10/03/2004 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IB, IMW/6, RND, KS6CW, HKT, KA6G, OIO, VDP, NT, and KFW.  UEB, planning a trip to the Anza Borrego Desert during the Thanksgiving weekend, will be operating battery power to either a dipole or a vertical ant.  IB will miss a few Net sessions due to a move frm Loomis to Granite Bay, just SE of Loomis.   IMW and XYL celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary wid a FB time in Dana Point! RND was pleased wid Dodger & Angel wins to get them in the playoffs.  CW praised propagation today, and HKT visited the Kingman Hamfest, only 30 miles frm Laughlin, and Homer uses a GHD optical sensor paddle and built-in keyer in his FT-920.  KA6G will be watching football now that the Angels clinched the Division…HI!  OIO, wid her new glasses, is now waiting fer SCE to hook up power to the cabin.  VDP piles up the firewood as he continues tree trimming at the QTH. NT is still looking fer another QTH…Ray must be off the Hill by the end of the year!  KFW announced the OCARC annual auction to be held at the Oct. 15 Meeting…Check for goodies that will be available!


10/06/04 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/HHC checked in IXN and W6ZE/AF6C.  AF6C assumed NC duties as soon as he arrived home frm the Boeing Octoberfest meeting.  HHC, working on a large slide show frm his vacations, alerted OPs to the Club Bfast Sat. morning at Polly’s Pies in Orange…Ken also gave a presentation, at the WARA Club meeting, on the ARRL antenna modeling software.  AF6C and HHC attended a COAR ATV exercise where they introduced the Homeland Security OPD official to ATV operations.  DLA & JD also participated in this RACES Exercise.  IXN alerted Ops to continued creep of EQs northwestward along the San Andreas frm the Parkfield event location.


10/06/04 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, AF6C, HHC, and BSV.  JD briefed OPs on the COAR ATV (slow scan) RACES exercise which was viewed by the new OPD Homeland Security official…Lowell said that they experienced an undetermined computer shut-down problem.  AF6C thought that there might hve been sum interference on the ATV, too, and JD thought there might hve been a sync problem due to sum weak signal reception.  AF6C saw PFA out walking in the neighborhood, so Tom must be recovering well frm recent surgery.  HHC bought a new video editing program which is an improvement over its replacement, and Ken announced the Club Bfast Sat. morning at Polly’s Pies in Orange.  BSV, bk in town frm business and pleasure, plans to attend the Club Bfast come Saturday.


10/10/04 OCWN 40m CW Net - NCS/UEB checked in IMW/6, HKT, KS6CW, KA6G, KFW, OIO, RND, VDP, NT, and K6EEE.  On CW Saturday, UEB thinks he snagged a new state, Iowa.  IMW, wid the receiver working on the homebrew 6m rig, is listening to QRN - vy peaceful...HI!...Ian told OPs that improvements to the QTH start wid demolition on Oct. 25, wid completion near Christmas.  HKT, in Palm Springs Friday & Saturday, visited the air museum while the harmonic judged a horse show.   CW and ladies went to San Diego fer a special ladies luncheon, and on the way bk, Kathy took pictures while visiting the San Luis Rey de Francia Mission.  KA6G said it looks like the MTC-20m Net is going to grow...They are getting sum check-ins!  KFW reminded OPs that the OCARC annual auction is this coming Friday wid lots of goodies available.  OIO, wid SCE restoring power and cleaning up several trees, is using a dipole and 5 Watts up in the mountains...Ann said 32 deg temps. continues to keep her fingers cold.  RND, wid the fence painted and the patio under way, is trying to finish before the rain starts!  VDP is looking forward to a fun time at the OCARC auction next Friday.  NT, still looking fer a new QTH, welcomed K6EEE to the Net...And Ray said 'The Hill' will be the site of Newport Beach Fire Station #7 next year.  EEE, Jim, just visiting, said a friend told him abt the Net...EEE thanked OPs fer letting him join in and improve his CW! 


10/13/04 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C, wid HHC at the mike temporarily, checked in LDC, IXN, and HHC.  AF6C and HHC just finished watching the last Bush/Kerry debate, wid LDC checking in after ‘the debacle’ saying that he didn’t think the Debate would change many minds!  Ops were surprised that TWA’s XYL never informed anyone abt Charles’ funeral arrangements!  LDC was in Emerald Desert wid over 500 Elks fer a charity event over last weekend, enduring temps. of 104 to 106 deg.!  IXN called VDP to dispose of TWA’s ham gear, and Bob will bring sum Instructograph tapes to be auctioned at Club meeting come Friday.  HHC remembered gud times working wid cameras at TWA’s QTH, and Ken asked OPs if they were ready fer the auction come Fri. eve.  And HHC is experiencing sum difficulty converting digital slides into a DVD show.  Five Club members appeared at the Club Bfast last Sat. morning, and a good restaurant was found for the Club Christmas Dinner.


