12/04/2005 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW, IC, VDP, KS6CW, IB, KA6G, RND, OIO, IXN, NXY, and NT.  UEB spent a hard work week in Houston, and Rick is glad to be back home getting sum rest!  IMW took a top down, convertible trip to the Sierra foothills last week for a ’lil wine tasting…a FB trip, but vy cold wid the top down!…HI!  IC, wid a beautiful AM in Oceanside, is headed to surgery come Fri…The old tush may not be ready to sit thru a Net come next Sunday!…And Fred’s harmonic, wid the USAF in Germany, will be home fer Christmas!  VDP checked in wid an S9 QRN and lots of wind, and CW invited OPs to a Christmas concert wid the Spanish Choir at St. Bonaventure Catholic Church in Huntington Beach at 8 PM. IB said that SFARC is hving its annual Christmas dinner come Friday, and Casey can hear 3 beacons on 7039 KHz.  KA6G got the star & lights up 55 ft on the tower, and Jim has bad QRN this AM!  RND, wid the super indoor/outdoor thermometer gone kaput, hopes Santa might bring a new one for Christmas…John reported wind and QRN at the QTH.   OIO’s furnace went out, a sensor needed cleaning…A replacement will cost beaucoup bucks if the furnace goes out agn!   IXN treated the Net to an unscheduled and vy interesting frequency agility demo…Seems that IXN’s ant got damaged by Edney Tree Service, and now the SWR goes up and down wid the wind gusts!…Now we know why Bob has ordered a new antenna at HRO!  NXY, in Fremont, had much rain last week, and Mike must re-erect the 20 meter dipole which came dwn last week!  NT checked in wid a S7 QRN wid clear, cool WX and sum wind at the beach.


12/07/2005 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in HHC, IXN, and PEQ.  We all noted that AF6C was sounding much better after his bout wid laryngitis, and HHC got his flu shot…Ken also got the ‘RF’ up on the website, congratulating editor AF6C on his choice of colors fer the Club logo!  And HHC got the new mobile ant. mount painted, now to re-assemble it…El Presidente also told us that WP, Willie, successfully got the new 2m/440 up at least 30 ft during the ant. party at the QTH.  PEQ was using the new IC-7000 rig that will be auctioned at the Christmas dinner!…Dan used a Heil mike vs the ICOM mike, and OPs made comparisons between the two mikes…Then PEQ 73’d to go meet ‘the sandman’!  AF6C will be gone for the next three Nets…He’s off to visit relatives in the cold, cold Northeast!  HHC said we hve abt 36 people signed up for the Club Christmas dinner!…Not bad!  IXN’s blood sugar was high…He’s been a bad boy!


12/7/05 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, HHC, and AF6C.  JD & XYL had to detour this afternoon around sum event taking place in the north Tustin TARGET shopping center, and Lowell’s shopping is moving smoothly toward Christmas. El Presidente HHC commented on the excellent audio frm the IC-7000 frm PEQ’s QTH on the 10m Net…And AF6C finished editing Dec. ‘RF’ wid HHC posting it on the Club website.  When IXN said that WP would try to win the new IC-7000, OPs said that Willie already has a new IC-746 Pro 3 rig in the shack!  AF6C, feeling much better, aired Newsline file #1477…Gov. Romney of Mass. made a boo-boo on the program “When Disaster Strikes” when he commented that Massachusetts didn’t need to use hams in emergencies!…It will be interesting to read the feedback on this one!!…The trial of the imfamous Jack Gerritsen began on Dec. 6…If convicted on all counts, he faces up to 11 years in prison!…Tnx, Bob!!


12/11/2005 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW, GVG, HKT, OIO, IC, CW, IXN, IB, RND, VDP, NXY, NT, and K5ERS.  UEB enjoyed a nice eyeball QSO wid Ian yesterday, and Rick, wid sum QRN & QSB, may need sum relays!  IMW, recovered frm the computer crash, is building a xmtr arnd a 8J3 that cums frm Goat Hill…It might be QRV next Sunday!  GVG has gud sigs on all in Bonsall, and Roy has been playing arnd wid the 10m Contest.  HKT, enjoying a great hike on a mountain near Laughlin, missed Net last week, and Homer just finished updating his Norton virus program.  OIO reports fer jury duty tomorrow, taking along sum crossword puzzles to relieve the boredom…Ann dumped Norton and got the NOD32 virus program which she likes vy much.  IC, recovering frm surgery Fri. morning, and on FB drugs, tells OPs to ignore any extra beeps!…Better living thru chemistry!…HI!…Now Fred has to be careful that the XYL doesn’t put him bk to work!  CW is busy wid the holidays and parties, and IXN plans to put up the Christmas trimmings today.  IB reminds OPs there’s only 14 days ’til Christmas…WX in foothills overcast, temp. in the high 40s, and all southern CA stations are 589 wid QSB.  RND, planning fer the holidays, has an unofficial temp. of 62 F, and wid only 10 days before the days get longer…HI!  VDP now enjoys burning the wood, that he cut over the summer, in the fireplace, and NXY has clear, sunny WX wid a 48 F temp. in Fremont, and a holiday office party staring him in the face today!…Yuk!…HI!  NT is glad that IMW is hving fun wid items frm the Goat Hill junkbox, and Ray has been working the 10m Contest wid 6 watts!  Eliseo, K5ERS, just move to La Mesa frm New Mexico, joined us on the Net and plans to be listening to the OCWN every Sunday!…Eliseo is a member of the El Cajon Radio Club.


