5/02/2004 40m OCWN CW NetNCS/UEB checked in IMW/6, KS6CW, IB/6, IOA/6/mm, OIO, RND, KFW, NT, HKT, and VDP.  UEB reminded OPs that the new Net freq. is 7086 KHz., and Rick is looking for an interim NC for next Net, and possibly the following Net.  IMW, vy busy, had no time fer hamming the past week, and CW said that KA6G was involved wid tennis…Kathy said that W6MTC QSL cards come in blue, yellow & gray stock…(UEB wants a blue one).  IB, soon to be fighting weeds, predicted a 95 deg. temp. fer later today in Loomis.  IOA checked in frm Santa Rosa Island, where he’s been snorkeling, eating, sleeping and CWing!  OIO ‘flew in and flew out’…Ann had to take the cat to the vet.  RND had gud copy on all OPs, considering that the band was bad yesterday, and KFW found the 20m band open and worked a Russian station on CW!  NT ‘flew in & flew out’ before he gave NC his sig report!   HKT missed a few Nets being out of town, and, the grandson’s ice hockey…Next week, Homer is off on the Catalina IOTA trip.  VDP is piling up the firewood frm tree cuttings, and Larry is keeping busy wid yard work.


5/05/2004 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in VKZ, IXN, CCD, and HHC.  VKZ wondered what the absent Board members were doing at the Club Bfast last Sat!…And Frank got gud reports frm his Docs…Nw he has to find something to do during the time he used to spend running arnd to the Docs!  And VKZ gave KFW a roll of construction tape to make wires, etc., visible at FD…Then VKZ gave us the background on “Peek-a-boo ICU” at a hospital in a small Utah town.  Then IXN asked Frank abt N7PA’s move to Park City, Utah…Phil & family like the high country, and PA can do his client’s work in Utah as well as in CA.  AF6C is finishing painting in the living room at the QTH, installing new switches & cover plates.  And CCD is vy familiar wid Park City, UT…It has a dry climate, not too hot in summer, and they held a Winter Olympics there…But Tom won’t be going there…He’s off to Carlsbad State Beach fer a few days!  HHC is off to Pittsburgh, PA., next week to celebrate his mom’s 90th BD, and to visit a few friends, including W3IOP, an old sched. buddy.  HHC & AF6C both confirmed a temp. of 107 deg. in Orange a couple of days ago!


5/05/2004 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in AF6C, KB1GZ/m, TRA, CCD, HHC, ZGR, and UC.  IXN told GZ that many seismologists do not believe that the San Andreas Fault can generate a quake greater than 8.2 mag., based on trenching, past quakes, historical records, and presently, no subduction along the CA. Coast between Puerto Vallarta & Mendecino.  AF6C and HHC both received the Apr. Netnews frm IXN.  Both IXN & AF6C find other things than painting more enjoyable, and ZE also checked in CCD/m wid GZ.  TRA, hving had SBC in fer telephone repairs, discovered that the phone tech. Switched his ant. connections, causing Gene to burn out the triplexer!…But it took Gene almost 6 mos. To discover the error.  HHC sent details to Secy, Rich, fer a Club letter to the Portola Park neighbors announcing FD at Portola Park.   And ZGR isn’t remote tonite…He’s using an antenna just above the treeline at the QTH, and Dale had the fuel pump fail on the truck on his way bk dwn frm Santiago Peak!  UC was out shopping, picking up items for the grandkids’ BDs, and Jim said they hve major repairs in the bathroom, a leaking shower pan must be replaced!


5/12/2004 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in CCD, IXN, and Dxer ZL2VFV, frm New Zealand.  The WX was vy warm, CCD caught a cold, but he & the XYL had a gud time at Carlsbad State Beach.  AF6C was kept busy finishing up the ARRL Course, and, repairing cracks and painting in the living room at the QTH.  IXN is still working on cleanup after having the concrete wall installed.  VFV checked in once agn frm New Zealand, saying HI to all OPs thru the QRN.


