02/07/2007 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, AB, and HHC.  IXN read a short news item abt outgassing on the moon, and HHC told OPs abt a 5x5x8 tower hole soon to be filled wid concrete at PEQ’s QTH.  AF6C has an ARRL Audio News ready fer the 2m Net, and Bob mentioned a couple of new Club members!  AB, HHC, and AF6C are interested in the Heil replacement audio mixer fer the MX-6, and IXN quizzed OPs abt the DX Store on the Internet.  HHC gave OPs a rundown on the COAR Baker-to-Vegas meeting last nite, telling OPs that logistics are pretty well worked out…And Ken said that a S. Carolina OP is interested in NGO’s tower…HHC also talked abt a possible E-link, or SKYPE, for Baker-to-Vegas communications.


02/07/2007 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in AB, HHC, AF6C, KTS, KBWH, AUL, KFW, and JD.  AB is familiar wid NASA’s APOD website, and AF6C informed IXN that the DX Store is virtual on the Internet.  BWH, scarf arnd neck wid extra padding, is braving the cold while distributing fuel in cold, cold Sheldon, ND!  HHC told OPs that S. CA. has only had abt 1 in. of rain!…and Ken said that Baker-to-Vegas race will take place on Apr. 21 & 22.  HHC told OPs that Field Day will be held at the Los Alamitos Airbase agn this year.  BWH is unable to open the file that AF6C sent him…a Quicktime Pro problem mybe?…, and AF6C will visit KFW’s QTH next Wed. arnd 2 pm on Club generator storage business.  KTS just got bk frm a MS Bike Tour meeting, and BWH braved blizzard, sub-freezing temps. delivering 1300 gal. of fuel to the local Sunflower Plant in Sheldon.  AUL, wid the YAESU rig non-functioning, switched over to the Kenwood rig…Nicolas hopes the YAESU rig is still under warranty!  HHC, AF6C, WWK, APH, CJZ, and PFA were among those attending the COAR Baker-to-Vegas meeting.  KFW spent the day taking apart & cleaning the dishwasher which is nw bk together, up & running!   JD is glad to be ‘batching it’ while the XYL flies to frigid Sioux Falls, SD., to join her sister on a Carribean cruise soon after.


02/014/2007 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in JD, LDC, CCD, HHC, and IXN.  AF6C, wid sister in frm the East Coast, asked HHC to assume NC duties while Bob ate din-din wid the family.  JD, gud to be bk on 10m, is staying warm and dry while the XYL basks in the warm Carribean sun wid her sister on a cruise ship.  LDC is enjoying his new hearing aids as he does household chores while the XYL recuperates frm surgery, and HHC is looking forward to sum skiing up at Mammoth in 1 weeks.  CCD is recuperating frm cataract surgery so Tom will put off skiing until next year.  HHC says Carl, WU6D, Section Mgr., will be speaking at Club meeting come Fri. eve., and IXN tells OPs that we are on a possible collision course with the asteroid Apophis in 2036!


02/14/2007 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, KTS, AUL, HHC, CCE, AF6C, and KFW.  JD commented on hearing the ‘stange voice’(CCE) on the Net, and, wid the XYL on a cruise ship, Lowell spent Mon. afternoon wid his brother.   And KTS, planning to eyeball wid OPs at Fri. eve. Club meeting, is looking forward to his nephew picking up a Tech license in April.   AUL and IXN talked briefly at the OCA meeting last Fri. eve. before Nicolas & buddy found a seat in the crowd.  HHC, welcoming CCE bk to Net after ‘a month of Sundays’, has been busy wid communications logistics fer the City of Orange Racing Team’s 5 base stations, support vehicles, etc…And HHC is in the market fer a new camera.  CCE is preparing for a cycling event that begins in Redlands, up to Big Bear, and back!…Kenan has been practicing on roads up to Mt. Baldy, on the Glendora Mt. Road, 7 % grade, rising 4000 ft. in 8 miles!…And CCE bought a new toy, a cycling computer that measures vital signs, cadence, distance, etc., everything but the ‘kitchen sink’!  Kenan also wants to pick up a Canon FE-800 camera, and, CCE says that WK6O, Mike, is now in Africa, S. Sudan, setting up communications stations fer missionary groups.  AF6C returned to the 10m Net after dining on lobster, giving tnx to HHC fer interim NC duties…Then Bob aired ARNewsline #1539…If you were interested in the research program on morse code and retention skills, being conducted at the Univ. of Pittsburgh, send comments to: …Interested in SLR 3-pin solderless crimp on cable connectors?  Try fer further info…Tnx Bob!  KFW, unable to eliminate water frm his left ear, found immediate relief after a large chunk of wax was removed frm his ear canal!


