6/02/2004 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in VKZ, KB1GZ, IXN, HHC, and CCE.   AF6C said that the Club Bfast Sat. will be competing wid the Cops Expo.  And Bob picked up a vacuum tube WWV receiver that he now has working. AF6C also received an article fer ‘RF’ from LDC.   VKZ received gud news of 100% allowance fer combat disabilities frm the VA.    HHC will pick up VKZ Sat. morning on his way to the Club Bfast.  AF6C needs a Prez Says article frm "el Presidente", GZ, and Steve is leaving fer vacation abt the middle of July, planning a day trip to Yosemite along the way.  GZ has an old Heathkit SB200 amplifier he wants to check out…AF6C told Steve to apply voltage slowly to re-form the old electrolytic capacitors.  IXN and Lee spent the afternoon at the St. Joes’ Hosp. Emergency Room…Lee had been taking Lovastatin and had a bout wid his liver! HHC finished the ARRL Antenna Course and is waiting to hear results frm ARRL…And Ken is catching up on sum Webpage work and preparing to check into the OCWN CW Net. CCE, finished wid school fer the summer, enjoyed the day at Lake Arrowhead, and is studying to take his General Radio Telephone License exam…Ken also plans to bring another OP wid him to OCARC Field Day!…(They’ll operate CW!)


6/02/2004 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, AF6C, MIH & MIG, TRA, and CCE, wid Travis, KG6USM, a late check-in.  AF6C put out a call fer food volunteer(s) to handle food on FD.  IXN will try to get an article fer ‘RF’ to Bob on past OPs who were ‘Chief Cooks’ at past FDs.  JD takes a medication before bedtime, that makes him woozy if taken at other times…Lowell is resting up fer duty in the Ham Booth at The Village in Orange.  AF6C wants articles fer ‘RF’, reminded OPs of FD on June 26 & 27, told CCE that BWH will be handling 40m on FD.  IXN said the Club shud offer TNX to all past Field Day Chefs, including ONZ, OPI, VKZ, and others…(IXN will search thru Club records for others!)   MIH GOT HIS GENERAL CLASS LICENSE!!…Congrats, Kevin!   TRA & XYL are once agn wrestling wid the XYL’s cancer problems, and Gene hopes that they can get away fer sum vacation later this summer.  CCE, remembering when he got his General License, sent congrats to Kevin…And Kenan hopes to be working CW at FD…(We need the points, Ken!)


6/06/2004 40m OCWN CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW, IB, KA6G, KFW, GVG, OIO, NT, and VDP.  UEB’s auto passed its smog test, and Rick had lunch wid Ian and Jill to celebrate Jill’s BD. UEB’s log shows 26 states worked! IMW told OPs that he finished and sent a ‘sip & puff’ keyer to ABěSI in MN, and Ian said that this month’s Cal Poly Swapmeet will be the last one at the present location.  IB, working too many hours at the office, hoped to do sum hamming today, and KA6G, putting things together for FD, plans to take 2 ants. for CW, and 4 for other bands…Jim gave NCS a 599 wid QSB.  KFW & XYL plan to leave on June 20th fer a cross country trip…Chris plans to work mobile FD while on the road!  NCS gives GVG, using a mobile whip on the balcony, a 579…Roy was using a Kenwood TS50 yesterday when he worked UEB frm the ‘beach’ QTH.  When the WX got too warm fer ‘cat & walking’ activities, OIO came home with a yellow car!…HI!  It appears that NT has ‘Tennessee Valley Indians’ getting in thru the cable to his TV…Ray thinks it might be a bad cable connection (he hopes!).  Wid sum yard work pending, a na lot more on hold, VDP will be in Laughlin next weekend.


