12/01/2004 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in N1AB, IXN, and HHC.  AB told OPs about an article he saw on a website that showed lower ham licenses decreasing, but Extra tickets increasing…And Steve said that we may have close to 40 people at the Club Christmas dinner!  AF6C, working on Dec. ‘RF’, reminded all about the Board Meeting at the Sat. Bfast.   IXN’s computer refuses to compute, so Bob took it to the computer doc…And Bob & Lee will help Jeannie Talcott, EZS, to put up Christmas trimmings and install a new porch light.  HHC said that the 10 thru 40m bands were pretty dead before Net, and Ken reminded AB that he shud appoint an financial audit committee before Jan.   Ken said that JD won the Comet ant. donated by the speaker at last Club meeting.


12/01/2004 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, HHC, AF6C, KTS, and MIG.  JD & XYL had a ’lil excitement…Two weeks ago, their daughter delivered twins, a boy and a girl!  JD got sum Christmas shopping done, and he mounted the new Comet ant. on the vehicle, resulting in gud coverage wid COAR.  HHC said that 35 people have signed up fer the Christmas Party so far.   AF6C congrats JD & XYL on becoming ‘twin grandparents’!  HHC updated OPs on BPL events, and AF6C congrats JD on winning the Comet ant. at Club meeting.  KTS said that his new QTH is 3 blocks north of 17th street off Newport Ave, and David said that ULU might be at the Christmas Party.    Then KTS announced a Tech ticket class to be held on a weekend in January.  MIG & family are abt 80% ready fer Christmas.


12/05/2004 40m OCWN CW Net - NCS/UEB checked in IMW, KFW, HKT, IXN, KS6CW, KA6G, VDP, OIO, RND, GVG, AE6IC, and NT.  UEB, wid a heavy work week ahead, will be off to Sacramento later today.  Ian, wid rain falling on the QTH, is getting ready to put “Henry”, the tube xmitter bk on the air.  KFW announced the OCARC Christmas party tonite at Carrows on East Chapman Ave. in Orange…Details are on the website.  After rain all nite, HKT still has light rain in Torrance, and IXN was in the San Jacinto Mts, in Garner Valley, over Thanksgiving.  CW is enjoying the rainy WX, and Kathy wished UEB a gud trip bk to Sacramento.  KA6G still experiences a ’lil confusion, but Jim copies every day and is getting better.  VDP, burning firewood frm his tree trimming, is still cleaning the shack…HI. OIO opened her E-mail last week and got over 100 spam messages and one virus!…Ann needs a way to block this stuff!  RND has gud copy on all OPs…It’s a gud day to ham it up and watch football!   GVG is bk in Bonsall and out of the rain…Roy was in Temecula at check-in.  Santa arrived early at AE6IC’s QTH…He left a new truck in Fred’s driveway…And Fred is trying to get the boyscouts to have a ham radio booth at the Scout Fair next April…The XYLs went to bunko last nite, and Fred had the grandharmonics.  NT said all sigs were 5NN today, and Ray didn’t have any rain yet…NT hear UEB working DX stations last night, and Ray is still looking fer a permanent QTH…And ‘Hi’ to Bob, long time no hear!


12/08/2004 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in WP, NOL, CCD, IXN, WF1A, HHC, and CCE.  AF6C said that all OPs enjoyed PEQ’s ‘fancy outfit’ at the Christmas party…And K6PEQ did a FB job on the raffle!  All Ops enjoyed gud food and cameraderie even though service was somewhat slow.  WP gave CCE a strong sigs report tonite, and Willie is working for a ‘degree on line’.  NOL is putting together a antenna fer the 10m Contest this weekend, and Richard said that JAY is already wid the program fer Jan. Club meeting…NOL nw has his ‘worked all continents’ award, and he and JAY attended the DXCC Holiday Party at Orange Hill Restaurant.  CCD, bk after a landline, went up the Coast last week, visited a few wineries, had too many parties, so missed the Club Christmas Party.  IXN and Lee had a ‘senior moment’ and completely forgot about the Christmas party, even though KFW had reminded IXN abt the party earlier on the OCWN!…And Bob’s computer is still down!  HHC announced that AF6C and BWH both received the ‘Good of the Club’ award fer 2004!…(Congrats, Bob & Bob!)…Ken also said that the Club contributed $550 to the ARRL anti-BPL Defense Fund!…Congrats, OPs!  OPs were glad to see John, RUI, at the Christmas party, and the PEQs and CCE stayed wid John until OCTD picked him up afterwards.  CCE stuffed himself at the So. CA. DXCC Party and the Club Party, so nw it’s off to the gym to work it off!


