1/04/2006 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/CCE checked in HHC and IXN.  CCE went up north to visit wid his brother in the High Sierras during the holidays, and wid rain non-stop, Kenan did no skiing!  HHC had one eye on the TV and one ear on the rig as Ken was busy wid the Net, and, watching the USC/Texas Longhorns Rose Bowl game.  Ken picked up a new Bencher paddle at the Candy Store, and Ken now has digital voice mode operational.  HHC has now worked 4 countries, CW, on 30m….Ken then told CCE abt a gud ham field trip to Cedar Springs in the San Jacinto Mts, going out Hwy 74 to Garner Valley via Morris Ranch Rd to Cedar Springs.  IXN suggested a Thomas Mt. site a little further East on rt. 74, turn right on Thomas Mt. Road to reach the mountain top.  HHC reported had a "Palm-Cast" Newsline ready for the 2m Net.


1/04/2006 2m Phone Net - Check-ins on both Nets was small due to the Rose Bowl game.  W6ZE/IXN checked in N1AB, HHC, MIH, MIG, MIF, and N6JSM, John.   MIG witnessed the sentencing of Jack Gerritsen and his handcuffing before he was led off to federal prison...Let this be a warning to other law-breaking lids that the FCC means business on communications law enforcement issues!   AB and XYL attended a Holiday party at a friend’s house, and then it was back to work for Steve.  HHC reminded all that the Club Bfast is Sat. morning at the Katella Grill, and Ken and IXN have identical Bencher paddles.  MIG & MIH now have a new So. California Frequency Guide that they picked up at HRO.   MIH is doing well after his back surgery, and Bobbie got a new antenna fer the rig…And keep up wid late BSA news Sundays on the CLARA rptr on 165.220 MHz.  John, N6JSM,just moved to Orange Cty frm Pomona, and John is interested in emergency communications…JSM plans to attend a Club meeting, and his e-mail is:   HHC then aired "Palm-Cast" Newsline file #1481 using a Palm Pilot.   Vanity call signs can now be ordered starting Jan. 4, ’06…Tasmania hams now hve strong BPL interference wid power company refusal to rectify the problem!…And, the Manassas BPL system continues to cause interference problems…Tnx, Ken!


1/08/2006 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW, GVG, HKT, IB, KFW, KS6CW, VDP, OIO, IC, IXN, NXY, and NT.  The proposal that UEB is working on now makes Saturday a regular workday!  IMW, just saying goodbye to a house guest, said that RND did a FB job as NC last week.  GVG, wid unstable band condx this morning, gave NC a 559 sig rpt.  HKT is looking forward to Quartzite & Laughlin later this month.  IB tnxed GVG fer the nice flowers (HI), and same to you, OM, and Casey said that the Placer County ARES Team is starting a 2-meter CW training net in two weeks on Sunday night!  KFW finally got his station bk on the air after painting & carpeting the whole house, in addition to the XYL hving hp replacement surgery Dec. 5!   KS6CW is getting ready to start a new class to get her Travel Industry Certificate, and VDP tried to work IMW on 6m AM, but no luck!  OIO has an old pal of the OM doing an inventory on old tubes for her.  IC gave NC a 339 wid QSB, and Rick didn’t copy much of Fred’s xmission!  IXN had no damage frm the rain last week, and the new roof didn’t leak!  NXY spent the holidays in Chicago wid family, wid only a tad of snow present. NT, wid another foggy day at the beach, is glad to be back home frm vacation (HI!)


