6/04/2006 OCWN 40m CW Net - NCS/UEB checked in IMW, KFW, NU6T, VDP, OIO, NT, IXN, and IB.  Wid the high heat yesterday, UEB cut the grass this morning before Net.  IMW, wid gud band condx but high SWR, had a FB breakfast wid NT on Saturday.  KFW & XYL will leave fer a trip bk East come Wed…KFW will join the Net agn in 2 months.  NU6T checked in wid FB WX and a 70 deg. temp.  VDP, using an ICOM rig he’ll be using on 30m at FD, said that 6m has been open.  OIO, at home in GG, said that a vertical antenna was a disadvantage when she tried to work the museum ships.  NT may have had a keyer problem…NCS cudn’t decode his sigs!  IXN will roast his garden flowers fer another day under the hot sun, and IB, getting ready fer FD, will be taking the summer off to take care of personal business and work on the property.


6/07/2006 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, UC, GW, GEP, and HHC.  UC and GW, busy taking in school instruments, ‘flew in & flew out’.  IXN told OPs that Winn’s Music employee, Nick, got his Tech ticket last week!…Nick is now KI6EBO, and HHC has already dubbed him as ‘Electronic Blog Oscillator’…HI!  GEP, free frm his Wed. nite sched., was able to check into Net using a 20m dipole…Tim plans to attend FD and help wid CW.  HHC talked abt a new crater discovered deep under the ice in Anarctica, AF6C talked abt the moon might have been formed frm material out of the Pacific Ocean depression, and IXN added that the moon has the same density as the crust of the Earth.  HHC tnxed IXN fer RND’s e-mail adr., Ken said that Cori’s old Kenwood G-707 should make EBO a FB rig.   AF6C is hving fun wid PIC kit version #2 that he bought thru Digi-key, that covers a lot of the newer chips.  GEP, still working at Boeing in Anaheim, is hving fun wid an interface fer digital mode. And AF6C says the OC Library has back Popular Electronics Magazines on microfiche!


6/07/2006 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, UC, AUL, EBO, N1AB, GW, VDP, AF6C, HHC, and Don(KI6CGM).  VDP told AUL that W6JOR might be interested in his old tube rig, and JD, hoping fer a cool day, plans to spend a few hours at Field Day.  UC will be attending a family reunion in N. CA. & Oregon on Field Day, and AUL, wid slight hum on his sigs, hopes to participate in FD festivities…(lower power solved Nicolas’ hum problem).  EBO, Nick,  must work & close the Store on FD, then Nick plans to participate at FD.  AB & Doris plan to visit FD fer a couple of hours, and GW told OPs that EBO’s QTH is near Foothill High School.  And, AF6C or HHC did not see the possible new ham, mentioned by AB, at the Club Bfast last Sat.  GW, up to her eyeballs in musical instrument repair work, checked in mobile frm Lowes’ parking lot, followed by further comments after arrival at the QTH, and Cori cud hve recommended a better remedy fer EBO’s upset stomach than ‘Dari-Queen sustenance’…HI!  VDP wants to pick up FD materials when CCE gets FD items out of storage, and Larry will hve a trailer at FD fer 80m operations.  VDP cudn’t hear AB’s sigs, and AF6C & HHC proposes a 2m antenna party to improve AB’s weak sigs, and HHC welcomes Don, CGM, in Westminster, to the Net.  HHC suggests an add in ‘RF’ to help AUL get rid of his old tube rig, and HHC told OPs that the Red Cross has a VE session every other month!  AF6C then aired the 6/2/06 ARRL Audio News file…We now hve a Republican majority on the FCC Board…3 out of 5…And NOA presented statistics fer the upcoming hurricane season…8-10 hurricanes predicted…80% chance of a level 3 or higher!…Tnx, Bob!


6/11/2006 OCWN 40m CW Net - NCS/ UEB checked in HKT, GVG, OIO, IB, IXN, NT, and VDP.  UEB logged 7 contacts on the Century Club Net last Fri., and Rick updated the electronic log on par wid the paper log.  And HKT, bk frm a 2-week trip, will furnish gas fer all 5 URAC generators on FD.  GVG, wid all quiet in Bonsall, said most OP sigs were 579.  OIO, catching up on trimming in the yard, has filled two barrels so far!  NC asked IB if he wud be wid W6RFF on FD this year…IB said yes, but the group will be using the SFARC call, W6EK, this year.  IXN told OPs that the Anza Borrego wilderness area is boredered on the NE by the Coyote Creek Fault, and on the SW by the Earthquake Valley Fault, wid the Elsinore Fault located SW of the Volcan Mts.  NT told UEB that he heard his QSOs wid AA1NZ back east, as Ray was using a keyboard wid bad connections!  VDP told NC & OPs that the OCARC wud be holding FD agn at the Joint Forces Training Base in Los Alamitos.


