11/03/2004 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, CCE/qrp, and HHC.  IXN is trying to find right angle adapters for RG8-U coax.   CCE is thinking abt trading in sum ham gear to get a TS850-S wid tuner.  IXN & CCE discussed vitamins and their use, and HHC told OPs to use his E-mail adr only!  Then HHC told OPs that 10M has been open in the mornings to Europe wid S9 sigs...Asia in the afternoons...Ken also said that change of the website to our new WEB-host has been completed.


11/03/2004 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, HHC, KFW, AF6C, BWH, CCE, and MIG.  JD helped wid COAR communications for Election Day at the OPD...And Lowell said the harmonic is having twins in the near future.  HHC worked a ’lil of the CQ World Wide Contest on 10 & 15m, and Ken said OPs can connect to the website using our old adr: .  KFW said the OCWN averages abt 10 check-ins per week, and Chris passed kudos along to HHC on providing a new host fer the website.  AF6C checked in after unclogging a washing machine drain before a flood occurred, and Bob said that auction pix are now up on the website, including sum frm Sandy, WZN.  AF6C also wrote macros to manipulate picture sizes.  BWH worked the HC8L DXpedition on the Galapagos Islands, contacting Art Goddard, during the DX World Wide Contest, and Bob said that Linda created a pileup fer awhile at the QTH.  CCE worked Art Goddard during the Contest, and BWH aired Newsline #1420 where we learned that Al Toering of Anza contributed to Newsline, and the UK extended 40m privileges between 7.1 and 7.2 MHz wid max power of 400W PEP, the next solar max cud be as early as 2010, and, the International Space Station is once agn operating on packet.  MIG told us that Kevin will soon be released frm St. Joseph Hosp. frm surgery for scoliosis correction and improper placement of rods in previous surgery.


11/07/2004 OCWN 40m CW Net - NCS/UEB checked in KFW, IMW, RND, OIO, CW, HKT, VDP, and NT.  UEB and OPs all wish Jim, KA6G, a quick recovery!  And UEB is working on a new 40m vert. ant. for a desert trip later this month, and, Rick has reservations for Hamvention 2005.  KFW is glad all the election hype is by us and normality rules once agn, and Chris told NCS that he didn’t work the polls this election.  IMW said the ‘kitchen work’ starts Monday...Now fer a PortaPotty and lots of packing!  RND, hoping fer rain and working on his FISTS Platinum 500, said he heard frm KA6G yesterday.   OIO is off to the Magic Castle this evening...Ann has to dress to the ‘nines’ so she doesn’t want any rain!  CW said that on Nov. 3, KA6G suffered a mini-stroke and was taken to the hospital fer observation...Jim is home nw, and resting.  HKT asked VDP what stall Larry occupies at TRW, and Homer attended the URAC monthly breakfast wid a local foxhunt afterwards.  VDP told HKT that he visits TRW only occasionally, so he uses one-time spots...And VDP had light rain at the QTH which has now stopped.  NT, wid a ’lil rain on the Hill, said he forgot to change his DSP filter after a SSB QSO last Net, so he was on the wrong side of the carrier. (We call it a senior moment, NT...HI!)


11/10/2004 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, CCD, N1AB, HHC, IXN, N8WP(Willie), VKZ, and K4??.  LDC will be celebrating Veterans Day tomorrow wid the dune buggy out in the desert…And Larry is still planning a groundplane fer the 2m and CB ants. on the motorhome.  CCD is glad to be bk frm travels, including a trip to Atlantic City wid the XYL…Then Tom got the din-din call.  AB is in the market fer a new laser printer…LDC told Steve abt his Magic Color Laser Printer by Minolta, which he says does the job…AB wud like to hve the printer network ready.  Don’t miss the Club Christmas Dinner!!…HHC told OPs we’re having a special raffle wid possibilities of winning a 2m HT!!…And there will be a special YL/XYL raffle, too!!  HHC told AB abt the Okidata Printer they use at Valicore, in the $700 range, wid Ethernet input…And Ken visited VPP’s QTH, telling us abt Bud’s slow dial-up modem…Bud finally downloaded Oct. ‘RF’.  IXN read two astronomy notes frm ‘Sirius Astronomer’, and HHC sent N8WP an E-mail to remind him to check into Net.  All Ops were happy abt the turnout at the last Club Bfast…AF6C said there were 18+ members in attendance!  Then AF6C was off to check on noise outside the QTH and HHC took over NCS duties in the interim.  VKZ will check in on the 2m Net tonite to try out the new rig, after HHC & CCD previously read tuning instructions to Frank.  IXN missed K4??’s check-in info.