1/11/2006 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/CCE checked in LDC, CCD, HHC, IXN, and AF6C.  CCE enjoyed looking at pix of past DXpeditions on the Club website, and Kenan is still working on construction of a road bike.  LDC will look fer a convenient date fer another DXpedition by next Club meeting.  CCD gave the 220 MHz rig that he won to his buddy…Now they hold evening scheds!…And Tom is glad to be back frm a friend’s funeral in Tulare last week…CCD worked the 10m band today…all the way to Long Beach!…HI!  HHC visited wid PFA in UCI Med. Center…Tom had surgery fer an abdominal tumor…Ken said that Tom has a 3 element 10m beam that needs to be removed or repaired.  AF6C will talk to PFA abt the beam ant…And AF6C & HHC both hve Newsline files fer IXN on the 2m Net tonite.  AF6C is glad to be bk in the warm WX after his visit to Plimpton, Mass. over Christmas…Be sure to ask Bob abt going frm a 50 dollar to a 50 cent Christmas tree!…No snow until New Year’s Eve!  Hmmmmm!…IXN wonders if we will hve a Palm Pilot Newsline or an IPOD Newsline tonite!


1/11/2006 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in N1AB, JD, MIV, HHC, EH, AF6C, CCE, KFW, and MIG.  N1AB ‘flew in & flew out’,and JD, the XYL feeling better and Lowell getting an OK on recent eye surgery, will be off tomorrow afternoon to visit PFA at UCI Med. Center.  MIV & HHC had an eyeball QSO abt 30m ants., and Ken has worked 5 countries, DX, CW, on 30m!  And AF6C decided to allow HHC to air the Palm Pilot Newsline file tonite since Ken has Bob’s Interface Box!  HHC then reminded OPs that ‘Club dues are due!’ for 2006.  MIV got gud sig rpts frm OPs on both the HT and J-pole sigs, and KFW built up a shortened 30m ant. which he will check out wid HHC…Chris checked in frm a parking lot in Yorba Linda.  IXN appreciated AF6C’s explanation of line loss vs. SWR at UHF frequencies!…Tnx, Bob!…And AF6C had a great flight bk East, non-stop, on Jet Blue, frm Long Beach.  CCE enjoyed NC duties on 10m tonite, and Kenan is experiencing ‘numb mouth’ as he goes thru a dental deep cleaning of his teeth!  HHC then aired Palm Pilot Newsline file #1482…Austria looks at BPL…The ARRL says BPL must be removed at Manassas…And digital TV will be a reality throughout the telecommunications industry by 2008!…Tnx, Ken!


1/15/2006 OCWN 40m CW Net - NCS/UEB checked in IMW, KFW, GVG, IB, HKT, KS6CW, RND, VDP, NT, IXN, KA6G, and NXY.  UEB’s ‘work curve’ is peaking at 6 to 7 days/week, and Rick is looking forward to the end of the Proposal…maybe a trip to Sedona to celebrate!  IMW, his visitor gone, is now bk to normal…However, Ian overslept and didn’t hve time to tune properly!  KFW built the 30m shortened antenna designed by W6HHC, and Chris is presently trimming it to the center of the band…KFW will work CW & PSK-31 on 30m.  GVG, wid weak sigs on all OPs, ‘flew in and flew out’,asking IB to relay his QNX.  IB will be off this afternoon for a week-long business trip to the San Francisco Bay area, and HKT went to the LA Auto Show this week, saying that the small 4x4 trucks are getting bigger each year!…Homer told OPs to look up KG6RQX in QRZ if interested in Orange County Skywarn.   NCS wasn’t able to copy CW this morning, and RND copying all OPs, got anew indoor/outdoor thermometer (temp: 51.3 deg.F).  VDP was kicked back enjoying the sunny day, and NT, wid bum sigs on OPs, had blue skies & no wind at the beach.  IXN finally got all the ballots counted for a new board of directors for the OCA, and NCS told OPs that the Morse Telegraph Club has a slow-speed CW net Sat. mornings at 0930 hrs local, on 7.084 MHz!  KA6G, wid the ant. down on the house, cudn’t hear OPs too well, and NXY, wid cool WX & much rain yesterday, worked a lot of QRP CW indoors.



