7/03/2005 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW/6, KFW, GVG, KS6CW, RND, KA6G, OIO, NT, VDP, IXN, and IOA/6/MM.   We were glad to hear NT bk on the air frm Corona del Mar, and Ron check in marine mobile frm Santa Rosa Island, abt 46 miles frm the coastline off Ventura!  UEB and family had a FB trip to Michigan, wid the daughter returning home next Sat…And Rick accompanied IMW & JIL on a great off-highway trip yesterday near Hemet. IMW said the trip was up Thomas Mt…(IXN: Thomas Mt. is located on the south side of Garner Valley in the San Jacinto Fault Zone).  KFW will leave next Sunday for a trip to the East Coast.  Chris will return late in August.  GVG, using a balcony mounted whip Newport Beach, welcomed UEB bk, and had gud sigs on Net OPs.  NCS then asked RND to call KS6CW…RND then relayed Kathy’s report to NCS…KS6CW had vy weak sigs on OPs.  KA6G, hving problems wid the keyer, QNOed.  OIO worked FD with a Races Group, and it took Ann 2- days to recover…old age, maybe, says Ann…HI!  NC then asked RND to call NT…OPs listened to Ray’s first QSO frm Corona del Mar, and Ray will check in nxt week wid a better antenna…RND gave NT a Net’s welcome bk and turned the Net bk to NC.  VDP, wid a FB field day last weekend, welcomed NT bk to the Net, and Larry said there was a gud 6m opening on FD.  IXN said that brother Lee hurt his back putting up ants. at FD, so we have been visiting the chiropractor!   IOA, taking a break frm Jeep-ing, is hanging out on the water…Ron gave the QTH as Santa Rosa Island, wid a log of IOTA. (NC note: That would be NA-144).


7/06/2005 15m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in HHC, IXN, and CCE.  AF6C was born on July 4th, and IXN was born on July 5th!  AF6C had a visit frm his sister frm back East, and a surprise visit frm his nephew!  El Presidente, HHC, hooking up the 2m rig in a hurry, volunteered to be NC fer the 2m Net next Wed, as IXN will be vacationing in the San Jacinto Mts at the niece’s mini-ranch.  PEQ told HHC that 2m & 440 MHz hve been experiencing tropo-ducting, and CCE, running QRP tonite, told OPs abt a FB block party over at WK6O’s QTH on the 4th…And Kenan wished AF6C & IXN a happy BD.  Then IXN 73’d to go out and spray fire ants before the 2m Net!


7/06/2005 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, HHC, VDP, CCE, KTS, AF6C, and BWH/m.  IXN tnxed HHC fer accepting 2m NC duties next week, which Ken will conduct frm the Orange County Fair!  JD, at home & over to the son’s home, watched fireworks on TV, got a door fixed on Sat. morning, thus missing the Club Bfast.  HHC said that PEQ was hearing tropoducting on 144.170 MHz beacon, and Ken caught one beacon just breaking the squelch!  HHC, preparing to put FD photos on the website, asked AF6C if he has received any FD pix frm AJE…   AF6C replied negative, and Bob said that his nephew visited the QTH over the 4th , but had to leave to play golf in Las Vegas.   VDP, HHC, and AF6C had a brief discussion about how much distance would be involved in a 5 sec. error in latitude, as discussed in a Heull Howser CA. Gold program on a geographic marker.  And VDP said that the Club should investigate wire ants. vs towers & beams fer FD, and tower & beam erections are becoming more difficult for aging hams!   CCE still loves his ‘obnoxious illegal fireworks’ displayed by WK6O’s neighbors’ block party, wid a live band and a gud barbecue!  KTS said that his call was previously owned by his uncle, fer 50 yrs, in the state of Wash…Then David announced a Tech License Class to be held in Huntington Beach Aug. 26, 27, and 28…If interested, call W7KTS.  IXN & BWH agreed on the ‘fireworks war zone’ in Garden Grove, and BWH had family in frm Indaina & Santa Barbara, wid kids 1mini-camping’ in the backyard.  CCE is looking fer a GROL exam location, and AF6C then aired Newsline file #1455…ARRL opposes new Fla. law that allows police to arrest an illegal broadcaster without FCC authorization, and the San Diego Gas & Electric’s BPL experiment is on hold at present!…Get ready fer ‘quantum encryption’, using photons.  It is a new type of program and process to stop internet snooping!…Tnx, AF6C!


