6/01/2005 15m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, HHC, and CCE.  IXN said that Rick, UEB, is now employed by Northrup-Grumman, and Bob said that his E-mail to AF6C is being rejected at present.  HHC enjoyed pix frm UEB at the Dayton Hamvention.  IXN & AF6C still think it’s Tuesday now & then, and HHC said that RACES was activated for the Laguna Hills/Bluebird Canyon slide disaster.  Ken's XYL, Diane, and IXN, both have beautiful flowers arnd the QTH this Spring, and AF6C found time to visit the public library, and, download Newsline File for the 2m Net.  CCE, home late and eating din-din, manages excellent pronunciation on the Net tonite…How do you do it, Kenan?!


6/01/2005 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in AF6C, CCE, and HHC.  IXN will re-send Dayton Hamvention pix 2 & 3 to AF6C to see if they are rejected by his server.  CCE will try to visit the Dayton Hamvention next year, either on his own, or, on business.  Kenan said that Chip, N7JA, signed many autographs at the Hamvention.  HHC recommended WORD/Photoshop to CCE for use in editing ‘RF’.  AF6C said that Apple/MacIntosh program is much more user friendly on graphics than is WORD…Bob then aired Newsline File #1450.  We learned abt an upcoming space adventure this Fall, involving a Russian Space Suit and Ham Radio…To learn more, check out the website   Mr. Gerritsen is now out of jail on bail and under house-arrest…His fines now total over $52,000 and counting!  Tnx, Bob, fer another interesting Newsline File!


6/05/2005 OCWN 40m CW Net - NCS/UEB checked in IMW/6, IB, KS6CW, HKT, RND, KFW, VDP, GVG, IC, OIO, IXN and KA6G.  UEB will be off to Ann Arbor later this month to take the harmonic to a math & science program at the Univ. of Michigan.  JIL tnx UEB fer BD wishes, and IMW & JIL will be off to a surprise BD din-din this evening.  IB checked in frm the Pines of Placer County wid fabulous WX this morning, wid sigs weaker this AM, and Casey will forward pix of Dayton Hamvention by E-mail fer distribution.  KS6CW will be at the Morse Telegraph Club Booth at the Big Train Show next weekend, so no nets fer Kathy!   HKT wondered if UEB flew to Dayton ‘open cockpit’!…(NC:…in a Southwest 737!)  Instead of CW last weekend, HKT was doing 100 mi. of dirt roads in CA & AZ…Come FD, Homer will supply gasoline fer 5 generators!  RND warned OPs that weak sigs on 40m are going to be the norm for the next few years!  KFW & XYL are getting the QTH ready fer a visit fer the harmonic & family frm Colorado, and VDP, wid a S7 noise level, hopes that FD will hve better condx.  RND relayed to NC that IC had tried to check in, and NC was unable to cpy GVG's weak sigs.  OIO hopes to be picking fresh veggies frm the GG garden is a couple of weeks, and IXN tnxed Rick fer the FB pix frm the Dayton Hamvention.  And KA6G, wid a 599 sig rpt fer NC, is doing FB at Anaheim this year.


6/08/2005 15m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in JD, HHC, and IXN.  All OP’s sigs had to fight a S7 QRN at IXN’s QTH, and AF6C told HHC that the 10m Flyer was updated, and, AF6C said that the .895 Machine has been acting up the past week…Bob also said that the single band filters, to cut dwn station interference on FD, are on their way.  AB cud only hear AF6C on last week’s Net, and HHC said that Steve may need a antenna raising party to solve his problem. Ken’s mobile Kenwood blew a fuse, and, after vy short repairs, was soon bk on the air and ready fer FD!  HHC said that the 146.895 RACES Machine may be hving intermod problems. IXN read a short blurp on Saturn’s expanding moon population!


