4/02/2006 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW, GVG, HKT, KS6CW, KFW, VDP, OIO, NXY, RND, IXN, NU6T, IB, and NT.  Wid the Proposal completed, UEB spent most of Saturday cleaning the house.  And IMW is sharing the key wid the kitten!  GVG told OPs that 30m was open to Eastern Europe last nite.  HKT said that two radio-controlled clocks automatically changed to DST while two others did not…And Homer, away next week, may not have time to get on the Net mobile.  KS6CW, wid weak sigs both sending and receiving, said that she_____to NOAA with_____…73.  KFW, just trying to keep dry, checked into Net hving missed two weeks previously.  Last Sunday, VDP, going early to the gun show to miss the crowd at the Fairgrounds, ended up in a line of 500 people!…And Larry saw Homer at TRW…Then VDP QNXed to watch the tennis finals on TV.  OIO ‘flew in and flew out’.  NXY, actually seeing the sun yesterday, almost got a sunbrun and put away the rowboat!…HI!    RND, wid gud, sunny WX and a temp. of 54.7 deg. F., has been turning ahead the numerous clocks around the QTH this morning.  NC tnxed IXN fer getting the back Net Notes up on the W6ZE web site, and NU6T, still in the listening mode gave NC a 449 report wid QSB.  And IB, wid cloudy WX and a low 50’s temp, wished OPs happy DST!…HI!  NT, wid clear, sunny WX and S5 noise, forgot to change the clock!


4/05/2006 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/HHC checked in K6CCD, AF6C, WB6FMX, and WA6PFA. Ken Talked about recent Baker-2-Vegas race where 14 members of OCARC helped in various capacities to support communications for the Orange PD team.


4/05/2006 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/HHC checked in JD, N1AB, AUL, KFW, W5KGM-(Al), and AF6C.  Normal net control, Bob WB6IXN, is on vacation near San Jacinto. Ken reported that 7 members of OCARC were out on the B2V race course at various communication ceneters and comm vehicles. KFW repairing an old SB-200 linear by replacing the electrolytic caps. Al - W5KGM is one of newest members of OCARC and lives in Tustin...does not have a roof antenna, yet, so uses mobile rig to check in. AF6C provided a "pod cast" of ham-radio happenings.


4/09/2006 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW, KFW, OIO, VDP, RND, and IB.  UEB, making a mid-session tuning adjustment, had a busy weekend touring UC San Diego where Rick’s daughter has been offered admission…And today, UEB and harmonic will be going to the Angels game.   IMW, getting a ‘new’ ARC-5 transmitter ready fer 40m, will hve ABěSI coming to visit…So Ian may not be on the Net next Sunday.  KFW, replacing electrolytics in a 40-year-old Heath SB-200 linear amp, plans to sell the amp when it is repaired.  Yesterday, OIO got a QSL card frm Martinique via France by way of England… Ann guesses the QSL manager left home before his car was torched!…HI!   VDP, sick of rain, plans to make the Chino Hills Swapmeet next Sat.  RND, wid a 58.8 deg. F. temp, hopes that Rick will enjoy the Angel/Yankee game today.  And IB, wid all sigs dwn 2 S-units today, has cloudy WX wid a temp. of 48 deg. wid more rain coming next week…yuck!…HI!


4/12/2006 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/HHC checked in IXN.  AF6C was down at John Wayne International with his sister awaiting her flight out to the East Coast, not scheduled to leave until 9:30pm.  IXN and Lee had a gud time in the San Jacinto Mts. last week…On Wednesday last, they didn’t see any snow until they reached Mountain Center at around 5000 ft.   Wid AF6C away & busy, no Newsline file or ARRL Audio News will be aired tonite.  HHC sent off an article on Baker-to-Vegas to be published in ‘RF’…And Ken said that the Orange PD had the best time ever at 16 hrs & 2 min., ending up in 3rd place in their class!  CCD is in Tuscon, AZ., DLA improves each day after hip replacement surgery, and PEQ told HHC that 10m was open last weekend!  HHC will send a list of 10m & 2m Net checkins fer last week by e-mail.


4/12/2006 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in HHC, JD, AUL, W5KGM/m, KFW, and AJE.  AUL cudn’t hear KGM…Too many foothills between the two!  KGM had gud sigs, using a 5/8 wave ant. mounted on the back of the truck.  AUL lit up 6 bars on ZE’s rig, and Nicolas was using a different power supply…AUL is also building a new power supply to be in service in a few weeks.  JD cud copy KGM FB wid no bars lit as Lowell spent a busy day getting his ears lowered, lunch, shopping, and getting a camera repaired.  KFW gave gud sig rpts to AUL & KGM, and HHC discovered how to convert a Kenwood TM-741 into a cross-band repeater by simply clipping the lead of one resistor!!  AJE ‘flew in & flew out’.


