10/2/2005 40M OCWN CW Net - NCS/UEB checked in IMW/6, HKT, VDP, IB, KFW, KS6CW, GVG, OIO, RND, IXN, and NT.  UEB was using his ‘Clandestine Compromise’ ant, a 20ft radiating element tied off to the side, and 3 radials…Having tied the loose end of the vertical to the eaves of the house, the ant. looks like an inverted ‘L’!  IMW’s rig du jour is the HW-101, and Ian said today is the CW segment of the Fall Classic event for old and homebrew gear.  QRG on 7045 KHz, etc.  HKT had two gud days of dirt roading in Laughlin last week, and Homer got a card frm KH6BB, the battleship Missouri.  HKT and VDP cudn’t copy Ian, and Larry gave Ian sum tubes to sell.  IB, wid weak sigs at NC’s QTH, thanked RND for the Net relay, and Casey, hving fun in the CQP, gave Ian a 239 rpt.  KFW alerted OPs abt the OCARC Auction to be held Friday, Oct. 21, wid lots of goodies on the auction block!   CW said that the MTC booth at the Celebration in the Park in La Mirada went well.  One little boy attracted to our booth volunteered the rest of the afternoon helping us show the public the Morse equipment & code!  GVG, in foggy Bonsall, said most sigs were weak…And Roy thanked John fer the relay.  OIO said the forest fire is near the picnic area down the hill from Mountain Home Village…Started by a semi’s blown tire, the fire shud be out in 2 or 3 days.  RND, chasing DX frm Kure Is., finally got them on 30m…nw fer 40m!  IXN hopes Ann survives the forest fires, and Bob told OPs that his 757GX won’t load up anymore…Bob will retire it and get a new rig!  NT checked in frm the foggy beach, wid OPs hoping band condx are better next week.


10/5/2005 10m Phone Net - Today, the 15m Net switched to 10m on 28.375 MHz.  IXN was listening but cud not transmit due to the rig's refusal to load on any frequency!  CCD and JD chatted briefly on frequency, but left before AF6C got home frm the Boeing ‘Octoberfest’…Bob was unable to get home in time to assume NC duties…Some retired employees arrived late at the party and Bob’s time of departure was delayed!  IXN plans to revamp the shack wid a new rig, antenna, new power supply with meters, and an independent SWR meter.  OPs were off to watch the Angel/Yankee playoffs!


10/5/2005 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, VDP, AF6C, and N1AB.  IXN complained abt the things he must do, and the things he can’t do, wid the new FT-897D!  AB only lit up three bars on JD’s rig, and Lowell has baby sitting duties.  AF6C, bk frm the Octoberfest wid the flight test people at Boeing where he met sum friends who hve been retired fer 35 yrs, told NC that he has a Newsline file to air tonite…Bob also said the Boeing Long Beach installation is slowly disintegrating…Then AF6C & OPs discussed possible web sites to procure rig manuals and schematics, wid AF6C adding at 9:09 pm, “The Angels tied up the game wid the Yankees!”  VDP has sum expensive gear to dispose of frm Silent Key estates, but Larry might bring sum items to the Club Auction this month…VDP worked the Kure Is. DXpedition, and Larry said that NT worked them 3 times!  AB was abt 5/6 at IXN’s QTH, and Steve attributes the weak sigs to a antenna problem.  AF6C then aired Newsline file #1468…BPL heats up in Aussieland as modem networks and medical services voice deep concern over BPL interference!…The Sorensen trial is set bk to December, and keep watching fer law enforcement trials of a new ‘Star Chase’ system touted to virtually end most police pursuits!…Tnx, Bob!


10/9/2005 OCWN 40m CW Net - NCS/UEB checked in KFW, IMW/6, VDP, IB, GVG, KS6CW, KA6G, RND, IXN, and NT.  The Net moved frm 7086.0 to 7086.5 to accommodate Ian’s crystal controlled rig.  UEB got better sig reports on the antenna configuration, and Rick’s harmonic took her college entrance test fer the 2nd and final time!  KFW reported continuing house painting, ending wid a GO ANGELS!…HI!  IMW, on ‘Henry’, tnxed the Net fer the QSY…And Ian said the crystal was tuned at 7086 KHz, but it is high in Henry’s oscillator, wid IMW QRG Net freq. next time.  VDP, still sorting parts and doing yard work, said that Ian shud just pad his crystal wid a few pf capacitor.  IB will take the dogs out in the woods today and get sum clean fresh air…Next week IB & SQL will go to Pacificon, and IB told NC that the business trip was FB, but the air travel was awful!  GVG, in Bonsall (Queen City of North San Diego County…HI!), had a gud trip to China, but Roy’s still hungry!…HI!  CW, in HB, had truble reading most sigs, wid only 2 stations gud readable.  KA6G successfully QNY’d noting 46 off the regular freq., and RND told Jim that we QSY’d to .47 for Ian…And wid the Kure Is. DXpedition over, John told UEB that he had made Kure contacts on 30, 40, and 80m.  IXN told OPs to try to get out-of-print or rare books at reasonable prices, and IXN told NC that his YAESU 757 dead rig will not be repaired…Bob will get a new rig.  NT, wid a beautiful day at the beach, found K7C 5 times wid the DX antenna.