02/21/2007 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in KTS, IXN, AB, and HHC.  KTS, wid S7 sigs, enjoyed last Club meeting, and, wid a quiet weak thus far, David ‘kicked back’ to listen to the rest of the Net.  IXN, AF6C, and HHC all discussed the problem of an errant fuel valve on the Club generator.  AB is looking forward to the Club Bfast in a couple of weeks, and Steve got a call frm an Orange County Register reporter concerned wid doing a story on ‘CW’.  Ken, Chris, and Rick all met at Dan’s QTH to take the Club generator to KFW’s QTH for servicing and storage, and HHC discovered AF6C’s weak sigs was a result of missing coax feedline on the back of Ken’s rig.  HHC & family are off on a skiing vacation to Mammoth next week, and Ken told OPs that he now has a check for the sale of SK NGO’s tower!…Then HHC said editors for Mar, Apr, and May ‘RF’s is Nicolas, Christin, and Ken respectively.  AF6C said that Baker-to-Vegas OPs will miss Apr. Club meeting, and Bob has an ARRL Audio News ready to air on the 2m Net…And, AF6C is in the market for a 60 position switch!


02/21/2007 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, KTS, HHC, AUL, KFW, AF6C, EVX, and KF6TZJ(JD)(near Sun City!)  JD’s XYL & sister had a ball on their Carribean boat trip around the various islands.  KTS, warm in the shack on a cool evening, is preparing for a Fri. morning Bfast.  HHC is looking forward to skiing wid family next week in the High Sierras, and AUL, hearing sigs S2 to S9, says that DX might be gud later tonite…And HHC told Nicolas to get a magmount wid a large base for the auto.  AF6C & HHC did not copy TZJ’s sigs frm near Sun City, but IXN and KFW cud read JD’s sigs well.   EVX joined us after listening to  two other nets, and Robert had teeth x-rays at the dentist today.  KFW took the air compressor to the errant generator gas tank valve, blowing out the orfice wid great success, and soon after, Chris fired up the generator in preparation for Field Day.  We interrupted Net at 9 pm to allow JD, KF6TZJ, to make contact wid other OPs to see if communications with them was possible from near Sun Valley…(nil!)  Then AF6C aired Feb. 16 ARRL Audio News…Driving while using cellular phone bills in several state legislatures may threaten Amateur Radio…U.S. Congress will now study the interference potential of BPL…If you know a young ham that you wud like to recommend for the Hiram Percy Maxim Award, do so thru your SCM…Tnx, Bob!


02/28/2007 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in KTS, AB, IXN, KE6HER(Jeff), and HK.  AF6C told OPs that HHC was in the High Sierra skiing, and that he has an ARRL Audio News to air on the 2m Net.  KTS said that more OPs are upgrading now that the CW requirement has been eliminated, and David also picked up a ‘History of the Sea’ DVD.  IXN thinks that CW will lose its high points value in future Field Day competitions, and Bob hopes that HHC won’t return home wid new bruises & bumps!   AB attended a VE session last Sat. wid 29 out of 30 OPs upgrading!  HER used to be a member of the Hospital Group, and HK will try to attend the Club Bfast on Mar. 3, and, maybe next Club meeting fer an eyeball…Jeff is a member of Orange County RACES and will be providing communications fer the OC Sheriffs during Baker-to-Vegas.


02/28/2007 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in TAI, AUL, KTS, AF6C, KFW, and HER. TAI checked in mobile on his way to his mother’s QTH, and AUL and IXN don’t have any leaks frm the recent rains in their new roofs.  KTS expects an onslaught of upgrades now that the CW requirement has been removed, and David and KOS attended a SCARC meeting in Mission Viejo.  AF6C and KFW discussed operation and cleaning of the Club generator, and KFW removed and cleaned the gas tank, finding a hard, round disk the size of a dime in the bottom of the tank!   AF6C told OPs that the QTH will soon need a new roof, and Bob then aired ARRL Audio news for Feb. 23…5,000 VE sessions are on the calendar for this year!…See more at …FCC will not reassign an SK call as a vanity call for 2 years after the death of the OP!…Tnx, Bob.


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