7/04/2004 40m OCWN CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW, HKT, GVG, RND, NT, KA6G, KG6SXY(Tony), and W6FU(Ken).  UEB QSY’d to 7085 KHz due to a QSO on a nearby freq…And Rick replaced the ladder line wid coax to the vert. ant.  IMW thought that the SWR and line loss wud be high wid coax, but KA6G told OPs that one must always feed a vert. ant. wid coax, losses being minimal wid gud cable!  HKT had a gud time wid the URAC on FD…The Club operated 5A, wid 3 trailer towers and at least 3 push-ups.  GVG, using a mobile whip, was preparing to watch the big boat parade at Newport Beach Harbor, and RND had a gud time operating FD frm home this year, working W6MTC and W6ZE among others.  NT had an ‘ear’ last week, but no ‘voice’…But this week, Ray reached us using a loaner Xmtr!…Upon NCS request, Ray told the Net that he was using an ancient McElroy Bug!  SXY, in Oceanside, is getting used to his new TS-2000…Tony had a FB time wid the San Gabriel RC on FD on the GOTA station…SXY plans remote next week frm Dixon Lake.  FU, in Arcadia, heard the Net by chance…Ken thought that we were the W6MTC Net, but NCS told FU that the W6MTC Net meets on Saturdays.


7/07/2004 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in KB1GZ, CCD, VKZ, JD, HHC, and CCE.   IXN & Lee were up in San Jacinto Mts. in vy hot WX.


7/07/2004 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/HHC checked in JD & CCE. Ken and Kenan discussed the great antenna-modelling class being offered by ARRL.  Some OPs were probably still recuperating frm FD, or, they were busy getting ready to fill time slots at the Ham Radio Booth at the Orange County Fair!


7/11/2004 40m OCWN CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW, KS6CW, KA6G, RND, IB, GVG, OIO, VDP, and NT.  UEB and XYL took a long walk yesterday, leaving Rick a bit tired today, and IMW, wid much work to get done, ‘flew in and flew out’.  CW said that OPs who worked W6MTC on FD can receive a QSL card by sending their SASE to the address posted on  KA6G enjoyed his Net introduction by NCS as ‘the station in Mickey Mouse Land’…And Jim thinks his interference he experienced yesterday came frm a ham neighbor!  RND, still riding a bicycle a ’lil each week has been watching the Tour de France every morning early.  No QNI fer IB last week…Casey was on an RF-unfriendly beach!…But IB enjoyed working UEB and GVG on Saturday.  GVG will miss Net next week…He’s off to visit friends in Wisconsin.  OIO enjoyed last weekend in the mountains, even watching fireworks on a website!  VDP told NCS that it was 106 Deg. in Laughlin, wid lots of fireworks, too!…It was like a war zone!  NT was experiencing trouble wid the loaner rig, thinking that the instruction manual might hve been written by a SSB guy…HI!…And Ray is looking forward to a few more months on the Hill!


7/14/2004 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, CCD, NOL, LNX, IXN, VKZ, HHC, BSV, and BWH.  LDC (just back from vacaction)  had an icy snow fall at the Montana campsite on June 4, and Larry, wid the freezer now full of ‘big wild trout’. He had company at the campsite on FD, preventing Larry frm participating!  CCD asked LNX fer freqs. in use at the Orange County Fair Booth, and NOL gave a rundown on JAY’s two gold medals won at the USA ARDF Championships…Congrats Jay!  JAY will be off to the Czech Republic in Sept. to ‘take on the world’!…dGud luck, Jay!  NOL told HHC that Jay might be able to speak on ARDF at a Club meeting early next year!  LNX, operating frm the Ham Booth at the OC Fair, told OPs that Gordon, NOA, and two old-timer US Navy radio operators has stopped by the Booth.  BWH & BSV also checked in frm the Fair, and BSV told AF6C that he used 50W pwr to operate the satellite frm the FD site.  AF6C got LNX’ E-mail on Register clippings fer FD, and Bob put out a call fer the MISSING FD LOG BOOK!  VKZ will soon install a new closed circuit TV system to allow him to read and write…Several OPs volunteered to help Frank.  IXN thanked HHC fer NC duties on 2m last week, and IXN told HHC & AF6C that web page photos of FD were g-r-r-reat!  BWH is waiting to see if the judges at the OC Fair award the Ham Radio Booth any ribbons!


7/14/2004 2m Phone Net  - W6ZE/IXN checked in NOL, LDC, LNX, AF6C, HHC, JD, BSV, MIH, MIG, and TWA.  NOL is busy working contests on weekends, and Richard said that JAY is working on his DXCC.  LDC ‘flew in & flew out’ to help the XYL wid the backlog of mail they accumulated over vacation.   LNX, BSV, and BWH manned the Ham Booth at the OC Fair, shutting down at 11 pm., and LNX liked the open space provided by the G-shape arrangement of tables in the Ham Booth this year.  AF6C got a pedometer fer a BD present…Now Bob can keep an accurate count of his 10,000 steps/day!…And Bob reminded all OPs abt Club meeting Fri. nite.  NOL & HHC talked abt W6JAY’s power-point presentation at the upcoming ARRL Convention, and how to move frm power-point to a slide show to DVD.  CCE suggested to HHC that we might hve band captains meet after Club meeting to critique FD operations.   JD spent the afternoon manning the Ham Booth with PFA and Bob Tegel, wid the Fair judges visiting them during this time!  MIH and MIG told OPs abt MIH’s sister’s wedding, and the 6 hr reception at the QTH wid 140 guests!  TWA is recuperating frm a heart attack last week…All OPs wish Charles a quick recovery.


