7/04/2004 40m OCWN CW Net – NCS/UEB


8/01/2004 40m OCWN CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW, IB, KS6CW, KA6G, VDP, NT, and GVG.  After a couple of rough weeks in Sacramento, UEB & family enjoyed themselves yesterday on a trip to Lake Arrowhead, Lake Gregory, and Silverwood Lake.   IMW wished NC a belated happy BD,and Ian’s high speed was due to a weak battery in the keyer…HI!  IB & XYL are relaxing after having worked communications fer abt 12 hrs for the 50th annual Tevis 100 Horse Race on Saturday.  CW & all OPs welcomed UEB bk to So. CA., and KA6G asked UEB if he saw the ‘blue moon’ last nite…Jim told Rick that it will repeat agn in abt 2 yrs.  IMW, and VDP too, were both at the TRW Swapmeet, and Larry said that sales were vy slow!  NT had a sad week…The ‘College Horse’ suffered an intestinal obstruction and passed on to Horse Heaven!  GVG enjoyed the ‘long skip’ in Bonsall this week…HI!…IB in Loomis was 589 while nearer stations were 559 or less!


8/04/2004 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in KB1GZ, CCD, K7CWS(Ray), VKZ, HHC, and IXN.  Ray, CWS, checked in from Scottsdale, AZ, telling OPs that he cud hear all of us well, and Ray said that 10m & 6m had been open most of the day!  GZ welcomed CWS to the Net and invited Ray to a Club meeting fer an eyeball when he visits harmonics in Huntington Beach…Ray was using a 6 element log-periodic ant, wid 5/9 sigs all around out here!  CWS & OPs exchanged 10-10 numbers.  CCD will be over in AZ next month visiting friends and family.  VKZ, suffering frm a ’lil heat exhaustion, had a landline frm N7PA in Utah…Phil said HELLO to the gang…And AF6C will call Frank concerning a ride to the Club Bfast come Sat. morning.  HHC said CWS had the same sig strength as NC!…And Ken is busy working wid the new E-mail server at work, trying to get the home computer compatible wid the new system…Ken will miss Aug. Club meeting…He and Dianne will be off on an R&R trip in Europe.  IXN spouted a ’lil Latin frm the 1st Chapt. Of Caesar when Ken mentioned the European rivers upon which he and Dianne will travel!


8/04/2004 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, AF6C, and BSV.  JD, wid a headache tonite,  has been doing sum training wid COAR using ATV, wid more exercises coming up.   Lowell said that DLA is bk in KS attending the funeral of his brother…And JD said that S. Dakota has been having a bad summer wid wind, rain and hail.  AF6C said that we must invite Jeannie Talcott bk to a Club meeting, and that Jeannie ought to be receiving a copy of ‘RF’.  And IXN talked wid GW and Jim Winn at the music store before Net tonite…AF6C commented on GW’s FB artwork done fer the Wouff Hong ceremony!  IXN will try to find BSV some seismometer plans, and AF6C will re-send IXN an E-mail wid FD summary, etc.  Note:  Sum seismic wave radio research (freqs. below 60 Hz) is being conducted at Stanford Univ., and, by individuals who have set up low frequency antennas and gear in the Parkfield area.


8/08/2004 40m OCWN CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW, IB, KS6CW, KA6G, HKT, GVG, OIO, VDP, and NT.  UEB just had a QSO wid a station in WY, and Rick spent a lot of time yesterday deleting ‘adware’ frm the family computer, and soon UEB will be off to do sum SUV shopping!  IMW, wid his coffee nearby found sum life on the HF bands!   IB, rebuilding fences at the QTH, isn’t looking forward to the 100 deg. Temps. In Loomis today.  KS6CW found all sigs readable at the QTH today, and KA6G, working the NA contest fer awhile yesterday, said NCS had a ’lil QSB wid his sigs.  HKT thanked UEB fer work done handling the OCWN, and GVG is off to Italy this week and will be bk in mid Sept.!  OIO awaits electrical repairs at the cabin this weekend, and the fallen tree still must be removed…Ann hopes to be at the cabin next weekend.  VDP, trying to keep cool, is still trimming his fast growing pepper trees.   NT, wid no NCS sigs showing on the S meter, copied Rick perfectly!…The Hill Zoo is minus all horses, the fences are coming down, and Ray will soon be leaving the QTH on the Hill! 