6/14/2006 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, GW, and N6WK(Gordon).  IXN was out spraying neighbor fire ants just before Net, and AF6C, shopping fer a BD, must also pick up some saki fer FD!…And Bob picked up a CD fer the IPOD, a Novel titled “The 5th Horseman”, at the OC Library in Tustin.  GW, checking in mobile frm the 405, said work is piling up at the music store as band directors keep on dropping off instruments for upkeep & repair…And Cori, later at the QTH base station, said that she will attend FD.  And IXN has traded mystery novels for astronomy, seismic, and, ‘The Theory of Everything’ literature.  Gordon, N6WK, his 1st check-in to the Net, plans to join OCARC at the FD site, and, WK plans to see us at Club meeting fer an eyeball!…And, Gordon will join JD as a member of the ‘Oxygen Bottle OPs’!…This will be Gordon’s 1st FD since 1963!


6/14/2006 2m Phone Net -  W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, WK, VDP, GW, Don(KI6CGM), AF6C, HHC, and AUL.  JD is looking forward to his oldest grandson’s upcoming graduation frm H.S., wid dinner fer the family & invited guests, and Lowell contemplates extending his oxygen hose 50+ feet after hearing WK’s antenna tower adventure…Seems that Gordon’s XYL came home to find him wid a 100+ ft hose frm his head to his oxygen generator, wid Gordy working high overhead on the antenna tower!…WK has been a ham since 1962.   VDP will work on FD antennas this week, and Larry monitored the 6m Contest last weekend but didn’t hear much.  GW touched on some of the repairs made on VDP’s old ukelele, and, Cori might bring it to Club meeting come Friday.  AF6C will laminate OP licenses at a later Club meeting, and AF6C & WK both knew Wayne, W6IRD.  Don, KI6CGM, in Westminster, cud hear most OPs, and we invited Don to FD, and, to join us fer an eyeball at Club meeting.  HHC, arriving on the Net after MC duties at a BD party,  said that the new Club tower might not arrive before FD, and Ken told OPs to check out the new ‘RF’ on the website tomorrow.  AUL will attend Club meeting Fri. eve., and Nicolas plans to attend FD.  AF6C then aired Newsline file #1504…Russia will launch 13 new amateur satellites into space frm the Baykonur Cosmodrome on June 28…Jack Gerritsen’s new sentencing date is June 26…And look for a possible 200” TV screen by 2008!…Tnx, Bob!


6/18/2006 OCWN 40m CW Net - NCS/UEB checked in IMW, HKT, OIO, VDP, IXN, IB, and NT.  UEB copied the ARRL 15 WPM Qualifying Run…His copy will go to ARRL HQ tomorrow to get his certificate!  IMW, wid gloomy WX, QNXd after telling OPs the he had high SWR.  HKT cud hve had a ride in a P-51 Mustang yesterday at the Hawthorne Airport…But alas!…$700 /ride!!…And Homer will FD wid the URAC, K6AA, on a hill above San Pedro.  OIO is ready to pick the 1st string beans of the season, now, if only those green tomatoes wud ripen!  VDP welcomed all to join the OCARC FD at Los Alamitos Air Station…Larry hopes all Net OPs will give the Club points come Sunday.  On Wed. Mets, IXN met Gordon, N6WK, a CW man, who said that he might join us on Sunday mornings!  IB, wid much QRN, had sigs too weak fer gud copy, but Casey said 73 ’til FD!  NT, wid gloomy WX at the beach and poor sigs, will try to give OPs a few points come FD.  And HKT said VDP had the best sigs at his QTH.


6/21/2006 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN and HHC.  AF6C might bring PFA out to the FD site Fri. afternoon fer awhile, and Bob said that DLA doesn’t need to use a walker anymore!  IXN had an S5 noise level, and Bob told OPs that his nieces’ husband, Ron, had a half-knee replacement.  HHC said that 7 OPs will be at the Airbase FD site Fri. afternoon, so IXN and brother, Lee, will be there to lend assistance where needed.  HHC had AF6C & IXN listen to 3 ‘parrot’ readings fer FD…All 3 recordings were FB, but Ken’s voice on the mike was much crisper!…And HHC was supposed to visit PEQ this evening to make sum ‘parrot’ recordings fer FD…HHC was using EICOM 756 Pro-3 rig.