6/09/2004 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in CCD, IXN, HHC, and VKZ. AF6C just got in frm doing lawn work, and CCD has been priming the QTH, getting ready to paint.  CCD inquired abt Food Chmn. Fer FD, but AF6C said ‘no luck’ as yet!  Then Tom told OPs that he crunched his toe while closing the door…(OH!…pain…pain…pain!)  Lee & IXN hve recovered frm the liver bug and were out at a friend’s house in Norco last nite fer a music jam session.  AF6C updated ham radio suppliers on the Club webpage, checking links, etc., and HHC has been fighting stomach pains frm acid reflux since last Sun.  OPs discussed having Pizza Hut deliver pizza fer Sat. eve. FD dinner if a FD cook cannot be found.   HHC finally got a confirmation of a Certificate of Graduation frm the ARRL antenna course that he completed over the Internet.  VKZ expressed a need to firm up FD plans fer the VHF/UHF 2m-440 station wid LNX, and Frank is doing well wid the physical therapy!


6/09/2004 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in BSV/m.  Karl ‘Ken’ was just arriving home frm the grocery store and he had slight ignition noise on his sigs…Turning off the motor in the driveway removed the QRN!  IXN closed the Net after 10 min…There were no further check-ins.


6/13/2004 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IB, KS6CW, KA6G, IMW, KFW, HKT, OIO, GVG, SXY(Tony), NT, and SZZ(Ray).  UEB planned to work on the antenna today, adding more radials and replacing the feedline.  IB, expecting 95 deg. temp. today, is gearing up fer FD.  CW copied all OPs, and expects to enjoy a choir party this afternoon.  KA6G wanted to hve a QSO wid SXY after Net, and IMW welcomed SXY to the Net…And Ian told OPs that next Sat. is the last Cal Poly Swapmeet at the Pomona location!  KFW, wid the FT-100D in the auto, was on the TS-520 as he prepares to leave next Sun., cross-country, until mid-August.  HKT spent 4 days working 2m for the RAYC (Race Committee for the Farr 40 Regatta)…Now Homer is off Arizona & dirt roads!  The Forest Service finally gave OIO permission to paint the outside of her cabin, located on government land, and GVG, wid a ’lil fog, had 5/7 to 5/9 sigs on all OPs.  SXY, in Oceanside, was pleased to be taking part in his 1st big CW net!  NT, wid a ‘Hi’ to Tony, is enjoying nice WX on the Hill.  SZZ, Ray, in Fremont, sent tnx to UEB & OIO fer QSOs, and SZZ hopes to visit QM this summer. 


6/16/2004 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in VKZ, CCE, HHC, IXN, and PFA.  VKZ has not yet received a call frm LNX abt VHF/UHF FD plans, and VKZ offered CCE an 80m dipole and supports fer FD.  CCE, wid FB sigs tonite,  said he will bring along two OPs, Gordon, KD7BIW, and Mike, WK6O, to help wid FD operations…And Ken said that he is still continuing his job search! AF6C will pick up the traditional saki, and Bob said that AJE had helped wid communications during the Presidential funeral.  HHC is busy tonite putting together the "past FD’s" presentation for Friday Club meeting…DVD this time…no slides!  PFA’s patio cover collapsed, antenna and all! It has now been replaced, wid the ant. bk up, and Tom said he was connected wid the DSL group on June 23.  IXN told OPs that Fe/C molecules found in the Martian Anarctica Meteorite can now be reproduced inorganically…Thus, any carbon-based life on Mars is still in question!


6/16/2004 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in AF6C, TRA, AJE, HHC, and JD.  AF6C talked wid BSV last week abt FD, and Bob did a ’lil detective work finding a German computer that was using his E-mail adr.  TRA confirmed LDC’s previous comments on gas prices fer RVs, but wid $4.50/gal in Canada, and $5.00/gal in Europe, Gene won’t complain!…And Gene said that it is vy difficult to find the right accommodations at National Parks fer RV groups!  AJE checked in remote frm inside the house, the rig being located in the garage…John will be at Meeting on Fri. to check out operations on 40m fer FD.  HHC took note of TRA’s gas price quotes fer Canada & Europe, and Ken is just abt ready wid the new DVD of Club FDs, frm 1996-2003, fer Fri. Club meeting.

