8/03/2005 15m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in CCE, HHC, and IXN.  CCE & HHC are enjoying watching the astronauts working on Shuttle repairs and International Space Station activities.  And CCE’s salmon steak whetted taste buds at the Club potluck at the PEQ’s QTH.  IXN commented on Spirit Rover activities on Mars, and HHC gave CCE a rundown on the Red Tide that appears along the Pacific coast during summer months.  AF6C, HHC, and CCE all thanked Dan and Kristin fer hosting a vy FB Club potluck at their QTH!  Then HHC, AF6C, and CCE talked abt a possible Club fishing trip after the Red Tide disappears.


8/03/2005 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, CCE, AF6C, HHC, W5DYG, and KTS.  JD missed the Club potluck last Sat., after receiving a 5am phone call that his son’s new arrival was expected soon…At 3:14pm Mon. afternoon, Lowell added grandchild #10 to the growing family…a 7 lb 7 ounce female harmonic!   All OPs congrats Lowell on the new addition!  And AF6C, wid a Newsline file ready, tells OPs abt a E-mail, and subsequent QSO, wid his 1st amateur radio contact, WA2EMF, in Long Island, NY…The first contact was on Aug. 2 at 14:54 EDT way back, and the 2nd contact on 20m, was at 14:54 PDT, was also on Aug. 2!  CCE had hoped that more Club members cud hve made it to the potluck at the PEQs, and OPs were glad to hear Corky, DYG, check in to the Net.  HHC reminded all OPs abt the upcoming Club Bfast at the Katella Grill come Sat. morning, and Ken said that 24 people showed up at the Club potluck.  HHC also said that channel 113, the NASA channel, carries TV directly frm the Space Station!  AF6C then aired Newsline file #1459…We heard that Australia will have a new ham entrance license, a Foundation Class License, probably by Sept…And Rebecca Dorf, WG4Y, a ham for 4 yrs, was the Young Ham of the Year winner!


8/07/2005 40m OCWN CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW/6, GVG, OIO, RND, IC, NT, and IXN.   UEB tnxed GVG for relaying IC’s check-in and report, and Rick said that he had to go into work right after Net!  UEB also got checked out on W6TRW this past Friday; it was the 1st time Rick ran 1500W!  IMW is busy packing fer the Isle of Man trip starting tomorrow, and GVG said all sigs are weak in Bonsall, IC being the exception.  And Roy trusts that Rick enjoyd the 1500W!

Last Net, OIO did NOT report that “Fiberglassing is vy easy”, rather, that it is vy messy!  And Ann says that the patched hole in the van looks pretty gud frm 10 ft. away.  RND has solid copy on all stations, and John is looking forward to his upcoming trip to ME & NY State to see family.  IC said that he was experiencing QRN and QSB on Net Ops today, and NCS had trouble copying NT’s weak sigs…Ray said all sigs were weak today, and Ray is missing the gud conditions on the Hill!  IXN and Lee will hve a new roof put on the QTH before the fall & winter rains.


8/10/2005 15m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, IXN, PEQ, and HHC.  AF6C told IXN that Newsline File will be aired on the 2m Net.  LDC got bk frm a 1 month trip to Montana fer sum fishing and R&R, returning by way of a trip down the West Coast stopping at the Garlic Festival in Gilroy and a visit to the Elk Lodge at Pismo Beach.  IXN, wid weak sigs tonite, suspects a SWR change…IXN then read late findings on the space probe/comet collision.  AF6C tnxed PEQ fer the BC-1 monitor…PEQ said that Kristin is finishing up Aug. RF in the other room…AF6C told Dan that the new EICOM rig is doing a FB job tonite!…And PEQ is glad to be off jury duty!  HHC, commenting on a vy successful Club Bfast last Sat, said that a OP has sum equipment fer sale that he wud like to hve advertised among Club members…Ken then brought OPs up-to-date on ocean fishing news, and HHC said that he will be back-packing in the High Sierra this weekend, and IXN & HHC discussed the Perseid Meteor Shower that will be taking place at that time.