6/08/2005 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in AJE/m, HHC, JD, N1AB, AF6C, and KFW.  AJE/m was booming in at JD & IXN’s QTHs, and JD said that QRN was nil on 15m at the QTH tonite. JD said that PFA’s XYL had bypass surgery last week, and that DLA is now home frm his bypass surgery.  This was N1AB’s 1st check-in on the J-pole ant, which is now doing a FB job.   AB & IXN briefly discussed Saturn’s growing family of moons, and AJE will once agn be using phased inverted V ant. On FD.   HHC commented on JD’s new remote control auto roof ant. which Lowell raises and lowers frm inside the auto!...Lowell demonstrated the ant. fer Ops at the Club Bfast.  AF6C told AJE that we will hve the new single band filters fer use at FD.  KFW, hanging new blinds in the QTH,  is looking forward to the daughter’s visit frm Colorado next Mon…Then KFW & XYL will be off on a trip bk East!  AF6C then aired Newsline File #1451…Japan will hve a ‘slow code’ license instead of a ‘no code’ license…BPL is dead in Texas!… In cooperation wid ARRL, Motorola has developed a promising BPL Low Voltage System that will greatly cut interference of BPL wid existing communications systems…Former ham and Lid, Jack Gerritsen, cud spend 11 years in prison if convicted on all charges, and, those who helped Mr. Gerritsen obtain clandestine radio gear while he was under former prosecution, may now be investigated themselves!!  (Tnx, Bob, fer a vy interesting Newsline File!)


6/12/2005 OCWN 40m CW Net - NCS/UEB checked in IMW/6, KFW, IB, HKT, GVG, RND, VDP, and IXN.  UEB said that IB has written up an account of their trip to Dayton…Rick will send out the web site URL to OPs…UEB will also be a speaker at the ARRL SW Div. Convention…topic…CW Nets and the OCWN!  IMW hopes to hve the kitchen finished in 2 or 3 weeks, and KFW announced the monthly OCARC meeting this coming Friday at the Red Cros Bldg. in Santa Ana.  IB reported OPs had vy weak sigs wid heavy QRM & QRN at Meadow Vista!  HKT met Kathy on the Queen Mary yesterday…The large crowd enjoyed great toys, including a fake forest fire wid burned trees and a large cloud of smoke!  NC cud barely copy GVG’s weak sigs, wid Roy only hearing IB wid gud sigs.  RND, mentioning the 5.2 EQ just before Net, felt nothing, but the XYL felt it in the living room!…Maybe IXN has sum news on the epicenter.  VDP felt the EQ, and Larry told NC that FD is the last full weekend in June.  IXN told OPs that the quake was centered 6 mi ESE of Anza, and probably on one of the minor faults of the San Jacinto Fault System.


6/15/2005 15m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, JD, HHC, CCD, CCE, and PFA.  AF6C updated the Web Page, and Bob has a couple of wounds after he attacked the bouganvilla bushes in the backyard!  IXN updated OPs on EQ activity, and JD didn’t feel the Anza EQ last Sun. morning.  HHC is looking forward to NOA’s talk on tropo ducting at Fri. Club meeting, and Ken talked wid WK6O bk frm Mexico…Mike will be wid us fer FD!   CCD’s XYL was attacked by the Tennessee Valley Indians when Tom keyed the xmitter tonite…CCD’s TV feedline is too close to the VHF ant!  CCE received kudos frm OPs on the FB June ‘RF’!…And Kenan is busy studying fer the General Radio Operator License.  CCE asked OPs to find a pickup to move sum FD equipment, and HHC told Kenan to contact Bud, VPP.  AF6C told CCE that VKZ’s truck might be available, too.   PFA’s XYL is doing well, and Tom is keeping himself busy wid household chores while the XYL is recuperating!  HHC asked IXN fer San Servaine Seismometer details, so here goes:  San Servaine, San Bernardino County, 34 deg. 12 min N, 117 deg. 30 min W (app. lat and long.), freq: 163.7968 MHz, or 163.795 will do it on your scanners!