4/16/2006 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in VDP, IMW, IB, OIO, HKT, RND, IXN, NXY, and KS6CW.  UEB, wid cloudy skies in Irvine, wished all a Happy Easter…And Rick plans to go out for breakfast after the Net.  VDP missed the ‘Chris sponsor’…HI!…He’ll check it out!…(NC note:  VDP was listed in the FISTS newsletter as being KFW’s FISTS sponsor!)   IMW checked into Net using a Heathkit HW-16A, QNXing to visit wid company.  UEB noted that IB was listed in QST, hving completed the ARRL Em-comm Training Program…And IB, tnxing Rick fer the info., had buckets of rain pouring down in the Sierra foothills!   And OIO said that Rick & daughter did not bring bad luck to the Angels at a recent game they attended…The Angels lost again last week!…HI!  HKT checked in wid high SWR, AC modulated sigs and low signal strength!…UEB asked Homer to inform us concerning the cause!  RND & UEB cudn’t find the April Fool’s item in April QST.  However, HKT sent Rick an e-mail stating that it was an add from Ragin’ Rotators offering a ROTATABLE VERTICAL ANTENNA!…Gud catch, Homer!  IXN, wid four beautiful days spent in Garner Valley last week, said that HKT’s sigs were 100% AC modulated wid no tone whatsoever.  NXY, wid buckets of rain pouring down in Fremont, said most sigs were vy strong at the QTH.  CW wished all a Happy Easter and then her weak sigs faded completely!


4/19/2006 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in CCD, LDC, CCE, and IXN.  CCD was off last Sunday to see the daughter in AZ, and got bk Wed…Temp. was 95 deg. one day!…And Tom spent the most he ever spent fer a gallon of gas!…CCD will hve company on the weekend and will miss Club meeting Fri. eve.  HHC, wid the auto bk frm routine maintenance, copied CCE Q5…And Ken has posted the Baker-to-Vegas photos on the Club website…HHC complimented KTT on another FB issue of ‘RF’, and past Pres. Ron Cade, FIT/W6ZQ, has posted sum free antennas on the website fer interested Club members.  AF6C announced FFC rep. Katherine Deaton as speaker at Friday Club meeting, and Bob copied CCE’s QRP sigs Q5.  CCE saw HHC & Diane at Easter Mass at Holy Family in Orange, and IXN & Lee went to Mass at St. Cecelia in Tustin.  LDC & XYL had a gud time visiting in AZ last week, visiting Tempe and  Gilbert, stopping by the old homestead which is now an apartment bldg…LDC hadn’t been in the area for 50 yrs!…Then it was off to Sedona, Flagstaff, and Gerome before the return trip home.  CCE will try to make the Fri. Club meeting but will not be going to Visalia.  IXN thinks HHC’s steering column noise is being caused by electrical rotary contacts.


4/19/2006 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, AUL, HHC, AF6C, N1AB, VDP, CCE, KFW, and W5KGM.  JD checked in ‘well & alive’, and then Lowell was off to do a chore.  AUL, distracted, suddenly moved the dial and was off freq…Nicolas came bk to us wid the explanation later.  HHC announced Baker-to-Vegas pix up on the website, and, also that Ron Cade, W6ZQ/FIT, had sum free antennas to give away FREE to interested Club members.  HHC was watching a ZL3 station coming in PSK-31 right now!  AF6C & sister enjoyed the ‘Soleil Cirque Du’ recently in Long Beach,  and visited Will Rogers State Park before Bob’s sister flew out of LBX fer home.  AB, somewhat under the WX, has been feuding wid the phone company over intermittent service wid bad pole wires, a faulty junction box in the QTH, etc…And Steve will attend Club meeting Fri. eve.  VDP might be interested in Ron Cade’s 6m ant., and Larry is baby sitting his cat that just had surgery fer a torn ligament…And VDP said that NT’s computer, that operates his rig, crashed, so Ray will be off the air temporarily!  CCE is now viewing the Baker-to-Vegas pix up on the website, and Kenan has finished up his cooking fer future lunches next week…And Kenan told OPs that he will probably be at Onyx Peak fer FD…And Kenan is now renewing his golfing interest, plus joining a bicycle club!…Excellent pass-times, Kenan!  KFW, bk frm din-din wid friends, has been doing sum PSK-31 & CW hamming, and, along wid IXN, has attacked the 5th battalion of weeds taking over their QTHs!   KGM ‘flew in and flew out’.  And AF6C aired the 4/14/06 ARRL Audio News…Seems that ComTech, operators of the Manassas BPL installation, still has interference capable of wiping out communications, EVEN IN THEIR NOTCHED AREAS!!…Tnx, Bob.


