9/04/2005 40M OCWN CW Net - NCS/UEB checked in HKT, KS6CW, KA6G, RND, VDP, IXN, and NT.  NC/UEB said that sigs at the QTH were not vy strong today, and Rick drove over to Riverside yesterday to scout out places to eat next Saturday…UEB said options were limited and he told OPs to watch their e-mail this week fer some options and solicit feedback & ideas!  HKT had a great time cruising in Hawaii, ending up wid a tour of the Missouri…Then on Friday, Homer made a contact wid the ship during the 60-yr anniversary of the peace signing special event.  CW has already paid the entry fee fer the Convention, but Kathy will not be in attendance as she has to attend an important club meeting in town!  KA6G just located a friend that he lost contact wid for 48 yrs!…Jim doesn’t expect a meeting soon since his friend lives in Florida!…UEB offered to give Jim a ride to the Convention, but Jim said that he didn’t expect to go.  RND worked ‘the Mighty MO’, KH6BB, in Pearl Harbor on 20m yesterday!…And John & the XYL had a great trip bk to Maine & New York State wid gud WX and lots to do.  VDP, watching the Little League World Series games on TV last week, told Rick that he will see him at the Convention and dinner.  IXN told NCS that OCWN Netnotes are up-to-date on the OCARC webpage, and that OPs can view them at  NT, wid fog at the beach, said that he raised his antenna a little, hoping that his sig strength might improve.  Ray’s sigs were still weak, but VDP copied NT sigs 599!


9/07/2005 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in JD, HHC, IXN, and CCD.  JD registered early fer the ARRL SW Div. Convention in Riverside, and Lowell will probably tavel to Riverside early Saturday.  HHC, also planning to go to Riverside, says the Convention needs help!…Not enough rooms are being rented!  And CCD, also planning fer a trip to the Convention, checked in wid weak sigs…Tom was using the 17m ant!  Then Tom got the din-din call.  HHC told AF6C that he had not yet looked at the Club auction flier yet, and AF6C told IXN that he has a Newsline file to air on the 2m Net.  IXN told OPs that Rick, UEB, will hve a presentation Sat. afternoon at the Convention on the OCWN.   HHC is putting the finishing touches to the Sept. issue of ‘RF’, and Ken said that he listened to the Salvation Army freq., 14.265 MHz, and didn’t hear any traffic, and then HHC, hving now looked at the Auction flier, passed kudos along to AF6C.


9/07/2005 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, AF6C, KFW, BWH, HHC, and CCE.  JD’s grandson starts his senior year at school tomorrow, and AF6C tells IXN that Newsline file is ready fer airing…And Bob tells IXN to send a list of auction items to HHC.  AF6C also thinks high gas prices might affect Convention attendance.  KFW told IXN that he renewed his license through the FCC Licensing Service, and that the procedure was easy and went smoothly…IXN said that you cannot renew your license until you are in the 60 day period before it expires!  KFW drove over 7,000 miles on his trip bk East to the PA/NY area, visiting wid family, taking a river tour of Pittsburgh involving the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio rivers, and returning by way of Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, etc.!  BWH will be out of So. CA., by the 15th or 16th, headed for North Dakota wid his new ham call, KBWH!  HHC welcomed KFW bk and Ken told Chris that WWK & XYL had also visited Crazy Horse and Mt. Rushmore while on vacation.    IXN and OCWN OPs heard KFW check into the Net frm Denver on his return trip!  CCE has been out of town golfing in Palm Springs, and Kenan picked up a bug (not CW!) last Sat. eve…Now Kenan will hve to miss sum classes at school when he leaves on a scheduled trip to Mexico soon.  AF6C then aired Newsline file #1464…If you want to handle health & welfare traffic fer the Katrina disaster, check into, and fill out a form…Australia will not be using the 70cm wireless band for broadband networks…Australian investigators say that BPL will interfere wid DSL services, aviation communications, broadcast operations, and medical devices, wid the medical devices industry now in opposition to BPL!…Skylar de Leon, indicted for the murder of two Arizona hams off the coast of southerno CA., has now been indicted for a 2nd murder in Mexico!…Tnx, Bob, fer another Newsline file packed full of info.!