6/15/2005 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in BWH, CCE, AF6C, HHC, and AB.  BWH worked communications wid the Mojave Death Race last weekend around Whiskey Peak.  The two PEQs (Dan & Kristin) and CCE are coming up wid sum new ideas fer future RF Newsletters…Shud be interesting developments…And, CCE has been providing a review of basic electronics in ‘RF’ articles.  CCE & AF6C discussed ARRL FD tee-shirts vs. our won Club FD Tee-shirts…more on this at a later date.  AF6C said that the interference filters fer FD are here and ready fer use at FD!  HHC said that there is rumors that those who attend the Fri. afternoon FD setup session may be treated to a steak din-din!  AB asked IXN abt left and right lateral fault action…We will eyeball at Club meeting on Fri.  AF6C then aired Newsline File #1452…Nebraska says no BPL!…N. Carolina says no VFO or HF amps on 11m radio gear, and, if you need to E-mail Newsline, use:


6/19/2005 OCWN 40m CW Net - NCS/UEB checked in IMW/6, HKT, KFW, KS6CW, IB, OIO, KA6G, RND, VDP, IXN, and GVG.  UEB will be doing sum off-highway exploring in the Newberry Springs area, and Rick will be in Michigan next weekend, so Net is open for a NC fer June 26!  IMW ‘kicked back’ to listen to the rest of the Net.  HKT alerted all that FD is next weekend…Homer will supply gasoline fer the Club, and work CW the night shift.  KFW enjoyed NOA’s talk on atmospheric ducting at the OCARC meeting last Fri. eve., and CW had a vy successful booth at the Big Train Show on the Queen Mary, bringing in 5 new members for the MTC club, and Kathy was copying NC on 7085 KHz, not hearing anything on 7086!  IB, in Meadow Vista, copied Net wid QSB & QRN…Casey will be working FD as W6RFF.  OIO, up in the mts. last week, cud barely hear anyone.  But Ann didn’t waste much time at the radio…It was too nice outside!  KA6G, getting ready fer FD, will be wid a group in Anaheim.  RND, hving a nice Father’s Day, gave NC a temp. of 69 deg. F. upon request.  VDP, on the ICOM rig this morning, hopes to hear everyone at the FD site on Field Day.  IXN said to write the words ‘aria database’ in your browser and click on search to bring up a gud opera reference site!  And GVG, relayed to NC by RND, copied all OPs OK except IXN, who was low by 800Hz.


6/22/2005 15m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in VDP, IXN, CCE, and HHC.  VDP knew nothing abt towers fer use at FD, and Larry is up-to-date wid AJE on FD operations.  IXN & Lee stopped by Winn’s music to see GW…Cory is busy making Hawaiian ukeleles, and running a model monster vehicle.  AF6C needs to talk to Cory abt a machine that cuts out graphite parts, and Bob queried OPs to discover how many OPs felt the Yucaipa EQ…And AF6C prepares fer a sister visit a week frm tomorrow.   HHC said that WP, KTT, and CCE will be at the FD site by noon on Fri., and Ken said that we need folding chairs and two gasoline cans at the FD site.  Upon hearing that a FD announcement might be in the Register, el Presidente ran downstairs to pick up his copy of the paper.  CCE did not feel the Yucaipa EQ, and Kenan said that he & VPP will be at the FD site by noon.


