03/07/2007 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, N1AB, HHC, and GEP.  IXN reported on increased seismic activity frm Ridgecrest past Lake Isabella to the northeastern end of the White Wolf Fault.  OPs then discussed the early daylight savings time to begin this weekend.  N1AB, installing a new cable, asked OPs fer stripping length fer a PL-259, and, Steve will have a new Club roster ready by the end of the month.  AF6C now has badges made fer new Club members and finished editing an audio file frm 88 megs to 22 megs!  HHC & family had a fun skiing trip in the High Sierras and Ken emailed a couple of FB roadside pix of roadside scenery to OPs!…(Ed. note:  the steam vent was vy interesting!)  GEP, wid badminton sched. cancelled, checked into Net, and Tim told OPs that he worked a Contest last weekend.


03/07/2007 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in AUL, KTS, AF6C, HHC, and KBWH via SKYPE on the side wid HHC.  AUL said that he has received most articles fer March ‘RF’, hving just received one frm PEQ, Dan…Nicolas now awaits ‘The Prez Says’…And, do not send email to AUL’s old email adr, it will delete all attached files!  HHC sent AUL 3 articles and a template of a WORD article to AUL.  KTS told IXN that he is a broker, not a lender, in the real estate market, and David is preparing fer MS activities that begin next month.  KBWH, checking in frm Sheldon, ND, wid a 19 deg. temp and abt 20” of snow, plans to put 2 acres of sweet corn in fer himself & his neighbors on a community plot…Bob will also plant field corn on the farm, probably for use in making ethanol…Some corn is used for cattle production in the area…And, the RR whistle is blowing as Sheldon businessmen try to get BWH on the Town Council!  AF6C, wid an ARRL Audio News ready to air, is designing a control box for the HAM-M rotator.  HHC, glad to see KTS at the Watson RC meeting last Fri. morning, congratulated AUL on the upgrade to General, and, Ken reported on the family’s FB vacation at Mammoth…(Great pix, Ken!)  AF6C then aired Mar 2 ARRL Audio News…There is an avalanche fer ham license upgrade applications since CW was eliminated…ARRL is backlogged already wid test results awaiting to be checked and forwarded to FCC fer new tickets!…ARRL says that the Manassas BPL interference problem still exists, and the League is now questioning FCC test results which supposedly led the FCC to give Manassas BPL a clear bill of health!…Tnx, Bob!


03/14/2007 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in IXN, LDC, JD, KTS, and HHC.  IXN’s atomic clock changed to daylight time wid no problems as did most OPs’ clocks.  AF6C got the ant. rotator control box working, and Bob is now refurbishing an old DM-501 multimeter.  LDC sets his own clocks by hand, and LDC and XYL plan a train trip to the Grand Canyon in April…And Larry is trying to find a spot for the chart he won at the auction.  All three of JD’s clocks changed automatically, and Lowell, enjoying the cool air coming in the open door, will soon venture upstairs to get ready fer the 2m Net.  KTS, going up to San Barnardino fer St. Patrick’s Day, will attend Fri. eve. Club meeting.  HHC, arriving home late and checking into Net, wid a high center of gravity glass of wine on the side, inadvertently bumps the glass which succumbs to the pull of gravity, depositing the wine on the rug!…Wid the mike in one hand and the other hand, along wid Diane, ridding the carpet of the wine, joins AF6C in telling IXN about a 5 stage tuned low pass filter…Then Ken told OPs that work is proceeding on removing ants. frm SK W6NGO’s tower, and, after the mast is removed, the tower will be ready for shipping to its new owner.


03/14/207 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in JD, KTS, AB, AUL, VDP, HER, AF6C, KBWH (via SKYPE), HHC, & IEB(Stan).  JD kept the house closed up all day and opened the doors around 4:30 pm. fer a cool-down…Lowell & XYL were out shopping during the day so JD will ‘kick bk’ and listen to the Net.   KTS and a friend will be off to the Santa Anita Racetrack on St. Patty’s Day, and AB is preparing fer Field Day and looking forward to Fri. eve. Club meeting.  OPs enjoyed having Stan, KD6IEB, frm Costa Mesa, check into Net.  But AUL cud not hear Stan, and, Nicolas had family house guests misplaced during the Villa Park/Irvine Park fire!  VDP, wid the XYL at the new AZ QTH watching sum construction on an outbuilding and preparing for the future move, will return to AZ in a couple of weeks.  AF6C told VDP that the Club needs a replacement for him for the Awards Committee…And AF6C told VDP that he cud add the 955 to the junkbox.  After 35 yrs, AF6C discovered that the motor capacitor fer the ant. rotator had developed a high power factor!…And AF6C ‘got his ears lowered’ today.  HHC, wid BWH via SKYPE on the side, spent Sunday afternoon wid the Orange RACES group in El Modena Highschool (Red Cross shelter) working the Anaheim Hills fire.  BWH said Sheldon, ND was having beautiful WX, wid bare ground now showing thru the snow at the QTH, and geese in the air flying north.  AF6C and OPs complimented AUL on a FB ‘RF’ fer March, and then Bob aired March 9 Audio News…You can be a member of the ARRL Diamond Club fer $75/yr, or buy a brick engraved wid ur call fer the Diamond Club Wall at $350/brick…Read all abt it at…AZ and MD hve bills in the legislature that wud extend PRB-1 protection against CC&Rs…23 states hve already adopted PRB-1 protection!…Tnx, Bob!


