2/01/2006 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, HHC, N7UQ(Chuck), AB1Q(Richard), and CCD…Our first DX on 10m in a long time!  AF6C has sum old QSTs fer Nicolas, and Bob is looking fer a copy of Dec. 2004 World Radio Magazine.   HHC worked Canada this morning and Mexico this evening on 20m using PSK-31, so Ken has jumped big time bk into the DX race!  CCD, AB1Q, and N7UQ all exchanged 10-10 numbers, wid AF6C giving OPs the Club 10-10 number of 18000.  AB1Q (the A,B, and Q, standing fer Albuquerque) lives in Isleta, NM, on the eastern side of the Isleta Indian Reservation, just south of Albuquerque.  N7UQ lives in Tucson, AZ, using an EIMAX 2000 ant., and 100W out.  HHC & IXN briefly discussed the SuitSat Satellite to be launched frm the OSS on Feb. 3.   AF6C has busied himself putting together a jigsaw puzzle from his sister of the Boston skyline.  AF6C told HHC that he will have a Newsline file fer the 2m Net.


2/01/2006 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in MIH, JD, AUL, HHC, AB, AF6C, KFW, and EH.  AUL checked in using a VX2K HT wid amplifier, a short J-pole ant., and a hodge-podge of wire…One cud only imagine what the setup looked like until Nicolas provided us e-mail photos of the all-indoor station…Nicolas later switched ants. to a 5/8 wave magmount.  HHC reminded OPs abt the upcoming Club Bfast Saturday, and Ken and IXN mentioned that SuitSat is a Russian Spacesuit Satellite which will be launched frm the OSS Feb. 3.  And HHC said that the Katella Grill is much too noisy to hold the Club Bfast and Board meetings.  AUL will eventually put an ant. in the attic space…No outside ants. allowed at his QTH!  HHC & AF6C both mentioned the 1 hour sporadic E opening on 10m tonite, and AB said that AUL lit up six bars wid the hodge-podge station!  HHC also worked a JA8 station tonite on 20m PSK-31!  And AB is just abt ready to go on the air using PSK-31…Steve may try a contact wid HHC this weekend.  A garage sale to raise money fer an Eagle Scout project, and homework, hve been keeping MIH busy, and AF6C and 10m OPs were vy happy wid the DX tonite…Looks like 10m will continue wid DX openings!  AF6C talked wid PFA today.  Tom is doing well, but is still a ’lil weak.  AF6C got a new JAVA Script book, and now dates will automatically be updated on the website!  KFW is working on an interface that he will install in a new container wid external controls.  And AF6C aired Newsline #1485…The LA Marathon needs volunteer OPs…The WB and UPN networks are merging to form the CW Network (Hmmm!  Shud we add ‘The Morse Code Network’ to that title?!)…A million dollars will be spent to bring the Peter 1 Island DXpedition on the air!…Tnx, Bob.


2/08/2006 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, HHC, IXN, and CCD.  AF6C, wid an S6 noise level frm the SA Winds, spent part of the day cutting a bouganvilla bush at the QTH.  And LDC cudn’t get out of bed fer awhile last Saturday morning…His hip joint wouldn’t hold him up!…Larry thinks a recent fall may have contributed to the incident, and, LDC enjoyed the Superbowl last Sunday.  HHC, working 20m PSK-31 over the weekend, garnered Germany, France, and Argentina, but Ken hasn’t heard AB come up on PSK-31 yet…And HHC saw El Presidente Willie, and Cheryl, at the COAR meeting last nite.  IXN, visiting GW & UC over at the music store last nite, said that Jim was Red Cross station control all day Tuesday for the Santiago fire.  CCD, heard on the .895 machine this morning, enjoyed the Club Bfast last Sat. morning.


2/08/2006 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, AUL, HHC, and AF6C.  JD said that El Presidente, Willie, and XYL, Cheryl, both became members of COAR at the meeting. The COAR group are now planning fer the upcoming Baker-to-Vegas Run…It was a big turnout, with the Cypress RACES Team there also!  AF6C & IXN briefly discussed IPODs and IPOD look-alikes on the market.  AUL has been busy wid the daughter having to evacuate her Nohl Ranch home during the Santiago Fire, and Nicolas asked fer sig rpt comparisons wid the 5/8 wave magmount vs the ladder line j-pole antennas…AUL promises to ‘blow out’ our S-meters next week!…All OPs responded wid comparison sig rpts for AUL.  HHC met WB6OUE, Mike, a friend of IXN, at the COAR Meeting…HHC will send IXN Mike’s e-mail adr to IXN fer a contact…Both IXN & OUE worked fer the GGUSD.   AF6C has a couple of QSTs fer Nicolas, and, Bob then aired IPOD Newsline file #1486…Idacom, in Idaho, is ‘pulling the plug’ on BPL…HOORAY!…The Young Ham of the Year Award is now 20 years old!…Tnx, Bob. 