7/10/2005 OCWN 40m CW Net - NCS/UEB checked in IMW/6, IB, GVG, KS6CW, OIO, RND, HKT, VDP, KA6G, NT, and CCE.  NCS experienced weak sigs on GVG, CW, and NT’s xmissions, and Rick had a nice QSO yesterday wid a OP in Michigan that he met on the W8UM 2m repeater…And UEB’s harmonic has returned frm her trip wid a new iPod.  IMW has been busy building a glowbug rcvr to go wid his tube xmitters.  IB, wid heavy QRN & QSB, was going to work OCWN frm Fort Bragg, but conditions favored the northwest, so Casey worked Washington & Oregon.  GVG, in Bonsall & copying most sigs at 57, was also hearing sum Mexican SSB.  NC cud not copy KS6CW, and OIO was mighty glad that the forest fire did not harm the cabin in the mountains!  RND, enjoying the summer WX, said the 40m band had picked up a little at the QTH.  HKT missed last Net…Homer was enjoying the dirt roads in Ariz. & eastern CA…HKT worked FD fer two clubs, wid 5 hrs of CW operating & logging!  VDP, wid lots of QRM, will be operating the OC Fair next Wed., and KA6G may hve QRMed VDP fer part of VDP’s xmission, but Jim apologized, hoping that he has the keyer working properly now.  NT, and the Net, were both experiencing weak sigs frm each other…Ray is using the famous ‘invisible antenna’!  CCE checked in and then kicked back to listen to the Net.


7/13/2005 15m & 2m Phone Nets – IXN and brother Lee were vacationing in the San Jacinto Mts.  Both Nets convened at the Orange County Fair Amateur Radio Booth, and Net summaries will appear in the 7/20/05 netnews reports.


7/17/2005 OCWN 40m CW Net - NCS/UEB checked in IMW/6, OIO, VDP, NT, KS6CW, KA6G, SQL, and IB.  UEB wid sum QRN on IB’s sigs near the end of Net, got bk frm his hot & humid business trip to Chicago last week…Now Rick will be working on the lawn sprinklers later today.  IMW, wid family illness, got the homebrew tube rcvr working last Sunday, and Ian hopes to have a complete tube station on the air soon.  OIO will head bk to the fairgrounds this afternoon to close up our booth for another year, and Ann hopes to get sum new recruits fer woodcarving!  VDP operated at the Orange County Fair last Wednesday, and last Tues. nite, Larry heard 6 commercial CW stations, wid KPH running a vy loud 5 kW!  NT, using a temporary set-up and still unpacking at the new QTH in gloomy Corona del Mar, hopes that Ian and family are feeling better!  CW thanked all Net OPs who gave her sig rpts via e-mail last Sunday…Kathy went to the O.C. Fair Friday and saw the telegraph display by Christie, KIU.  KA6G, still fine tuning the keyer, must work on the antenna rotator so that he can turn his quad ant.  W6SQL, QTH in Roseville, was using 12 watts frm a K2…Marc was using an inverted V ant. up 8ft fer his 1st check-in to the Net.  IB, wid heavy QRM & QSB and a temp. forecast of 106 F., gave NCS a 419 sig rpt…SCN noted that local QRN obscured much of Casey’s QSO…IB welcomed SQL to the Net.