10/13/04 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN called the Net to order at 8:30 pm.  There were no check-ins.


10/17/04 OCWN 40m CW Net - NCS/UEB checked in VDP, KS6CW, KA6G, GVG, RND, KFW, OIO, K6EEE, NT, and KIOA.  UEB’s ant. and feedline withstood last nite’s storm quite well, and during CW’s xmission, Rick heard a series of dahs which he blamed on a closed paddle contact!  VDP reported that KB6TWA is nw a SK...Larry has his radios to sell, and they are now up on the Club website.  And Larry asked KFW to join him on 2m after Net.  CW got her truck painted, and now it’s ready fer a new 2m mobile rig!...Then Kathy was off to San Diego.  KA6G has JOTA completed, and they had 20 boys talk on 20m and lots of kids playing wid CW practice oscillators!   GVG said the rain is FB fer the avocados, but not fer the QTH roof!...It’s now being replaced!  RND, wid low QRN today, thinks the rain washed of the power line insulators...And John expressed remorse over TWA becoming a SK! KFW sold a Bird Wattmeter at the OCARC auction, and NCS was unable to copy OIO in Barton Flats due to QRN.  NCS then QSYed to 7080 KHz due to rising QRN.  NCS was not able to contact Jim, K6EEE, in San Clemente, after the switch...The QRN was too high!  NT is waiting fer the sun to dry things out, and Ray is still looking fer a new QTH...Otherwise, nil on the Hill...HI!  IOA was mobile in route to _______?...NCS was unable to copy thru the QRN! 


10/20/04 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, VDP, HHC, VKZ, and ZGR.  AF6C recorded 5+” of rain in the rain gauge, told OPs that PFA is doing well after his surgery, is waiting to try the mike frm VDP on 2m tonite, and is planning to build a control box fer the ant. switch he got at the Club auction.  IXN read space science news frm Sirius Astronomer, and VDP and KFW plan to take down antennas at TWA’s QTH...And Larry said TWA’s ICOM 737 sounds gud!  HHC confirms that the rain added abt 5” to the pool, and Ken called bk window contractors to repair two new leaking windows.  HHC said that the Club made $250+ dollars frm the Club auction, and, we owe kudos to LDC, VDP, HHC, BWH, and AF6C, for jobs well done at the Auction!  VKZ experienced no problems wid the rain, and Frank got phone numbers for train hobby shops frm IXN and Lee.  ZGR told OPs that 10m has been open into Beirut, Lebanon, Algeria, Angola, and all of So. America!


10/20/04 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, VDP, BWH, AF6C, BSV, CCE, and ZGR.  JD stayed in out of the howling winds and rain, and Lowell enjoyed the Club auction last Fri. eve.  VDP has a lot of good ham gear, frm TWA’s estate, to sell, and Larry interested IXN in a Scout TenTec rig...And VDP said his truck leaked in a couple of places during this afternoon’s horrendous downpour at the QTH.  BWH, in gud shape wid only a minor roof leak, had put mastik on the roof before the rain...Now Bob is getting an estimate fer a new roof, which cannot be installed until next year due to a long waiting list!  AF6C got the 2m rig he picked up at Club auction, on line wid FB sigs!...All bars lit at NC’s QTH!   And AF6C and VDP helped TWA’s XYL, Louise, clean out the garage at the QTH.  IXN expressed interest in a TenTec Scout rig that VDP found in TWA’s shack.  BSV found getting to work challenging in the heavy rain, and, leaving work early to pick up the harmonic at school.  ZGR has moved into Santa Ana frm Silverado Canyon, and Dale told OPs that he hadn’t heard of any damage frm the heavy rains in the Canyon as yet.  CCE had Tennessee Valley Indians invading the QTH TV!...Kenan reduced power wid no harm to his FB sigs.  And CCE & IXN discussed gardening briefly.