11/10/2004 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in LDC, AF6C, HHC, JD, CCD, VKZ, and KFW.  LDC ‘flew in and flew out’…Larry only wanted to see if the 2m rig was getting out!  AF6C told OPs that there will be special raffle prizes at the Club Christmas Dinner, wid a free raffle ticket fer each YL/XYL fer a special YL/XYL raffle…And Bob attended a health fair at Boeing for enrollment in a health insurance program…And AF6C has been playing wid a PIC-E microprocessor to bring APRS packet info. to an HF rig.  HHC told OPs that Yasser Arafat, PLO Leader, just passed away in Paris…Ken told OPs that the Nov. ‘RF’ will soon be up on the web site, and, HHC reported FB 2m Sigs frm VKZ’s 2m rig.  JD announced that ‘Baker-to-Vegas’ race will occur the weekend of Apr. 23-24, and that there will be a Baker-to-Vegas meeting at COAR after the 1st of the year.  CCD didn’t rest long after arriving bk in town…The yard & tree trimming was waiting, and then Tom had to run speaker wires in the Church…And tomorrow, it’s flu shots!  VKZ had QRN on 10m tonite, and Frank gave the following phone number, 800-459-8140, for OPs to call if they are interested in the cold soldering procedure.  KFW will be in Fresno next week cheering on the grandharmonic who will be in the World Roller-skating Championships…Chris’ grandson placed 8th in the Argentina skating competition!


11/17/2004 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, CCD, and VKZ.  IXN now has the Scout TenTec 555, that he purchased frm the Charles West estate, up and running…Bob will be using it for CW.  AF6C attacked the bouganvilla at the QTH, needs gears fer his Boston paper shredder, will invite Jeanie Talcott to a Club meeting, and is contemplating making his own website.  CCD cudn’t hear NC too well thru the QRN at his QTH…Then Tom, eyes dilated frm an eye exam got the call fer din-din.  VKZ had gud sigs on all OPs, got his ‘RF’ today, and is running fer Member-at-Large on the Club Board at the upcoming election of officers.


11/17/2004 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in VKZ, CCE, AF6C, VDP, MIH, MIG, and MIF.  VKZ got a calendar, so now he’ll be keeping track of Fridays…And Frank and AF6C briefly discussed a ‘flying wing’ of World War II vintage…And AF6C said that the B-51 bomber was designed fer a specific terminal speed which it never achieved!  And OPs failed to notice AF6C’s ‘railroad train’ cleverly concealed beneath the Club officer’s article!  And snail-mail OPs have received their copies of Nov. ‘RF’.  VDP will update his acrobat reader since he also missed Bob’s railroad train, and Larry said that the plumber came and removed the stubborn drain clog…Nw Larry must repair a bent 6m element on the ant. and repair an ant. cable…Then Larry was off to watch a program on European revolvers on the History Channel.  MIH, out of the hospital after adjustment of rods in his back for correction of scoliosis, checked in MIG and MIF…Kevin is off to school next week…By the way, check out p. 20 of Dec. QST to se a pix of our Cliff, MIG, and harmonic Kevin, MIH, conducting the 2m Boy Scout Net on FD!