12/08/2004 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, CCE, TRA, AF6C, HHC, KTS, and BWH.  Service slow, dinner gud, said JD abt the Club Christmas Party…And Lowell told OPs that his son & daughter-in-law will hve their 1st baby come summer!  CCE hopes to get bk to bicycle racing this summer, so nw it will be weight training and skiing to be prepared…And AF6C told Kenan abt Chris, LEX, who used to be in bike racing and bike sales.   CCE and HHC discussed the Balboa Bay Yacht Club, wid HHC telling Kenan abt the Coronado 15 boat out in his backyard.  Then OPs discussed HHC’s problem using a magmount on a plastic autobody.  AF6C finished the last ‘RF’ today, and Bob said that it will take a few days to get Christmas Party pix up on the website…And AF6C, passing over the prime rib at the Christmas Party, heard JD say that it was vy gud!  TRA, just bk frm a trip to Castle Rock, CO, near Denver, hopes the XYL is over most of her set-backs frm recent cancer surgery…OPs wished Gene and the XYL comfort & happiness over the Holidays.   KTS, wid vy strong sigs, said the ant. is leaning up against a post in the backyard…And David said they had a gud turnout fer the Orange County Marathon…KTS also announced that the Coastal Amateur Radio Emergency Services Group will be holding a training session fer the Tech license frm Jan. 21 thru Jan. 23, in Huntington Beach.  BWH was pleasantly surprised at the party to hear the he was a co-winner of the 2004 ‘Good of the Club’ Award.   Bob aired Newsline file #1425 from which we learned abt a new method of ham communication called VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).  Read all about it in the Dec. issue of CQ Magazine!…Tnx Bob!


12/12/2004 OCWN 40m CW Net - NCS/UEB checked in IMW, IB, KFW, HKT, GVG, KS6CW, RND, OIO, VDP, NT, IXN, KA6G, and SHU(Ed, San Luis Obispo).  UEB, wid fog in Irvine, will take the SUV in fer repair of damage while off-roading in Anza Borrego.  And IMW, entering 7th week of living in the garage during house renovations, said that the Cal Poly swap meet has moved to Chino Hills High School on the 3rd Saturday of the month.   IB and Leslie rode horses fer the 1st time since the rainy season started.  KFW enjoyed the OCARC Christmas party last Sun. eve., along wid recent warm WX.  HKT is ready fer the Palos Verdes Radio Club’s Christmas Party come Wed., and Homer is awaiting the delivery of a knife switch to change frm power supply to backup battery quickly.   GVG gave all stations a Q5 at Bonsall, and Roy said that he’s working the ARRL 10 meter contest on CW this weekend!  KS6CW, is a bit under the WX - too many holiday parties…HI!   RND got his FISTS Platinum 500 award…It’s only number 35!…Congrats, John!  OIO discovered the value of ‘Add/Remove Programs’ after downloading an upgrade for networking frm Microsoft that didn’t work!…Never again!   VDP, enjoying the warm WX,  welcomed news of the continuing Cal Poly swap meet.  NT, operating frm a ‘gray Hill’ this morning, is still out scouting fer a new QTH.  IXN, wid the computer in the shop, will get Nov. Netnews up on the web page when he gets bk on line.  KA6G continues to improve, telling the Net that he seems to be able to copy faster code better.   SHU, in San Luis Obispo, sends a gud morning to the Net out of the fog!


12/15/2004 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in CCD, IXN, and HHC.  AF6C mailed Christmas packages to family back East, and Bob got Christmas decorations up over last weekend…Then OPs participated in a go-around on old crystals, ie: Bliley, Texas, and others.  CCD mailed out his Christmas packages at the UPS store, corner of Chapman and Prospect.   Tom used Echolink to garner info fer a future Alaskan cruise.  IXN will put up Christmas decorations this weekend, and brother, Lee, is playing music fer the St. Anne School Christmas Plays.  HHC received news frm his brother that his mom’s health is improving, and Ken said that Kenan, CCE, will be ‘RF’ Editor for January.


12/15/2004 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, BWH/m, AF6C, HHC, AJE, CCE, MIG, and MIH.  JD & XYL finished the Christmas shopping today, have the presents all wrapped, and now fer the Holiday fixins’ at the QTH!  HHC asked BWH to make out a check to the ARRL fer a OCARC donation fer spectrum defense…BWH said he wud look at the books tonite…No Newsline tonite…Ants are all down fer roof repairs!  AF6C offered to repair a clock fer BWH, and AF6C reset his wind indicator during Net fer expected high SA winds tonite!  AJE, bk in the driveway told OPs that we might experience 60 mi/hr winds!…And AF6C & AJE briefly discussed an uneven-running generator up on Blue Ridge.  CCE isn’t expecting much ant. damage at the QTH…Kenan’s ants. stood up to the last SA winds quite well!…And Kenan said that Mike, WK6O, expects to be bk frm Mexico in time to once agn work FD wid the Club.  MIG, wid MIH in hearing range & already snuggled up under the covers in bed, told OPs that they are not expecting any ant. wind damage at present.