1/18/2006 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, HHC, IXN, FMX, and CCD.  LDC is looking forward to Friday Club meeting, and Larry sent E-mails to AF6C, HHC, and CCE wid possible dates fer a Club DXpedition.  HHC relayed unheard part of LDC’s xmission to NC.  HHC said it was gud to hear FMX bk on the Net, and Ken gave OPs Jerusalem broadcast freqs. of 6.983, 6.985, 6.973, 9.4, 11.6, 15.6, and 17.5 MHz.  HHC downloaded PSK-31 software, and Ken is now on 30m packet...Now HHC will try to work the Olympics station in Italy!  IXN and FMX briefly discussed the Theory of Everything, ie: the unification of the strong, weak, magnetic, and gravitational forces.  FMX had gud sigs on all, enjoyed the Club Christmas dinner, and hopes that more OPs will check intothe Net!  AF6C & HHC enjoyed a German lunch at the Phoenix Club today, then Bob was off to the Candy store and Apple Computers.  CCD went to Fry Electronics, had a flat tire when he returned to the parking lot, and knocked a picture off the wall when he returned home!...(Fri. the 13th was last week, Tom!...HI!)


1/18/2006 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, MIH, HHC, AF6C, and MIV.  JD & HHC reported that PFA is bk home frm the hospital and doing well frm recent surgery!...And Lowell picked up a pair of Heil headphones, wid a boom mike, which AF6C or HHC will listen for JD when he is ready to give the headphones a test.   Eenie, meenie, miny, mo...and HHC finally picked up the right mike, out of four, now lying on his desk...HHC reminded OPs to come to Club meeting Fri. nite to hear N6HC, Arnie present a DXpedition slide show!...Now Ken has set a goal to work 100 countries, DX, on PSK-31!  AF6C said ‘HI’ to Kevin, and IXN & MIH briefly discussed merit badges necessary to complete Eagle Scout requirements.  MIV checked in at Net’s end, and IXN thought that Brian sounded like MIG!...HI!   Then AF6C aired IPOD Newsline #1483...The FCC is opening the road to regulation by bandwidth...And there are at least 216,000 dead & missing frm the huge Indian Ocean tsunami & earthquake!...Fresh stone & boulder movement down Martian slopes are either caused by strong Martian winds, or, Marsquakes.  Mars may be more seismically active than we thought!...Tnx, Bob!

1/22/2006 OCWN 40m CW Net - NCS/UEB checked in IMW, KFW, HKT, OIO, IB, VDP, RND, NT, IXN, KS6CW, NXY, and GVG.  UEB, cited by the Homeowner’s Assoc., is having the house painted this week.  IMW, arriving at the Chino Hills Swapmeet before sun-up, found some amazing stuff, now to find the space to store it!  KFW enjoyed last Fri. eve.’s OCARC meeting where Arnie Shatz, N6HC, gave an excellent presentation on the K7C Kure Is. DXpedition.  HKT, unable to hear KFW, is off to Laughlin & Quartzite tomorrow…Homer said that the 2 new ships, the Queen Elizabeth & Queen Mary, coming to LA soon, may not fit in the main channel!  OIO, in chilly Gaden Grove, told OPs that there isn’t any snow in Barton Flats yet.  IB’s business trip was long and arduous, and Casey had to QNX to prepare for a county ARES metting at noon.  VDP enjoyed the OCARC meeting, and Larry will sell at the TRW Swapmeet next Sat., WX permitting.  RND, sorry that he missed the K7C talk, told OPs that Peter one Island 3YX DXpedition is coming up in two weeks.  NT, wid a nice, chilly day at the beach, is still learning how to get around again.   IXN alerted OPs to high SA winds this evening & tomorrow, and NCS cudn’t copy CW today, and NXY, wid wet and cold WX, planted rose bushes in the muddy backyard yesterday!  GVG said NCS sigs were weak, wid ‘long’ band condx favoring northern California stations.



