11/01/2006 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, CCD, HHC, and KTS.  AF6C asked IXN for the frequency of the San Sevaine Seismometer.   IXN said it was 163.795 MHz.  CCD, going on a cruise next week, picked up a manual fer one of his radios, and Tom told OPs that the harmonic has learned to use her electronic camera.   HHC reported that OCARC was 13th in the Nation in Class 4A during Fied Day!.  Goblin nite with family was held at the Konechy QTH handing out 9 bags of candy!  AF6C said that many political emails are false. Bob has ARRL Audio News ready to air on the 2m Net tonite.  KTS voted by absentee ballot, and IXN gave out abt three bags of candy to the goblins.


11/01/2006 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in VDP, AF6C, HHC, AUL, DDE, and KFW.  VDP said that escrow has closed on the new QTH in AZ, and, they will be moving some items to AZ after Thanksgiving.  Larry has already checked into a local Net on the 146.76 repeater, elevation 8,000 ft…And VDP says shows more repeaters nearby…And Larry plans to check into the OCWN on Sundays after he gets settled in AZ.  AF6C said the ‘candy moochers’ were more numerous than last year and that the kids were vy polite!…And Bob said that if all the props pass after elections, we will be obligated to the tune of around 100 billion dollars!…And AF6C announced the Club Bfast come Sat.  HHC, wid family celebrating Halloween at the QTH, doled out 9 bags of candy to the goblins!  HHC said that the OCARC placed 1st in Class 4A, and 13th nationwide in Class 4A for Field Day…Congrats, OPs!  Results are generally published in the Dec. issue of QST magazine.  IXN said that the drive-up mail boxes have been removed frm the S. Mainstreet Postoffice in Santa Ana, and AUL said that all stamp machines will be removed frm the post offices…IXN remarked, “Privatizing is so wonderful!"  AUL sent OPs his new email adr.   DDE wasn’t home fer Halloween, so Steve is literally left holding the candy bags!…HI!…He’ll be off to San Diego come Fri. and back to the QTH on Sunday.  KFW was off to his daughter’s house fer Halloween, where he accompanied his grandharmonic goblins around the neighborhood, and Chris said that his post office have moved the drive-up mail boxex back so far that you have to exit your car to mail a letter!   AF6C then aired ARRL Audio News for Oct. 27, 2006…ARRL takes issue wid the Red Cross for requiring OP volunteers to give too much personal & private info. on their all encompassing background check…ARISS communications touch 15,000+ school students each year…(Ed. note: GREAT ADVERTISING FER AMATEUR RADIO!!)…tnx Bob.


11/05/2006 OCWN 40m CW Net - NCS/UEB checked in IMW, KFW, IC, OIO, VDP, NT, and IXN.  UEB started the day out wid an 8 mile bike ride to pick up some coffee…Now Rick is off to cut the grass, and, it will be a painful chore!  IMW, wid a FB day & gud sigs, has been doing sum home-brewing, and KFW worked the Sweepstakes Contest on 20m yesterday, wid plans fer more contacts today.  IC took a drive to the East yesterday and saw some wild turkeys!  On Tuesday, OIO got new windows in the QTH, and tomorrow, Ann will get the trees trimmed.   VDP told NC & OPs that he’ll be around fer several months yet…no moving date scheduled yet!  NT, off to a bad start, hopes to work 100 Sweepstakes stations, and IXN has been nursing a sore tooth, no root canal Bob hopes!


11/08/2006 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, IXN, HHC, and KTS.  LDC, wid high QRN, is getting over a 4-day halloween party held at the Elks Lodge last week…Now Larry & XYL will be off to California City in the Mojave Desert this weekend.  IXN gave further research evidence in favor of General Relativity, and Bob said that gas prices started rising the day after the election.  HHC overlooked an ocean of smog from above on his drive home…That explains why Mercury sometimes faded during its pass across the face of the sun!…Ken is helping AUL, rotating editor for ‘RF’ this month, wid ‘RF’ preparation…And HHC said that the Club netted $180 frm the Club Auction…Congrats, OPs!!  HHC also repaired to CW keys in anticipation of upcoming contests.   AUL & XYL will be off to Argentina on vacation come Nov. 20, and AF6C has an IPOD ARRL Audio News ready to air on the 2m Net…AF6C & HHC are preparing to communicate wid AUL in Argentina using SKYPE, a program which allows audio communications using different modes simultaneously.  KTS, not pleased wid Elections outcomes, is looking fer home buyers & sellers, then David was off to get sum din-din before the 2m Net.