6/22/2005 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in VDP, N1AB, KFW, CCE, HHC, AF6C, WK6O, and BWH.  VDP can bring a 6m Alinco rig to FD if needed, and Kenan, CCE, says that Jeff Davis, NDY, frm Laguna Beach, will be wid us fer FD to help operate the 80m station…And CCE can also make sum short connectors to install isolation filters in feedlines.  And CCE said he can store Club towers if necessary.  AB will be attending a wedding on FD, and HHC will pick up a gas can frm Steve at 8:30pm Fri. eve.  KFW & OPs said that AB’s sigs were just above the noise level, so AB will check out the J-pole ant. fer proper tuning.  KFW does not hve Club gas cans, but AF6C said that VKZ may be storing them.  The PEQ’s will be operating KP2AA QRP frm tropical DX land on FD!  El Presidente HHC announced that WP & KTT will host Fri. afternoon setup OPs to a steak din-din after pre-setup is done!…And Ken has a 2m SWR bridge he’ll loan to AB if Steve needs it to check out the J-pole.  AF6C said that PFA’s XYL is bk in the hospital, so Tom will likely miss FD proceedings this year!…OPs wished Tom’s XYL a speedy recovery!   Bob put out a call fer male-to-male coax connectors fer installing isolation filters in rig feedlines at FD.  BWH put out a call to get 6m gear to the FD site…CCE will pick it up.  WK6O, moving away, needs a tower & ant. removed on July 9 at 8:00am…The QTH is in N. Tustin near Hughes & Dodge Ave…If interested, see Mike, WK6O, at FD.  AF6C then aired Newsline file #1453…K1MAN, a Maine ham, has been fined $21,000 for at least 3 violations of Part 97 Rules of the FCC, and, 11m ‘freebanders’ have been changing frequencies arnd 27.260 MHz, to avoid pin-pointing their locations by hams and others!…(Tnx, Bob)


6/29/2005 15m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in CCD, JD, HHC, and IXN.  CCD ‘flew in & flew out’…Tom probably got the din-din call.  JD liked the FD site at Los Alamitos, lots of room for the stations, but not the “divits” (ruts)!  HHC said that WZO sent lots of gud pix of FD, and Ken enjoyed Rich & Beverly’s windmill…HHC also put out a call to all who took FD pix to send them his way fer a montage!   And Ken will continue to refine scores for a final FD report.  IXN said that Lee may have sprained his back when helping OPs lift towers last Friday.  AF6C must pick up his sister at the airport tomorrow.  HHC gave a rough summary of FD contacts fer each station, and Ken said that we had 5,350 points this year compared to 4,316 points last year!   Congrats, OPs!


6/29/2005  2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in CCE, JD, TRA, N1AB, HHC, LNX, AF6C, KFW, WK6O, BWH, XO, BSV, AJE, and WA6PIT, Frank, frm Montebello.  CCE had a great FD despite his sunburn!…And he and WK6O are already looking ahead to next year’s FD.  JD cudn’t hear IXN too well on 15m tonite, and Lowell said that he hopes we can get the same FD site next year!  TRA and XYL just got bk frm 3 months of traveling in E. Wash. & Canada…Gene missed Gordo’s talk on trospheric ducting and also the Baker-to-Vegas Run, but he got in sum GREAT trout fishing in Canada!  N1AB asked fer a FD report which HHC gave in response.  Ken also welcomed TRA & XYL bk to town, then HHC alerted all OPs to remember the Club Bfast this Sat. at the Katella Grill at 7:30 am.  LNX worked 40m and sum 20m contacts at FD.    AF6C had a great FD, gud food, lots of contacts, and no broken heel or stitches like Bob suffered at our last FD at this site in 1972!  And AF6C & OPs thanked KFW & VPP fer getting heavy equipment to the FD site!  KFW is now preparing fer his trip bk East, wid Chris & XYL returning in August.  WK6O said FD was a great team effort! …Mike will be at the Club Bfast, and he will be hosting an ant. party at the QTH to take down an ant. tower on July 9…HHC will post the location on the web site.  BWH had lots of fun at FD, hopping on the 6m opening, and BSV was `pretty heartbroken’ that he didn’t get to FD!  AJE checked in after din-din, and John enjoyed FD, commenting on hving enough OPs to take over station activities in the Contest!  XO’s XYL ruptured her Achilles tendon on Mother’s Day, and Bob said she is still on crutches.   WA6PIT, Frank, in Montebello, dropped in to say HI to Net OPs.    AF6C then aired Newsline File #1454 …OPs in Australia may be receiving interference frm over-the-horizon radar, and BPL is abt to go on line in San Diego!…Tnx Bob 

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