12/14/05 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, IXN, CCD, and HHC.  AF6C got his voice back, Bob’s sister broke her ankle bone in a couple of places, and Bob got a new clutch, after 136,000 mi, in the old auto.  Now AF6C must fix a faulty ant. rotator when he gets bk frm vacation.  A 4-class speaking engagement kept LDC frm checking into Net last week, and Larry bought a carrier to attach to the motor home, and LDC became a member of ‘the purple toe club’ after dropping a steel pipe on the phalanges of the posterior digits!  CCD got bk frm sum R&R in Cambria, Monterrey, and Carmel, visiting wineries last week…And Tom said 10m was open to the E. Coast last Sun. morning.  HHC gave a to-date tally of 49 people attending the Club Christmas dinner, and, if all goes well, Ken will air the next Newsline file frm his QTH!

(by Palm Pilot, no less!)  IXN remembers visiting Carmel when Clint Eastwood was Mayor, visiting Pebble Beach Golf Course, and the shops, etc…And Bob will await HHC’s e-mail article on seismic radio vy low frequency experiments!


12/14/05 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, AF6C, HHC, KE6TTG, CCE, MIH, and MIJ.  JD attended a COAR group luncheon last Sat., and Lowell & XYL have finished their Christmas shopping…Now to get food ready fer Xmas, and Lowell will try to win the EICOM rig at the Club Christmas party come Fri. eve.!  AF6C is enjoying short mysteries titled, “Holmes for the Holidays”, and Bob found the IPOD, so we hve Newsline file tonite!  And HHC will download Newsline file in AF6C’s absence, airing it using his Palm Pilot!…HHC had a Christmas party count of 49 at Net’s beginning!…Then Ken said that he will send IXN & AF6C, by e-mail, an article on earthquake early warning!  Wid finals completed and classes ended, CCE is ready to catch up on radio & cooking, and, assembling a bike frm pieces found on e-Bay, which Kenan hopes to finish by March.  CCE will NC fer the 10m Net while AF6C is away bk East on vacation.  AF6C then aired Newsline file #1478…Former ham & radio jammer, Jack Gerritsen, was found guilty on all six counts…He will be sentenced March 6 and could receive a maximum sentence of 11 yrs behind bars!…Canadian hams sent a 15 character packet over a 3400 Km path on the 2200m band between Ontario and British Columbia in under 29 secs at 50W power!…Tnx, Bob!


12/18/2005 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW, GVG, IB, HKT, IC, OIO, RND, KS6CW, VDP, IXN, KA6G, and NXY.  UEB, due to weak sigs, cudn’t copy the beach stations.  Fremont was booming in, NXY relayed IC’s sigs, and VDP relayed CW’s sigs.  Wid Christmas shopping done, UEB is now attacking the Christmas cards, and Ian was looking over ham gear at the Chino Hills swapmeet.  GVG reported all sigs down at the QTH, and IB reported 40 deg. WX wid rain in Meadow Vista, and yesterday, Casey went to Sacrmento for a party at Leslie’s brother’s QTH.  HKT, wid no rain in Torrance yet, will be here for Straight Key Night New Year’s Eve.  To Homer’s question abt Skywarn members, there was no response.  IC’s son, Eric, flies into John Wayne Airport frm Germany on Monday, and OIO did jury duty last Monday.  RND finally got the Christmas tree up, and next Sunday, John will be in Boise, ID, freezing off his buns!   VDP had a gud time at the OCARC Christmas party, and Larry relayed CW’s seasons greetings to all.  IXN and brother, Lee, will be in the San Jacinto Mts. next Sunday, and KA6G wished all a Merry Christmas.  NXY, wid constant rain in Fremont, and Mike hopes to operate the USS Hornet club station on his visit for lunch and a museum trip.


12/21/2005 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/N6CCE checked in LDC, CCD, N8WP, HHC, IXN, and FMX.  CCE has been busy Christmas shopping and isn’t done yet…And Ken said that this was his first experience as a NC…Now, Ken will try to reduce TVI wid a new filter.  LDC has a Christmas party at the Elks Lodge come Fri, then Larry & XYL are off to Acton to visit their son on Christmas day. Then they return home Dec. 30 and then motorhome to the beach near Camp Pendleton.  CCD, getting over a cold, will be off to Visalia early tomorrow morning to attend a company Christmas party.  WP, sick at the Club Christmas dinner and over the weekend, said that LDC’s upcoming RV trip sounds fun.   IXN & Lee will visit wid the nephew in Garden Grove Christmas eve, and on Christmas morning they’ll be off to the San Jacinto Mts to visit their niece.  HHC thanked Kenan fer volunteering to take NC duties in AF6C’s absence.  Finally, el Presidente asked IXN about “how to” adjust the sidetone volume on the YAESU 757.  FMX enjoyed the Club Christmas dinner, is getting over a cold, has his Christmas shopping all done, gifts are being wrapped, and is now awaiting the arrival of family & kids at the QTH fer Christmas!