1/25/2006 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in HHC, LDC, CCD, KI6AUL-Nicholas, IXN, and CCE.  LDC is off on a RV 4-day trip tomorrow to Woods Valley near Escondido where he & the XYL will visit sum Indian casinos...And Larry lost sum crown shingles off the roof of the QTH during the high SA winds!  HHC had Nicholas in the shack tonite…They were working on an antenna project for KI6AUL.  Over the weekend, HHC got PSK-31 all hooked up…Now fer that DXCC award on 30m!  CCD will probably go skiing in the Colorados in a month or so.  KI6AUL, Nicolas, a new Club member, was a ’lil nervous checking in on the Net fer the 1st time…Welcome to the Net, Nicholas!…And AUL told us that he receives between 200-250 e-mails/day!   AF6C sent IXN a snailmail copy of ‘RF’ over a week ago, and the snailmail U. S. Postal Service just delivered it today…But they did put it in the right mailbox!  AF6C, examining pieces of shingles liberally spread over the ground at the QTH, said that SA wind speeds were around 40 mi/hr, and CCE got a buss bar mounted, behind the station table, to which he will ground all station equipment.  AF6C then told IXN that he will air an iPOD Newsline file on the 2m Net.


1/25/2006 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in AF6C, AUL/m, CCE, and HHC.  IXN told AF6C that beam motion on the 10m Net made no noticeable change in sigs received at IXN’s QTH.  AF6C recommended reading Feynman’s book, “Surely You’re Joking Mr. Feynman”, to investigate interesting Physics phenomenon…IXN concurs!  AUL/m, checking in on 146.555 MHz, was dwn in the noise at NC’s QTH…However, HHC relayed, telling the Net that Nicolas is working on the 5-minute code requirement fer his General…AUL was only using 1 watt!  CCE was really worried abt the antennas during the SA winds, but nothing came down!…Nw Kenan is getting ready to sell sum gear, wid his eyes set on a ICOM 7000! HHC supplied AUL wid a 2m J-pole ant., and Ken suggested that OPs, having speaker interference during transmit, use toroids in the speaker leads to eliminate the interference.  AF6C then aired Newsline #1484…3YX will be the station call for the upcoming Peter 1 Island DXpedition near the South Pole for 2 weeks in early February…Remember, sending QSL cards via the Bureau is usually the least expensive way to go!…Tnx, Bob!


1/29/2006 OCWN 40m CW Net - NCS/UEB checked in IMW, GVG, IC, IB, KS6CW, KA6G, KFW, RND, OIO, HKT, VDP, NT, IXN, and NXY.  Rick, wid the XYL & harmonic celebrating the Chinese New Year, and Rick celebrating a day off frm the Proposal, said the house painting is done, and, the antenna and ground are now reconnected.   IMW, on homebrew gear, will try better next time…Nice sigs except for Pactor or whatever.  GVG played wid 1BM CW contest for a few hours using a sloper…Much fun…HI!  IC told OPs that San Diego County is trying to draw up restrictions on ham antennas!  And IB, wid clouds & light rain in Meadow Vista, said that he & K7YNE are planning a trip to Seattle in mid-February to visit the daughter & grandkids.  KS6CW, visiting the Peking Acrobats in Long Beach last nite, wished all Ops a Happy Chinese New Year.  QRN on KA6G’s sigs prevented NCS frm copying Jim, and KFW spent most of last week taking the XYL to for physical therapy on her new hip.  RND had a great week wid a birthday full of gifts, cards, and phone calls, and, playing in the bands.   OIO told OPs that the Queen Mary has a great exhibit on the Titanic, and HKT, taking a day trip to old wagon roads east of Yuma,   said that Quartzite was vy crowded as usual.   Wid FB WX yesterday, VDP had a gud day at the TRW Swapmeet.  NT, gradually getting bk on his feet, woke up to overcast skies at the beach, and IXN, hving no damage frm the wind, is ready to start income taxes…HI!  NXY, wid rain stopped & sun out, wished all a HNY, hoping all enjoy good fortune cookies!…HI!


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