5/12/2004 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, K7JBQ(Bill), KTS, CCE, KFW, and AF6C.  JD, planning a trip to Reno for a reunion and to celebrate the XYL’s BD, will miss FD.  JBQ, in Newport Beach, renewed his VE status, and Bill is off to Boise, ID, to celebrate his daughter’s graduation wid a Business Management degree.   KTS is busy getting rid of wood in the driveway, preparing fer FD and the Orange County Fair, and for the July 17th Mojave 250 Desert Race…Interested in helping out…contact Dick, N6ISY, at SBC   CCE expressed interest in joining in CW operations on FD, and Ken plans to take another electrical engineering course this summer.   KFW announced the new check-in freq. of 7086 KHz, + or – QRM, fer the OCWN 40m CW Net…An Chris will miss FD…He’s off on vacation to PA, where he’ll operate FD mobile.  IXN asked Chris to try to make contact wid the Ft. Venango Mike & Key Club in Oil City.  AF6C solicited OP response to the construction of a 3-stage code practice oscillator as a project fer Club members, and KFW suggested that Bob re-publish a former noise bridge/coax article that appeared in ‘RF’.


5/19/2004 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in VKZ, IXN, and HHC.  AF6C reminded OPs abt our upcoming Club meeting Friday, and Bob has finished the painting, wall switch installations, etc., all but the touch-up.  VKZ is hving trouble wid the back once agn, so Frank will meet wid Dr. Nadia Elihu at St. Joseph Hosp. come Friday.  And VKZ said UC will pick him up and bring him to Club meeting.  IXN got his snail-mail copy of ‘RF’…Vy gud newsletter, tnx to AF6C and those who supplied articles!  IXN is still installing decorative fence along the Kilson St. garden bed, and HHC had a great time at his mom’s 91st BD bash in Pittsburgh, PA.  OPs then related their early experiences in amateur radio in such places as Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, State College, and Oil City, PA.  HHC installed a new version of Microsoft Office on the computer, and Ken is working wid his antenna modeling software.


5/19/2004 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in CCE, AF6C, JBQ, JD, HHC, and KFW.   CCE is looking forward to the T-Hunt this weekend, and Ken got gud sig rpts on his new homebrew directional-finding antenna!  AF6C and OPs are eagerly awaiting Fri. nite Club meeting to hear a presentation on American Morse Code.  JBQ tweaked the ant. and received gud sig rpts when he was not interrupted by the Spanish QRM.   JD gave CCE a gud sig rpt. on the new ant., and Lowell is kicked back taking life easy!  HHC enjoyed spending time wid his DX-chasing cousin, W3IOP, bk in Pittsburgh, and Ken told OPs that he traded in the old 150,000 mi. Camaro fer new wheels.  OPs tnxed AF6C fer putting together an informative ‘RF’.   KFW said that RND assumed NC fer last session of the OCWN and that UEB wud probably be away next Net session.

5/23/2004 40m OCWN CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW/6, HQK, IB/6, GVG, VDP, HKT, KS6CW, KA6G, OIO, KFW, and NT.  To ease the pain of a brutal 2 weeks in Sacramento, UEB took a walking tour of Balboa Peninsula & Island last night, ending up at West Jetty View Park.  IMW missed Net last week…Ian had customers at the QTH all day…He’ll be in Minnesota next week! HQK will be going to the SS Lane Victory to prepare the WWII era radio equipment for this summer’s cruises.  IB, wid windy WX in Loomis, was in Reno fer an EMCOMM convention on Saturday…Now Casey will ‘kick bk’ fer a quiet day!  GVG, wid unstable band condxs in Bonsall, reported all So. CA. stations weak, but IB was 599.   VDP, at the Prado Shooting Range last Sun., missed the Net…Too many matches prevented Larry frm shooting! HKT was wid the United Amateur Radio Club on their annual Islands On The Air (IOTA) trip 2 weeks ago…Homer made a CW contact wid a ham born in 1905!   CW said that Tom, K6TV, enjoyed the OCARC meeting on Friday…Both he & Kathy made a presentation and demonstration on American Morse Code.  KA6G, commenting on all UEB’s overtime, thought Rick might arrange a small loan…HI!…UEB replied, “Sorry, I don’t get overtime pay…HI.  OIO got the 817 bk frm Yaesu…While adding freqs. to memory, Ann turned off the CW!…Next time, OIO will go thru the menu to be sure settings are correct!   KFW enjoyed CW & TV’s presentation at OCARC last Fri. on American Morse Code…(Ed. note:  So did all OPs at the Meeting!…Kudos to Kathy & Tom!)  NT hasn’t been kicked off The Hill yet…And Ray said the ‘college horse’ is bk rm school widout hving learned a lot…HI!    