8/10/2005 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, LDC, N1AB, HHC, BWH, and AF6C.  JD & XYL have been entertaining grandharmonics fer the past few days while the mom & dad are bk on the East Coast.  And LDC said that it was hard to come bk after a wonderful vacation, wid great WX and the best fishing in 30 yrs, to Montana!…And Larry completed a class in Adobe Photoshop.  AB has been teaching the family how to use HTs to access repeaters, and HHC and OPs welcomed LDC bk frm vacation.   Ken told LDC that he, AF6C, and CCE hve been thinking abt a salt water fishing event for interested Club members…And HHC told IXN that he gets ocean fishing reports frm the OC Register web site.  BWH, wid a 45 day escrow, hopes to be leaving fer the new QTH the week after the ARRL Convention!  AF6C’s friend, John, who spoke to the Club abt his ant. farm, was in contact wid Bob on 40m USB as John was delivering a plane to Russia via Dayton, OH; Goose Bay, Labrador; Iceland; and Birmingham, Eng., to end up 3 days later at the destination.   AF6C then aired Newsline File #1460…Canada said bye-bye to morse code…K6LAE, N9MW, and W9CAR, on 14.238 MHz, helped save KC6ORF, wid a leg injury, stranded in the ocean off Salina Cruz, Mexico, on Sun. morning, July 24!…San Diego Gas & Electric will begin operating BPL in the 92123 Zip Code area beginning Aug. 31!…Tnx Bob!


8/14/2005 40m OCWN CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IB, GVG, VDP, IC, RND, KA6G, HKT, NT, and IXN.   UEB thanked GVG fer relaying IC’s check-in report, and Rick is still recovering frm a 7 hour hike along the ridge of the Santa Ana Mts.!  IB heard all Net check-ins today, and UEB asked Casey to QNI Ann, OIO, but she did not reply.  GVG experienced QSB on Net sigs in exotic Bonsall this morning, and VDP said he missed Net last week…He was watching sports on TV.  IC, relayed by GVG, thanked UEB fer e-mail comments on CW operation fer the California QSO Party.   RND got a new paint job on the QTH…It looks brand new!…And John read the book “1776”, a great history story.   KA6G still isn’t up to par on conversation yet, and HKT was in the desert last Sunday wid no HF in the truck, had a gud time on the Lane Victory cruise to Catalina, missed the last TRW Swapmeet, is looking forward to the OCWN Luncheon at the Riverside Convention, and will be in Hawaii for the next two Nets!  NT, wid a foggy day at the beach, heard Randy, W6SJ, trying to check in…No luck!…And Ray had a long QSO wid the Lane Victory yesterday.  Its call is W6LV.  IXN’s antenna tuner refuses to tune, so Bob will switch the HF rig over to the manual MFJ tuner, and IXN is having a new roof put on the QTH.


8/17/2005 15m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, CCE, IXN, and HHC.  IXN cudn’t hear LDC, for IXN had a S6 noise level at the QTH!  And IXN measured AF6C’s sigs at S2 above the QRN.  AF6C, enjoying the cooler WX, will air AR Newsline on the 2m Net tonite, and CCE would like to see net control OPs rotate, thus giving Club members a chance to experience net control operations.  CCE will soon be off to a trade show in Denver, and Kenan if busy preparing for new Fall classes.  IXN suggested that we take a poll at Club meeting to discover which OPs have low band capabilities, ie: 10 - 40m.  Diane ‘performed an operation’ on HHC’s VHF feedline with the hedge trimmers, cutting it almost in half!…Now Ken is looking forward to a ‘splicing party’!…So HHC checked in frm the shack of AF6C tonite.  El Presidente HHC reminded all abt Club meeting Fri. eve. to hear abt Echolink!…Ken then said that VKZ leaves fer the East Coast on Sat., and, there will be a ARDF event on Sat. in Huntington Beach…And HHC witnessed a beautiful display of the Perseid meteors on a recent backpack trip to the High Sierras! 