12/19/2004 40m OCWN CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IB, HKT, KFW, GVG, OIO, IC, VDP, RND, KS6CW, KA6G, NT, IXN, and IMW.  UEB says the shopping is done as Rick awaits Santa’s arrival…HI!…Maybe a day trip to the mountains on Christmas.  IB, in Granite Bay, has a cool, foggy 43 deg. temp…The 80+ deg. temp. hoped for will be in error…HI!  HKT found a DPDT knife switch fer use wid the power supply/battery backup change-over, and Homer uses Anderson Power Pole connectors on all of his gear.  KFW wishes all a Merry Christmas, wid Santa bringing ham goodies to all!  GVG, wid a FB day in Newport Beach is using a mobile whip on the balcony of the condo.  OIO gives NCS gud sig rpts since Rick’s ant. changes bk a few weeks…Then Ann wishes all a MC.   IC, commending the beautiful WX, had carolers at the front door last nite…Then Fred and XYL went to see the movie, “The Incredibles”.  VDP’s son graduated frm college last Thurs. eve, at the Long Beach Convention Center, and RND got his Christmas tree on Fri. and will put it up today.  CW went to Riverside yesterday to visit friends…They met at Mission Inn, where carolers serenaded them at their table.  KA6G got the 5 foot star put up in one try (HI!), and it looks nice.  NT will have a sad Christmas on the Hill…After Christmas, Ray will move to a temporary QTH in Costa Mesa.  IXN thanked Rick fer his FB net reports that he tirelessly sends to OCWN Net OPs…(This takes time, and is deeply appreciated by the Net!)  IXN got his computer bk and forwarded Nov. Netnews to be placed on the OCARC webpage.

Yesterday, IMW & XYL put the harmonic on a plane to the UK…It sure will be different this year!


12/22/2004 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, IXN, CCD, HHC, N6PEQ, and XO.  AF6C got the tree up, but not decorated as yet, and Bob will be off to Long Beach to meet with former Boeing friends.  LDC was in Pahrump, NV, on Mon., Tues, and Wed. where he went on a brothel tour?!!…LDC said it was quite interesting, even sporting a menu of things one might experience at the brothel!   Then last Mon. eve., Larry’s auto was hit by a GG paramedic unit, car totaled, no broken bones, but Larry is sore all over!   Tomorrow, LDC will go to the storage yard to remove any ham gear salvageable from the car.  IXN told HHC & OPs abt Martian wind storms after HHC told us that solar panels on the Martian rovers had been swept clean of dust.  Santa brought CCD a new Kenwood TS-570, and OPs gave Tom FB sig reports on both sig strength and audio.   HHC is learning a new passtime…lock picking!…Ken got a book on the subject, and is honing his skills as he reads the book…(This might be a new sideline fer employees at the Business, Ken!…HI!)…HHC also made reservations fer the annual ski trip to Mammoth in Feb.  PEQ, Dan, said that Kristin is looking forward to  assembling Feb. ‘RF’…And Dan told OPs that Industrial Communications Engineers make excellent band pass filters, and that Top Ten Devices, in Washington, make coaxial stubs to reduce interference between stations during a contest.   XO and brothers took their dad bk home Sat. nite for hospice care, wid a diagnosis of lung cancer metasis in the brain.

12/22/2004 2m Phone NetW6ZE/IXN checked in JD, HHC, KTS, XO, AF6C, WTQ, BWH/m, BYG, and MIG.   JD made his running nose sore frm using Kleenex, and IXN was Lowell’s 1st contact on the new EICOM IC-2000H 2m mobile rig…All OPs heard JD’s 5W sigs easily, wid higher power settings unnecessary fer the Net.   HHC asked JD if he wud use the new rig fer a base station.  JD said that he wud dedicate it to APRS.  What’s this!…lock picking?!…Ask HHC about his newest endeavor!  Robert, KG6WTQ, checked in wid 5/9 sigs frm Buena Park.  KTS sent tnx to HHC & AF6C fer their FB reports on the collapse of the KFI radio tower, and AF6C said there will probably be more KFI guyline insulators fer sale now!  XO commented on his dad’s illness, and Bob remembered square dances that he and Corky, W5BYG, attended.   BYG checked into Net to bring his logs up-to-date on Club Nets & their frequencies.  XO said that the XYL went bk to work at the febric store.  AF6C will rondevous wid Long Beach friends to visit the Laguna Mts & Monument Peak fer a couple of days.  BWH got a new roof put on the house, and MIH was on the Channel 5 News last Fri. eve….Kevin got a Letterman’s jacket frm his highschool!…Congrats, Kevin!  BWH, now at the QTH, aired Newsline file…Andy, N6TCQ, said that Newsline needs funds to continue operation vy badly!…Anyone who can help can send donations to:Newsline Support Fund, PO Box 660937, Arcadia, CA. 91066  NOTICE!…Nokia cell phone users…Do not download any share-ware wallpaper programs for your cell phone!…One of these programs will wipe virtually every program out of memory, leaving only skulls on your phone screen!    Tnx BWH!…We appreciate your dedication to keeping the OCARC informed on current amateur events!