9/11/2005 40m OCWN CW Net – Acting NCS/RND checked in IMW, VDP, HKT, KA6G, NT, IXN, UEB/W1AW/6, and IB.  RND informed the Net that UEB was at the ARRL Convention in Riverside today, and IMW heard that UEB’s OCWN presentation at the Convention was FB!  VDP enjoyed meeting OCARC Net members at the Convention, and RND enjoyed the Ten-Ten members’ dinner.  HKT said that UEB really did a gud job wid the seminar, and Homer was happy to meet OCWN members at the Convention.  KA6G, not attending the Convention,  said that the Sat. Net was vy bad at his QTH.  NT has a 5 noise level dwn at the beach, wid the sun just now showing thru the fog.  NCS, wid vy little QRN at the QTH, copied all Net sigs today, and John asked Ian to try to get JIL bk on the Net.  SURPRISE!…KF6UEB/W1AW/6, Rick, regular NCS fer the OCWN, checked into Net frm the Convention in Riverside!…VDP said that it was too bad that Rick cud not stay to get us all a CW contact wid W1AW!…And HKT said that Rick cud hve run the Net frm the Convention IF he heard all of our sigs!  KA6G & IXN did not go to the Convention.  NT heard UEB wid 569 sigs at the beach.  IB said all sigs were weak in Meadow Vista this AM, and Casey increased power to 75W.

(Ed. note: To Rick, KF6UEB:  I wish to take this opportunity, along with the OCWN and the Orange County Amateur Radio Club, to pass along our thanks and gratitude for your very important efforts to keep International Morse Code a viable part of amateur radio in the Orange Section.  OPs reported that you gave a FB seminar at the Riverside Convention.  Let us hope that your efforts will bring about an increase in OCWN Net members, and that we might even see other CW nets come on the air in the near future…Congratulations, Rick!)


9/14/2005 15m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, CCD, HHC, RND, IXN, ACT, and Al(WKJV).   AF6C had a CW contact wid RND before Net, and IXN cudn’t copy LDC.  LDC was also hving trouble copying other OPs.  CCD, called off to din-din, returned later telling OPs that he didn’t copy LDC either.  HHC counted 17 OCARC members at the Riverside Convention, looked over new gear, bought a battery fer the HT at work, listened to a gud seminar on ant. problems on DXpeditions, and met former club members Ron Cade and Carmine(WK6C), and also Mike(WK6O) before he left for Mexico.  RND hitched a ride to the Convention wid Rick, UEB.  And HHC and RND passed along kudos to UEB fer his fine seminar presentation on the OCWN to conventioneers!  KC6ACT, Greg, in Orange, using a Butternut multiband vertical, bought a battery charger and sum batteries at the Convention, and Greg thought attendance at the Convention was down a ’lil!   ACT also reminded OPs that the Orange County RACES Net meets Sunday mornings at 9:00 am on 3965 MHz …And Greg ran the Net frm the Convention on the ARRL station W1AW/6 last Sunday!  Al, AJV, in Laguna Niguel, ‘flew in and flew out’.


9/14/2005 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, N1AB, AE6UC, ACT, AF6C, HHC, KFW, and KTS.   JD enjoyed meeting OPs at the Convention, and found the Venue interesting.  AB enjoyed Convention seminars, investigated J-pole antennas, and asked OPs to volunteer fer an antenna party at the QTH in the near future.  IXN and UC chatted briefly about servicing band instruments at Winn’s Music, Jim stating that servicing each instrument presents new challenges!  ACT, waiting fer the din-din call, noticed a great difference between reception on 15m SSB and 2m FM, and AF6C is experiencing a slow reacting mike button on the 2m rig…Bob also was vy happy that he met Ken Miller, CW OP on the Jay Leno Show, at the Convention!…AF6C also bought a 2004 QST disc wid all magazine issues on it.  Now Bob will do a ’lil cement work at the QTH, extending a foundation 4 or 5 inches to plug up a ‘possum hole’!