2/15/2006 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in JD, HHC, IXN, and AUL.  JD, wid the new Heil headset in use, talked wid HHC on 440 as Ken made his way home…And Lowell saw the XYL & sister off to Honolulu frm JWX today!…They’ll be getting sum R&R on the island of Oahu!…Then JD was off to call his daughter before the 2m Net.  AUL was visiting HHC’s shack and checked in on Ken’s rig.  HHC was busy organizing COAR equipment and thinking abt pouring a base for the antenna tower lying horizontal in the backyard, after no success in contacting Peter One Island as yet!…However, Ken did garner the island country of Sao Tome, PSK-31, on 30m!   IXN heard that VKZ probably will not be returning to So. CA. anytime in the near future!  AF6C has the IPOD charging so he can air Newsline File on the 2m Net, and Bob has been servicing an old Kenwood AR-2000 receiver, hving just cleaned the encoder...And AF6C worked Peter One Island just before 5 pm local time today!…And, Bob just completed 5 certificates fer those who planned and executed our FB Holiday Banquet! 


2/15/2006 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, AB, WB2GML/6(Paul), K6DXN(Simon), AUL, HHC, KFW, AF6C, and CCE.  JD said the XYL & sister probably planned their trip to Hawaii way bk in S. Dakota, and HHC & KFW will help AB get his PSK-31 station up & running.  AB, IXN, and brother Lee, all attended the OCA meeting last Fri. eve. where they heard an interesting talk on archeoastronomy.  WB2GMU, Paul, in Cypress, also interested in things astronomical, was with the Club at last Field Day.  IXN told Paul abt the Electronics Oriented Astronomers (EOA), a subgroup of the Orange County Astronomers.  AUL checked in on the HT wid sum white noise, so Nicolas changed over to HHC’s rig to take advantage of the stronger signal, and AUL contacted CCE after Net to help Kenan wid a computer ‘pop-up’ problem.  HHC worked S9SS on Sao Tome, 30m DX, off Africa, and near the Equator, and KFW worked a Russian station on 20m PSK…Chris also rebuilt the interface, installing it in a container.  Simon, K6DXN, in Rancho Cucamonga, checked in wid strong sigs, and quickly ‘flew away’.  AF6C will now tackle a tuning circuit problem in the Kenwood AR-2000, and Bob copied GML & DXN both at Q5, and AF6C has now worked Peter One Island on 20, 15, and 10m respectively!  CCE got the Carbon Fiber Road Bike up and running, and Kenan says that Peter One sigs are vy weak at the shack.  AF6C then aired IPOD Newsline File #1487…SuitSat is in orbit wid vy weak sigs, and has now been designated as OSCAR 54!…Centerpoint Energy is dropping BPL…Mississippi Printing & Telegraph Co., formed in 1851, and which we knew as Western Union, has closed its communications business and transferred its assets to Western Union Financial Services, Inc.!…Tnx, Bob!

2/19/2006 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW/6, GVG, OIO, HKT, IC, VDP, RND, NT, and IXN.  UEB, glad to be QRV today, said that the proposal work shud be tapering off in a week or two, as Rick enjoys a day off every few weeks!  IMW, welcoming Rick bk, had last minute trouble wid the ARC-5 power supply, cancelling its use fer this Net session.  GVG, wid only a inch of rain in Bonsall, cud use much more rain fer the avocados, and OIO, wid 20 Deg. F and 3 inches of snow in Barton Flats, won’t worry abt driving home until tomorrow.   HKT, wid lots of rain last nite, said that the PVARC had a show by a member of the Kure Is. DXpedition, and URAC had a show on the Baker-to-Vegas Run.  IC listened yesterday to the 0830 W6MTC Slow Speed CW Net, but it was too fast…NCS: MTC’s net is at 0830 and the new slow speed net is at 0930!  VDP hasn’t worked Peter 1 Island as yet, and RND, wid sun & 50 deg. F. temp, worked Peter 1 Fri. nite on 30m, and yesterday afternoon on 17m.  NT, wid a nice cool sunny day at the beach, has worked over 50 DX stations wid the DX ant.  IXN, wid a ’lil QRM, is thinking abt painting the outside of the QTH when the WX gets better.