8/11/2004 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, HHC, IXN, and VKZ.  LDC announced the Perseid Meteor Shower at 2 am tomorrow morning.   IXN told Ops not to expect to see much in town…Interested observers should visit a dark, desert site!  LDC will pick up the new motorhome on Aug. 24, and Larry enjoyed the movie ‘Manchurian Candidate’.   Ops were sorry to see the demise of ‘73 Magazine’, and HHC, wid the house torn up, operated the Net frm AF6C’s QTH…Ken was interested in the auto show announced by LDC, and HHC will be off to Europe by next Wed. Net.  AF6C put up a 40m dipole to work K7KF, John, on his way home frm Japan, and, at 1:00 am on Tues. morning, Bob worked ‘Kingfish’ vy successfully!  VKZ, trying to beat the heat, asked AF6C to drop by the shack to solder a couple of Anderson Connectors for him, and Frank said that he was arranging the pickup to allow the OP to set in the passenger seat.  IXN read a short blurp frm ‘Sirius Astronomer’ on findings frm the Comet Wild flyby.


8/11/2004 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in MPW, N6HRA(Howard), BSV, JD, and AF6C.  Howard, HRA, in Coto de Casa, is attempting to set up an area emergency group.  All Ops have HTs because CR&Rs prevent antennas in their area.  MPW, soon to have a hip replacement, answered many questions on 850 – 3 GHz cell phone xmitting installations for IXN…Then Frank said that coverage of the upcoming Olympic games will come via optics cables to Burbank, CA., for airing over the Networks.  BSV told Ops that the Perseid Meteor Shower originated in Comet Tuttle-Swift, and Carl wished MPW a vy successful hip replacement.  IXN asked JD for the name of the contact person for COAR info.  JD said that Debbie Klein, (714)744-7328, would provide this info., and, that Debbie might come to a future Club meeting to explain COAR operations!  AF6C is busy getting next ‘RF’ ready to go, and Bob went to a Boeing employee picnic, and he also visited a company mountain top transmitting site wid weeds grown up, ready fer a forest fire to ‘send the transmitting equipment aloft’!…And Bob told Ops abt his successful 40m contact wid K7KF(King Fish) coming home frm Japan.  MPW refreshed IXN’s memory abt ‘Kingfish’ frm the old Amos & Andy show!


8/14/2004 W6MTC 40m CW Net – NCS/KA6G checked in BNB, TV, DAZ, WF6A, W6FD, UEB, and CW.  OPs welcomed Bob Shrader, W6BNB, frm Sebastopol, to the Net…And don’t forget to read Bob’s article, “Fun With QSK”, in Aug. QST!  UEB is off on vacation, and FD has been trying to check in fer weeks, but we were unable to copy his sigs!…Today his sigs were RST 599, using a new/old YAESU 2100B.  CW reported BNB’s sigs RST 589 & 599 at her QTH.   The W6MTC Net meets Saturdays at 8:30 am local time on 7084 KHz.  The W6MTC website is not up yet.  


8/15/2004 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW, IB, RND, HKT, KS6CW, KA6G, NT, and KG6SXY(Tony), Oceanside?  UEB will need a volunteer NCS next Sun…Rick & family are off on vacation to Boston and Cape Cod!   IMW went to the Fontana Swapmeet Sat…It was vy small, and Ian wondered if it was worth getting up so early!…HI!  NCS gave I a 579c sig rpt, and Casey, just bk frm a business trip in MO & MN,  said he was running 10W frm a battery.  NCS thanked RND fer offering to take NCS duties nxt Sunday, and John reported a FB vacation to Henry’s Lake in ID, wid visits to Glacier Nat. Park in MT, Waterton Nat. Park in Canada, and Yellowstone & Grand Teton Nat. Parks in WY.  HKT, wid overcast in Torrance, went to the Hawthorne Air Fair on Sat., seeing a B17, P51, Wildcat, Hellcat, Skyraider, and a Russian biplane…Homer later saw the B17 flying East over San Pedro Channel!  CW listened in, but cud not join, the pre-net QSO between KA6G & RND…Kathy had to finish breakfast before Net.  Noting that RND had a gud time on vacation, Kathy wished Rick a FB vacation coming up, and told SXY she cud hear him FB.  KA6G spent the whole week providing ice water fer a softball tournament (over 45 games!)…HI!  NT noted that HKT didn’t mention any B29s at the Air Fair…Ray flew in B29s as the Squadron Radio Countermeasures guy!  NCS was only able to pick up bits and pieces of SXY’s xmissions, so Rick wud like Tony to send info. abt power, location and antenna to


