5/01/2005 40m OCWN CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW/6, KFW, KS6CW, RND, OIO, VDP, and IXN.   UEB, wid the logs updated, needs 15 more states fer WAS, and, Rick hopes to be off on a trip to the Sequoia Nat. Forest next week.   IMW is getting the Paraset spy rig ready fer VE Day next week, and KFW missed the last two Nets as he and the XYL were watching the grand daughter while his daughter and her husband were visiting China.  CW reported a gud turnout fer Morse Day, telling OPs that MTC member, CTW, is currently working wid Jim, W4FOK, the Mill, to upgrade the program. CTW will create a Windows version of the Mill.  RND reported all OK at the QTH wid plenty of magazines to read, but no books.   OIO, on a college tour to Old Pasadena last week, tried to check in frm the cabin 2 weeks ago wid no success.  VDP, visiting NT’s QTH fer the last time, said that lots of stuff will be left behind.  And Larry told OPs that insurance will pay fer the stolen van, and he’ll be shopping fer a new car!   IXN reported the brain scan negative, plaque in the right carotid artery, and osteoporosis beginning in the hips.


5/04/2005 15m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, and HHC.  AF6C plans to be ready to air Newsline File on 2M net by next week…And Bob and HHC made a visit to see Willie on Sat. to see how he is recuperating frm the recent auto accident.  IXN reported on a shorted electrical trunk feed frm the Rectory to the 2-story school at St. Anne Parish in Santa Ana.  HHC & AF6C offered helpful suggestions on tracing the underground conduit with an RF xmitter and a receiver.  IXN also reported that his brain scan was negative, but the bone density test showed slight osteoporosis in his hips!…Also there is some plaque in his right carotid artery.  HHC said that the two meter outside ant. is agn hooked up, and Ken said he has abt another hr’s work on getting the 2m rig hooked up in the T-Bird.  And OPs suggested that IXN get a set of fin combs to straighten bent cooling fins on air conditioners.


5/04/2005 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, AF6C, HHC, KFW, CCD, and BWH/m.  JD & XYL hosted a BD party fer the daughter-in-law last week, and Lowell has two more parties coming up in June, which will interfere wid Lowell’s FD plans…JD hopes that the Orange PD can triumph over Newport Beach at Baker-to-Vegas next year.  HHC told OPs that he has gud group pix frm Baker-to-Vegas Run this year, and Ken told OPs that the Club Bfast will begin a half hr earlier to avoid later congestion and noise at the restaurant.  HHC & AF6C said that Willie has a laptop NB & Internet access to keep him occupied during rehab!   KFW, in the process of doing house repairs, cud hear slight hum on AF6C’s sigs…Bob turned off the tone control, and voila!…No hum!  CCD, wid the brother-in-law in frm England, took a side tour, on a trip up north, to see the lighthouse atop Morro Rock, south of Carmel…They had a 300 ft. climb to reach the lighthouse, wid strong winds accompanying them on the 3-hour tour!  IXN & BWH briefly discussed the financial records kept by the former owner of an oil distribution business,  that BWH will soon take over.  BWH then aired Newsline File #1446, which said to check into if you are interested in commercial CW frequencies proposals.


5/08/2005 40m OCWN CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW/6, HKT, OIO, RND, GVG, VDP, and IXN.  This past week, UEB drove up to the Sequoia National Forest fer sum off-pavement driving…Rick also drove thru the Chimney Peak wilderness, wid snow at the higher elevations and many roads closed!  IMW wished all a happy V-E Day…And Ian, noting a slight increase in NC code speed, said that Rick must have found sum coffee before Net…HI!…And IMW will be running the Paraset frm abt noon today.  HKT found gud hiking and dirt roads in AZ last week, and Homer told OPs that there are two bombers in Hawthorne this weekend thru Sunday, and telling Rick that the B-24 flew over yesterday late in the afternoon.  OIO, in Garden Grove, worked Sao Tome off the coast of Africa on Friday, and RND had gud sigs on all OPs up here in Utopia!…And John bought a pair of cell phones for himself & the XYL.   GVG, bk frm traveling, has 56 & 57 on OPs this AM…Then Roy kicked bk in Avocado land to listen to the rest of the Net.  VDP got a new Mazda this week, and VDP, UEB, and IMW all visited NT on ‘The Hill’ fer the last time.  IXN, gardens done, and admiring a blooming 12” diameter Dinner Plate Dahlia, received UEB’s E-mail copy of a pix of UEB, IMW, VDP, and NT, all at NT’s QTH on the Hill…(Tnx, Rick!)  


5/11/2005 15m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, IXN, and HHC.  AF6C alerted OPs that a high speed freeway chase ended abt an hour before Net, and also that Bob has Newsline File ready on the iPod fer airing on the 2m Net.   IXN heard LDC fer the 1st time, as Larry continues to experiment wid antenna positioning.  IXN said that the McGowan murder/suicide, that took place in Garner Valley, was just across, and slightly down Tool Box Spring Road frm his neice’s mini-ranch.   HHC has just abt completed installation of the 2m rig in the T-Bird, and Ken said that 18 people attended the Club Bfast last Sat. at the Katella Grill.  HHC also said that Diane will be off fer a visit to Ireland come late Sept. or early Oct.  Ken said that May Club program will feature a talk on emergency communications during hurricane Charlie.  Gordy, NOA, will give a presentation on tropospheric ducting at OCARC meeting in June. 


