10/01/2006 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW, HKT, GVG, IB, VDP, IXN, RND, and NT.  UEB, on a CCN net at 8 PM last nite on 7046 KHz, didn’t garner any new states…Later today, Rick plans to do sum field operating frm Main Divide Road.  IMW, wid ‘ESP’ level sigs on NT, has his ‘19’ set ready to go for the Classic Exchange at 12 PM on 7045 KHz on 40m.  HKT reported that had fun at TRW yesterday, even though there were many empty spaces…Homer was in Kingman last week near Larry’s new digs.  The Hualapi RC is there wid a great repeater there in the 8000 ft local mountains!  GVG worked Zambia and Raratonga last nite on 40m.  IB, copying all OPs, wished all a happy October…Copy then dropped due to QRM wid the temp down to 54 F in Meadow Vista.  VDP went to and found several repeaters in the Kingman area not in the book!  IXN didn’t paint last week, Bob was getting rid of hornet’s nests!   And RND reported gud copy on all.  NT cudn’t hear IXN or IMW this AM, and Ray worked JA kand ZL last nite wid the DX ants!


10/04/2006 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in HHC, and IXN.  AF6C, after hving lost Edison power fer a few hours, used emergency power fer ham communications…Bob suggested a Club exercise using emergency power during a Net.  HHC wants OPs to send him a list of items that they will be bringing to the Auction this month.  IXN will examine minor changes to the Webpage completed by AF6C, and Bob will bring a roof antenna mount and a set of 2005 QSTs to the Club Auction.   AF6C told IXN that it will be easier to find up-coming events on the Webpage now.  HHC will participate in the County Emergency Drill this Sat. morning after the Club Bfast at Jaegerhaus…Ken will be manning the slow scan TV station.  AF6C then closed the Net to prepare an IPOD cast of ARNewsline fer the 2m Net.


10/04/2006 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in HHC, LHR, AB, AF6C, AUL, and KFW.  HHC announced the Oct. Club Auction, and Ken asked OPs to forward a list of items that they will be bringing to the Auction…Ken also reminded OPs abt the Club bfast come Saturday, and he mentioned that he needs a volunteer to help wid the slow scan TV station fer the Sat. County Emergency Drill…LHR volunteered to help!  LHR got a new 857-D rig, and downloaded software to make the computer and new rig compatible.  AB, busy at work, & XYL are still  making changes around the QTH.  AF6C discussed briefly minor changes made to the Club webpage, making it easier to download upcoming events…And Bob has an IPOD ARNewsline ready to go, even though Bob was widout Edison power fer a few hours today…He operated emergency power!  AUL, wid the YAESU rig acting up, switched to the old Kenwood rig wid a gud sig rpt frm NCS!  AF6C then aired ARNewsline #1520…The USA ARDF team takes a bronze medal at the International ARDF Contest in Bulgaria…Interference to communications continues unabated on 14.275 MHz…And, a new battery, made entirely of plastic…no metal…using conducting plastic, should be coming on the market in the near future!…Tnx, Bob!  KFW checked into Net after arriving home frm din-din.


10/08/2006 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW, HKT, KFW, OIO, VDP, NT, and IXN.  UEB bought a bicycle on Friday and is now getting used to a hard seat!…And Rick will miss Net next Sunday, he’ll be up at Pacificon.  IMW is a bit sleepy this morning after a Shogun marathon yesterday, and Ian had no luck in Classic Exchange (CX) last Sunday – poor condx on 40m or poor operator.  HKT, wid a 45 minute helicopter instruction flight out of Torrance this week, and no copy on IMW, enjoyed the San Pedro RC’s monthly Bfast Saturday.  KFW reminded OPs that all are welcome to participate in the OCARC’s annual auction on Oct. 20 at the Red Cross bldg. in Santa Ana.  OIO went to the Magic Castle last week fer the early show, and Ann worked the PSK Rumble for a few hours yesterday.  VDP will be around fer awhile while Larry gets the QTH in shape to sell it…VDP hopes to close escrow on the new AZ QTH on Oct. 25.  NT worked a couple of DX stations in the CA QSO Party, and IXN said that OCARC members want to know what happened to Kathy, CW.  They miss her fist on the Net!


10/11/2006 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, KTS, HHC, NOL, IXN, & YCJ.  LDC enjoyed see a movie, Fly Boys, a WWI movie, and KTS said that the MS-150 Bike Run was vy successful, wid over 2,000 participants…And now David must get a list of auction items to Ken, HHC.  NOL related further adventures, at the ARDF International Competition, that he and harmonic JAY experienced in Bulgaria…And JAY will send HHC an article fer ‘RF’ on theCompetition and its results.  IXN read short blurps frm Sirius Astronomer on Magnetars, and, the new solar sunspot cycle.   AF6C, out to lunch wid NOT today, invited Mark to the Club Auction this month, and Bob told OPs abt a nasty clog in the plumbing at the QTH!…(Ed. note:  Bob, if you have a vegy grinder, a ‘plumber’s delight’, in your kitchen sink, the fun is just beginning!)  HHC found the County Emergency Drill over last weekend vy useful…They discovered problems, and, they solved them!…And Ken said we have an expanding list of goodies fer the Club Auction up on the website!  YCJ, off work this week, joined us after the Six Shooters 6m Net in San Diego…Ken must work next week, so no Auction!