3/21/2007 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in LDC, IXN, GMU, HHC, KTS, K6DER(Brian), N1AB, and KBWH.   LDC, wid visitors at the QTH over last weekend, will be off wid friends this weekend to the Marines Open Beach at Camp Pendleton.  IXN is still searching fer info. on the 5-stage capacitor tuned Taylor low pass filter.  GMU, in Cypress, had weak sigs at IXN’s QTH.  HHC, wid KBWH SKYPEd in on the side, greeted Brian, DER, whom Ken met, mobile, on 2m earlier.  HHC is working on a HF vert. ant. fer Orange RACES on top of the OPD building.  And Ken is deep in preparations for Baker-to-Vegas just around the corner!  BWH has sum Spring flowers poking up their leaves abt 2” above the ground in Sheldon, ND…Bob says the WX is beginning to break and Spring is in the air.   KTS and KOS has a great time St. Patty’s Day at the horse races at the Santa Anita Race Track…And David attended a South County ARA meeting Mon. eve.  DER, wid S9 sigs using a TS2000 and a Diamond vertical ant. up abt 35 ft., was busy testing out his RF gear.  AB, soldering a connector on a Q5RV ant., invited DER to a Club meeting and to Field Day with the Club, and, Steve bought a new hexagon treehouse structure wid see-thru screen down all sides, to be used at Field Day.  AF6C, doing sum weeding arnd the QTH, and still adjusting the new computer controlled antenna rotator control box, announced an ARRL Audio News podcast fer the 2m Net.


03/21/2007 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in TZJ, AUL, KTS, JD, HHC wid BWH/SKYPE, GMU, AB, and AF6C.   TZJ, J.D. in Sun City, ‘flew in & flew out’.  IXN congratulated AUL on a gud ‘RF’, and IXN told KTS about new MS research up on the Web…David also mentioned sum test sessions available fer upgrading…Give KTS a landline if interested!  JD, living the good life taking side trips, shopping, and enjoying the grandkids.  HHC enjoyed Nick’s talk on Comet ants. at Club meeting, and Ken is busy installing a Hustler ant. on the OPD building fer COAR operations.   BWH is taking off layers of clothing wid temps rising between 29 & 35 deg. in Sheldon, and, wid Spring just arnd the corner, Bob has now thinned out his heavy winter beard!…And gas, at $3.10/gal. in CA is no match fer gas prices in Sheldon at $2.45/gal.!…And BWH talked abt a new gasoline additive, CA40G, which is supposed to give a 10% increase in fuel efficiency!!…(CA take note!)  GMU got his new call letter license plates, and Paul has been ‘under the WX’ this past week.   AB ‘flew in and flew out’, and AF6C will build a new power supply for selsun motors in the ant. rotator control box…Bob also picked up a couple of MAF-154 power transistors, and, AF6C reported abt .02” of precipitation durin the last rain…Bob then aired the 3/16/07 ARRL Audio News…ARRL VEC program growing by leaps and bounds…June 23 & 24 is Field Day…Morse Code is still popular fer FD (complete info. on ARRL website)…Going to Dayton Hamvention this year?  Visit the AMSAT booth!…Find out more at …Tnx, Bob!


03/28/2007 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checked in HHC, IXN, KTS, LDC, JD, DER, and HK.  AF6c, enjoying a bowl of popcorn, reported .02” of rain and 42 mi/hr winds at the QTH during the last storm, and Bob said that while copying PSK-31 20m CW, the computer screen delayed in printing the copy!  HHC will try to pick up Europe PSK-31 CW on 20m tomorrow.  HHC has slow scan TV software on the laptop but not on the desktop computer, version 1.04 MMSSTV freeware frm Japan that works vey well.  IXN, hving left last Club meeting early, missed the Club vote to investigate buying an 80’ tower-trailer combo wid ancillary equipment open fer bids in Santa Barbara, and Bob’s garden plants assumed 45 deg. angles during the last storm!   KTS says the economy is improving, and David does not share the ‘profits of doom’ attitude in the real estate market.  AF6C lost a few shake shingles during the last storm, and Bob brought back old memories wid the 119 Carl & Jerry ham radio stories popular in the ’50s in Popular Electronics magazine.  LDC, under the WX wid gas(not the $3 kind) and diahrea, suffered no wind damage frm the storm, and JD, wid all OP sigs loud & clear, said that Loren, LFD, would temporarily house the Club purchases the tower-trailer combo.  DER will join OCARC fer FD festivities, and Brian will try to check into 2m Net tonite.  HK announced a RACES meeting at the Sheriff’s Community Bldg. upstairs, featuring NOA wid GPS, APRS demonstration Mon. eve. at 7:30 pm.


03/28/2007 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checked in KTS, JD, HHC, AUL, EVX, AF6C, and KBWH (on side wid HHC via SKYPE).  KTS does not share Bob M’s outlook, on the mortgage industry’s future, on KNX   David also commented on the increase in new hams since dropping the CW requirement for a ticket went into effect.  JD, out driving during the strong wind storm, felt the auto trying to move sideways on his trip to Fullerton…And JD has the MMSSTV software on disk.  EVX said the ‘Gift for Life’ 4K walk & run event, scheduled fer Apr. 28, needs more operators.  Info. is up on the Club webpage and if you can help, contact, or landline him at (714)680-4258.  AF6C talked abt the water shortage in Orange County, the 42 mi/hr winds lifting shingles frm the roof of the QTH, and telling IXN that ARRL Audio News is ready to air.   HHC, wid BWH on the side, announced Baker-to-Vegas Apr. 21 & 22, and receipt of AUL’s e-mail…BWH and Linda, bk frm the bingo game, said the flowers are sprouting and the grass is getting green in Sheldon, ND…IXN will check on the elevation of Sheldon above sea level.


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