8/17/2005 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, N1AB, CCE, HHC, AF6C, and BWH.  JD and XYL are resting up after the grandharmonics left, and, they got the carpet shampooed…And JD & IXN briefly discussed family trees, and AB has been in San Diego catching up on work related advances, etc.  CCE says good evening to all, and Kenan thinks that Net bingo might be fun!  CCE & PEQ will help HHC wid the tower when Ken is ready, and Kenan will soon be absent frm Wed nite Nets when classes resume.  HHC told CCE abt checking into Wed. Nets using a HT frm the Santa Ana College campus during class breaks in times past…Ken then told OPs abt Diane’s ‘surgery’ on the HF coax feedline, his terrific campout in the High Sierras, and VKZ’s departure Sat. eve. fer the East Coast to stay in an assisted living facility near relatives.  AF6C talked wid PFA recently, and Tom’s XYL is better…Bob has been working on a poster fer HRO, and, does PEQ need more fliers?  BWH and Linda hope to be off to the new QTH in Sheldon, ND come Sept. 20…Bob said that Willie & Sheryl will have help wid Baker-to-Vegas with Jim Tucker getting his ham ticket.  AF6C then aired Newsline File #1461…As of Aug. 9, Italy will drop morse code frm its ham license…Canada is now investigating BPL, and, the use of airborne mobile phones can destroy communications in the radio astronomy window for thousands of miles!


8/21/2005 40m OCWN CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IC, IB, GVG, KA6G, KS6CW, VDP, RND, OIO, NT, IXN, KFW/MO, and SQL.  UEB thanked GVG fer KFW’s Denver, CO relay and checkin…GVG is fast becoming a key OCWN relay station!   UEB, hoping everyone is making plans to go to Riverside, said that his CW Net presentation will be at 1 PM!  And IC, wid reservations at the Marriott in Riverside, will see Rick there.  IB had much fun yesterday at the Sierra Foothills Amateur Radio Club’s annual picnic, and Casey was able to hear KFW’s sigs frm MO!  GVG heard KFW 549 wid gud sigs on all stations, and KA6G, wid gud sigs on all, said that school is starting…Time flies when you hve a stroke!…HI!  KS6CW got bk frm New York, taking many photos in PA and NY, and visiting the Locust Grove Morse Historic Site.  VDP, watching the Little League World Series, asked Rick abt lunch time at the Convention…UEB suggested an early OCWN luncheon at 11:15 AM to avoid the lunch crowd, and, give UEB time to get to his 1 PM OCWN CW presentation.  RND will see us in two weeks…John and XYL are off to NJ, Maine, and NY to visit wid family.  OIO worked Rarotonga in the Cook Is…Except for this 15m SSB station, the band was dead!  NT said sigs were vy bad at the beach…Ray misses ‘the Hill’!  IXN enjoyed hearing KFW check in frm MO, and Bob said the roofers hve two days to finish the roof.  GVG relayed KFW’s sigs frm Denver, CO, and KFW shud be home in two weeks.  SQL, using 12 W, is busy at work, his son is bk in school, and Marc is keeping a regular sched with an Alaska OP that’s a lot of fun!


8/24/2005 15m Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in CCD, IXN, DHZ, and HHC.  CCD & XYL just got bk frm touring Alaska via a Princess cruise…It was 84 deg. F. in Fairbanks, cooling down at around midnight!…And Tom will soon renew his license via W5YI.  IXN asked AF6C if it was possible to renew a ham license thru ULS (Universal Licensing System)…Bob said YES!  IXN cudn’t hear DHZ in the QRN, but NC said that Jim had attended the DX Convention in Visalia.  HHC repaired Diane’s ‘surgical mistake’ on the antenna feedline, and Ken said that there will be a Princess cruise in his future…But fer now, HHC and Diane will soon be off to Ireland!  Then HHC announced the ‘go away’ dinner fer VKZ & BWH next Tues. at Marie Callendar Restaurant on Katella Ave. east of Glassell.  AF6C has a Newsline file fer the 2m Net.