10/11/2006 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in AF6C, AUL, AB, HHC, KFW, KTS, DDE, and YCJ.  AF6C missed the Club Bfast last Sat. AM due to a clogged drain…And Bob picked up gasoline today in Long Beach fer $2.50 a gallon!  AUL, wid receiver problems eliminated, had gud sigs on all OPs tonite…And AUL is sharing the XYL’s auto…His car is in the garage fer repairs!  AB missed the Club Bfast…Steve & Doris had to attend another radio club bfast, and AB got a new lawn sprinkling system installed at the QTH!  HHC, working on ‘RF’, reminded OPs abt the Club Auction this month, and, Ken reported on a vy useful County Emergency Drill session over last weekend.  KFW has been doing a ’lil 20m CW & PSK-31 hamming, and Chris warned AB that stray rf can sometimes turn on automatic lawn sprinklers!  KTS is recovering frm a vy busy sched at the MS-150 Bikeathon over last weekend wid over 2,000 bike riders ending up at Mission Bay in San Diego.  DDE wud like to attend the Club Auction, but the XYL has concert tickets fer the same night, so Steve will hve visions of ham gear goodies being auctioned while he & the XYL are concerting!  YCJ got gud sig rpts tonite…No hum and gud audio, as Ken told OPs that he will not be parting wid the FT-736-R 4-band rig!  AF6C then aired the ARRL Audio news dtd 10/6/06…The ARRL is headed to court over compromised FCC rule making that will allow BPL interference especially to mobile operators…The ARIS International Space Station activities will continue to be an integral part of ISS operations…Tnx, Bob!


10/18/2006 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in JD, CCD, IXN, NOL, HHC, and HK.  AF6C will have ARNewsline ready fer the 2m Net, and JD will be batching it alone while the XYL is visiting wid family in Sioux Falls, SD…Lowell also said that COAR will once agn participate in election nite activities.  Tomorrow JD will welcome the plumber in the early am to open a clogged drain.  CCD said a train ticket to San Diego is around $30, and Tom will be staying home for awhile after visiting northern and central California wid company…CCD plans to attend the OCARC Auction come Friday nite.  IXN announced that SpaceX and Rocket Plane-Kistler companies have received a contract frm NASA to construct vehicles to carry civilian passengers into space.  NOL is switching the SAUSD over to fiber optics, and Richard is forging ahead with completion of a super computer at home.  HHC reminded all OPs to attend the Club auction this Fri. eve., and Ken tnxed JAY fer the FB article on the ARDF International Contest in Bulgaria…And NOL said that OPs interested in a ham radio bar fer the computer can get it at  HK, retired the 1st of May, will attend the Auction, and Ken said that he is now the chief radio officer of Orange County RACES.  AF6C announced that new owners of the Watson Drugstore property have doubled the rent!…Will the ‘Watson Radio Club’ survive?…Stay tuned!…And AF6C enjoyed himself visiting wid sum old buddies frm Boeing last Saturday in Long Beach.


10/18/2006 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, VDP, HHC, AUL, AF6C, KFW, and DDE.  JD said that the Watson building has been declared part of the old Orange historical buildings…(Ed. note:  Owners will not be allowed to destroy these buildings, but, must keep them in good repair!)…Then Lowell will be off to bed after Net and up early tomorrow morning to await the arrival of the plumbers.  VDP and family will start moving some necessities to the new AZ QTH after Thanksgiving…Then Larry must begin repairs on the Costa Mesa QTH to get it ready to sell…VDP hopes to have everything completed here and be in the new QTH by next summer.  HHC has the Oct. ‘RF’ up on the website, and AF6C hopes that Watson Drugstore does not close.  AUL received HHC’s emails, and Nicolas told OPs that he enjoyed watching a great airshow at Mirimar Air Station over last weekend…AUL took sum pix which he plans to download a few to Club members.  KFW has been doing a ’lil CW hamming in the low bands, and AF6C said that he and PFA used PFA’s motorized snake to open the QTH clogged drain.  DDE will miss the Fri. nite Auction since he & the XYL have tickets to a concert.   AF6C then aired ARNewsline #1522…FCC Docket 04-410 amends Part 97 Rules affecting mostly General and Tech operations in the 75, 40, 15, and 10 meter bands (covered in Oct. QST)…spread spectrum on 222 MHz, no spread spectrum for 6 or 2 meters…Hams may re-transmit ISS ham radio communications.  There are over 20,000 hams in China…BPL in Australia now meeting sum interference opposition…JOTA (Jamboree On The Air) is scheduled fer Oct. 21 – 22.  JOTA introduces boy scouts to all aspects of amateur radio!…Tnx, Bob!