10/24/04 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW, CW, KA6G, HKT, RND, NT, KFW, EEE, and VDP.  UEB has 380 QSOs since Apr. 2000, and Rick got a new state, MA, this weekend.  IMW went to Pacificon last weekend, wid FB QRP sessions, and, a swap meet.  CW announced the MTC SQ chapter meeting this coming Sat. at 11:00 am at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Fullerton at Harbor Blvd. and Commonwealth, wid a fifty-fifty drawing and Gus, WM6J, will be the speaker. Wid perfect WX, KA6G enjoyed the annual Anaheim Club Picnic yesterday, and , wid a gud rain in Torrance, HKT told OPs that the Orange County Skywarn rainless days count was over 180 before the first storm!…And hving a slight cold, Homer missed the Tall Ships in San Pedro last weekend.  RND made a few QRP contacts and a few FISTS Coat-to-Coast C2C contacts this weekend, and John is getting close to his platinum 500 award!  Wid the rain sprouting weeds on the Hill, NT snagged 4U1ITU on 17m CW yesterday!  And KFW, drying out after last Wednesday’s deluge, will celebrate the grandharmonic’s BD today.   EEE is playing arnd wid a new mobile dual-bander wid switching power supply for the ‘go’ bag…Jim belongs to the hospital group.  VDP, using an ICOM 737, hopes to be at TRW wid lots of goodies come Sat., WX permitting…And Larry asked KFW to meet him on 2m after Net.   


10/27/04 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in CCD, HHC, N6PEQ, K6PEQ, IXN and BWH. CCD visited sum amateur radio sites in England, went to a wedding in Italy, and found 10m open when he got bk home...Then Tom was off to din-din.  HHC told OPs that he is in the process of transferring the website to our new host company.   And Ken said that two more leaks around the new windows was discovered during the heavy rains...They hve been repaired!...And HHC was impressed wid the two PEQ’s radio shack!...Mucho equipment!  AF6C said PFA measured 4" frm yesterday’s storm, and IXN said that Jeannie Talcott is bk home, and that TWA’s antenna was removed frm the patio roof by VDP, KFW, IXN and Lee.  N6 & K6PEQs caught a glimpse of the eclipse of the moon, and Kristin reminded OPs to volunteer fer Club offices during Nov. Club elections...Dan told OPs that 10m was open mornings to Europe and Japan!  BWH has already measured 2” of rain at the QTH.


10/27/2004 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in CCE, VDP, the PEQs, AF6C, JD, HHC, and BSV.  CCE and OPs discussed installation of an ICE filter, and grounding of equipment, to defeat Tennessee Valley Indians at Kenan’s QTH.  Kenan told HHC that he didn’t hve time to play wid the ant. software program as yet.  VDP has the TWA’s ants. apart, and has placed a few items on the Catalina Swap Net.   PEQ mailed CCE sum info on filters, and Dan congratulated the Redsox on winning the World Series!  AF6C’s sister (lives in Boston) got home frm Houston in time to watch the Boston Redsox win...Will another 86 yrs. pass before the Redsox win another Series!??   BSV tnxed AF6C fer offer to handle Nov. Club raffle, but Carl already has a volunteer, K6PEQ...And BSV spent time explaining mysteries of the lunar eclipse to the harmonic.  AF6C and HHC told OPs that the Club Christmas Dinner will be held on Dec. 5 at Carrow's on Chapman Ave. at 6:00pm, menu will be on the website.  HHC said that OPs can critique the new website at, and that eventually one will be able to use the old web address,, to reach the new website.  JD, wid his dental work now finished now has two Christmas dinners in the future that he will enjoy!

10/31/2004 OCWN 40m CW Net - NCS/UEB checked in OIO, KFW, RND, GVG, KS6CW, HKT, KA6G, EEE, VDP, NU6T(Richard), NT, and W6SJ(Randy).  UEB said that Issue 6 of FISTS Keynote has a nice article frm Tony, KG6SXY, which references OCWN...Tnx, Tony!...And Rick stopped by the W6MTC meeting yesterday and had a gud time wid the American Morse Folks.  OIO went to the annual carving show last weekend, and Ann needs a few more contacts fer her Platinum 250.   KFW ‘flew in and flew out’, leaving the QTH shortly thereafter.  RND left the W6MTC meeting early to go play guitar wid a group in Costa Mesa, and John hopes all are ready fer trick or treat.  GVG said that OP sigs were 58/5N in Bonsall, and CW enjoyed UEB and RNDs’ presence at the Morse meeting yesterday.  HKT hates 5 PM sunsets, says his harmonic will judge a horse event at Cal Poly SLO in Nov., and Homer said that steam locomotive #3755 was in San Pedro this weekend fer steam lovers! KA6G woke up late, checked into Net, got the clocks changed back, and ran out of coffee...HI!...So what else can happen?...HI.   EEE, running 50W, hopes all can hear him, wishes happy treats to all, and remember to vote!  VDP had a great day selling lots of stuff at TRW yesterday, and NU6T, in Fair Oaks, experiencing QRN at the QTH, said his ear is not up to speed yet.  NT checked in wid high pitch sigs...Ray said that he was using his old Pegasus bk frm the factory, who said nothing was wrong wid it!  SJ, in Corona del Mar, will be off to the Bahamas for fishing & radio wid the call C6AWS, on Nov. 26 thru Dec. 1...Give Randy a call if you hear him!   

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