7/20/2005 15m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in HHC, IXN, and CCE.  The 7/13 15m and 2m Nets were held at the Orange County Fair.  Many hams and possible future hams talked on the air!  Tnx to JD fer providing 2m comunications wid a group of young people at the Fair!  AF6C’s sigs were weak tonite, as was the band in general.  And OPs discussed briefly the OCARC labeled shirts that they picked up at ‘I-Initial’ in Tustin.  IXN & Lee got bk frm the San Jacinto Mts. where they experienced 100+ temps. each day!  HHC, NC fer 2m last Wed. at the Fair, checked in JD, VDP, WK6O, AF6C, and CCE…And we thank the PEQs, Christin & Dan, fer a well organized events at the Booth.  OPs then discussed the probability of simultaneous band openings on 6 and 10m.  AF6C & IXN put a damper on the inaccurate Mars close approach Internet E-mail.  CCE, wid a headache, was contact #27 on the 50th Disneyland Anniversary check-in list.


7/20/2005 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD/m, KTS, CCD, CCE, HHC, and AF6C.  JD met a ham that may have a lot of ham gear available for the next Club auction!  KTS, wid the flu & a cough last week, worked the booth at the OC Fair…And David needs OPs to help with the MS-150 Event on Oct. 8-9, which starts at Huntington Beach State Park and ends on Sunday at Mission Bay in San Diego.  CCD worked the OC Fair last week, got a new frig, spent a week at Lake Tahoe where Tom caught fish fer din-din!  CCE told OPs that he enjoys ocean fishing, giving AF6C & HHC an opening to suggest that the Club organize a future fishing trip as we did in the old days!  JD won a ‘antenna owl’ at Club meeting…It is now gracing Lowell’s dining room table, where it sits ‘staring Lowell down’!  KTS told AF6C that he had not yet contacted Mr. Pett, and AF6C said that info. on Club T-shirts is listed on the Club website.  AF6C then aired Newsline File #1457, and, as one ham put it, “Jack is in the box!”, referring to Jack Gerritsen, who is now in jail fer terrorist threats to another ham & his daughter…Tnx, Bob!


7/24/05 OCWN 40m CW Net - NCS/UEB checked in IMW/6, HKT, GVG, VDP, KS6CW, RND, KA6G, NT, NU6T, IXN IOA/MM, SQL, and IB.  UEB said CW is about to depart frm ham licensing.…Adios to a good friend!  IMW/6, wid FB Net sigs at the QTH, was able to copy NT!  NCS moved up freq. slightly to better copy CW’s sigs., and Ian told OPs that interest in CW is on the rise in Europe after CW testing was dropped!  And HKT, after going dirt roads frm Jawbone Station thru Isabella on the west, camped in the Greenhorn Mts.  GVG, in competition wid Mexican QRM, copied most stations 57 in Bonsall, but Roy experienced an exciting lightning show wid a big power failure but no damage.  VDP is sweltering in the heat, but sum breeze now.  And KS6CW, experiencing sum QRM, is looking forward to the ARRL Convention and the OCWN Luncheon.  RND enjoyed watching Lance Armstrong win his 7th Tour de France this morning, and John told OPs not to give up on CW just yet!  KA6G is looking forward to the get-together in Riverside, and Jim hopes that he finally got his keyer working satisfactorily!  NT, working amidst the ‘foggy, foggy dew’ at Corona del Mar, is slowly adjusting to the new QTH…And Ray, still rummaging among all the boxes, can’t remember what he kept or gave away.  NU6T is glad to be back, even wid the dead battery, and sigs on OPs at about 555!  IXN and brother Lee spent the last 2 Sundays just north of Thomas Mt. in Garner Valley in the San Jacinto Mts.  IOA/MM, working QRP, reported 599 sigs on all OPs at Santa Cruz Island today.  SQL picked up a nice J-38 key off eBay this week, and Marc finished building his KX-1 last nite.  IB, checking into Net later, is expecting 100 deg. temps today, and Casey enjoyed hearing IOA, NU6T, and SQL on the Net this morning