8/24/2005 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, KTS, HHC, AF6C, and BWH.  JD ‘kicked bk’ fer most of the week,doing only sum house chores, and din-din & the telephone kept him off the 10m Net tonite, but didn’t keep him frm enjoying Club meeting last Fri. eve.!  KTS, busy at work & working wid a licensing class this weekend, tnx AF6C fer airing Newsline files…And David will attend the ‘going away’ dinner fer VKZ & BWH come Tuesday.  All OPs, including HHC, enjoyed WP’s program at Club meeting last Fri. eve. on Echolink!…Tnx, Willie!  AF6C checked out a Ellis Peters mystery book frm the library, and Bob repeated the location of the dinner fer VKZ & BWH next Tues. eve.  And BWH confirmed that he will be in attendance at the dinner.  AF6C then aired Newsline file #1462…Come 2007, we will have 4 weeks additional Daylight Savings Time tacked onto the summer/fall period, and, the United Kingdom now has a new Foundation Class License which has already added 7,000 new licensed hams to the rolls, with a 20% increase in hams moving to a higher license!…And many of the new hams are age 21 yrs and younger!


8/28/2005 40m OCWN CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW, IB, GVG, WB9NXY/QRP, OIO, IC, KS6CW, KA6G, NT, and IXN.  UEB said sig strength decreased during Net…OPs thought the band was changing during Net.  UEB exercised early this morning…Too hot later in the day!…And Rick’s harmonic & XYL are off on a short trip to Washington, D.C. next week, so UEB is on his own for the long weekend!  IMW had a FB trip to GD land on business, but no hamming.  IB, to be in Clear Lake next week, gave NXY/QRP in Freemont, a 599 report!   And GVG said that NXY had a FB 1 W sig!   Mike, NXY/QRP, is solar powered and appreciated the warm welcome frm Net OPs, and OIO, in Gareden Grove, is just trying to keep cool!   IC is working on trying to improve his Stealth ant., raising it higher and increasing the wire size…Fred hopes he doesn’t ‘unstealth’ it…HI!  CW has been busy working wid all the pictures that she took while in NY, placing sum of them on the screensaver.  KA6G, wid nothing to say, ‘flew in and flew out’, and NT wishes all a gud week frm sunny Corona del Mar.  IXN, wid the QTH roof done, welcomes NXY to the Net, hoping that Mike will not be a stranger to the Net!…HI!


8/31/2005 15m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, JD, and HHC.  HHC & AF6C said the Club departure dinner for BWH and VKZ was a great success!  A rough list of attendees was:  AF6C, HHC, BWH & Linda, VKZ, FMS, UC(Jim), GW, WP & KTT, WWK & Bev(now a Tech!), LDC, KOS, WZO & WZN, JD, KTS, and the PEQs.  OPs passed along kudos to AF6C fer the FB certificates fer BWH & VKZ.  IXN & Lee missed the dinner for another appointment.  AF6C worked WD8DFY in W. VA on 40m CW, and Bob told IXN that he has a Newsline file fer the 2m Net.  And don’t forget to ask HHC abt his ‘128 bit encryption toenail’, which can be vy dangerous to your health!  IXN copied bits & pieces of JD’s QSO thru the S7 QRN at his QTH.


8/31/2005 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, HHC, and AF6C.   JD has a vert. ant. and had an S3 noise level tonite on the 15m Net.  HHC discussed the upcoming go-away dinner for BWH and VKZ in greater detail.  IXN told OPs that KFWB had news frm a ham, working frm the attic of his QTH, located near hurricane Katrina.  JD reminded OPs not to forget the Club Bfast Sat. morning, and AF6C aired Newsline file #1463…The Italian Redcross will now use amateur radio for emergency communications around the world!…Tnx, Bob.  And AF6C has been busy reformatting a computer hard-drive…Bob also reminded HHC & IXN that Pitt has a game this Sat.

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