Coast Military Radio Collectors group’s annual meeting at Camp San Luis Obispo next weekend, and CW enjoyed the MTC meeting wid telegraph displays, a video presentation, luncheon, general meeting, and a door prize drawing!  IB, looking at a 90 deg. temp in Sacramento, will be working his horse, Leo, before it warms up too much.  GVG, on a mobile whip, just returned frm snow in Denver, and KA6G said CW did a FB job at the Morse Day event, and Jim will be working sum Sats. in Sacramento.  OIO had the cesspool tank pumped at the cabin…Now to de-root the drain!  RND wants to know if any OPs heard the special event station, K6KPH, on Fri. or Sat…If so, contact John.  KFW informed OPs that the OCARC Club Bfast will be next Sat., and IOA said two antennas met on a roof, fell in love, and got married!…HI!…NCS said telling an occasional joke on the OCWN wud be a nice tradition!  NT had a ‘senior moment’ wid a setting on the rig, and this is the last year that Ray will hve to worry abt weeds on The Hill…HI!  VDP is attacking the yardwork, and Larry told NCS he isn’t close to having the tree branches & leaves cleaned up.


4/28/2004 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in VKZ, LDC, CCD, HHC, KB1GZ, and IXN.  VKZ checked in waiting fer a report frm OPs on the Baker-to-Vegas Run, and Frank said he needed a ride to the Club Bfast come Sat.  All OPs gave Frank a gud sig rpt.  LDC built a boat rack fer the motorhome and is nw getting all his fishing gear ready to go…Then Larry told us a rock-a-bye baby story abt how he got his stuck gear shift on the truck out of ‘park’!  AF6C has been ignoring the ARRL Antenna Class at present while he paints inside the QTH.  CCD, up in Visalia,fer the past two days, got stuck in a traffic jam on the 5 Fwy on the way home.  Ken said the he, along wid VPP, WWK, BWH, and DLA, all worked the Baker-to-Vegas Run…The WX was mild & warm, and all seemed to go well wid the large number of teams participating…Much tnx fer the help, OPs!  Ken also has been avoiding the ARRL Course lately…Too many irons in the fire!  And HHC will pick up VKZ on Sat. morning to attend the Club Bfast.  GZ said that Art Goddard will be running around visiting FD sites with Huell Howser com Field Day…We welcome Huell to the OCARC FD site!  IXN & Lee had a new block wall installed between 701 & 705 S. Kilson (what a mess!), and IXN said that you can copy random morse code at: 


4/28/2004 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in K7JBQ, UC, KF6DKY, AF6C, and BSV. OPs welcomed Bill, JBQ, in Newport Beach, bk to Ham Radio after an absence of 12 yrs.  And UC has been vy, vy busy repairing musical instruments, plus, getting a basal cell growth removed frm his arm.  And OPs welcomed Jacob bk to the airwaves after an absence of 3 or 4 years frm amateur radio…All OPs hope we will have an eyeball wid Bill & Jacob at a Club meeting and at FD.  AF6C ‘flew in & flew out’…Bob had paint drying on his brush in the livingroom!  BSV was a late check-in, and Carl kicked back to listen to what was left of the Net.

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