10/12/2005 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, HHC, CCD, and IXN listening on the side.   LDC and Pauline will be attending a halloween party as Groucho and Harpo respectively!…And Larry and IXN like rigs wid knobs that turn…And LDC attended a charity event wid the Elks at Palm Desert.  HHC and OPs are watching a pitching duel between the Angels & the Whitesox, and HHC and AF6C gave IXN possible outlets for wire needed to construct a new seismometer antenna.  AF6C got HHC’s card, sent frm Ireland, on Tues., and Bob told IXN that he has Newsline File to air on 2m tonite.


10/12/2005 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, CCD, KFW, VDP, MIH, HHC, and AF6C.  IXN heard all OPs FB tonite on the 10m Net, wid no QSB or QRN…And Bob discussed possible outlets fer aluminum wire wid HHC & AF6C.  JD had baby sitting chores wid the two twin grandkids today, and the ’lil crawlers & standups were into everything they cud reach!  CCD, gardening all day & wid sum jogging on the side, will be taking it easy tomorrow, doing sum electronics work.  KFW, finishing up the house painting, was experiencing a high noise level noise tonite…Chris’ squelch refused to squelch, and HHC suggested disconnecting the ant. to determine if the problem is external, or internal in the rig.  VDP, wid a cockeyed 6m beam, is sorting parts in prep. fer the TRW Swapmeet at month’s end.  MIH, wid MIG in the background, said that the CHOC Walk was vy successful…And Kevin was in the write-up in the Orange City News in the OC Register!  No need fer sunglasses in Ireland said HHC!…Clouds and rain everywhere they went, so people stay in the pubs and drink lots of Guiness!…And Ken said that there are 40 shades of green in Ireland.  OPs offered to help IXN put up a new ant…Bob is waiting fer it to arrive at the ‘candystore’!   And AF6C announced that his friend, KF6DTH, Gary Smith, a pilot, and former Blue Angel, became a Silent Key in a recent plane crash!   AF6C then aired Newsline file #1469…Major PA electric utility drops BPL after a 2 yr project…And, a Ham Radio Video Corps is suggested as a way to inform the public about ham radio emergency services during disasters, etc….What do you think?…Send comments to…And remember JOTA (Jamboree On The Air) Oct 15 – 17…Tnx Bob!


10/16/2005 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW/6, KFW, IB, HKT, KS6CW, KA6G, OIO, RND, VDP, IC, NT, and IXN.  Wid a ’lil wind & sunny WX in Irvine, UEB had a nice day off yesterday, but Rick must work today!   IMW had FB copy on NT, and Ian is on ‘Henry’, hving done sum work on the crystal osc.  KFW alerted all abt the OCARC annual auction next Fri. eve. in the Red Cross Bldg.   IB had fun at Pacificon in San Ramon wid W6SQL & son.  HKT had sum hum on his sigs, and Homer had a gud trip to the original location of the town of Ivanpah, which was in three locations over the years.  CW said the Morse Telegraph Club will meet at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Fullerton to hear a guest spaker, Overland Trail, Bill & Debbie Hatrick, frm eleven thirty to three PM…Those wishing to attend RSVP at   KA6G is looking forward to getting his driver’s license, and OIO winterized the cabin in preparation fer eye surgery…Ann had a great QRP weekend at the cabin, making 12 contacts there!  RND & XYL are off to Salt Lake City fer 2 weeks.  VDP, still sorting parts, is looking forward to the Club auction Friday night, and IC just got bk frm the desert wid BS Troop 787 where they worked JOTA (Jamboree On The Air).  NT took his DX ant. dwn fer hedge trimming, put it bk up, and promptly worked an OP near the South Pole!   IXN confirmed intermittent hum on HKT’s sigs, will be taking lots of items to the OCARC auction, and told NC that he’ll keep the old YAESU 757 for use as a monitor receiver.