11/08/2006 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in AUL, HHC, KTS, TRA, AF6C, KFW, and TAI.  AUL & XYL plan to be bk frm Argentina around Dec. 5, and, if the SKYPE program works successfully, we will talk to Nicolas in Argentina via the 2m Net!  HHC & OPs welcome TRA bk to the Net after a 3-month vacation around the Country, including WI, and a jazz festival in Sun Valley…Now Gene & XYL will soon be off on a 30 day cruise to Hawaii to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary!  KTS hasn’t had din-din yet!…David has had too many phone calls!  HHC reported that DLA, WWK, and DDE all helped COAR wid election activities using RACES fer communications at the polls.  Automated election phone calls drove IXN and Lee abt nuts!!…What a relief to hve a silent telephone!   AUL is teaching AF6C Latin, and Bob told OPs that the Christmas dinner will be at Jaegerhaus agn this year…And AF6C said that Auction pix are now up on the Club website.  KFW is glad the elections are over, along wid all the automated calls.  TAI voted after school in the morning, and Nick will wait to hear GW’s reaction to the elections come tomorrow.  AF6C then aired ARRL Audio New dtd Nov 3, 2006…FCC WR04-386 (60m) 5260 - 5410 KHz, will allow more reliable communications  2 separate DXpeditions in India - VU7LD Dec 1 - Dec 30, and, VU7RG Dec 1 - Dec 10…WU6D praised amateurs fer communications services in the Esperanza Fire…And FCC may consider changing ID times fer OPs…Tnx, Bob


11/12/2006 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IMW, GVG, IC, IB, HKT, OIO, VDP, IXN, and NT.   UEB, wid the daughter home fer Veteran’s Day, did a nice bike ride yesterday from Irvine Civic Center to Balboa Island.  IMW is still looking fer a job, and GVG, in Bonsall, managed to work North Cook Is. on 40m CW/m on Thursday evening!  IC and XYL are busy cleaning the QTH fer Thanksgiving, and IB, wid a 43 F temp & clouds, was in a very wet Washington State last week.  HKT went to Vegas for a 4x4 event and drove an Fj Cruiser and Tacoma over an obstacle course…Then Homer hit Laughlin and Kingman fer sum hiking and dirt roads.   OIO had a nice visit wid an OP in Florida on 10m PSK yesterday…He preferred CW and is in FISTS, so Ann & he met on 28.110 fer another QSO before the band closed!  VDP is still in the tree trimming business, and IXN noted one new sunspot when he was watching Mercury transit the sun.  NT worked his 100 stations in the Sweepstakes Contest, and Ray heard a number of Cook Is. stations using ‘E51’ prefixes.  HKT will try to catch PVARC from Catalina today.


11/15/2006 10m Phone Net – W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, WB9YCJ/m, HHC, and NOL.  IXN told OPs that GW now owns a Honda Rebel 250 motorcycle…Cori drove by the QTH today to have us look at it…Cori will ride it mostly to work and back…The Whizzer is on sale in front of Winn’s Music in Tustin.  AF6C has been reading one of the Sherlock Holmes 1st novels, where Holmes and Dr. Watson first meet…And Bob now has the rain guage back in operation, and ARRL Audio News is ready to roll on the wm Net.  9YCJ didn’t attend Wouff Hong ceremonies when he was at Dayton this year, must change the clock battery in his computer, and is headed off fer Vegas and will miss Club meeting Fri.  HHC & OPs send kudos to JAY on the excellent article in RF about the recent ARDF world event in Bulgaria  Ken & AUL will try a SKYPE transmission with Argentina on the 2M Net, next week.   NOL, upgrading the computer wid a $1,500 microprocessor, 2 new hardrives wid 4 gigabytes of RAM, and other goodies, now has a real number cruncher!


11/15/2006 2m Phone Net – W6ZE/IXN checked in KFW, AUL, HHC, KD6UIV(Joel), AF6C, EH, and YCJ.   KFW just got back frm din-din, and Chris and OPs were able to hear Joel, S5, in San Gabriel!  AUL & XYL are off to Argentina come Monday fer a week…And Nicolas will try a SKYPE contact from Argentina on the 2M Net, next week.  HHC & AUL tried a trial SKYPE contact (from home) on the 2m Net wid great success!   HHC & OPs sent kudos to Nicolas on a great ‘RF’ this month!  KD6UIV, Joel, checked in frm San Gabriel wid 57 sigs wid a tiny bit of white noise, using a YAESU 2500 rig, and AF6C gave Joel the Club website address.   AF6C reminded all abt Club meeting this Friday.  Paul, EH, checked in wid FB sigs frm Downey.    AF6C then aired ARRL Audio News dtd Nov. 10, 2006…SUITSAT 2 will be launched by ARISS wid ham radio transponders, digital signal processing, SSB, digipeater, and slow scan TV, launched as early as next Oct., wid a life of 6 months!…Tnx, Bob!  HHC said a positive report on BPL frm W1RFI says that 2nd generation BPL equipment in Texas has very successfully notched out BPL interference in the ham bands!…tnx, Ken!