10/22/2006 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW, HKT, VDP, IB, NT, IXN, RND, and KFW.  UEB and XYL visited the harmonic at UCSD…She is still in one piece!…Pacificon was a bit disappointing, but the 3YX presentation and Cliff Stoll were great!  IMW called abt 10 minutes before Net frm his campsite in Anza Borrego Desert State Park. HKT’s new call sign is K6HKT, and Homer sends congrats to IB on his SM appointment…HKT played in the Black Mts. in AZ…This trip, he took an ultralight flight out of Needles and was in Golden Valley.  VDP, KFW, IMW, and IXN were all at the OCARC auction, and VDP will be off to AZ tomorrow to do a final walk-through.  IB takes over the new SM position come Dec. 1, and tnx OPs fer the congrats.  NT, using the old McElroy bug, says HKT’s new call makes him an old timer now…HI!…And Ray guesses all worked the XF4 station in Mexico.  IXN told OPs that NASA has awarded a contract to SpaceX and Rocketplane-Kistler companies to develop vehicles for commercial transport of people and cargo to orbit.  RND, with congrats to both HKT and IB, is not sure which team to root fer in the World Series, and KFW joined OPs in offering congrats to Casey on the SM appointment…Chris said the OCARC auction was a great success and tha IMW picked up a couple of treasures.


10/25/2006 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in KTS, CCD, and IXN.  IXN arrived abt 10 min. late on the Net…Bob fell asleep in the easy chair!  AF6C expected fewer check-ins wid the World Series in progress, and Bob told IXN that he had recorded an ARRL Audio Newscast to be aired on the 2m Net.  Wid SA winds expected to blow in the early morning hours, KTS will lower the HF antenna tonite, and, David told OPs that tonight’s World Series game had been rained out.   CCD admired the old Collins gear at the OCARC Auction, and HHC emailed OPs saying that he wudn’t be on the Net tonite…His OPD class was moved frm Thurs. to Wed. eve.  IXN has been busy putting together furniture kits for Saint Anne Elementary School in Santa Ana, and Bob had an S7 noise level at the QTH tonite!


10/25/2006 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in KTS, AUL, MIH, AF6C, and HHC.  KTS’ HF antenna went horizontal in the last SA winds, so David will lower the ant. in preparation for tomorrow’s windy onslaught!  AUL got home late tonite…Work!…Work!…Work!…AUL and IXN had fun at the Club auction…They took apart IXN’s newly acquired tunable low pass filter to see what ‘made it tick’!  MIH will teach a Ham radio course for the Tech license to the permantely disabled trauma group at Integrity House in Santa Ana if Kevin can get a 2m/440 rig and antenna donated to Integrity House for the class…MIH awaits Board action on his request.   AF6C has been working some wid the website, cutting and thinning bouganvilla, and cleaning up neighbor donations to the yard, ie, beer cans & debris.  HHC, just home frm the OPD class, said that there has been no Board action on the MIH request as yet.  AF6C then aired the ARRL Audio News dtd Oct. 20, 2006…FCC corrections, to its already released new Amateur Frequency Allocations, will be made in the Federal Register…Emergency communications in the Hawaiian Islands are now coordinated, so that all AECs in the various islands will be working together in an emergencies…The Briarcliff Manor BPL interference is still serious and unresolved…Tnx, Bob!


10/29/2006 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW, GVG, IC, IB, OIO, VDP, IXN, RND, and NT.   Congrats to UEB on receiving the 20 WPM Code Proficiency Sticker, and Rick also saw that OIO is now a FISTS Millionaire!  IMW, using a Heathkit HW16, wid a ’lil hum, that he won at the Auction, will ‘re-cap’ it before next time.  GVG is glad to be bk in warm So. CA…Roy almost froze in Laramie, WY and Philadelphia, PA!  IC congrats UEB on the ARRL 20 WPM award, and Fred said that his son, retiring frm the Air Force, will be home for Christmas!  IB, wid happy Standard Time to all, sends congrats to both UEB & OIO…On Sat, Casey rode the motorcycle abt 125 miles thru the Sierras.  OIO has the 20WPM award on her ‘one of these days’ list…And Ann, wid a tableful of unfinished products, had nothing to enter in the Tustin Woodcarving Show last weekend.   IXN thanked UEB fer the FB Netnotes he sends to us by email, and Bob congratulated Rick on the 20 WPM Award frm ARRL.  RND & IXN both enjoy standard time, and NC told NT that wid the sun out, it can’t be gloomy at the beach today…NT, wid a bit of a chill in the air, agreed…Ray told OPs that he had fun wid the DX Contest working an OP on 40m phone in the Canary Islands.


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