12/21/2005 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, TRA, N1AB, HHC, CCE, and KQ6EH-Paul.  The OPs welcomed EH, a new Club member, to the Net from Downey.  JD & XYL have the presents bought, the food is in, and they are waiting fer Santa to make his debut!  In the meantime, Lowell had his eyes checked, picked up the grandharmonic at school, went shopping, then took the grandharmonic home.  TRA & XYL enjoyed the Club Christmas dinner, and Gene said that he has no trouble wid his defibulator, although the manufacturer has been recalling sum defective ones!  N1AB & XYL enjoyed the Club Christmas party, and Steve got one ant. up, the car died, now maybe it’s a new car wid possibilities for a radio installation!  HHC said the Club made over $700 on the raffle at the Christmas dinner…DHZ was the winner of the ICOM-7000 rig raffle grand prize!!!  El Presidente reported he has made his 1st 30m DX contact, CO8LY, in Cuba, as he now works toward a 30m DXCC!!!  CCE & EH are company co-conspirators. Ken-HHC also passed kudos along to Kenan fer a FB job as NC on the 10m Net tonite!…Now Kenan awaits the arrival of his girl friend frm Ontario, Canada.   EH won a 30m QRP kit at the Christmas dinner raffle…No contacts yet…Paul will work HHC on 30m CW Sat. afternoon at 1 pm.  HHC then ‘PALMcast’ the Newsline file #1479 via Palm Pilot, 5/9 copy the whole way!

12/25/2005 OCWN 40m CW Net – It’s Christmas!…wid a few diehards on the air…condx vy bad…sigs dwn wid severe QRM & QRN…UEB wished all a Merry Christmas & a prosperous 2006!…And let’s all wish IMW a Happy Birthday today.  IMW was using the Goat Hill Special, a homebrew tube rig wid an 813 final!  KS6CW, getting over a cold wished all a Merry Christmas & a Happy Hanukkah.  IB, interrupted by UPS, and wid rain & low temps at the QTH, gave all stations gud sig rpts wid a Merry Christmas to all.  IB, in Meadow Vista, was too weak to be heard thru the QRM.  And Ian relayed TNX to UEB fer a great job as NCS!


12/28/2005 10M Phone Net – W6ZE/N6PEQ checked in LDC, HHC, PFA, N8WP, KC6ADP, and CCD.  Dan-PEQ was acting-NCS for Kenan-CCE who is acting-NCS (but on vacation in San Diego) for normal-NCS Bob-AF6C (who is still on vacation in New England.). Dan is a real trouper and took over net control even though he is fighting a cold. Larry is also battling a cold and said that he delayed a camping trip near the ocean because the surf was really high (18-footers!!). Ken used his raffle gift certificate to help buy a new Bencher keyer at HRO....and is re-learning how to use a keyer after many many years. Dan’s “ear” said that Ken’s short CW test on the net was around 17 WPM....faster than Ken expected it to be. Tom-PFA is playing with new flat screen TV/monitor that he received for Christmas. Willie (president-elect for 2006) has a booming signal with his new antenna system.  But, is causing interference (loud RFI noises) in his new trailer...needs to apply some new ferrites, appropriately. Dennis-ADP is located in Redondo  Beach and has good sigs into the net.  Dennis has talked to Dan-PEQ before. Tom-CCD is also fighting a cold and bought some medicine priced like a good bottle of Cognac that really works. The net finished with Dan providing a few “real time” DX station tips to Ken for the 30M band,


12/28/20005 2M Phone Net – W6ZE/HHC checked in N1AB, KFW, KQ6JD,  NOL, and IXN.  Steve-N1AB got a new SUV and is reporting the typical problems of installing ham equipment in a new car. His final problem is the MFJ “mike switch” for the headset-mike is too large to be located in the SUV.  Steve is having 20 people gather for a Hanukah dinner...quite a group.  Steve also mentioned he will be organizing a work-party to lower a push-up tower in near future. Ken mentioned that he has now worked four DX counties with his new  shortened 30M homebrew antenna. Chris just got his ham equipment back on the air after remodeling the house.  Has a new big desk to now combine ham rigs & computer. Lowell had 18 people gather for Christmas at his QTH...a very nice affair. Rich-NOL just came back from vacation to Kingman in AZ and reported he saw a decrease in APRS activities during the trip. Rich also won the grand prize at the SCDXC party...taking home a new ALPHA wattmeter rated at 3KW!!    Ken also provided another “PALMcast” (from his Palm Pilot) over the net for an interesting Amateur Radio Newsline File while Bob-AF6C is away on vacation! Final check-in was from Bob-IXN just getting home from a nice vacation to Garner Valley with relatives.


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