(All Nets times and frequencies can be found on the Club website at: )


12/26/2004 OCWN 40m CW Net - NCS/UEB, hoping all had a gud Christmas, checked in IB, GVG, VDP, HKT, IC, KS6CW, KA6G, RND, NT, and SHU.  IB, wid cloudy WX and a 40 Deg. temp in Granite Bay, had a nice Christmas wid family…And Casey looks forward to holding his grandaughter when his daughter arrives this afternoon…See you all on SKN. GVG, in Bonsall, hopes to see many OCWN OPs on SKN, and VDP, a gud Christmas, wid family in Corona, behind him, looks fer rain tonite…And Larry hopes to be on SKN.  HKT said the the TRW Swapmeet was a big help fer last minute shoppers…Dick Norton was there as the ARRL rep.  IC checked in wid gloves on (HI)!…And Fred said his youngest XYL is having her 1st baby, our 4th grandchild…As the Air Force says, “Three on the ramp and one in the hanger”!…HI!  CW and mom enjoyed Christmas together, and Kathy, wishing OPs a HNY, will see us all next year!  KA6G, continuing his recovery, survived Christmas, and Jim looks forward to New Year’s Day.  RND read W6BNB, Bob’s vy nice six-page article in the Jan. 2005 issue of QST, after hearing abt the article during a yesterday morning get-together…John hopes all OPs read it!  NT, watching sunrise on the Hill, wished all a HNY…Then Ray said that Christmas was its usual success, sadly stating that it will be the last on Goat Hill!  SHU had a vy nice Christmas wid family, but he ate too much!…HI!


12/29/2004 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in VKZ, IXN, and HHC.  HHC helped VKZ get the FT-100D on the air, getting the antenna hooked up properly, and using the right configuration settings (was in a wierd DSP mode)…VKZ told OPs that daughter Susie is looking fer another job.  AF6C measured 3 inches of rain over a 48 hour period as of this morning, and one gift AF6C received frm Santa was a saber saw to help wid house repairs.  IXN & OPs discussed tsunamis, and Bob said that the San Jacinto Mts. were beautiful and sunny over Christmas…no rain until late Monday nite.   HHC mentioned the tornado in Inglewood, and Ken is looking fer a gud restaurant to hold the Jan. Club Bfast on the new date of Jan. 8.  HHC is frustrated over attempts to install a mobile rig in the T-Bird…And HHC patched a crack in the stucco which stopped the leak in the den window!…And Ken, wid a day off Fri., will design a 40m beam, only 20 ft. wide, wid the new antenna modeling program.


12/29/2004 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, KTS, KFW, AF6C, MIG, and MIH.  JD told us that the XYL had a ‘big spread’ fer 15 family members fer Christmas, enjoyed by all!…And Lowell said they had heavy rain but all is OK. KTS, hving a quiet and resful Christmas, said there has been no response to the radio class so far…And David had no rain problems at the QTH. IXN and Lee got bk frm the San Jacinto Mts., where they enjoyed Christmas wid the niece and her husband, 5 Jack Russell dogs, and 4 horses!  KFW and IXN briefly discussed the SKN schedule beginning New Year’s Eve, and Chris and XYL celebrated a double wedding anniversary, their 45th, and their daughter & husband’s 25th, today!  AF6C had no leaks in the roof frm the rain, and Bob said a new roof is abt a year away…Santa left AF6C sum clothes and a computer drive, but nothing fer the ham shack.  MIG was using MIH’s rig fer check-in, and wid MIH on the side, Cliff said that Kevin is enjoying the time off frm school.  MIG said that Gordy, NOA, had sum antennas blown down.   MIH got congrats frm OPs on being awarded a Letterman’s Jacket frm El Modena High School!


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