7/18/2004 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW, HKT, KS6CW, KA6G, OIO, VDP, and NT.  NCS QSY’d to 7084 KHz to avoid QRM frm a SSB QSO on Net freq.  UEB needs an interim NC on 7/25…He’ll be working in Sacramento!  And, after good morning to all, IMW 73’s and is off to work.  HKT just spent 4 days at Two Harbors on Catalina Is…Good swimming, hiking, 2m DX contacts, and, last nite, Homer talked to the battleship Missouri!  CW is just trying to keep cool, and KA6G discovered that power lines are the source of his noise!…And Jim said he had a gud MTC Net yesterday.  OIO, using 50W and a vertical, spent the weekend working the OC Fair…She’ll close the Ham Booth tonite, and pick up gear on Tuesday.  VDP, losing the battle wid ‘growing things’ around the QTH, says the WX is too hot!…OIO said that Larry can help her remove a fallen tree at the cabin anytime!  NT cudn’t confirm NCS’ inquiry if he was on freq….Ray said he was on 7.085, or thereabouts…HI!


7/21/2004 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in VKZ, CCD, NOL, IXN, HHC, and XO.   VKZ and AF6C applied power to a power cable wid a short at one end, ‘barbecuing’ it!…Frank assured AF6C that the smoke had finally cleared away!  And AF6C said the SWR bridge connected to the shorted cable, was not damaged…OPs moved Frank’s ham gear in order to install a new reader device, and Frank 73’d to play wid the new reader.  CCD managed to drop hot solder on his legs, causing Tom to do the ‘hot solder ham dance’!  NOL told OPs that the OC Fair Ham Booth won the ‘Best of Show’ ribbon, then Richard said that JAY won the Hiram Percy Maxim Award, which he will receive at the SW Div. Convention in August…Congrats, JAY!  IXN was interested in the ‘new wire stripping method by barbecuing’ mentioned above…AF6C provided IXN wid the surprising details!  HHC told OPs that Art Goddard, ARRL SW. Div. Director, is retiring this year…We thank Art fer a job well done!  HHC got a shop manual fer the new auto, and now Ken is off to Caltech fer a couple of days to take a class in Product Development.  VKZ passed along tnx to AF6C, CCD, and HHC fer help wid moving the ham gear and seeting up the new Reader equipment.  And HHC & OPs thanked AF6C for collecting, processing, and sending Club FD scores off to the ARRL.  XO told AF6C that he did not see the Club logbook fer FD…(Keep looking, OPs, someone’s got it somewhere!)  XO and the square dance group performed at the Orange County Fair, then Bob stopped by the Ham Booth fer awhile.


7/21/2004 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, MPW, NOL, TWA, AF6C, and BWH.   JD had trouble hearing ZE…His squelch was up too high!…Lowell didn’t make the 10m Net, he was unclogging the potty and on the COAR repeater fer awhile.  TWA checked in wid a raspy voice and kicked bk to listen to the rest of the Net.  JD ‘flew in and flew out’, and MPW and IXN discussed the new UMTS World System for cellular telephones, wid cell xmitting locations moving up frequency frm 2 GHz to 3 GHz, using a power range frm 100W to 800W!  NOL used an ‘over the poles’ path to work Rashish in the United Arab Emirates…Richard said that JAY has 75 confirmed DXCC contacts, and NOL also gave OPs sum gud tips towards insuring return QSL cards frm DXCC contacts!  AF6C has been doing a ’lil programming that runs under UNIX, and Bob said that he has abt 250 DXCC contacts.  BWH confirmed an E-mail sent by AF6C, and then Bob described vy hot communications duties wid the 15-team Mojave 250 Death Race, wid David,    ,from OCARC, also helping.  Then BWH aired Newsline File #1405…Watch fer ARRL to propose a no-code entrance level exam fer prospective hams, and watch fer special events stations operating K1USN aboard the museum ship, the USS New Jersey (a battle wagon), in Salem, Mass…The event will include abt 77 museum ships on all HF bands, wid concentration probably on 20m…There will be teletype operations, too!…(Tnx, BWH, fer Newsline!)


7/28/2004 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in VKZ, KB1GZ, HHC, and IXN.  AF6C worked on the car, took a walk, and polished off a cool shower, all before Net tonite…Bob asked OPs if a ‘Lessons Learned Frm Field Day’ meeting cud be held sometime next Sat.  VKZ said Starbucks was too far away fer him…And Frank cudn’t find connectors that he needs…VKZ needs to contact CCD…And Frank is using his new reading machine to read abt proper operation of controls on the rig.  GZ told OPs abt the trip up in N. CA., the high Sierras, and San Francisco.  HHC said the business class at Cal Tech was excellent…And Ken mentioned seeing Cal Tech & JPL antenna farm…Then HHC mentioned that he is checking out IPs fer more webpage storage at a gud price…Ken cudn’t make a meeting at Starbucks…He’s taking Diane on a promised R&R trip come Sat.  GZ mentioned that he had been at the epicenter location of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, and IXN & AF6C told Steve to get a copy of Robert Iacoppi’s book titled Earthquake Country, to learn abt the history of California’s ‘moving real estate’.


7/28/04 2m Phone Net  - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, MPW, AF6C, AJE, BSV, and KMW/m.  JD participated in a COAR group exercise sending TV pix back to DLA at the Orange PD.   MPW is busy wid the transition of AT&T to SBC Singular, and wid this heat, Frank 73’d to ‘kick back’ on the couch.   BSV said that there are sum European Ips wid high storage capabilities at gud prices!  AF6C noted that AJE’s ant. was at ‘half mast’!…AJE told OPs that he lowered the tower while he was in Medford, OR, to prevent any possible wind damage…John also told OPs that he had made copies of the FD pix.  KMW is a member of the Anaheim RACES group, and Virgil had gud mobile sigs at NC’s shack.

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