10/19/2005 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, CCD, HHC, and IXN (on the side).  LDC hears NC better on the horizontal ant., and Larry bought a new HD projection TV + service contract…LDC wud like to hve an OCARC/Elks joint DXpedition sometime in Jan. or Feb., depending on the WX, and Larry needs a new mike connector on the FT-690.  AF6C asked IXN when we raise his new ant. (ans. in 2m Net notes), and KF6YOL, Charmaine, will try to be at the next Club Bfast…And AF6C burned sum logs in the fireplace Mon. eve. to warm up the QTH.  CCD said there hve been sum 6m openings, and Tom worked Hong Kong on 17m yesterday…Then Tom got the din-din call!  AF6C is looking fer a SB 300-3 Heathkit converter, and HHC, listening to 20m before Net, thought he heard an HB station, maybe in Europe…Ken has also been burning DVDs wid the Ireland pix, and HHC asked NC what size wire to use fer the loading coils on the homebrew 6m ant…AF6C said #12 Cu or Al wire shud do just fine.  Then AF6C told OPs that Newsline file is ready fer the 2m Net.


10/19/2005 2m Phone Net -  W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, VDP, HHC, AF6C, KG6MIG and KG6MIH.  IXN just discovered that they are making his new ant. at MFJ at this time!…It will not be ready fer another 5 or 6 weeks!  MIG & MIH, working on a project, ‘flew in and flew out’.  IXN, wid AF6C’s sister in mind, talked wid Bob about the old wood dams in Mass. that showed signs of breaking in the northeast deluge.  IXN said all OPs were armchair copy tonite!  JD has been working on family genealogy wid a cousin, and Lowell told OPs not to forget the Bfast wid the ‘Watson Drugstore group’ come Friday…HHC added 7:30am fer the ‘Watson Radio Club’!  VDP is still sorting hundreds of parts frm the estate of a Silent Key, and Larry told OPs that Ray, W6NT, work K7C 5 times!…And Larry asked IXN to check wid HRO to see if they had YAESU EDC-6 power connectors.  HHC was gathering items fer the auction and Ken asked MIG & MIH if they wud be coming to the auction…No response!  HHC will burn a 40 min slide show, frm the Ireland trip, on a DVD.  AF6C aired Newsline file #1470…After hurricane Katrina, there is some pressure among civil & government emergency communicators to form a ‘SOS Radio Network”, which wud consist of police, military, civilian, fire, hams, etc., all sharing a number of common frequencies during a disaster…And, you’ll be hearing more abt sharing 7100 to 7200KHz, secondary use, at 250W max. power…Telephone DXCC anyone?  Next will be code on your cellphone!…Also, there is sum interest in a ‘Ham Radio Video Corps’, in hopes of bringing more public attention to amateur radio emergency services in times of disaster…Tnx, Bob!


10/23/2005 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW/6, GVG, IB, KFW, KS6CW, KA6G, VDP, IXN, NT, IC, NXY, and HKT.  NCS and OPs continued to notice a ’lil hum on HKT’s sigs, and, an echo effect on IC’s sigs.   UEB is working way too much wid 16 hour days last week!…Rick hopes to get sum time off next week!  Ian enjoyed buying too much ‘tube stuff’at the OCARC auction, and, IMW reported FB DX sigs on 17m this morning.  GVG is in fog this am at 1,000 ft elevation in exotic Bonsall, while IB, in Meadow Vista, is enjoying sunny & calm WX…Casey reported sum 40m DX that he must now drive to SF Bay area on business.  KFW said the OCARC auction was a great success…IMW found sum items he cudn’t live without, and IXN got enough coax to last a lifetime!  CW repeated info on the upcoming Morse Telegraph Club meeting at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Fullerton, and KA6G is enjoying the summer-like WX.  VDP enjoyed FB sigs on all OPs today, and Larry told UEB that he didn’t buy much at the auction.  IXN told NC & OPs that he saw KFW, VDP, and IMW at the auction, and NT is all fogged in at Corona del Mar…Ray visited the harmonic in Murrieta, and on the way back, he went by ‘Goat Hill’!…Chain link fence all around it wid ‘Keep Out’ signs…Place is still intact…So sad…But Ray is getting used to the new place now.  IC has been busy wid JOTA (Jamboree On The Air), Radio Merit Badge, and Eagle Cout Board of Review.  NXY said the WX is cloudy & chilly in Fremont.  In the recent loss of 911 phone service, Torrance Police activated the Torrance ARA…HKT set up 2m/440 rigs at one of the emergency centers and stayed in contact wid the police net intil the problem was fixed…TARA has ham ants. on many buildings in Torrance.