6/21/2006 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, KTS, WP, VDP, KGM, AUL, KTT, HHC, AF6C, and GW.  GW ‘flew in and flew out’, and JD has a lung test tomorrow, and, if all is well, Lowell will visit FD.  KTS visited family in Wash. State fer a week, and David will FD wid the Hospital OPs in Huntington Beach.   El Presidente WP awaits the arrival of the new Club tower, and Willie will bring more equipment to the FD site come Friday.  VDP, wid most everything ready, will pack all in the truck tomorrow fer the trip to the FD site.  AUL, schedule permitting, plans to be at the FD site on Friday, and to attend FD on Sat.  PEQ, Christin, and Sheryl, KTT, will be the cooks on FD…All come & enjoy the FB food!!  HHC is busy programming the EICOM 756 Pro-3, that PEQ loaned us fer FD, wid a connected logging program…And Ken said that OPs will gather abt 1:30 on the Base to finish towers antennas setup…HHC said that Fri. eve. din-din shud be ready around 5:30pm.  AF6C asked OPs if anyone had heard frm VKZ lately…Nil!   And Bob will check to see if PFA got a press release ready fer FD.  AF6C then aired the June 16 ARRL Audio News…The FCC has ordered COMTECH & the City of Manassas, VA, to get BPL sigs notched to 20 db below the interference level for amateur radio frequencies…HOORAY!!…And, the Russian launch of 8 ham radio satllites has been delayed until July 26!…Tnx, Bob.


6/25/2006 OCWN 40m CW Net - NCS/UEB checked in IMW, GVG, IB/W6EK, NT, IXN, RND, and NXY.  FD report…W6EK (W7IB, operator) checked into Net…W6ZE did not respond to calls (IXN checked & discovered that the 40m station had ant. troubles, including a bent mast!)…K6AA (the URAC) was not heard either!  UEB is working on improving the ground plane of the Hamstick ant.   IMW has no FD activity thus far, Ian still has sum work to do on the antenna.  GVG had much fun working FD fer a few hours wid the Newport Beach group…Roy is bk in Bonsall now.  IB/W6EK worked the Net frm 5000 ft. Emigrant Gap in the high Sierra wid 560 sigs at NCS.  NT worked a few FD stations, but didn’t hear W6ZE.  IXN, surprised that VDP didn’t check in frm the FD site, discovered later that, upon sum ant. repairs, the main mast, holding the inverted V ants., was bent during re-erection attempts!  RND, on FD a ’lil, has been fighting the computers…HI!…But having fun!…And John offered FD exchanges to OPs after Net.  NXY, not working FD, had a chance to walk down into the Hayward EQ Fault yesterday!


6/28/2006 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, HHC, XO, and GW.  IXN & Lee helped set up FD positions Fri. afternoon, but missed Sat. & Sun. FD operations due to illness in the family.  HHC had a vy gud FD…lots of people, 20m wide open, working Europe at midnight, band open ’til 2am, etc…And Ken will return XO’s tent after the Club Bfast Sat.   XO wid work, square dancing, and too many meetings, missed FD and the Club Bfast…Bob had QTH repairs scheduled fer Sat. morning, and the horses were innoculated fer West Nile Virus on Thurs.  And HHC will bring toroids to the Club Bfast Sat. fer GW in an attempt to eliminate Cori’s RF/audio problem.  AF6C will put FD data into a spreadsheet which will give lots of interesting FD stats…And Bob will air ARNewsline on the 2m Net.  HHC gave vy rough stats. fer FD as follows:  80m CW=28, 75m Phone=20, 40m CW=89, 40m Phone=512, 20m CW=150, 20m Phone=664, 15m CW=16, 15m Phone=10, 6m=38, 2m Phone=90, 440MHz=6 Phone & 1 CW contacts, fer a total of + or - 1829 contacts!


6/28/2006 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in GW, JD, AUL, VDP, HHC, AF6C, CSM, and KC6TAI.    GW, a belated check-in, didn’t make contact wid us on 2m.  JD was busy wid lung tests and getting sum new medicines over FD.  VDP said band condx were not that great on FD, and Larry did not work the OCWN on Sunday morning because he was band capt. of the 75/80m operations, and not working wid the 40m group.  HHC & VDP discussed possible corruption of scores frm the 40m logging program, and HHC said that Paul, W6GMU, made 150 CW contacts on 20m!  HHC then repeated rough FD contacts as listed above.  And AF6C will compile all FD logs and HHC will report all results.  AF6C then aired ARNewsline file #1506…If a Radio Club wishes to have an announcement read on the air at the Morse Code Commemoration Event on July 12th in Australia, please send your Club e-mail message to: …Tnx, Bob!


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