…a lion hole!…HHC quipped, “A panther, not a Nittany Lion!”  HHC said that “Red Cross Cindy”, OPI, has been assigned to Hurricane Ophelia near Raleigh, NC…And Ken saw AB carrying around a J-pole ant. at the Convention…HHC told AB to bring up an ant. party at the QTH at meeting Fri. eve., and, WWK’s XYL now has her new ticket, KI6APH, and Beverly has already been heard on the 446.410 machine!…Congrats Beverly!  And HHC said that Nov. Club meeting program will feature a talk on the noise blanking advantages of digital modulation.  KFW has been busy uploading digital pix frm the vacation bk East, printing them, and sending copies bk to the relations.  KTS heard BWH last nite on the Hospital Net…Bob will probably be leaving So. CA. on the 16th fer the new QTH in North Dakota…David also said that he attended some seminars at the Riverside Convention.  AF6C then aired Newsline file #1465…Emergency amateur frequencies will probably be needed for the next 30 days in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina!…Tnx, Bob!


9/18/2005 OCWN 40m CW Net - NCS/UEB checked in IMW/6, IB, IC, OIO, KS6CW, KFW, RND, VDP, IXN, NT, and NXY.  UEB enjoyed meeting Homer, Fred, and Tony in person at the Saturday night dinner, and Rick said that abt 30 people attended the CW Net program, wid 5 new OPs asking for more info.!  IMW tells NT that he has FB sigs today, and for Ray to keep watering the ground rods!…HI!  Ian also went to a FB Chino Hills swapmeet yesterday, and Ian said that NXY’s HW-8 has FB sigs, too.  IB gave NXY a 569, and Casey had sunny, FB WX in Meadow Vista this morning.  IC & Lil had a great time at the Convention and enjoyed meeting Net OPs, and Fred has now re-strung his antenna fer the CA QSO Party on Oct. 1.  OIO has been checking into the FC weekend, saying that one thing is for sure - the strongest station wins on 20!…HI!  KS6CW welcomed Mike, WB9NXY, to our CW Net, and Kathy hopes to be at the ARRL Convention next year, having missed Riverside this year.  KFW, welcoming NXY to the Net, said it was great to be bk frm the two-month trip bk East.  RND spent sum time on 20m and worked stations in the Salmon Run and the QCWA Contest…There were many stations on, and band condx were vy gud!  VDP, wid power down at Net’s beginning, enjoyed the Convention, and Larry has now been busy sorting parts fer the TRW Swap Meet next Sat.  IXN told UEB that W6HHC passed along kudos at the OCARC Club meeting on Rick’s FB presentation on the OCWN!…IXN welcomed Mike to the Net, giving him a 589 in Santa Ana.   NT, wid FB sigs frm the Beach, said that condx wer just like on Goat Hill!…Ray was trying out his new homebrew vertical bug saying that it feels a lot different!  To NC’s inquiry abt fog at the beach, brought a YES frm NT, who also said Hi to NXY.  And NXY doesn’t know SZZ whose QTH is also in Fremont.


9/21/2005 15M Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, CCD, and IXN.  AF6C said that HHC is vacationing in Ireland as Bob gobbled down another mouthful of salad covered wid a delicious salad dressing!  Then AF6C announced that the 15m Net will change back to 10m on Oct. 5!  IXN cudn’t hear LDC, but AF6C and LDC discussed the emergency landing of a Jet Blue plane at LAX…All OPs on the Net watched the landing, too.   CCD successfully downloaded software fer his TS-570, worked a couple of ZLs last week, and then got the call fer din-din!  AF6C has the next Newsline File ready fer the 2m Net tonite.


9/21/2005 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, VDP, ACT, and AF6C.  JD enjoyed the Jet Blue Emergency Landing tonite, and VDP, getting items ready fer the swapmeet yesterday, got sum things wet when ‘dewdrops’ fell frm heaven!…Larry enjoyed Club meeting presentation on radio station KFI, and VDP got a new toy…a HT frm YAESU, the DX6R…Now Larry has to learn all the ‘bells & whistles’!  ACT just got home frm work, missing the HF Net, listened to the Jet Blue incident on radio, and Greg told AF6C that he got his Club badge in the mail, and Greg said that the new battery charger, that he acquired at the Convention, is doing a FB job and is easy to use.  AF6C told ACT that the 10m Net Freq. will be 28.375 MHz…Greg told IXN that he got his General license in 1989.  AF6C told ACT that metal hydride batteries are better than nicads.  AF6C told OPs that Herb Rosenberg, KG6OK, is now a Silent Key!…N6JKL/KG6OK was Vice Pres. of the OCARC in 1985.  His son, David, KB6GFT, was also a member of the Club.  AF6C then aired Newsline file #1466…DO NOT GO TO THE KATRINA DISASTER AREAS OFFERING HELP WITHOUT CHECKING WID THE ARRL WEBSITE FIRST!…BPL tests in San Diego are already causing interference in the WARC bands!…There is still no connection between cellular phone use and cancer!…All question pools for amateur licenses will be completed and released by 2007…Tnx, Bob!