5/11/2005 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, KTS, HHC, AF6C, CCE, KFW, and BWH.  JD has accepted OPI’s vacated Membership post in the Club, and Lowell and the XYL surprised the expecting daughter-in-law wid a crib mattress!   KTS’s medical tests were all OK, and David reported on a successful UCI MS Walk wid abt 3 to 5 thousand in attendance!…Nw David is preparing fer the Mojave 250+ Death Race across the Mojave Desert, where he will be comfortably seated helping wid communications, on the top floor of the Whiskey Pete Casino in Primm, NV.  Then KTS reminded all to register fer Hamcon coming up in Sept.  IXN & Lee visited Cory, AE6GW, over at Winn’s Music Store…GW has almost finished her Hawaiian Ukelele, a fine looking instrument to date!  HHC said that WP and KTT showed up at the Club Bfast, wid Willie in a wheel chair and happy to be away frm rehab fer awhile!  Ken said that Willie already has a new car!  We again thank BWH fer his many years of service to amateur radio airing Newsline tapes, and then, Newsline files!…Congrats, Bob!

And we thank Bob, AF6C, fer taking over duties for the airing of Newsline files at present.  Bob aired Newsline file #1447, where we learned that Jack Gerritsen, former KG6IRO, is now in custody on warrants for malicious interference to police, military, emergency marine, and amateur radio communications.  Mr. Gerritsen has amassed fines of over $52,000, which are still outstanding.  (Ed. note:  The ARRL ought to have a ‘Lid-of-the-year’ award, and dishonor Jack as it’s first recipient!)  CCE was unable to check into the OCWN Sunday…Kenan was honoring his mom on Mother’s Day!  KFW, checking in after Newsline file, gave AF6C a gud report on the audio…All Ops heard Bob’s airing of Newsline, using the Ipod, FB!…Tnx, Bob!

5/15/2005 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW/6, HKT, KFW, VDP, IXN, IB, and OIO.  IMW got bk on the air wid the ARC-5 that he picked up frm W6NT, Ray.  And HKT cudn’t copy IMW, but Homer did enjoy the CW vs. cell phone event on the Jay Leno Show, and HKT worked the Palos Verdes Marathon for his 8th year!  KFW filled the week wid the 2 p’s…plumbing & painting at the QTH, and VDP worked 4 Armed Forces Day stations yesterday.  UEB started his new job at Northrop Grumman, formerly TRW…Now Rick will be off to the Dayton Hamvention come Thurs. morning!  IXN is on lovastatin fer the cholesterol, and fosamax for the osteoporosis.  NC, and other Ops, cud not copy W7IB…Casey was too far dwn in the QRN!  OIO spent a great day yesterday at Huntington Library, taking in a tour of the grounds, a Tea Room buffet, and wandering arnd.  UEB will be in Dayton next Sunday, so the Net is open to anyone wishing to accept NC duties!


5/18/2005 15m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in PEQ, CCD, LDC, IXN and HHC.  PEQ & OPs lauded Chip & Ken in their contest on the Jay Leno show, CW vs text messaging wid cell phones, as their 20+ wpm easily beat the cell phones!…And Kristin, vy tired tonite, kicked bk on her arrival home…PEQ is working on a prospective OCARC member in his neighborhood, and Dan said that he worked OPs on 6m all over the continental U.S. today!  CCD is bk frm Palm Springs where he took in the Follies Review, and he and the XYL took the Tram to the top of Mt. San Jacinto.  AF6C suggested that PEQ send the prospective Club member a copy of ‘RF’, to which Dan agreed.  HHC invited OPs to hear a presentation on Hurricane Charlie Emergency Communications at Club meeting Fri. eve., and OPs tnxed PEQ fer supplying a rig fer the Jay Leno TV Contest.  HHC sent tnx to AF6C fer help solving problems wid the new Counter going on the website.   HHC also said that power has been supplied to the 2m/440 rig in the T-Bird.  IXN heard LDC 5/5 tonite!…And all OPs heard Larry wid gud audio despite background QRN.  IXN told HHC that he has been receiving his E-mails 100% at present.  LDC switched over to the 10m Vertical to hear HHC, and Larry is planning a trip wid the Elks to Palm Desert over the weekend…LDC will not be here for the O.C. Fair, he’ll be catching fish in Montana!