11/21/2004 OCWN 40m CW Net - NCS/UEB checked in IMW, IB, OIO, KS6CW, KA6G, RND, VDP, IXN, NT, IOA, HKT, and GVG.  UEB welcomes IXN to the Net, repairs ant blown dwn by strong wind gusts, wid sum thunder & lightning last nite…And wid strong gusts still present, Rick keeps an eye on the ant!  IMW and Jill are still camping out in the garage while repairs to the QTH are completed, and Ian said his ant is still standing!  IB, running the Jupiter, welcomes IXN to the Net on a clear and breezy morning in Granite Bay.  SCE dampened OIO’s desire to work more QSO’s last Monday…They turned off the power!…When Ann got bk to the home QTH, a letter frm SCE told her the power wud be off…Dumb.  KS6CW reported no snow in Huntington Beach…HI!…Kathy really enjoys the cool WX.  KA6G, feeling the cold, QRTs fer now.  RND, wishing all OPs a happy TG, was surprised to hear the wind and rain this AM.  VDP, wid a tilted 6m beam, does not like wind!…And Larry enjoyed the OCARC Club meeting last Fri. eve.  IXN, in Santa Ana, gave all OPs 5NN sigs, and Bob, hving truble regulating the electronic keyer, wishes all a happy TG.  NT wishes OPs a happy TG, and Ray is still looking fer a permanent QTH.  IOA said all OPs had 5NN sigs, and IOA will be dwn at Anza next week wid Ham Stick and Force 12 ants., and maybe, the R8 too.  HKT was hiking in NV and AZ in the Black Mts, and dirt-roading in the Peacock Mts east of Kingman.  GVG, wid the roof fixed and no leaks, discovered a short in the straight key, so Roy transferred to the paddle.


11/24/2004 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, HHC, N1AB, N8WP(Willie), IXN, and WF1A(Frank).  LDC leaves tomorrow morning fer Vegas to TG wid his daughter, and Larry tested his new dune buggy in the High Desert…LDC missed Club meeting to attend a terrible play in La Mirada!  HHC, off to the daughter’s QTH fer a TG reunion of abt 19 or 20, welcomed WF1A frm Rhode Island to the Net, mentioned 1st Club collection of funds fer the ARRL Defense Fund against BPL, and sent N8WP needed E-mail addresses.   IXN checked into the OCWN 40m CW Net fer the 1st time last Sun. morning wid TWA’s old Ten Tec Scout 555 rig.  N1AB will hve turkey wid all the trimmings wid abt 30 people at the brother-in-law’s QTH…Steve plans to do sum cleaning at the QTH, and, pick up a new laser printer.  WP will buy din-din somewhere tomorrow, then relax…And Willie will be looking forward to Club meetings and FD.   WF1A lost $5,000+ in a recent trailer robbery in Vegas…OPs suggested that Frank claim the loss on his income taxes…And Frank, working us frm the old Amtrak parking lot, left the XYL bk East while he hit the road in the RV.  AF6C is working on his web page, wid history of his amateur radio career, pix and all!


11/28/2004 OCWN 40m CW Net - NCS reported QSB fer most Net QNIs…And OPs extended a special welcome to Fred, AE6IC, who joined us frm Oceanside.  NCS/UEB checked in HKT, IB, KS6CW, IOA/m, IMW, KA6G, KFW, GVG, RNS, OIO, VDP, AE6IC, and NT.  UEB, in the desert, failed to reach Randy, W6SJ, Fri. nite…Randy was in the Bahamas working the CQ WW DX Contest.  HKT was a early check-in, and IB said band condx in Granite Bay were up & down…Leslie bought a new horse on Saturday, which had to be hauled home Sunday afternoon.  CW was NCS fer the W6MTC Net yesterday, and all OPs were using bugs…HI!…Next week, RND will be NCS fer the Net.  IOA/m (in Rainbow Wash?) gave all OPs 599 sigs rpts, but NCS was unable to copy most of Ron’s xmission due to weak sigs!  IMW, in Irvine, came bk to the QTH after experiencing strong winds that bent their tent posts.   KA6G, a ’lil impatient wid his recovery frm a stroke, gets a ‘no problem, Jim’ frm NCS!  RND said his granson placed 4th in the World Roller Skating Championships…He missed the bronze medal by .2 of a point!  GVG used a sloper ant. lying on the roof…HI!…And Roy enjoyed hearing neighbor AE6IC in Oceanside.  RND just got bk home frm a nice TG trip to Boise, ID, and then a Fri. wedding of the grandharmonic.  OIO went to the Spaghetti Station for dinner and Dixieland…The meal wasn’t so great, but the band made up for it!  VDP said the WX was FB, and, Larry was cleaning the shack…HI!  AE6IC tnxed UEB fer the QSL card, and Fred is recovering frm a family get-together at the QTH on TG.  Last week, NT got a big envelope frm ARRL, containing a certificate for 60 years membership!…(Congrats, Ray!) 


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