6/20/2004 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW, IB, IOA/m, RND, GVG, KS6CW, HKT, OIO, KA6G, VDP, and NT.  Wid QRM on 7085 KHz, UEB moved the Net to 7087 KHz.  UEB added 3 radials to the ant., and, Rick added 12 FB-77-1024 Amidon ferrite cores to the coax to prevent common mode RF. IMW gave NCS a 5NN sig rpt, and Ian went to the last Cal Poly Swapmeet…No one seems to know its new location!  IB plans to operate FD frm Immigrant’s Gap in the Sierras as W6RFF…Casey hopes to hear frm the Net there!  IOA/m, at Almo Mountain, ‘flies in’ to give all OPs 5NNs, and then ‘flies out’.   The WX gve RND mostly rain as John visited wid his son and grand harmonics in Salt Lake City last week.  GVG, nw in north San Diego County, will be bk in Newport Beach next week.  CW told OPs that there won’t be any W6MTC Net next Sat…Next session will be July 3rd wid RND as NCS.  HKT said that the United Amateur Radio Club will set up on a hill above San Pedro, operating Class 5A, and using a 80’ trailer-mounted tower wid its own generator, owned by the Club!  OIO applied for OC Fair judging, but won’t know the outcome ’til the middle of next month.  KA6G will join KS6CW and the SCATS RC fer FD at Hacienda Heights.   VDP ‘broke even’ on his recent trip to Laughlin, temp. 106 deg. F., and Larry saw a nice car museum at the Riverside Hotel.   NT is out house hunting after 35 yrs on the Hill!  And, UEB said there will be a OCWN Net on FD if he isn’t stuck in Rancho Cordova!


6/23/2004 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in VKZ, HHC, KB1GZ, CCD, and IXN.  HHC opened the Net while AF6C was firing up an old HEATH rig.   Then Bob assumed NC as usual.  Kenan, Mike, and Gordo stopped by VKZ’s QTH to pick up needed FD gear, and Frank said a neighbor will drive his truck to the FD site at Portola Park.  HHC provided VKZ wid N6RUI’s landline number, and VKZ offered gas cans, filled, fer FD!  HHC & AF6C told VKZ that providing a ride fer his neighbor bk home is no problem!  IXN told OPs that the code symbol for ‘at’, @, called a commat, is WR, sent altogether, or,  ._ _._.  , or AC sent altogether.  HHC said that Gordo has volunteered to handle Sat. nite supper at FD…Gordo will make chili and provide buns for those who are sloppy jo enthusiasts! HHC must pick up a new swiss army knife for one that he lost, and Ken asked that OPs supply a sledge hammer to drive ground rods, etc.  El Presidente GZ nw has a 3-ham family…Harmonic Sarah is nw KG6VND (congrats, Sarah!), and she’ll soon be off to the Univ. of Maryland to begin pharmacy studies.  CCD will visit FD Sat. nite, after helping CLARA set up in HB in the morning.  IXN told AF6C that the old rig is doing a FB job…It has excellent audio!


6/23/2004 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, TRA, BSV, HHC, AF6C, MIH, MIG, AJE/m, and BWH.  JD & XYL will be in the Reno/Carson City area on FD fer a reunion of old classmates, and, the XYL’s BD.  TRA will spend FD wid the XYL…Seems the docs found tumors on Tina’s liver, and she is scheduled fer surgery…OPs will keep Tina in their prayers!  BSV will deliver an amplifier fer ZH, and power supplies fer LNX, to HHC on Thurs. eve. to be used at FD.  IXN, AF6C, and HHC talked abt issuing a N6UC certificate to OPs that make a ‘goof’ during FD setup…Seems that Jack Hollander, N6UC, got the honor of naming the award after he put up a beam at FD without the feedline connected!…THE TRADITION MUST CONTINUE!!   AJE checked in mobile on the way home frm work, and AF6C announced that he has a FBI address for Internet Abuse!  MIG said that MIH was busy working ECHO-LINK…We cud hear Kevin in the background!  AF6C & HHC made a checklist fer the 20m station at FD, and Ken said that XO picked up the beam antennas.   BWH will help set up fer FD, go mow the grass, and help tear dwn come Sunday…And OPs enjoyed Bob’s airing of Newsline #1,401…Seems that BPL is becoming a vy hot issue as politics is overshadowing engineering data in the fight…Also Newsline announced that every issue of CQ Magazine is nw on the web!…Instant Messaging Networks are on the way!…They should be useful in hamming when propagation fails!  (Tnx, Bob, Newsline was excellent!)  W6TA, BWH’s new employer, will be looking to contact W6ZE on FD.