5/18/2005 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, LDC, HHC, AF6C, CCE, MIH, MIG, and BWH/m.   JD & XYL are off to San Diego come Friday, to celebrate JD’s sister’s 80th BD, and his brother’s BD, too…We’ll miss JD at Club meeting!  LDC, frm June 2 – July 14, will be vacationing in Montana, where Larry will kick bk fer sum gud fishing!  HHC wud eagerly solve the St. Anne School electrical problem in Santa Ana…He’d rent them the Club generator fer $150/day!…And HHC stopped by Watson’s Drugstore in Orange to have a cup of coffee wid WWK, DLA, Mike & Dave frm COAR.  AF6C used his 40 yr old hedge trimmer to trim the hedge out front at the QTH, saying that the trimmer worked FB after a ’lil lubrication.  CCE, on the new VHF/UHF triband ant. that he picked up frm VKZ, checked in wid FB sigs tonite…Kenan, just bk frm the gym, must now check up on his equipment listed on E-Bay.  MIH, recuperated frm minor surgery, is on his way bk to school tomorrow, and MIG’s daughter just graduated, magna cum laude, frm the Cal State Fullerton Child Development Program!  BWH checked in mobile…Bob is awaiting fer arrival of paperwork on the new business venture, then Bob will make the move to N. Dakota, leaving us wid a void in the 2m check-in list!…OPs thanked Bob-BWH for his many years of service re-airing Newsline Tapes over amateur radio!  Then AF6C aired Newsline File #1448, in which Andy, N6TCQ, sent kudos to all contributors to AR Newsline…We then learned that 24.0-24.5 GHZ will soon be occupied by short range radar in the UK!…And a new bill in Congress H-230, if passed, will force FCC to review its rules on BPL interference to business & emergency communications…And a $250,000 bond must be posted fer Jack Gerritsen to gain his immediate release frm jail…(Ed. note:  I still think ARRL should send Jack a ‘Lid-of-the-year’ award!  We truly hope that Jack’s reformation period in prison will teach him the true meaning of, “SILENCE IS GOLDEN!”)


5/25/2005 15m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, HHC, IXN, and CCE.  LDC was dwn in the QRN at IXN’s QTH, but Larry’s sigs improved as the band improved slightly during Net.  HHC can get the Brother Cadfael tapes frm Willie, and Ken said that Motorola has come out wid a new BPL system that allows BPL sigs to enter power lines at the 240 volt level, thus cutting down immeasurably on interference wid other communications modes!  And HHC had to take the erring 2m/440 mobile rig to the Kenwood Doc!  AF6C and OPs discussed sum hints on solving the light bulb problem in ‘RF’, and CCE sent AF6C a possible solution to the light bulb problem.  IXN told OPs that the Brother Cadfael tapes are excellent!


5/25/2005 2m Phone net – W6ZE/IXN checked in KTS, BWH/m, CCE, HHC, AF6C, WA6TWF, and KFW.   KTS said a Tech license class will be scheduled fer the weekend of Aug. 26, 27, and 28…And David is enjoying the upswing in the Real Estate Market!  BWH, anxious to get a sunflower crop planted in N. Dakota, checked in mobile, but joined us later on an HT over the Supersystem, activated by WA6TWF…And Bob may still join us fer FD!  CCE and Dan will be off, soon, on a back-packing trip in the Onyx Summit region near Big Bear City, and HHC gave OPs the list of Band-captains fer FD…Ken also said that Boyscouts may be camping nearby, and that we cud introduce them to amateur radio during FD!  TWF ‘flew in and flew out’, so AF6C got no answer to his inquiry abt one of Bob’s co-workers that may have passed away.  KFW is painting and sprucing up the QTH in preparation fer a harmonic visit next month, then Chris & the XYL are off to the Pittsburgh, PA, area to visit relatives…When they get bk, it will be time to get new carpet in the QTH!  AF6C then aired Newsline File #1449, where we learned that Vatican radio is not dead after all!…HV1CN & HV3CA are QRT fer good, but HVA special events station at the North American College, and HV4NAC at the Vatican, will still be operational…Tnx, Bob!


5/29/2005 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW/6, IB, OIO, KFW, KS6CW, KA6G, RND, VDP, GVG, and IXN.  Ed:(Gud pix of you & Casey, W7IB, at the Hamvention, Rick!...I forwarded them to HHC and AF6C).   UEB will QNG to any Net OP that can copy a check-in that NC cannot hear…Then the  check-in info can be relayed to NC.  IMW thanked UEB fer Hamvention pix, and Ian picked up 2 ARC-5 xmitters at TRW fer $5 each!...E-Bay, here I come!...HI.  IB checked in frm Meadow Vista using the 706 wid a vy low inverted vee fer 40m…Casey heard all Ops FB.   OIO got a new floor in the kitchen on the 2nd try…The crew that did the 1st job got fired! KFW, painting in the QTH all week, had only painting to report!  And CW, wid weak sigs, said that the Morse Telegraph Club will hve a booth on the Queen Mary, the Big Train Show, June 11 & 12.  KA6G attended the Dayton Hamvention in 1956, and hopes to return agn in 2006, 50 yrs later!  The year that RND visited the Hamvention, it rained fer 2 days and wiped out the swap meet…John hopes to hve better luck the next time!  VDP, bk frm a gud day at TRW, gave NT’s e-mail adr:  NC cud not copy GVG’s sigs, which were way dwn in the QRN! IXN is hving trouble tuning the Scout 555 using the RIT control…IB told IXN that his sigs are abt 800 Hz too low!

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