 2/22/2006 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, CCD, HHC, WB9YCJ(Ken), GW, and XO.  AF6C told IXN that the Club roster will be updated in April, and Bob & HHC said that rick Nelson, WA6OBM, used to work for Statek Crystals.  IXN said that the SAPD is preparing fer the Baker-to-Vegas Run, and HHC is preparing equipment for Baker-to-Vegas for COAR participation wid the Orange PD.   HHC will be off to Mammoth wid family Sunday fer sum R&R skiing, and CCD ‘smoked’ his Sony TV…Bad transformer!  HHC went over to PFA’s QTH where he and Tom played wid APRS mapping on PFA’s new flatscreen TV.  GW, running 5W at Winn’s Music, checked in wid weak sigs…Cori was using a small tripod vertical resting on the roof of the auto.  YCJ’s last checkin to the Net was when gasoline was .99 cents/gal!…Ken was using an EICOM 781 Goldline rig…He has a FT-650 YAESU fer 12, 10, & 6m.  IXN & Lee were over at the music store last nite where IXN & GW put sum Anderson connectors on a power cord.  XO wud like AF6C to look over sum gear that he picked up frm KK6QT.


2/22/2006 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in AUL, HHC, YCJ, CCE, AF6C, KFW, MIG/m, and GW/m.  AUL, wid a make-shift ant., made adustments to bring his sigs up to 5 by 8 at NC’s QTH, and HHC welcomed YCJ bk to the Net.  HHC picked up a new vert. ant. to be used at the Baker-to-Vegas control station in Pahrump…And Ken didn’t get ‘under the wire’ to operate Peter One Island before they switched to RTTY!…And HHC & OPs enjoyed Chip’s presentation on exploits of the DX Field Day group at last Club meeting.  YCJ uses a YAESU 736 wid an amplifier frm Louis Antioch and a Lunar Electronics 160W amplifier to a discone ant. up 20 Ft. in Santa Ana…Ken might be wid us at FD!  CCE ‘flew in and flew out’, and AF6C got a new spring installed in the Swiss knife, and refurbished the tuning encoder in the R-2000 receiver, and Bob managed to work Peter One Is. on 10, 15, and 20m!  MIG checked in mobile, and Cliff said that MIH was probably ‘sawing logs’ in bed.  KFW & OPs noted a slight hum on YCJ’s sigs, and Chris tried to contact AB on 20m PSK-31 last Sun. unsuccessfully.  GW checked in mobile on her way home wid 5/9 sigs, wid no background noise or engine noise…OPs asked Cori abt the 10m ant.  AF6C then aired ARNewsline file #1488…Mike Ross, Congressman, Democrat, Arkansas, praised Hams fer emergency communications operations during & after the Katrina hurricane…AMSAT OSCAR 54, supposed to end xmissions on Feb 5, was still heard on Feb. 13!…The UK is planning to issue ham licenses fer life!…And tower workers have the most dangerous job in America…Tnx, Bob!


 2/26/2006 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB experienced sum transmission line/ant. problems just before Net.  Rick asked IMW to request that RND assume NCS duties while UEB made repairs.  Acting NCS/RND checked in IMW, GVG, IB, HKT, RND, KS6CW, KA6G, KFW, OIO, IXN, and NT.  IMW, wid a drifting ARC-5, tnx RND for taking NC duties, and GVG said that Ian’s ARC-5 brought bk memories of drift & chirp…HI!  IB noted Ian’s ARC-5 chirp, gave RND a 599 sig rpt, wid UEB only getting parts of Casey’s report.   UEB takes over NC duties, thanking RND for stepping in, and Rick has been catching up on backlogged Net session reports, wid UEB hving only one week left on the Project.  HKT missed Larry at the TRW Swapmeet yesterday, and Homer said that today is the finish of the Tour of California Bicycle Race frm San Francisco to Redondo Beach.  RND gave the official temp. of 61 deg. F., and yesterday, CW & Mom went to San Diego via AMTRAK, enjoyed the San Diego Red Trolleys, took the Blue Line to Old Town, took the Green Line up to Santee, took the Orange Line downtown to board AMTRAK and come bk home.  KA6G flew in wid a good morning and nice day to all, and then flew out.  KFW has been enjoying the Olympics, especially the speed and figure skating.   OIO, in the mountains last week, woke up to 6 deg. F. frozen sink drains!…Boiling water poured over the traps solved the problem.  IXN told OPs that all back net notes will appear on the OCARC website, and NT had a cloudy day at the beach wid no other activity.


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