4/23/2006 OCWN 40m CW Net - NCS/UEB checked in IMW, GVG, KS6CW, KFW, OIO, VDP, RND, NXY, and IXN.   Wid gas prices so high, UEB is spending more time around the house and curtailing local trips…Maybe we shud target an oil company fer a boycott!  IMW, wid both house guests gone now, said that sigs were down frm the past few weeks.  GVG, operating frm the balcony of a high-rise condo in Newport Beach, told OPs that he just got back frm a European trip, mostly in Amsterdam.  NCS/UEB cudn’t copy Kathy, CW, and KFW, wid heavy rain in Santa Ana last evening, hoped that all OPs had a  Happy Easter…And Chris told UEB that the FCC rep. did not speak at the OCARC meeting…She was ill!  OIO went on a Santa Ana College tour to Getty Villa yesterday…If you like Greek and Roman art, it’s a great trip!  VDP concurs on the high gas prices, and Larry said NT’s phone number was no good, so he contacted Ray by e-mail.  RND, wid hazy sun and a 57.4 F. temp, experienced a fast, heavy rain shower last evening!  NXY ‘flew in and flew out’, and IXN, KFW, and VDP gave a plug fer the OCWN at the OCARC meeting last Fri-eve., and IXN will check wid HHC on the status of the Net Notes on the OCARC website.


4/26/2006 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in HHC, LDC, IXN, and GW.  AF6C will work up a membership form for the OCARC, and HHC said to look at Saddleback and see the rain falling!  Then HHC asked OPs if we got any e-mail addresses for visitors at last Club meeting.  HHC told OPs that the COAR repeater works well in the Irvine Spectrum area after having a QSO wid JD.  AF6C checked out the Orange County Library today, picking up a library card while there.   HHC is thinking about revamping the QTH patio, and IXN read a short blurp on the next sunspot cycle, hving passed thru solar minimum in Feb.  LDC renewed his ticket this week, and Larry will miss May & June Club meetings…He’ll be in Montana!  GW, busy manufacturing ukuleles, plans to place an 857 YAESU all-mode rig wid adjustable ant. in the auto.   AF6C will drop off a guitar, wid a crack in the back, to GW to see if it is worth restoring.


4/26/2006 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, VDP, AUL, HHC, KFW, and AF6C.  JD & XYL are off on a 10 to 12 day trip next week to the Pacific Northwest where they will be visiting wid relations in Washington.  VDP said that UC called, checking for foot switches for use wid Red Cross communications…And Larry visited wid Ron Cade, W6ZQ, and picked up sum antenna parts. Ron is moving to a new house in AZ…VDP said that NT is looking fer a computer interface, and that Ray shud be back on the air shortly.  AUL, also visiting ZQ, picked up a couple of antennas, and Nicolas also put up a 2m vertical.  HHC enjoyed meeting a new ham, KI6DDE, at last Club meeting, and Ken tnxed AUL fer helping wid the Club auction…HHC also heard slight hum on AUL’s sigs…Ken also said that ZQ is trying to sell a log-periodic ant. covering 6m & on up…Then Ken reminded OPs to check out May QST to read AF6C’s article on interfacing an IPOD wid a 2m rig!  IXN recommended the inexpensive ‘Konechy Special’ collinear array antenna as a vy gud coverage ear!  KFW, along wid IXN, still pulling weeds, said that propogation was bad during the OCWN session last Sunday.  AF6C passed along a HELLO frm Bob Buss to OPs, and Bob invited Bob to FD!  AF6C is looking fer old POPULAR ELECTRONICS magazines, mainly 50s and 60s…Contact Bob if youv’e got ’em!…Then Bob aired Newsline file #1497…Particle Physics Ionasond Stations, in both the northern and southern hemispheres, operated by the UK, will be shut down…Also, the UK will charge fees for ham licenses not renewed or issued by use of the Internet!…Tnx, Bob!


4/30/2006 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW, GVG, IC, IB, HKT, KFW, IXN, RND, VDP, NXY, and NT.  UEB and harmonic, wid the XYL in training in Atlanta, are on their own this week…And Rick bought a human-powered lawn mower, doing work Bush says Americans won’t do!     Wid a dull morning at the IMW QTH, Ian reported gud copy on all sigs!  And wid FB Net sigs in Bonsall, GVG reported HF band openings last nite to Europe and the Middle East!  IC went to the TRW Swapmeet where he met an old Air Force buddy frm the 60’s!  And IB, expecting low 80’s in Bonsall today,  welcomed UEB to the ranks of those who will do work!…HI!  HKT, wid no time to fix the antenna, put an MFJ versa tuner in line and turned off built-in one in rig…And Homer had a gud time at the DX Convention in Visalia…And HKT bought a GPS ant. at TRW fer $5 and it works!  KFW finds the gloomy WX vy depressing!…IXN, too!    IXN, wid all the summer flowers planted, told OPs that he has used a push mower for years to get exercise.  RND was busy wid 5 gigs last week, and VDP, enjoying no rain, is staying home more in order to save gas!  NXY, unable to copy OPs last week, said the Propagation gods were in bad mood!…HI! NT broke his old computer, but, wid a computer savvy kid on the side, Ray got problems wid the new computer ironed out…And wid new software, NT now has a different transmitter!


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