6/30/2004 10m Phone Net  - W6ZE/AF6C checked in JD, HHC, IXN, CCD, N8WP(Willie), KB1GZ, CCE, AJE/rm, VKZ, and WK6O(Mike).   AF6C told IXN that his old receiver is a SB-401, and Bob said that BSV made the FD satellite contact fer the Club.  And all OPs tnxed Kenan, Gordo-KD7BIW, and Mike fer a job well done on 80/75/10m at FD!…OPs admired the 75/80m dipole appropriately placed in the treetops by ‘dead-eye’ CCE and his slingshot!…And the 2-element phased inverted-V ant on 40m did a FB job giving the team gud contacts on FD!  HHC eagerly awaited CCE’s preliminary report on 80/75/10m contacts, which Kenan summarily provided.  JD missed the Club FD…Lowell was hving fun at a reunion in Reno.  IXN will be up in the San Jacinto Mts. next week, and CCD kicked bk to listen to preliminary FD scores reported by HHC…(check on webpage).  OPs welcomed N8WP(Willie) to the Net, and Willie plans to attend a Club meeting soon…N8WP spent FD wid his old club in Escondido…He is presently working fer Boeing in Anaheim.  GZ invited Willie to the Club Bfast this Sat., and CCE will prepare a final summary of FD scores fer 80/40/20m contacts and send them to HHC.  AJE, on his remote base, ‘flew in and flew out’.  Incidentally N8WP’s XYL has her ticket, KG6KTT!  WK6O, working FD wid Gordo and Kenan, hopes to be at next Club meeting…And all OPs tnxed Gordo fer the DELICIOUS chili he prepared fer the FD supper on Sat. nite! VKZ got bk all of his equipment frm FD, and Frank said that if he is feeling better next year, he will consider being FD Chairman!


6/30/2004 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, BSV, AF6C, HHC, N8WP, WF1A(Frank), and BWH.  JD said he hopes to work one day at FD next year before he helps celebrate the XYL’s BD., and JD will be at the Club Bfast Sat. morning.  BSV got lucky and worked the XO-50 satellite early Sun. morning on FD!…Tnx fer the points, Carl!  Early FD OPs enjoyed AF6C’s extraordinarily gud coffee, and Bob was interested in IXN’s announcement that area OPs might start a seismic net once more.  AF6C needs articles fer ‘RF’, and once more, OPs sent congrats to Gordo on the gud chili at FD!  HHC gave a rough summary of FD contacts, etc., and Ken rushed wid FD teardown last Sunday so that he cud attend a grandharmonic’s BD party!  OPs passed along kudos to BSV fer the satellite contact, and WP & KTT presently enjoy living in an RV…Willie plans to eyeball wid us at Club meeting.  Frank, WF1A, left the XYL bk in Rhode Island as he travels around the country…He presently lives in an RV a few doors away frm N8WP.  BWH, wid excellent audio, aired Newsline #1402…NOW HEAR THIS!!…ONE TEST…ONE CLASS…ONE GENERAL CLASS RADIO LICENSE…EARLIER LICENSEES GRANDFATHERED IN…500 WATTS MAX. POWER…all in New Zealand!  It will be interesting to see if this works and if other countries might follow New Zealand!…Tnx, Bob, fer another excellent Newsline!

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