7/27/2005 15m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, CCD, HHC, and CCE.  IXN had weak sigs on NC until Bob swung the beam around, and IXN said that GW had talked wid XO, and that XO’s XYL is still recuperating frm medical problems.  CCD gave a freq. of 147.150 MHz fer those interested in listening to Space Shuttle communications, and Tom said he'll see OPs at the Club potluck Sat. fer an eyeball…Then Tom got the din-din call.  AF6C got an E-mail frm PEQ telling Bob to tune to 144.170 MHz to hear a Hawaiian beacon ducting into CA!  HHC did not hear the Hawaiian 2M beacon tonite. HHC TNXed AF6C fer putting OC Fair pix up on the website.  HHC mentioned the recent 20m rescue of a sailboat at sea, telling OPs that BPL would most certainly have interfered wid rescue communications!  Then HHC brought OPs up-to-date on recent salt-water fishing boat inquiries.  CCE said that a recent Club visitor, Alan Bullock KD6LCL, visited him at work to check on audio accessories fer his HT…Then Kenan said that he had repaired a sub-woofer circuit in a home theatre system, and, he also picked up a Howard Sams book on electronic repairs…And CCE suggested a ‘fishing 101’ course for those not familiar wid ocean fishing.  HHC, AF6C, CCE, and IXN then had a ‘round robin’ on fishing reels, line, and poles!


7/27/2005 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, N1AB, CCE, KTS/m, HHC, AF6C, and BWH.  JD & XYL are staying close to the house & cell phone as they await news of the birth of a new grand harmonic, either over the weekend, or, on Monday!  N1AB spent last week visiting family bk in a humid, hot 97-98 degree New England!…And wid AB’s youngest harmonic getting her Tech ticket, AB now has a complete ham family!…Congrats, Steve!  CCE is looking forward to a ocean fishing trip, but first comes the Club potluck at the PEQs come Saturday!  KTS checked in mobile at Main St. & First in Santa Ana…David spent 3 tours of duty at the Orange County Fair Booth, telling OPs that the Booth received ‘Best of Show Award’!…Now KTS must spend sum time touring the MS 150 Bike Tour route, the event being scvheduled fer Oct. 8-9.  HHC welcomed N1AB bk frm vacation. Ken said that 446.120 MHz is also carrying Shuttle communications. HHC is busy trying to schedule a fishing trip fer interested OCARC members!  AF6C wonders what a fishing license will cost, and then Bob had a power supply problem while recording Newsline File…So Newsline xmitting duties was shared by the two Bobs, AF6C & KD6BWH! Newsline File #1458 mentioned the FCC scrapping of code fer a ham license, and, that the Boy Scout Jamboree will be operating ARS K2BSA during the jamboree!…Tnx Bob & Bob!


7/31/2005 OCWN 40m CW Net - NCS/UEB checked in IMW/6, KS6CW, IB, KA6G, RND, VDP, OIO, IXN, IC, SQL, GVG, and NT.  UEB’s XYL returned frm a business trip to Toronto, and the 16-yr old harmonic started her 1st job this week!  IMW, pleased wid QNIs this morning wid lots of gud sigs, went to TRW swapmeet, but left before it got too hot…Now Ian is preparing fer a trip to the Isle of Man in Aug.   CW will be on vacation for most of August, but Kathy will be wid us agn on the last Sunday of the month.  IB, wid a temp of 77 deg. in Meadow Vista, and planning to get to the horses before the heat, said that SQL’s K1, running 4W, is being heard all over the West.   KA6G, wondering why Net sigs are abt 15 db above normal this morning, reported a not-too-bad temp. of 92 deg. F yesterday.  RND, wid a temp of 75.6 deg. F at the QTH, and gud sigs on all, sends congrats to Rick on having all the YLs and XYLs working in the household!   VDP continues to rummage thru oceans of ham gear parts at the QTH, and OIO, scraping several years of rust streaks on the van, ended up wid a hole 15 x 1 inches…Repairs will include fiberglassing and Ann hopes to be finished next week.  IXN has to keep his eye on black, furry aggressive jumping spiders hiding in the garden flowers, and AE6IC has a grandharmonic at the Scout Jamboree, and Fred says the shack is a mess…They are redoing the floors!  SQL, using 12W in Roseville, hopes OPs can hear him…NCS gave Marc a 559 wid QSB.  GVG, using a mobile whip, reports much traffic along the beach wid summer tourists.  NT, wid weak sigs at NCS’ QTH, is still adjusting to the new QTH.

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