9/25/2005 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW/6, HKT, IB, KFW, GVG, RND, KS6CW, KA6G, OIO, VDP, IC, NT, IXN, and SQL.  UEB had to do a ’lil antenna maintenance…Seems that someone tried to pull dwn his ant!  IMW is using a HW-101, one of the most popular SSB rigs ever made by Heath, and congrats to Ian and Jill on their 11th wedding anniversary.   HKT met VDP at the TRW Swapmeet yesterday, then Homer went to the motorcycle show at El Camino College.  IB is off to St. Louis and New York City on a 4-day business trip this week, and KFW is still trying to get things in order after the vacation trip.  GVG just got bk frm a trip to China, and, if Roy was 20 yrs younger, he’d learn Mandarin Chinese…HI!  RND said that IMW’s sigs were FB at check-in, but fell way dwn during his turn…And John has worked the DXpedition, K7C, on Kure Is. at least 3 times.  CW said that MTC will have a booth at the Oct 1st Celebration at Neff Park in La Mirada frm 10 AM to 4 PM.  KA6G said that Net sigs are up and down today, and OIO has been trimming the bushes out back.  VDP, still working on estate gear and parts, had a gud day yesterday at TRW, and Larry enjoyed seeing HKT there!  IC, using one receiver on a vert. ant., and one on a horizontal ant., is using frequency fer the 1st time…So far, so good, at least on paper anyway…HI!  NT is still trying to master the vertical bug, which he built frm spare parts…And Ray told OPs that K7C is working split on CW, so do not call on his freq!   IXN said that HKT had intermittent hum on his sigs, and Bob & many OPs sent congrats to Ian & Jill on their 11th…And let’s go Angels!  SQL, a few weeks since his last check-in, said all OPs had FB sigs, and Marc is looking forward to Pacificon wid his 6 yr old son…They’ll be wearing T-shirts wid the words ‘dit’ on one, and ‘dah’ on the other…HM!…Will dad be wearing dit, or dah?!…HI!


9/28/2005 15m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, ACT, and IXN.  AF6C, telling OPs that HHC & PEQ would be absent tonite, announced the Club Bfast this Sat. at the Katella Grill…And Bob witnessed a heavy tree branch break & fall under the force of strong Santa Ana winds this am!  LDC said that there were no heavy winds in Garden Grove, and Larry will attend the Club Bfast.  The winds tipped over cactus pots at ACT’s QTH, and Greg will try to attend the Club auction.  IXN said that the SA winds blew over and cooked his dahlias!…And Bob said that if OPs are looking for a rare book at gud prices, try!   AF6C then announced that the 15m Net wud change bk to 10m next Wed. at a freq. of 28.375 MHz!


9/28/2005 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, MIG, MIH, VDP, AB, AF6C, and Frank, KG6JVE, in Pasadena.  JD & XYL visited both daughter’s and son’s grandharmonics last weekend, and Lowell stayed in out of the heat today, content to watch the fires in the foothills being pushed by the SA winds.   MIH will share the spotlight wid a Frequent Flyer gal, named Siana, as CHOC Walk Youth Ambassador, Sunday morning!…Congrats, Kevin!…And MIG and MIH have finished their solar conversion program, operating solar power during the day, and battery power by night!…The CHOC Walk will be on Disney TV…MIH is now a Senir in HS, mastering Physics, and soon to become an Eagle Scout!   VDP, while trying to work K7C, worked an OP in the Virgin Islands instead, and Larry said to listen to 145.480 MHz to hear DX openings as they occur!  AB never suffered frm the heat…Steve works in air conditioning!…And OPs told AB that his sigs were weak, along wid sum slight QRN.  AF6C announced the change next Wed. of the 15m Net back to 10m on freq. 28.375 MHz.  AF6C then aired Newsline file #1467…Another HAMSAT is ready to launch, and, if you are interested in European satellite news, try…Tnx, Bob fer another fine Newsline!

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