5/26/2004 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, IXN, HHC, VKZ, CCE, and VK2VFV.  ZL2VFV, in New Zealand, faded away just after check-in.  LDC, wid the new motor home, plans to be in Montana, mobile, fer FD…Larry had a $97.97 gas bill to fill the tank!  And LDC had a broken water line, buried under a concrete slab, replaced.  IXN read a short article on Andromeda cannablizing nearby galaxies, and Bob doesn’t believe that present research supports an oscillating Universe.  HHC is completing Chapt.31 in the Antenna Modeling Class at ARRL, had his yearly Physical, and checked wid KFW on new Club members.  VKZ is feeling better after twisting his back, and Frank plans to attend FD.  AF6C told HHC that he made a badge fer W6KOS…AF6C gave it to KFW.  CCE checked in wid gud sigs.  Ken-CCE is studying fer finals.  AF6C says OCARC needs a food planner fer FD…Contact Bob.


5/26/2004 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in UC/m, KTS, KFW, CCE, HHC, AF6C, and BSV.  KTS wud liked to hve seen AF6C’s restored Bunnell Key as David talked abt a spark-gap transmitter that had previously been displayed at the O. C. Fair…And KTS reminded alll abt the dedication of the WWII Memorial set fer this weekend.  KFW journeyed to Temecula to visit a friend who is selling his two wineries due to bad health, and CCE is abt ready to put up a new UHF ant to replace the rubber-duck ant…Ken will soon take final exams, and then it’s off on a trip to Thailand!  HHC had nothing but high praise for the ARRL’s Antenna Modeling Class, and Ken tnxed KFW fer new member update info. fer the Webpage and Club roster.   HHC & IXN hve been wrestling wid sum E-mail problems, and AF6C received HHC’s pix fer ‘RF’.  AF6C told CCE to pick up copies of ‘Electronic Principles’, and ‘Transistor Circuit Approximations’, both written by Albert Malvino, both excellent sources for understanding and applications of useful formula shortcuts and transistor applications in electronic circuits.  BSV told HHC and IXN that some of their E-mail problems may be caused by virus-infected computers that have picked up their E-mail addresses and are using them for SPAM purposes. 


5/30/2004 40m OCWN CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in KS6CW, KA6G, RND, GVG, VDP, HKT, NT, and WB6RBJ, Fred, in Carlsbad.  UEB went down to the beach wid the family yesterday and got a ’lil sunburned!  CW left the Net early fer Choir, and KA6G left Net early to watch his harmonic officiate the College World Series on TV.  RND plans to watch the big race in Indy, and GVG used a whip antenna on the balcony of the condo, wid 57 & 59 sigs on all OPs.  VDP saw IB at the TRW Swapmeet yesterday, and Larry bought a Pentium 3 English-made computer at a garage sale…It has a great manual & it works FB!  HKT is still installing a antenna on the truck shell…Wid the unit finished, it is time to drill the holes! NT sent greetings to RBJ, turned the power up, but forgot to turn on the keyboard…(a senior moment, Ray!)  Fred, in Carlsbad, tnxed Rick fer the invitation to join the Net. 

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