8/18/2004 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in KB1GZ, LDC, CCD, and IXN.   GZ told OPs that Lake Vostok, in the Anarctica, is a double lake, with both lakes having different histories!…Then OPs passed along congrats to Steve upon passing his Extra Class exam!  LDC suggested that the Club might look into securing the Elks Park in GG fer next FD…And Larry hopes to get a new beam ant., new coax, etc.  LDC enjoyed the article in QST on old rigs, and Larry has a problem wid a switch or pwr xformer in the 2m amplifier.  IXN updated OPs on sum interesting insights about the Zero Point Field.   CCD and AF6C discussed attaching Anderson connectors to a power cable, then Tom ‘flew off’ to din-din.  AF6C has been busy calling past Club members fer a get-together at Sept. Club meeting…HNY said that W6RE(Alex), a past Club Pres. & long time Club member, is a Silent Key!


8/18/2004 2m Phone Net – OPs were glued to the ‘Boob Tube’ watching the Olympic Games.  But AF6C checked in shortly after W6ZE/IXN opened the Net.  IXN told AF6C that he will add the W6MTC Net report, sent by HHC, to the Netnews.  LAB/JOR told AF6C that Leroy Sparks is a Silent Key.  And IXN and AF6C talked abt Shelley Trotter’s (W6BAM) Sturba Curtain ant. that was erected between two hills at the old QTH.


8/25/2004 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in NOL and IXN.  NOL told AF6C and IXN how to get nearly 100% return on QSL cards!…And Richard said that, after the ARRL SW Div. Convention, that he and JAY will be off to the Czech Republic fer the 12th annual ARDF World Championships Sept. 7-11.  Then NOL told OPs that he found a website to download a gud virus checker:  AF6C mentioned a hamfest in Yuma, AZ, come Sept.  IXN said the Olympics probably limited Net check-ins fer tonite, and Bob read a short blurp on meteor showers.  AF6C asked IXN to submit an item fer ‘RF’ on meteor shower dates.


8/25/2004 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in CCE, AF6C, JD, KFW, BSV, and KTS.   As Net began, IXN checked in WA6BFH(John), and KG6KKG who QSY’d to another freq.  CCE missed Club meeting…Kenan was participating in a in-line roller-blade hockey game…And CCE is now employed at a land mobile accessory company in Brea!  AF6C, IXN, KFW, and BSV all enjoyed the Club program last Fri. eve. On the re-guying of the KFI Transmission Tower.  AF6C told OPs that he had played sum lacrosse in years back.  JD said that he was ‘under the WX’, health-wise, wid headaches and an eye problem…(one of the many ‘golden years’ problems…HI!)  KFW mentioned Art Sheldon’s pix in Sept. QST, but IXN did not receive his Sept. QST, so he was unable to see the pix of Art, K7ZE, on page 75!   KFW told CCE that K6RIX showed the KFI video at Club meeting, and BSV said that he wud like to have a like adventure re-guying a commercial radio tower!…And Carl said that those huge guy-line insulators each weighed abt 120-125 lbs.!  KTS, busy wid the real estate business, and moving to N. Tustin in abt 2 weeks, told OPs that he needs OPs fer the upcoming MS 150 bike tour on Oct. 2-3, wid 1400 bike riders, starting at Huntington Beach to Carlsbad on Sat., and continuing to Mission Bay on Sunday…Volunteer OPs will be fed!

8/29/2004 40m OCWN CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IB, RND, CW, KA6G, OIO, VDP, NT, and KFW.  UEB and family are bk frm a trip to MA and RI where they visited Boston, Newport, Cape Cod, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.  IB heard a QNI, but NCS got no return requesting check-in…Then Casey QNX’d after telling OPs that he lived in New England fer many years.  RND had gud copy on all OPs, and John and OPs welcomed UEB bk from his New England trip…And RND grew up in Connecticut, going bk to his old ‘stamping grounds’ every few years.  CW was able to distinguish NT’s fist at check-in when Ray sent the first letter of his call sign!   KA6G had sum QSB on NCS’s sigs, and Jim said that the speed has been increased to 20 WPM on the MTC Net!  OIO had a lens implant on Wednesday, and the world of color has now been revealed…Also, Ann paid $78 for a county permit to hook a power line to the cabin.  VDP checked in and kicked bk to enjoy the Net and nice WX.  NT, getting into the swing of moving, sold the barn for more than he paid for it 30 yrs ago…HI!  And KFW is still getting his feet on the ground after his two month trip bk East.


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