10/26/2005 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in HHC, CCD, IXN, ACT, and FMX.  Closing the roof on HHC’s new convertable auto interferes wid the mobile rig ant…And HHC said that IMW bought AUL’s boat anchor at the Club auction, ie: the Russian tank rig made by RCA in Canada.  Ken reported that the Club netted $250+ dollars frm the auction!…TNX fer ur participation, OPs! CCD said it was gud to hear IXN bk on 10m, and Tom picked up an atomic clock at the auction, and CCD & HHC briefly discussed the old Russian tank transceiver that Ian bought.  AF6C was working on the old car, enjoying walking wid the IPOD, and told IXN to download a PDF copy of the new rig’s manual.  ACT didn’t make it to the auction…Seems that Greg got food poisoning frm sum old sandwich spread left in the icebox fer sum time!   FMX had time enuf to tell all that IXN’s new rig sounds FB, and then Paul got the call to din-din.  IXN got gud reports on the new rig, heard AF6C announce an IPOD Newsline fer the 2m Net, and asked HHC if he wud be off skiing wid snow in the High Sierras.


10/26/2005 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in N1AB, JD, HHC, and AF6C.  AB will wait until after the Club Nov. Bfast to work on the folded dipole and J-pole ants…And AB & XYL plan to attend the Christmas dinner.  HHC will post Club Christmas Dinner info. on the website.   JD told HHC that the Watson RC will meet at 7:30 Fri. morning, and JD will soon have a cataract removed…JD said Christmas dinner tickets sell fer $21 each.  HHC again reported a $250+ OCARC profit frm the auction, and Ken said that he, CCD, WZO & WZN are all skiers at Mammoth…(We can just see the headlines… “Mammoth RC Operates Mobile on Skiis”!)  And, HHC said that FD scores are up on the ARRL website…Watch your QST magazine fer a hard copy.   AF6C said that cleaning a dirty slide switch fixed the errant microphone, got his QSL cards frm Disneyland 50th Anniversary, and aired Newsline file #1471…The Heil microphone PR-40, popular among hams, can now be found in the broadcast industry…OCARC is recognized by Newsline fer its donation…Gud to hear Andy, N6TCQ, doing a FB job fer Newsline…And Bob, AF6C, uses his IPOD to record & air Newsline for the Net.  Other IPOD users who air Newsline are linked on…Tnx, Bob!


10/30/2005 40M OCWN CW Net - NCS/UEB checked in IMW/6, HKT, IB, KFW, IC, KS6CW, KA6G, GVG, OIO, RND, VDP, IXN, NT, and NXY.  UEB, hoping all enjoyed the extra hour of sleep, alerted OPs to get on the FCC website and submit their comments regarding CW testing…The deadline is tomorrow!  IMW detected faint chirping, and it isn’t on his sigs, says sigs are gud on a FB day, and Ian is bugged by too many cats!  HKT said if his sigs are bad, he’ll send a steady sig after Net, widout key or keyer…And Homer didn’t see VDP at TRW yesterday.  IB had FB WX in the foothills after a few days of rain and clouds, and Casey will be glad when the SSB Contest is done.  KFW will be off the air fer abt a month…Chris is painting and re-carpeting the QTH!   IC’s code speed is bk up to 15 wpm, wid a goal of 20 wpm within a year, and Fred’s grandharmonic passed her driving license test Thursday!  CW, enjoying the extra hour of sleep, attended the MTC meeting yesterday, passing along the FCC deadline fer filing comments regarding Morse code testing.  KA6G, commenting on all getting their clocks turned bk one hour, told OPs that he must re-take his driving test.  And GVG, wid gud sigs on all OPs in exotic Bonsall, is looking forward to a gud avocado crop!  On Thursday, OIO had surgery on her right eye, wid FB vision the result!…Then on Friday, Ann got a virus that wiped out her computer…Bummer!   Last week, RND & XYL flew up to Salt Lake City to visit their son on his 50th BD, then on Saturday, the grandharmonic in Boise gave birth to a baby girl, making John & XYL ‘great-grans’!  NC, noting that OPs had missed the official temp. report in RND’s absence, received an official temp. of 63.3 F. this morning frm John.  VDP is kicked bk enjoying the sunny WX and great band conditions, and IXN told OPs that Ian, at the auction, picked up an old Russian tank transceiver made by RCA in Canada during the Lend-Lease Program…Maybe we will hear it on the air!   NT will be contacting UEB when Ray gets the e-mail working on the computer, and NT told OPs that today is gud fer a sunburn at the beach!  NXY, QRP using 1 watt, reported gorgeous, sunny WX in Fremont.

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