11/19/2006 OCWN 40m CW Net - NCS/UEB checked in IMW, GVG, IB, KFW, HKT, OIO, IC, RND, NT, and IXN.  UEB spent yesterday sweeping & mopping floors, and today, Rick will bike-ride to Balboa Island.  IMW went to Chino Hills and picked up some valuable stuff.   GVG, in Newport Beach using a mobile whip on the balcony, is expecting another gorgeous day at the beach.  IB, wid a 57 deg. F. temp in Meadow Vista, won’t be Section Manager until December.  KFW enjoyed the SKYWARN presentation at the OCARC meeting Fri. eve., and HKT’s keying hand is swollen frm an insect bite…Homer also made contact wid the URAC IOTA team on Catalina, and HKT hopes all plan to attend the Convention in Torrance next year.  OIO, wid weak sigs frm Barton Flats, said thieves removed all split firewood from cabins near the highway, leaving all that would not sell.  IC, still picking up and cleaning, says that most hams must be pack rats!  And RND, wid a 63 deg. temp & sunshine, is looking forward to Thanksgiving.  NT, wid a Good Turkey Day to all, told NC that his sigs went frm 569 to 599+! IXN and Lee are off to the San Jacinto Mts and will miss Net next Sunday…And IXN thanked KFW fer the snail mail address.


11/22/2006 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in HHC & AUL.  AUL used a SKYPE phone patch (via Control OP W6HHC) to contact the 10m Net from Buenos Aires in Argentina. Nicholas explained that there is a 5-hour difference between Argentina and OC...but they had just finished their dinner that started at 11PM that night. The SKYPE connection lasted 38 minutes.  ( Ed. note:  I think that this must be the Club’s 1st DX International contact using digital/voice techniques!!)…Congrats, OPs!  Check-ins were light due to TG tomorrow.


11/22/2006 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/HHC checked in AF6C, JD, AB, AOL, KF6CDK frm Huntington beach, and AUL via SKYPE, wid a 5 hr time difference, in Argentina.  AUL cud copy 2M Net sigs better in Argentina than he does at home…(Skip just isn’t right at home, Nicolaus!…HI HI !)  AUL will try another SKYPE contact next week, only a few hundred miles further south in Argentina!  AF6C played an ARRL Audio podcast for the net. The AUL SKYPE connection last 53 minutes...and Nicholas heard the entire net and ARRL podcast perfectly.


11/26/2006 OCWN 40m CW Net – NCS/UEB checked in IC, HKT, KFW, VDP, OIO, NT, and RND.  UEB said that 40m was trashed by contesters this weekend…One station, HC8N, was creating a real mess wid pileups, wid JA stations on 40m this morning!  And IC, eating more than he should, took in the new Bond movie…It was FB, and it looks like rain this AM.  TRW, off to the TRW Swapmeet yesterday, got sum coax adapters, and, wid the bee sting better on the keying fist, Homer’s sending was better…And Homer hopes OPs are planning to attend the SW Div. Convention in Torrance next year!  KFW & XYL had a great TG dinner at the daughter’s house in Yorba Linda, and VDP’s XYL & son just got bk after moving the first load of furniture to the new AZ QTH.   OIO only needs 29 more points for her FISTS diamond award!  NT, wid overcast winter WX at the beach, had a ’lil fun working the DX contest.  TG found RND sick in bed all day, felt better on Friday, and had TG on Saturday wid all the trimmings…And John, wid the furnace now on, is looking forward to turkey sandwiches all week!…73 & 88.


11/29/2006 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in HHC, LDC, IXN, and CCD.  LDC is having troubles wid a DVD recorder, has high QRN tonite wid NCS down in the mud, and plans to attend the Club Christmas dinner.  HHC checks in while taking red eyes out of photographs, and Ken updates OPs on the successful SKYPE phone patches wid AUL in Argentina…And Ken is working wid PSK-31, cleaning up a couple of technical issues.  IXN is now a confirmed diabetic wid a blood sugar of 166+…??  So Bob/IXN will now go down the glucophage trail!  AF6C is working on a 10W Heathkit amplifier fer HTs, and Bob plans to patch a duct pipe leak in the attic before he turns on the furnace.  CCD reported NCS sigs up and down in the QRN, and Tom reported on a nice 8-day trip to Mexico.


11/29/2006 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in AF6C, KTS, HHC, AB, DDE, and AUL/SWL.  AUL, 400 mi. South of Buenos Aires, had a microphone problem on a different PC wid the SKYPE phone patch, so Nicolaus could only hear us as SWL!…HHC had a 5 min. QSO wid AUL before the breakdown.  AF6C, working on a computer, some programming, fixing test instrument modules fer the workbench, and getting ready to fire up the furnace, told OPs that he picked up the last Cadfiel mystery…Bob will also air ARNewsline.  KTS forgot abt the Net last week during the TG rush…David also went to a gun show and picked up sum books.  HHC is moving PSK-31 onto a Dell computer. HHC also reminded of the Club Bfast at Jaegerhaus Sat. morning, and mentioned great raffle prizes fer the Club Christmas Dinner!  AB and family dined on roast instead of turkey on TG.  DDE, wid S5 QRN (Santa Ana winds were blowing) , said ‘down go the turkey trimmings & up go the Christmas trimmings’! IXN & Lee spent TG in the San Jacinto Mts. wid perfect WX.  AF6C then aired ARNewsline #1528…One of the DeLeons was found guilty of double murder of 2 OPs (the Hawkes) off Newport Beach…More accomplices will soon be tried for the same murder!…Tnx, Bob!


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